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Childhood Friendships Crucial in Learning to Value Others


Friends play an extremely important role in a person’s life. From infancy on, we have a desire to connect and those early relationships help to...

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    Viral: Hilarious Kim Jong-un Dance Parody; North Korea Furious

      A Kim Jung Un parody dance video, reportedly make by a Chinese college student, has gone viral. The video features a fake Kim Jung... Read more

  • Travelers look at a departures board showing one canceled flight to Tel Aviv at Newark Liberty International Airport, Tuesday, July 22, 2014, in Newark, N.J. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

    United Airlines Resuming Flights to Israel After Ban Lifted

    NEW YORK—United Airlines will be the first U.S. carrier to resume flights to Israel after a two-day hiatus caused by combat in the Gaza Strip... Read more

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    5 Effortless Ways to Make a Difference—The Smartphone Way

    Contributing to charities is a selfless act. In a society where social media becomes the norm, it’s of no doubt that we are constantly changing... Read more

  • It’s not just the late nights. (Flickr/Pink Sherbet Photography, CC BY)

    Explainer: Why Does the Teenage Brain Need More Sleep?

    Throughout our lives we experience changes in sleep patterns and in the amount of sleep we need. While babies sleep between 16 and 18 hours... Read more

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    California Firm Issues Nationwide Fruit Recall

    CUTLER, Calif.—A Central California company is recalling specific lots of its fresh peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots sold nationwide over concerns of possible listeria contamination... Read more

  • This June 30, 2014, photo shows cheesy zucchini salsa in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

    10 Ideas for Eating All That Zucchini (+Videos)

    Zucchini bread is fine and all, but when you’re staring down a mountain of summer abundance, how much of it can you really eat? Convinced... Read more

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    Love or Lust? The Eyes Tell All

    Where someone’s gaze falls could indicate almost instantly whether attraction is based on feelings of love or of lust. Scientists say if the gaze is focused on... Read more

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    Trippin’ on Bananas? Amaze Your Friends With These Banana Facts

    1. First off, bananas are berries Should we start calling them bananaberries?   2. Bananas get really excited when it’s peanut butter jelly time  ... Read more

  • T-shirt Typo Turns Heads at Mandela Bicycle Ride

    JOHANNESBURG— Nelson Mandela had a way with words, but not quite like this. Cyclists traversing Johannesburg in the former South African president’s honor on Sunday... Read more

  • Some researchers tend to minimize basic abilities and consider practice as the sole determinant of performance. "Other factors matter as well, but even so, no one says that practice will ever hurt you; but be careful if you are walking tightropes," says Fred Oswald. (Flickr/Christian Wohr, CC BY)

    Practice Makes You Better, but Not Perfect

    No matter how much you do it, practice may never make you an expert. But it probably will make you better. “This question is the... Read more

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    Selfie Becomes Mugshot: Woman’s Selfie Leads to Arrest

    You know what they say: it’s all fun and games until you get caught. And with the internet, that’s usually almost instantly. Hey, I’m Gillian... Read more

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    The Importance of Grooming

    Whatever happened to good grooming? Perhaps at this point, many of my younger readers are doubled over with laughter. Most, may not even know what... Read more

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    The Future of Getting Lost

    The received wisdom these days is that we’re always findable. With our smartphones in our pockets and near constant use of GPS, we think we... Read more

  • (Julio Lucas/1st place, Photographer of the Year)

    Best iPhone Photographs of the Year From Around the World (Photo Gallery)

    Here’s a look at the winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards. The winners of the 7th annual contest were announced last month, with Julio... Read more

  • Keeping moving. (*Shutterstock)

    The Best Tech Goodies to Bring Along on Trips

    DENVER—Your swimsuit and your sunscreen are in the luggage, and your boarding passes are all printed out. But did you remember your gadgets and chargers? Did you... Read more

  • Less ‘Vocation, Vocation, Vocation’ according to one lifestyle expert. (*Shutterstock)

    Hard Evidence: Does Fertility Really ‘Drop Off a Cliff’ at 35?

    Everyone’s favourite property expert and house hunter extraordinaire, Kirstie Allsopp, raised some eyebrows when she recently suggested that women’s fertility “falls off a cliff” when... Read more