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Not Just a Pretty Face

Chew Jia Min and her family dog. (Sun Mingguo/Epoch Times)
Chew Jia Min and her family dog. (Sun Mingguo/Epoch Times)

What is beauty? Good looks, or a great body? To 25-year-old Chew Jia Min, who was crowned Miss Singapore International in 2013, the beauty of...

  • Fashion designer Maggie Norris at work. (Andrew Le Pera)

    Sibylle’s Style Diary: Maggie Norris on Mastering Her Timeless and Distinctive Equestrian Style in NYC

    This week’s style diary guest is Maggie Norris, a fashion designer formerly with Ralph Lauren who is also fortunate to have once dressed the legendary Audrey... Read more

  • Frederick Anderson attends Hanley Mellon Fall/Winter 2015 Collection Presentation after party at Beautique, in New York, on Feb. 12, 2015.  (Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images for Hanley Mellon)

    Sibylle’s Style Diary: Frederick Anderson on Using Style to Dialogue With the World

    This week’s style diary guest is Frederick Anderson, president of Hanley Mellon LLC, the sportswear label created by Nicole Hanley Mellon and Matthew Mellon, and former... Read more

  • ( JANIFEST/iStock)

    5 Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Tips and Picks

    Makeup artists are the behind-the-scenes talents that are behind the fabulous looks of film stars, rock stars, models, and athletes.  Whether it’s for a magazine cover,... Read more

  • Mathilde Thomas (Pamela Berkovic)

    Sibylle’s Style Diary: Mathilde Thomas on How to Live Gracefully in a World of Style and Beauty

    This week’s style diary guest, the lovely Mathilde Thomas, is an accomplished woman who knows a great deal about style and beauty. She is a successful entrepreneur,... Read more

  • case full of makeup

    Fake Cosmetics on eBay and How to Avoid Getting Harmed

    It’s a serious issue. A great deal of the makeup products sold on eBay are fake or illegally obtained, and some are potentially harmful to... Read more

  • The models at Dior's haute couture 2015 show in Paris wore suede and calfskin embroidered sandals with sequins and nude patent straps. (Courtesy of Dior)

    Check Out the Platform Sandals From Dior’s 2015 Fall Collection

    Glittery platform wedge sandals of epic proportions made an eye catching statement at Christian Dior’s Fall Haute Couture Show at Paris’ Musée Rodin. The models... Read more

  • (Youtube)

    Heartbreaking Video Shows What Can Happen When Women Skip Makeup

    As you see in the above video from London-based beauty blogger Em Ford, a woman with acne is a prime target for disparaging comments. Hundreds... Read more

  • (-101PHOTO-/iStock)

    5 DIY Organic Shampoo Recipes

    By Soni R Medhi, Organic Lifestyle Magazine The harsh chemical compounds present in commercial shampoos may make our tresses dull, dry, and unhealthy. Going organic can... Read more

  • (Inga Ivanova/iStock)

    Watch Where You’re Putting That Eyeliner

    Some basic eyeliner safety tips: Don’t put it on in a moving vehicle, don’t use it to write “Kick Me” on someone’s back, don’t swap pencils... Read more

  • RussinaRosehouse

    Visit a European-Style Perfume Farm Without Leaving the States

    Nowadays, many manufacturers are creating synthetic perfumes to compete in the mega-profit global fragrance market, currently valued at $39.4 billion. Many celebrities add their famous... Read more

  • A MAC Cosmetics stylist applies make-up to a formerly incarcerated woman as part of an empowering make-over on May 7, 2015 in Harlem, New York. (Courtesy of The Fortune Society)

    MAC Cosmetics Transforms 30 Formerly Convicted Women for Mother’s Day

    Videos of homeless people undergoing make-overs to become well-trimmed men in suits have gone viral, changing the way we perceive them. On Thursday, for a... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    What’s the Difference Between Natural and Organic Beauty Products?

    More and more women are learning that their cosmetics and skincare products may be full of hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating, health-ruining chemicals, many of which have been been linked to... Read more

  • (Youtube)

    See What Women Do When They Have to Decide If They’re Beautiful or Average

    Causing a woman to doubt herself like this doesn’t exactly seem empowering. Yet plenty of women are applauding Dove for the feel-good-about-yourself-no-matter-what tone of the... Read more

  • Jean Patou JOY FOREVER (JeanPatou.com)

    Perfumer Thomas Fontaine, on His Nose and Jean Patou’s Legacy

    Atlas, the titan of Greek mythology, carried the celestial spheres on his shoulders. Thomas Fontaine, in-house perfumer at the house of Jean Patou carries the... Read more

  • egorr/iStock/Thinkstock

    Spring Is the Time to Purge the Overdone YouTube Makeup Look

    Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing. It helps us DE-clutter, start anew, and perhaps also re-evaluate old things and let go of them. When it... Read more

  • Actress Lauren Bacall at the 78th Academy Awards in Hollywood on March 5, 2006. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/GettyImages)

    Behind the Look and the Style of Lauren Bacall

    It was this month, 72 years ago that Harper’s Bazaar launched the iconic face of Betty Joan Perske, who came to be known as Lauren... Read more

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