The Consummate Traveler – Keeping Your Home Safe While on the Road

Passenger traveler woman in airport via Shutterstock*
Passenger traveler woman in airport via Shutterstock*

I am currently in Europe on a business trip and received a call this weekend that would rattle any homeowner. The property manager of my...

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    Dive Right in! The Water’s Always Warm in the Virgin Islands

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    Taking a Trip Around Historic Britain

    For any visitor to Great Britain interested in exploring the rich historic past of the island the problem they will face is an embarrassment of... Read more

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    Mazatlán’s Split Personality

    On an unusually brisk November morning before first light, I found myself barreling down the New Jersey Turnpike heading south to Newark Airport for my... Read more

  • Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel, stands on an artificial island off Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Its shape is designed to mimic the sail of a ship. The building on the right is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. These are just two unique buildings in a city renowned for its unique buildings. (Joi Ito/Wikipedia)

    Dubai: Civility Amidst Surging Growth

    Before I visited Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, I asked Arabic-speaking friends to give me a lesson or two in their language. They assured... Read more

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    Göbekli Tepe: the Rise of Agriculture, the Fall of the Nomad

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    4 of the Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii

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    Inside Yosemite National Park

    Unlike Illinois, which is pretty flat and boring, California is filled with diverse landscapes and national parks. As soon as we decided we’d be heading... Read more

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    How to Tour New Orleans in Style

    New Orleans was every bit as magnificent as I hoped. While I’m sure it would be pretty memorable to explore NOLA during Mardi Gras, I’m... Read more

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    Exploring San Francisco’s History in Just One Day

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  • Mogul Queen Mumtaz Mahal's first resting place after death in Burhanpur, India. Mahal's husband, Emperor Shah Jahan, had originally planned to build the Taj Mahal in Burhanpur, but abandoned the plan after six months. The once opulent and richly decorated pavilion is now a crumbling ruin thanks to neglect and apathy by authorities and Burhanpur’s own 200,000 residents. (AP/Vijay Joshi)

    Taj Mahal Endures, but Its Birthplace Slowly Crumbles

    BURHANPUR, India—It is no secret that the Taj Mahal is a monument of love, built by a Mogul emperor as the final resting place for... Read more

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    Touring Rio State on 4 Wheels

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    In Ireland, Pilgrims and Tourists on St. Patrick’s Mountain

    WESTPORT, Ireland—Shrouded in mist, the sacred mountain rises above the countryside, majestic, mysterious and a little foreboding. Here, on this rocky west coast promontory overlooking... Read more

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    4 Adventurous Getaways in Peru

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    The World’s Best Overland Journeys

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    How to Traverse Europe on a Motorbike

    Going on a trip in a motorbike across Europe may sound like a dangerous expedition, but it can also be a fun and unforgettable travel... Read more

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