On Italy’s Road of Saints

Perugia(Susan James).
Perugia(Susan James).

No one knows exactly how old the Italian city of Perugia is. Built on a mountaintop about 4,000 years ago by an ancient tribe called...

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    Absolutely Insane Airport Security Line in Chicago Leaves Internet Users Baffled

    A frustrated passenger’s recording of the insanely long security line at the Chicago Midway airport recently has gone viral. The clip, which has been viewed... Read more

  • Colisseum

    Returning to Rome

    Several lifetimes are not enough to explore Rome. Ruins are still being excavated, restored, and preserved for the next millennium. On my most recent of... Read more

  • Istranca Mountains along the coastline of the magnificent Marmara Sea. (Mohammed Reza Amirinia)

    The Many Charms of Turkish Thrace

    Some of the most fought-over areas in the old Roman world can be found in Thrace, a region in southeast Europe whose historical boundaries have... Read more

  • IMOLA, ITALY - APRIL 30:  Bikes park in parking during the World Superbikes - Qualifying at Enzo & Dino Ferrari Circuit on April 30, 2016 in Imola, Italy.  (Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images)

    Je Suis Une Moto: Traveling Europe on a Rented Motorcycle

    MONTEPULCIANO, Italy—Gingerly balancing on the foot pegs of the big Ducati motorcycle, I turned the machine down a dirt-path hill between olive trees and grapevines... Read more

  • Angklung players perform. (Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia)

    Indonesia’s Wondrous ‘Intangible’ Cultural Treasures

    Indonesia, the largest archipelagic country in the world, is made up of 13,466 islands, big and small. Since they are separated by the sea, there... Read more

  • The lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion guard the entrance to Lindau harbour. On the right is the Mangturm, built in the 12th century and once part of the old city walls. (Wibke Carter)

    Lindau and St. Gallen: A Tale of Two Cities in Two Countries

    Lindau Lindau might not be well known to people living outside of Europe, but in Germany it is quite a tourist attraction and had been... Read more

  • Venice Santa Maria della Salute.(Barbara Angelakis)

    Venice Is Never Off-Season

    I have been to Venice in the spring, summer, and fall, and on each occasion found the crowds to be crushing. Access to the famous... Read more

  • Huaconada dance (1)

    Preserving Peru’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

    Peru, a republic with Amerindians, Europeans, Africans, and Asians, is a South American country with a wide array of artistic expression, especially in music, dance,... Read more

  • One evening we took a cruise down the Zambezi River. An army of fifty or so elephants plunged into the waters and swam, en masse, to a sandbar downstream. The folds and ridges of Zambia’s escarpment in the distance looked like a curtain that shielded our watery, green stage.(Giannella M. Garrett)

    Zimbabwe: The Comeback Country

    I stepped off the Cessna Caravan and into a veritable frying pan. “Welcome to Hwange National Park,” greeted my guide, Richard Yohane, looking crisp and... Read more

  • The Panthéon in Paris’s Latin Quarter functions as a mausoleum containing the remains of martyrs and distinguished French citizens. (Camille Gévaudan/Public Domain)

    Paris: Museums, Masterpieces, and Avoiding Human Gridlock

    If all roads lead to Rome, it seems that all planes land in Paris. Certainly, the city’s most famous attractions are worth some selfie-stick puncture... Read more

  • A uniformed tour guide gestures to tourists outside the War Museum in Pyongyang on October 9, 2015. North Korea is gearing up for a lavish celebration marking the 70th anniversary of its ruling Workers' Party on October 10.     AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones        (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

    10 Signs That Should Tell You Visiting North Korea Is a Terrible Idea

    No matter where you travel, you should be aware of the laws and cultural norms in order to avoid unwittingly getting yourself into trouble. In some countries, like... Read more

  • Braving wind and cold to experience sunrise at Grand Canyon on New Year's Day, Jan. 1, 2016. (M. Quinn/National Park Service, CC BY 2.0)

    How the Grand Canyon Changed Our Ideas of Natural Beauty

    Few sights are as instantly recognizable, and few sites speak more fully to American nationalism. Standing on the South Rim in 1903, President Teddy Roosevelt... Read more

  • A still shot from "Elkmont Symphony" by Harun Mehmedinovic.

    Watch the World’s Largest Gathering of Synchronized Fireflies

    Every June, the largest gathering of fireflies illuminates Elkmont Ghost Town in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a mating ritual in which the males... Read more

  • A surfer looks at the Northern lights illuminating the sky over the snow covered beach of Unstad, on Lofoten Islands, Arctic Circle, on March 14, 2016.  

    Photos: Surfing Under the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle

    Surfs up in the freezing cold.  Unstad beach, on the Lofoten Islands in Norway, is one of the most unlikely surfing hotspots in the world. Located... Read more

  • This Dec. 17, 2015 photo shows an old-fashioned candy shop in the neighborhood around the Kiyosumi-Shirakawa metro station in Tokyo. (Linda Lombardi via AP)

    Away From Tourist Crowds, an Older Section of Tokyo Beckons

    TOKYO—Explore Tokyo beyond the crowded tourist highlights and you’ll find many older parts of the city with a different look and slower pace. One of... Read more

  • Sea Monkeys dive guide Colleen Strayer with an Atlantic stingray at Alligator Reef. (John Christopher Fine, Copyright 2016)

    Shipwreck Diving and Star Gazing in the Genuine Florida Keys

    An overseas highway, U.S. 1, island hops in the Florida Keys. I followed it and found the Florida of my childhood. I lay back in... Read more

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