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Researchers Have Developed a Revolutionary Braille Tablet for the Blind

(University of Michigan)
(University of Michigan)

Researchers at the University of Michigan recently unveiled a new Braille-enabled prototype tablet that makes it possible for those with vision problems to read text...

  • There’s a dark side to the internet. (Сергей Хакимуллин/iStock)

    Unhackable Brain Scans May Some Day Replace Passwords

    Security breaches affecting millions of users have come to light in recent years, yet we’re no better at protecting our personal data, or at picking... Read more

  • (Richard Drew/AP Photo)

    Twitter Moves to Actively Seek Out Terrorist Supporters

    WASHINGTON—Twitter is now using spam-fighting technology to seek out accounts that might be promoting terrorist activity and is examining other accounts related to those flagged... Read more

  • An Apple iPhone with a cracked screen after a drop test from the DropBot, a robot used to measure the sustainability of a phone to dropping, at the offices of SquareTrade in San Francisco on Aug. 26, 2015. Apple for the first time is accepting banged up iPhones as a trade-in from those wanting to upgrade. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

    Apple Now Accepting Your Banged-Up iPhone to Trade for Upgrade

    NEW YORK—Apple for the first time is accepting banged up iPhones as a trade-in from those wanting to upgrade. Until now, Apple offered credit to... Read more

  • Google now has the unenviable task of redoing all iterations of its old logo. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

    How One Man Installed Google Now on His Bathroom Mirror

    I mentioned earlier today that I still miss some things about Android. One of those things is definitely Google Now, the insanely useful voice-enabled personal... Read more

  • Apple MacBook's new USB-C port. (Maurizio Pesce/(CC BY 2.0)

    Will Your USB-C Cable Fry Your Laptop?

    If you connect your new USB-C gadget with your laptop, there’s a chance the computer will instantaneously burn out. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent that. It all... Read more

  • A self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover at the "Mojave" site, where its drill collected the mission's second taste of Mount Sharp. The scene combines dozens of images taken during January 2015 by the MAHLI camera at the end of the rover's robotic arm. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via Getty Images)

    NASA Releases 360-Degree Interactive Video Taken From the Mars Curiosity Rover

    Last month, NASA’s Curiosity rover sent a “selfie” from Mars, seen above, stitched from 57 separate images it had taken on the red planet. Now,... Read more

  • A fair goer tries out Deutsche Telekom's (Robert Michael/Getty Images)

    Survey: 92 Percent of Students Prefer Paper Books Over E-Books

    For years, e-books have been growing at a rapid pace. Kindles sold in the millions, and some started to wonder whether e-books would one day... Read more

  • People shop at Apple's Flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York on Monday. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

    Report Claims to Finally Reveal What the iPhone 7 Looks Like

    Apple’s penchant for industrial design took a strange turn when the company released the iPhone 6. Though the device was impressively slim, it featured a... Read more

  • This photo provided by HereO shows the HereO GPS watch. (Studio OnE/HereO via AP)

    Something New to Worry About: Connected Toy Security

    NEW YORK—Your smartphone or tablet is most likely pretty secure — not perfect, maybe, but generally unlikely to be hacked or to store, say, your... Read more

  • An aerial view of the Apple Campus under construction (Duncan Sinfield/YouTube)

    Watch: Aerial View of Apple’s Massive Circular Campus Being Built

    First announced in 2006, Apple’s massive 2.8 million-square-foot campus is finally coming to life. The large, circular building is located near the company’s existing headquarters... Read more

  • Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market, holds a press conference at the European Commission in Brussels on March 25, 2015. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)

    EU and US Reach New Data-Sharing Agreement

    BRUSSELS—The European Union and the United States struck a deal Tuesday over data-sharing that will allow the likes of Facebook and Apple to continue sending... Read more

  • A presentation in the Symantec booth during the RSA Conference in San Francisco on April 22, 2015. The U.S. government is rewriting a proposal under arms control rules from 20 years ago to make it simpler to export tools related to hacking and surveillance software since they’re are also used to secure computer networks. The White House said it supports making cyber intrusion tools available overseas for legitimate cybersecurity activities, according to a letter made public Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

    US to Rework Arms Control Rule on Exporting Hacker Tools

    WASHINGTON—The U.S. government is rewriting a proposal under arms control rules from 20 years ago to make it simpler to export tools related to hacking... Read more

  • A BlackBerry Q10 appears on display at the company's Annual and Special Meeting, in Waterloo, Ontario on  July 9, 2013. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Geoff Robins)

    BlackBerry Exec: ‘The Future Is Really Android’

    Yes, it’s really time to start digging a grave for BlackBerry 10. In an interview with India’s The Economic Times, BlackBerry exec Damian Tay explained that “the... Read more

  • A woman presses an Apple iPhone 6s on a 3D touch table at the Apple store on  Nov. 13. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    Touchscreens Could Soon Evolve Way Beyond 3D Touch

    I’d never want to use a built-in physical keyboard on any device that has a touchscreen display, though some companies insist on coming up with... Read more

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 is presented during the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1, 2015. ( Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images)

    Galaxy S7 Preview: Best Samsung Smartphone Ever?

    We have just a little less than three weeks to go until Samsung unveils its Galaxy S7 series at MWC 2016, but the smartphone was... Read more

  • (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Which Carrier Has the Fastest LTE Network in America?

    Verizon has long been thought of as the nation’s broadest network, with coverage that always seems to stretch to areas where other networks don’t. AT&T... Read more

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