Should You Get Travel Insurance for Backpacking?

(Jonny Duncan, Backpacking Man)
(Jonny Duncan, Backpacking Man)

Travel insurance for backpacking. Should you or shouldn’t you? When planning a round the world trip, or any backpacking journey for that matter, the option...

  • FILE -In this Oct. 1, 2005 file photo, patrons wait for the doors to open at the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Junction, Calif., to see a performance. The town once thrived while a local borax mine and railroad were still in operation. By the late 1920s, the town was little more than a tourist stop on the way to the park. Today most of the buildings are gone but the town remains a draw thanks to a hotel and the restored opera house.  (AP Photo/The Las Vegas Sun, Sam Morris, File)  LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL OUT; MAGS OUT; NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT

    Ghost Towns of the US Southwest

    DEATH VALLEY JUNCTION, Calif.—The Amargosa Hotel was once a hub of activity, the Spanish Colonial-style buildings filled with workers from the Pacific Coast Borax company... Read more

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    How to Find Vegetarian Food in Canada

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    50 Things to Do in Munich

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    Tasting Luxury in Burma Before the Crowds Arrive

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    Sights, Souks, and Smells of Marrakesh

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    The Best and Worst Countries for Americans to Get Visas To

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    13 Tips Every Visitor to Egypt Must Know

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  • A 7-year-old Hartmann's Mountain zebra (only 6,000 left in world) at the B. Bryan Preserve. (Beverly Mann)

    Meandering Through Mendocino Coast

    It is not every day that I get to have a casual lunch with a mayor, dressed in jeans and with his dog. Or go... Read more

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    Custom Walking and Cooking Tours in Italy

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    7 Reasons Nature Lovers Should Head to Singapore

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    Gorilla Tracking in the Congo

    Congo is second largest country in Africa by area and the eleventh largest in the world. The rainforests of Congo contain great biodiversity. You can... Read more

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    Klein’s Camp: Tanzania, And Beyond

    From the stunning Serengeti to the sweeping shores of Zanzibar and the surrounding islands, Tanzania is the perfect destination for those seeking anything from a... Read more

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    5 Unforgetable Places in Croatia

    People living in the central European country of Croatia have been witness to numerous economic and political troubles over the years. However, Croatia has just... Read more

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    Tribal Tours Gives You Everything North East India Has to Offer

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  • Most of the small boats were piloted by women (James Clark, Nomadic Notes)

    Cai Rang Floating Market

    Cai Rang is home to the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta. The market is near the city of Can Tho, which is about... Read more

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    Visiting the Untouchables of India

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