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Meet China’s ‘Divorce Village’

Photos taken for the divorce certificates. (via Visual China)
Photos taken for the divorce certificates. (via Visual China)

On May 19, the 79-year-old Mr. Yuan, along with his two sons, of southwest China, filed their applications for divorce with the local authorities. There...

  • Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (R) and former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou (L) greet to the crowd on May 20, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. Chinese netizens are stunned to learn that Ma would be living in his old apartment after leaving office. (Ashley Pon/Getty Images)

    Chinese Netizens Can’t Believe That Taiwan’s Former President Lives ‘Worse Than a Communist Party Village Chief’

    With the swearing in of Tsai Ing-wen as president of Taiwan on May 20, outgoing president Ma Ying-jeou moved out of the presidential residence and... Read more

  • Racist Chinese Ad

    Racial Overtones Depicted in Chinese Laundry Detergent Commercial Causes Uproar

    An advertisement for a Chinese laundry detergent brand has gone viral for its filthy racial overtones. The Chinese laundry brand, Qiaobi converts a “dirty” Black... Read more

  • 8-year-old He Yide, after becoming well-known for running in the snow with only his underpants in New York four years ago (R), is subjected to rigorous study schedule by his tiger dad. (Modern Express and Youtube)

    Move Over Tiger Moms—This ‘Eagle Dad’ Made His Son Run Through Snow at Age 4, and Now Has Him on a Crazy Study Schedule

    Everyone’s heard of the Chinese “tiger mom”—tough, overbearing women who subject their children to study schedules so rigorous and regimented that a military officer might... Read more

  • Chen Junjie and the court verdict of his robbery. (via The Paper)

    Law-Abiding Chinese Man Discovers His ‘Criminal Record’

    In 2011, Chen Junjie (roughly “Jwin-jyeh”), an average, law-abiding Chinese citizen, had been living the coastal province of Guangdong for nine years when he decided... Read more

  • Wu Junmei (courtesy of Wu Junmei)

    Exclusive: Why a Chinese Journalist Quit the Party Mouthpiece, and the Chinese Communist Party Itself

    SYDNEY—Unpublished investigations of corruption in China by state media have been used to blackmail the targets of the investigations, according to a journalist with People’s... Read more

  • (L-R) First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University and members of a gang controlling the blood donation at the hospital. (Qilu Evening News)

    Latest Turf War for Chinese Mafia: Blood Donations

    Knife-wielding gangs are clashing outside hospitals and spilling each other’s blood in China over a precious resource—blood donations. “Those who operate here must know how... Read more

  • Qikang Hospital of Chinese Traditional And Western Medicine, where Li Qing was treated for uremia. (Sina)

    A Chinese Hospital Tries to Buy Off Another Victim of Search Engine Baidu’s Medical Ads

    Faced with a long line for dialysis treatment, 29-year-old Li Qing turned to Baidu, China’s largest search engine, for an alternative medical treatment. Now a... Read more

  • Yang Shoufa holds the corrected diagnosis of his AIDS. (via The Paper)

    Man Wrongly Diagnosed With AIDS Lives Like a Prisoner for a Decade

    A Chinese man wrongly diagnosed with AIDS is fighting an uphill battle for compensation, The Paper, a state-run publication, reported May 18. The ten-year ordeal... Read more

  • Young people interviewed by China's Phoenix Television. (via Phoenix Telelvision)

    50 Years After the Cultural Revolution, China’s Youth Have No Idea What It Was About

    May 16 marks the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a destructive Chinese political movement launched by communist dictator Mao Zedong. The campaign... Read more

  • A woman lunches on a bowl of soup noodles at a food court in Beijing on April 6, 2011. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

    5 Chinese Foods That Chemicals Made More Attractive (and More Deadly)

    Because of criminally lax food and drug regulations, Chinese consumers risk disease or poisoning, even when doing something as simple as buying cooking oil from... Read more

  • Footage of the attempted abduction (via Guangzhou Daily)

    Watch: Woman Nearly Abducted in Public, Ignored by Passersby

    On May 16, a Chinese woman writing on her WeChat social media account described how she had been almost dragged into a van by an... Read more

  • Li Kai is receiving treatment from the hospital. (via West China Metropolis Daily)

    Young Chinese Man Demands Compensation for Bad Supermarket Product, Then Is Mysteriously Attacked by Thugs

    When Li Kai (pseudonym), a student living in southwestern China, bought a snack at a local supermarket, he opened the unprofessionally-labelled bag to find that... Read more

  • Xiao Qin and her 76 year old grandmother. (via Visual China)

    Pictures: Rural Chinese Kids Raised by Senile Grandmother Grow Up Mute

    For over six years, two children in coastal southeastern China were cared for exclusively by their senile 76-year-old grandmother, leaving them mute and developmentally challenged... Read more

  • Kitchen slop in Zhengzhou, central China. (via Sina Blogpost)

    Horrible Ways Kitchen Leftovers Are Being Reused by China’s Restaurants

    Every restaurant has to deal with food scraps, be it oily slop left over from cooking or the soup broth and other food left behind... Read more

  • A villager plants trees to try and keep the sand from shifting to other areas in the Hobq Desert in Hangjin County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern China, on May 5, 2006. Desertification in some western and northern regions has accelerated in recent years due to drastic water shortage, destruction of grassland resources, pollution, and other reasons, according to state media. (China Photos/Getty Images)

    China’s Desertification Is Causing Trouble Across Asia

    Creeping desertification in China is swallowing thousands of square kilometers of productive soil every year. It’s a challenge of gigantic and unprecedented proportions. The rate... Read more

  • Dead fish in the Liqu river in western Sichuan Province, China. (Sina Weibo)

    Tibetans Protest Rivers Polluted by Chinese Mines—Using Dead Fish

    When a thousand ethnic Tibetans living in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province gathered to protest a lithium mining operation that is poisoning local waters, they prepared... Read more

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