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Fortune Stick Advises Hong Kong Not to Be Dazzled by Profit

Lau Wong-fat, chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk (Rural Council), shakes a bamboo container with fortune sticks on the second day of Chinese New Year.
(Poon/Epoch Times
Lau Wong-fat, chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk (Rural Council), shakes a bamboo container with fortune sticks on the second day of Chinese New Year. (Poon/Epoch Times

The second day of Chinese New Year was the traditional festival of Che Kung, during which Lau Wong-fat, chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk (Rural...

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  • Construction site of residency buildings in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Province, on Oct. 3, 2014. Southern China’s Shenzhen city government suspended over 2000 properties under construction due to the developer’s financial crisis. House owners who paid for the houses protested on Jan. 24. (Screenshot/

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  • Signage of Sina Weibo, known as China's version of Twitter, is displayed in Beijing on April 16, 2014. A popular Chinese blogger well-known for posting politically sensitive content on Weibo was abducted by Chinese authorities on Feb. 3, 2015. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

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