Milwaukee: City of Festivals and More

The Pabst Mansion, built in 1892 by beer tycoon Frederick Pabst, was once considered the jewel of Grand Avenue, Milwaukee's famous avenue of mansions. With over 60 residences, the avenue was heralded one of the finest residential streets in America. (Courtesy of visitmilwaukee)
The Pabst Mansion, built in 1892 by beer tycoon Frederick Pabst, was once considered the jewel of Grand Avenue, Milwaukee's famous avenue of mansions. With over 60 residences, the avenue was heralded one of the finest residential streets in America. (Courtesy of visitmilwaukee)

Sprawled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is often called the City of Festivals, and it’s easy to see why. In just two days...

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