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HTC Announce 64 bit Desire 510


The budget phone market is a fiercely fought market these days, with companies like Motorola, Nokia, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Samsung and of course HTC battling...

  • Lowdown2

    Make, Keep and Prep for Meetings with Lowdown

    Meetings can be a real drag. Sure, you get to step away from the desk, get out of the office, maybe even talk over coffee... Read more

  • MaxStone

    MaxStone Simplifies Camera Experience for Everybody

    As a person with interest in photography but lacking the technical knowledge, it’s a bit difficult for me to use a DSLR properly when trying... Read more

  • HTC Zoe

    HTC Zoe Now Available for All Android Devices

    One of the most innovative inclusions on recent HTC smartphones has been HTC Zoe, a clever simple-to-use app for sharing high quality and stylish highlight... Read more

  • UrbanGlider

    Urban Glider is the Ultimate Commuting Machine (Video)

    Usually speaking, compact personal transport comes with a dilemma. Going with something small, like a micro-scooter, means you can carry it with ease, but the... Read more

  • Sleeping on the trees

    Stay Connected Outdoors with Environmentally Friendly Gadgets

    Camping is an excuse to get away from it all- you can leave work and responsibilities behind and concern yourself with outdoor recreational activities. Swim... Read more

  • Morning reading: Moby Dick, War and Peace, The Odyssey. (Devon Christopher Adams, CC BY)

    Speed It Up or Slow It Down? The Boundaries of Reading Apps for Children

    A series of binary discussions has been plaguing early reading instruction for quite some time now: phonics versus whole language, reading for pleasure versus reading... Read more

  • New LG L Series

    LG Announce 2 New L Series Phones

    LG have always had a lower spec and cheaper range of devices, which up to now had groovy names like LG LII 2, LG have... Read more

  • In this July 29, 2013, photo a Sprint logo is displayed on a smart phone in Montpelier, Vt. In revamping its prices and plans this week, Sprint is joining Verizon and AT&T in letting families share pools of data. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

    Sprint Offers New Data Plans to Catch Up With Verizon, AT&T

    NEW YORK—In revamping its prices and plans this week, Sprint is joining Verizon and AT&T in letting families share pools of data. The new Sprint... Read more

  • Amazon Starts Selling Physical Books in Brazil

    SAO PAULO—Online retailer Amazon has started selling physical books in Brazil, two years after it began selling books in digital format in Latin America’s biggest... Read more

  • An iPhone accessory, Flir One, turns the smartphone into a thermal imaging device, great for ghost-hunting. (Courtesy of Flir)

    How to Bust Ghosts, Track Coincidences, and Other Weird, Cool Things With Your iPhone

    Many of the devices used by ghost hunters come in app form for iPhones. Apps are also giving researchers a method of collecting large swaths... Read more

  • The desktop is the past, the future is in the cloud. (Ruben de Rijcke, CC BY)

    33 Years After Creating the PC, IBM Leaves It Behind in Favour of the Cloud

    With the sale of first its desktop PC business and now its server business to Chinese partner Lenovo, IBM has come full circle. By exiting... Read more

  • Screenshot

    RocketSkates: First Smart Wearable Mobility Device Straps to Shoes

    Whether it is the meshed honey comb design, the color, or the shape,  at first glance the RocketSkates look like mini shopping carts strapped to your... Read more

  • Smartwatches.

    Which Smartwatch Should I Wear Today?

    These days I find myself in a daily predicament, not only do I have to work out which phone to take with me to work... Read more

  • android-app-to-track-move

    Top 3 Free Android Apps to Track Your Steps

    Your Android smart phone is packed with enough sensors to track moves and record steps when you carry your phone. You need good apps to... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    How to Transfer iOS Photos to PC or MAC Over WiFi

    We are taking tons of photos and videos with iPhone and iPods. Eventually your iOS device will dump with pictures and videos and the device... Read more

  • Slurping up your data like it’s an all-you-can eat krill buffet. (Crosa, CC BY)

    Is Your USB Stick the Enemy?

    Computer users everywhere are looking at the USB stick sat next to their computer this week with trepidation. Many are now wondering if this trusted... Read more