Why I Stopped Using Coconut Oil on My Face


Coconut oil hit the scene like a tropical storm with people snapping it up for use in smoothies and skincare alike. But not so fast!...

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    See 100 Years of Black Beauty Trends in Less Than One Minute

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    Gucci Salutes France in First Post-Giannini Collection

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    Milan Fashion Designers Celebrate Normality

    MILAN—Tactile fashion is setting the trend on Sunday, the second day of Milan Fashion Week previews for next autumn and winter menswear. Designers are luxuriating... Read more

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    The Beauty of the Kimono

    Recently, I saw the most beautiful and interesting exhibit on kimonos. It should be on the must-see list of everyone who loves fashion. But you’ll... Read more

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    Fashion at the Golden Globes

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    Jacqueline Kennedy’s Notes to Designers Up for Auction

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—In private, even the stylish former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis admitted to tiring of the all-black attire long considered chic in... Read more

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    DIY: Herbal Chapped Lip Balm

    We keep our lips pretty busy on a daily basis: eating, sipping, talking, smooching…it’s good stuff! So much so, in fact, that we can find... Read more

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    Look in the Mirror

    I recently went to an awards event where everyone was very dressed up. Looking around was a revelation. Doesn’t anyone have a full-length mirror? If... Read more

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    Serums: Healthy Elixirs or Snake Oils?

    They promise no less than youth-in-a-bottle, nature’s own concentrated bounty delivered to your face, blasting away everything from sun spots to wrinkles. It all comes... Read more

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    8 of the Best Natural Hair Dyes

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    I Love Earrings

    I have worn earrings almost every day of my life since my college days. I am also one of the few remaining half-dozen women in... Read more

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in vinyl, cotton, USA. (© The Museum at FIT)

    The Reality of a Fake

    Unless you have been super vigilant and only bought your clothing and accessories directly from designer boutiques throughout your life, you have more than likely... Read more

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    Best Beauty Products of 2014

    Although many innovative beauty products do come across the Eluxe office desk, the majority of our brilliant beauty finds are actually lurking in our personal... Read more

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    New Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep

    How well did you keep those New Year’s resolutions from last year? Don’t even remember what they were, huh? I thought so. Well, here are... Read more

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    Bootmaker Lucchese Expands to Heels, Purses

    DALLAS—The 131-year-old Texas boot-maker Lucchese is kicking up its heels—literally. This year, Lucchese began expanding its high-end offerings, starting with a fashion shoe line that... Read more