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Writer Who Made ‘Doomsday’ Prediction for Sept. 23: ‘The World’s Not Ending’


David Meade, the writer who claimed that the world will end on Sept. 23 attempted to clarify his statement. “The world is not ending, but the...

  • (Francis Sia via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

    Fecal Bacteria Found in Fast Food Ice Machines: BBC Report

    A BBC Watchdog report found that ice that is served up by some fast food chains was contaminated with fecal bacteria. More than half of... Read more

  • A vendor prepares instant noodles produced by the 'Indofood' food company at a stall in Jakarta on Oct. 12, 2010. (BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)

    If You Eat Ramen Instant Noodles, You Might Want to Reconsider It

    A video has been made capturing how the body digests Ramen noodles, and it might serve as a warning to college students who rely on... Read more

  • McDonalds sales were up in May. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    McDonald’s Denies Claims That It Tells Employees to Under-Fill Fries

    McDonald’s employees are claiming that they were taught to under-fill orders of fries. The company, however, denied those allegations. “The notion of a secret trick... Read more

  • Members of the Miami Beach Police Department take on some Hurricane Irma cleanup work on Sept. 13, 2017. (Facebook/Miami Beach PD)

    Above and Beyond: What Police Got Up To After Hurricane Irma

    “To serve and protect” apparently includes helping citizens deal with natural disasters, at least according to the twitter feeds of police in Florida. Now that... Read more

  • An aerial photo shows damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas on Aug. 31, 2017. (REUTERS/DroneBase)

    Odd-Looking Sea Animal Washes Up in Texas After Hurricane Harvey

    UPDATE: Benjamin Frable, Collection Manager of Marine Vertebrates at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD, told Forbes that the animal is likely a tusky eel. “I... Read more

  • Satellite shows Hurricane Irma as it moves towards the Florida Coast as a category 4 storm in the Caribbean Sea taken at 14:45 UTC on Sept. 08, 2017. (NOAA GOES Project via Getty Images)

    46,000 People Sign up for ‘Shoot at Hurricane Irma’ Facebook Event

    Some 46,000 people signed up for a Facebook “event” that’s titled, “Shoot At Hurricane Irma,” and the host said it started out as a joke... Read more

  • (Wikimedia_Commona)

    Video: Man Is Surprised When Trying to Remove a Fallen Tree

    After using a chain saw to cut a fallen tree, a man—and onlookers—got a surprise: the tree sprang back into its original place. While some... Read more

  • (YouTube/screenshot)

    Man Puts in Great Effort to Walk His Paraplegic Dog

    Craig Mosher put in a great deal of effort to help his paraplegic dog walk, play, and everything else. He took Loois, his disabled pit... Read more

  • (Instagram)

    Mom Takes Photo of Knotted Umbilical Cord After Baby Is Born

    A blogger who live-streamed her labor shared a photo of her baby daughter with a knotted umbilical cord. Last August, blogger Rebecca Meldrum, 28, of Aberdeen,... Read more

  • Snow in New York City on Jan. 27, 2015. (Annie Zhuo/NTD Television)

    Mystery of the Minn. Woman Who Was Frozen Stiff for Hours

    In 1980, a Minnesota woman named Jean Hilliard was literally frozen stiff for several hours in subzero temperatures. No, it isn’t a hoax. Hilliard collapsed... Read more

  • (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    5-Year-Old Girl Found Alone, Crying at Bus Stop—Mom Wants to Know Why

    A 5-year-old girl was found alone and crying after being dropped off at the wrong bus stop in Kentucky—and her mother is demanding to know why... Read more

  • (Wikimedia Commons)

    The 15-Year-Old Inca Mummy Girl From 500 Years Ago

    The so-called mummy of a 15-year-old Incan girl sacrificed 500 years ago has a few secrets. The teenager suffered from a bacterial lung infection and was... Read more

  • (Facebook)

    Mom Posts First Day Of School Photo That Captures Her True Feelings

    An Alabama mother shared a photo that encapsulates what many kids feel on the first day of school. Jena Willingham posed for a photo with two... Read more

  • (Jeanne Miller/Facebook)

    9-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Singing Whitney Houston Captures Hearts of Millions

    A video of a 9-year-old boy with Down syndrome singing a Whitney Houston song has captured the internet by storm. “Is this boy not the... Read more

  • (Google Street View)

    Woman Spots Deceased Mother on Google Street View

    A woman says she spotted her long-deceased mother on Google Street View. Denise Underhill, who moved to Florida from Tamworth, Staffordshire, said she checked on... Read more

  • (Ancient Origins)

    Mummy Girl From Italy Continues to Baffle

    One of the best-preserved mummies in the world isn’t from Egypt or Peru but comes from Italy about 90 years ago. Rosalia Lombardo was a... Read more

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