In Basho’s Footsteps: A Less-Traveled Journey Through Japan

Stairs leading to Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan. (Annie Wu/Epoch Times)
Stairs leading to Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan. (Annie Wu/Epoch Times)

Climbing 2,446 steps requires endurance. As I made my way up, looking for the renderings of Buddha said to be etched into the stone steps,...

  • The gardens at the Alcázar in Seville. (Manos Angelakis)

    Spain’s Andalucía: Crossroads of Culture

    Andalucía in southern Spain is a land of bullfighting and dancing horses, flamenco and exotic architecture, and warm, welcoming people. Andalucía is the largest of... Read more

  • View of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River from La Grande Roue. (Isabelle Kellogg)

    A Fun Winter Weekend in Paris

    I spent a weekend in Paris in early January and participated in some activities that may be more “off the beaten track” for some visitors... Read more

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    The Way to Finding Powerful Human Connection

    Human connection is not so common in our age of connectivity. We see lots of people, but find our little cocoons to hide in. As... Read more

  • The Royal Palace Amsterdam is used by the Dutch Royal House for entertaining and official functions, but is open to visitors most of the year. The palace was built as a city hall during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. (Robert Scarth/Wikimedia Commons)

    Amsterdam, a City on the Move

    Amsterdam has been known as “The Venice of the North” for so long, it’s time it shed that appellation and claimed its own special title... Read more

  • The Coromandel Peninsular-Manaia Harbour

    The Secret’s Out: New Zealand’s Favourite Holiday Spot

    New Zealander’s, affectionately known as Kiwi’s have always taken a no frills approach to vacation time. A beachfront patch, caravan or tent is more than... Read more

  • Reading Town Hall is a fine example of the brickwork that reflected the once industrial heart of the city. The town hall houses Reading Museum, home to a finger from the nearby the statue of Queen Victoria, which was damaged when Reading was bombed during the Second World War. (Photo by Mike Jee)

    Historic Reading, England: Well Worth a Visit

    I am standing by St. Mary’s Church with its unique “checkerboard” tower in Reading, England. The church dates back to at least the 11th century... Read more

  • Figure 2 An irori with a jizaikagi (自在鉤), which is a hook consisting of an iron rod within a bamboo tube, and a fish-shaped yokogi (橫木). (Sun Mingguo/Epoch Times)

    Splendour of an Enchanted Wonderland— Shirakawa-go

    Shirakawa-go in rural Japan is a place that comes straight out of a fairy tale especially when the entire valley is covered in snow during... Read more

  • Montreal skyline and the St. Lawrence River. The city is celebrating its 375th anniversary with a plethora of events throughout the year. (Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin)

    Montreal Tunes up for 375th Anniversary

    Montreal is buzzing with energy as it heads into the Big Event of 2017: the 375th anniversary of the city. Monrealers are justly proud of... Read more

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    Top 10 Tips for the Perfect RV Holiday

    An RV holiday is a must at least once in a lifetime. Some love the experience so much they adopt this way of life full-time... Read more

  • Plaza Botero in Medellín, dotted with sculptures by Fernando Botero, with the Museum of Antioquia in the background. (Scabredon/Wikimedia Commons)

    Colombia: Enigmatic, Vibrant, Hospitable

    Editor’s note: Canada advises exercising a high degree of caution if travelling to Colombia due to the unpredictable security situation, especially in some rural areas... Read more

  • Pittsburgh's skyline and some of the city's many bridges. (David Reid/VisitPittsburgh)

    Pittsburgh: My Kind of Town

    When it comes to Pittsburgh, the city I like to call the well-known unknown, the skyline seems to be ever-evolving. That’s perhaps because Pittsburgh has... Read more

  • People gather for advent festivities at Hellbrunn Palace, an early Baroque villa in Salzburg. (Austria Tourist Office)

    Silent Night: Christmas in Austria

    It was just a simple poem written by a village priest, but when the church organist composed a melody for it, “Silent Night” became a... Read more

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    Beyond Frankfurt’s Trade Fairs and Apple Wine

    Frankfurt is known as Germany’s most international city—a global hub for commerce, culture, education, and tourism. On my recent trip there it was evident that... Read more

  • Captain Travis watches the antics of a friendly lobster. (Copyright © 2016 John Christopher Fine)

    Underwater Beauty at Key Largo

    Everywhere you look there is life. Even in the shallow bay where tiny seahorses hide among turtle grass. Small shrimp conceal themselves under weeds. Hermit... Read more

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    Family Friendly Audiobooks for Long Holiday Car Rides

    If your family is hitting the road this holiday season, along with the millions of other families with the same plan, an audiobook may be... Read more

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    Hiking the Rugged Appalachian Trail

    I felt miniscule as I stood among the trees lining a towering mountainside while down below the river snaked along endlessly, without a ripple. Inhaling... Read more

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