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  • Four company representatives discuss the tech industry in Brooklyn, New York, on April 23, 2014.

    Brooklyn’s Tech Boom Highlighted at Tech Triangle Forum

    NEW YORK—A Brooklyn tech coalition invited four CEOs from top local tech companies to take part in a panel discussion on Wednesday, April 23. It’s... Read more

  • Screenshot of the NYPD's twitter campaign #MyNYPD. (Screenshot via Twitter)

    Notable Social Media Gaffes

    The feel-good Twitter request #myNYPD by the New York Police Department asking for pictures of people posing with officers, quickly turned ugly when people posted... Read more

  • helicopter

    ‘News Helicopter Sucked Into Tornado Caught On Video’ Probably Fake

    A viral video that’s being shared says that a news helicopter was sucked into a tornado, but it’s most likely fake. The video, which was... Read more

  • Heartbleed

    Heart Bleed Bug Test: Tech Companies Create Fund; Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google, YouTube Passwords Affected?

    The Heartbleed bug exposed a critical flaw in the OpenSSL security system that’s used to protect passwords and other data, but tech giants on Thursday... Read more

  • google-glass-link

    Google Glass Release Date Today? Looks Like Anybody Can Order With This Special Link (+Price)

    A link that’s going around the Internet today appears to let anybody order a pair of Google Glass. The new tech gizmo has previously been... Read more

  • Heartbleed

    Heart Bleed Bug Test: Passwords Don’t Offer Total Proection; See if Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo Affected

    A list of websites affected by the Heartbleed bug can be accessed here, and one can test it out here. NEW YORK (AP) — If... Read more

  • Silver coins with the bitcoin logo. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    Bitcoin Gold Rush: Are You Late to the Party?

    Steve Vittitoe has a money printing machine in his home that generates roughly $260,000 a year pending bitcoin price volatility, reports CNBC. Vittitoe and his... Read more

  • A screenshot of YouTube shows rapper Chief Keef.

    Chief Keef Shot 3 Times, ‘Hospitalized in Critical Condition’ in Chicago Report a Hoax

    An article saying rapper Chief Keef, born Keith Cozart, was shot three times and hospitalized in critical condition in Chicago’s South Side is fake. The... Read more

  • "The application of stretchable electronics to medicine has a lot of potential," says Yonggang Huang. "If we can continuously monitor our health with a comfortable, small device that attaches to our skin, it could be possible to catch health conditions before experiencing pain, discomfort, and illness." (Northwestern University)

    Wireless ‘Tattoo’ Patch Tracks Health 24/7

    A thin, soft stick-on patch that can stretch and move with the skin uses off-the shelf chip-based electronics to continuously track health and wirelessly send... Read more

  • (AP Photo/Karly Domb Sadof)

    iPhone 6 Release Date: Rumors Say New iPhone Delayed Until 2015 Over Battery Issues

    The iPhone 6 rumors keep flying and the latest news is that the release date for the phone has been pushed back until 2015. The... Read more

  • Game on? (JDevaun/Flickr)

    Game On — Can Video Games Make Your Brain Level Up?

    Video games have got a bad press in the past mostly due to the accusation that they make people who play them more violent. The... Read more

  • A Lyrid meteor shower captured by NASA astronaut Don Pettit out the window of the International Space Station on April 21, 2012. The lights of Florida are also visible. (NASA)

    Lyrid Meteor Shower Live Stream: 2014 Lyrids Peak Tonight; What Time, Day?

    The Lyrid Meteor Shower’s peak will early morning on April 22. According to NASA, “The 2014 Lyrid meteor shower is visible anytime between April 16-25,... Read more

  • The left-hand image of researcher Jared Griebel was taken through an ordinary piece of plastic using an infrared camera. The ordinary plastic does not transmit infrared light. The image of Griebel on the right was taken through a piece of the new sulfur-based plastic with an infrared. (Courtesy of Eustace L. Dereniak, University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences)

    How to Turn Sulfur Waste Into Night-Vision Goggles

    Sulfur left over from refining fossil fuels can be transformed into cheap, lightweight, plastic lenses for infrared devices, including night-vision goggles, new research shows. Scientists... Read more

  • Heartbleed

    Heart Bleed Bug Test: Official Offers Tips in Wake; Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter Affected?

    The Heartbleed bug is said to affect thousands of major websites, and here’s a checker. COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The state’s attorney general is offering... Read more

  • CORRECTS TO 4/20 MARIJUANA FESTIVAL -Police officers mounted on bikes patrol Civic Center Park on the first of two days at the 4/20 marijuana festival at Civic Center Park in Denver, Saturday April 19, 2014. The annual event is the first 420 marijuana celebration since retail marijuana stores began selling in January 2014. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

    Colorado Legalizes Medicinal Fireworks Article is Satire; Some Believe it

    An article published by preeminent satire website The Onion saying that Colorado has legalized fireworks due to “the therapeutic benefits of explosions” has gone viral, and some... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Beyond the Hype: The Industrial Challenges for 3D Printing

    Technically speaking, the possibilities open to 3D printing are seemingly infinite. For the past few years, using a machine the unit purchase price of which... Read more

  • Google Glass Price: Free Frames Available After Glasses Sell Out (+Review, Apps)

    Google Glass sold out during the one-day online sale this week, and the price of the new tech gadget was revealed as $1,500. Now Google... Read more

  • Google Glass

    Wearing a New Gadget May Make You Seem Like a Leader

    If you’re in business and want to be perceived as a leader, wearing the newest tech tool, such as Google Glass, may help your image... Read more

  • FILE - This Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013, file photo, taken in Washington, shows part of the website page featuring information about the SHOP Marketplace. People who have accounts on the enrollment website for President Barack Obama’s signature health care law are being told to change their passwords following an administration-wide review of the government’s vulnerability to the confounding Heartbleed computer virus. Senior administration officials said there is no indication that the site has been compromised and the action is being taken out of an abundance of caution. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File)

    Heart Bleed Bug Test: Flagged

    A list of websites the Heartbleed bug is affecting can be accessed here. WASHINGTON (AP) — People who have accounts on the enrollment website for... Read more

  • The Microsoft Windows XP logo is seen at an expo previewing the system October 24, 2001 in New York City. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    Windows 8.1 Upgrade?: Windows XP End of Life is ‘Neon Bull’s Eye’ for Hackers

     NEW YORK (AP) — Microsoft will end support for the persistently popular Windows XP on Tuesday, and the move could put everything from the operations of heavy industry... Read more