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As iPhone Sale Sag, Apple Touts Apps and Services Instead

In this April 30, 2015 file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to a question during a news conference at IBM Watson headquarters, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)
In this April 30, 2015 file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook responds to a question during a news conference at IBM Watson headquarters, in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

SAN FRANCISCO—You can expect to hear a lot more from Apple about the virtues of mobile apps and online services in coming months. And for...

  • Hopscotch

    Coding for Kids

    Kids are amazing at learning new technologies. They can learn to use smartphones or tablets before they are able to talk. But merely using new... Read more

  • Xiaomi's Mi4i smart phone and Mi Band fitness tracker. Security weaknesses on many popular fitness trackers may allow hackers to access or potentially manipulate user data, a study showed.  (MONEY SHARMA/AFP/Getty Images)

    Many Fitness Trackers Leak Personal Data: Study

    Security weaknesses on many popular fitness trackers may allow hackers to access or potentially manipulate user data, a study showed on Monday, July 18th. The... Read more

  • Pokemon Go is displayed on a cell phone in Los Angeles on Friday, July 8, 2016. Just days after being made available in the U.S., the mobile game Pokemon Go has jumped to become the top-grossing app in the App Store. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

    Pokemon Go Creators Say Coding Error That Gave Company Access to Emails Will Be Fixed

    The developers behind Pokémon Go are fixing a bug that gave the game far too much access to users’ Google accounts. Currently, the bug appears during the user... Read more

  • An iPhone is seen in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

    US, EU Reach New Data Privacy Agreement

    BRUSSELS—The U.S. and European Union have announced approval of a new data privacy agreement that EU regulators say will impose stricter obligations on American companies... Read more

  • An attendee inspects the new Nexus 5X phone during a Google media event on September 29, 2015 in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    10 Million Android Devices Infected With Chinese Malware: Report

    A Chinese company has infected some 10 million Android devices around the world and exploits them for $300,000 a month. The company, called Yingmob, is partly... Read more

  • People shop at Apple's Flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York on Monday. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

    Apple to Allow Organ Donors to Sign Up on Health App

    If you haven’t signed up to be an organ donor at the DMV, you will still be able to do so—on your iPhone. Apple will... Read more

  • Oculus VR

    Doctors Use Virtual Reality to Practice Surgery, Saving Pigs

    CHICAGO—Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is adopting virtual reality technology to train its obstetrics and gynecology residents in surgical techniques. The technology will allow... Read more

  • In this photo taken Wednesday, June 29, 2016, former Navy SEAL Keith David poses in the lobby of his office at Anki in San Francisco. A growing number of U.S. special forces veterans are veering off the traditional path of working for private security firms and law enforcement agencies, and are instead heading into the tech industry.  Silicon Valley companies say they’re discovering the veterans’ abilities to build teams and think outside the box make them a good fit for the innovative businesses.  (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    From SEALs to Startups: Special Ops Drawn to Silicon Valley

    SAN DIEGO—Keith David spent years flying around the globe on covert missions, making life-and-death decisions and overseeing multiple units unleashing airstrikes against insurgents. The former... Read more

  • YouTube screengrab (YouTube/Sergi Serge)

    10-Year-Old Awarded PhD-Level Fellowship

    The sky’s the limit for 10-year-old Eva, who recently applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship last month, in hopes of building Thymio robots. “The streets of Paris... Read more

  • A fan records on his mobile phone the band Eagles of Death Metal during a concert in Bogota on March 9, 2016. AFP PHOTO/Diana Sanchez / AFP / DIANA SANCHEZ (Photo credit should read DIANA SANCHEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

    Apple Could Prevent iPhone Users From Recording at Concerts

    It is a common phenomenon at concerts—a wave of hands holding their phones in the air to capture some footage, or even record the event in... Read more

  • A Mitsubishi Electric Corp. self-driving vehicle stands in a test course during a demonstration in Ako, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on Friday, March 18, 2016. Mitsubishi Electric Corp., a supplier of air-to-air missiles to Japan's armed forces, is looking to adapt the technologies it originally developed for military use to help autonomous driving cars detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Photographer: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Bloomberg

    Driverless Car Conundrums: Hit Pedestrians or Injure a Passenger?

    Driverless cars pose a “social dilemma” when it comes to how the vehicle is programmed to uphold safety, according to a new study. One of the premises behind... Read more

  • (Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock)

    Buying and Selling Hacked Passwords: How Does It Work?

    Data breaches are a regular part of the cyberthreat landscape. They generate a great deal of media attention, both because the quantity of information stolen... Read more

  • (Google)

    Google as Your Doctor?

    Have a peculiar pain but don’t know what to do about it? Millions turn to Google when searching for information on symptoms they are experiencing, and now... Read more

  • The Tesla Model S electric car is displayed during the 2016 London Motor Show at Battersea Evolution Marquee on May 5, 2016 in London, England. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

    Video: Elon Musk Says Tesla Model S Floats Like a Boat in an Emergency

    A YouTube video showing someone successfully driving a Tesla Model S electric car through about 3 feet of water has generated over 388,000 views. Tesla... Read more

  • (Damian Evans/Cambodian Archaeological Lidar Initiative)

    Meet Lidar: The Amazing Laser Technology That’s Helping Archaeologists Discover Lost Cities

    Archaeologists have discovered several medieval cities, buried beneath the forest floor in Cambodia: the largest is said to rival the modern Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh,... Read more

  • This Feb. 2, 2016 image made from video shows Timelooper co-founder Yigit Yigiter looking through a Google cardboard virtual reality headset as he sees a recreation of the Great Fire of London in 1666. (AP Photo)

    Virtual Reality the Latest New High-Tech Way to Watch Sports

    NEW YORK—Sports fans who own the right devices can follow the action at a major event this week in a new, high-tech way. If that... Read more

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