Hamburg: Gateway to the World

Aerial view of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city and home to the country’s biggest port. (Hamburg Marketing)
Aerial view of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city and home to the country’s biggest port. (Hamburg Marketing)

Nicknamed Gateway to the World (Tor zur Welt), Hamburg is a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world living here. Germany’s second-largest metropolis...

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    Top Ten Things to Do in Lake Tahoe this Fall

    Whether a first-time tourist or a seasoned local, Lake Tahoe and its surrounding area has a multitude of offerings. Looking for indoor relaxation, strenuous hikes,... Read more

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    Sun Moon Lake: Nature’s Gift to Taiwan

    Nestled among mountains, an idyllic refuge lies at the center of the island nation of Taiwan. Like a classical Chinese landscape painting, Sun Moon Lake... Read more

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    Man Forced to Sit in Someone Else’s Pee on 11-hour Flight

    A man who was given an airplane seat soaked with urine was forced to stay there for the entire 11-hour flight, according to reports. Andrew Wilkinson... Read more

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    Exploring Historic Prague and Environs

    Prague is a feast for the eyes! At least it was for me as I gawked, surrounded by locals and tourists alike, at the abundance... Read more

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    Quebec by the Sea

    RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, Canada—”Look ahead,” says Captain Julie. “We might be coming up on a small pod of belugas.” We’re in Quebec on a yellow zodiac, zooming... Read more

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    Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ

    It’s likely more people know the debut album cover name that elevated rock legend Bruce Springsteen into public consciousness than the city “The Boss” played a... Read more

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    Hooked by Nantucket

    NANTUCKET, Mass.—In summer, the senses feed hungrily on Nantucket, and Nantucket gives generously, with the scent of honeysuckle in the air; white-trimmed, gray-shingled houses as... Read more

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    A Bird’s Eye View of Seattle

    With a deep breath, I adjusted my earphones and buckled my seat belt. The seaplane took off, and we soared above the clear waters of... Read more

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    Nuremberg: More Than Gingerbread, Beer, and Lederhosen

    Historians may argue that Berlin is the only city in Germany that gives a powerful impression of the highs and lows of the country’s history,... Read more

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    Where History Meets the Arts

    GETTYSBURG, Penn.—Gettysburg College, home of the History Meets the Arts program, is one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. A stroll along stately gingerbread brick... Read more

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    Exploring America’s Cowboy Heritage in Oklahoma City

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    Savoring the Eclectic Neighborhoods of Portland and Beyond

    PORTLAND, Ore.—Revisiting Portland after 25 years, I discovered a diverse city peppered with restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries galore, with the cafés and teahouses being... Read more

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    How to Plan a Family Vacation

    Whether a simple weekend camping or a week abroad in the lap of luxury (or perhaps something in between), embarking on an adventure with your... Read more

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    New Island Forms Off North Carolina Coast

    Cape Hatteras National Seashore on North Carolina’s coast is famous for it’s beautiful beaches and fishing spots, but a new addition to the coastline has locals... Read more

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    Eloping to Paradise: Bucket List Wedding in the Maldives

    Halfway through our meeting with the wedding planner, my fiancé and I stopped and looked at each other. We didn’t care about fancy venues, menu... Read more

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    Long Layover in Taiwan? Take a Short Sightseeing Tour

    Every once in a while, airplane travelers run into that seven-hour layover—an awkward time that is too short to get any real sightseeing done, yet... Read more

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