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Cancer Support Community Helps Victims and Families

A group photo of volunteers at the Cancer Support Community, based in Pasadena, Calif. (Courtesy of Cancer Support Community)
A group photo of volunteers at the Cancer Support Community, based in Pasadena, Calif. (Courtesy of Cancer Support Community)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will hardly faze me,” an old English children’s rhyme persuades a victim of name-calling to ignore...

  • Drawing Room (Roeloff Bakker)

    Time Slip Experience at Dennis Severs’ House

    Dennis Severs’ House at 18 Folgate Street in East London is a strange time slip experience. It’s an oasis nestled in the ever-growing steel and... Read more

  • FILE - In this May 21, 2012, file photo, Scott Beede returns an undersized lobster while fishing in Mount Desert, Maine.   (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

    Lobster Population Is Shifting North; Ocean Warming Blamed

    PORTLAND, Maine—The lobster population has crashed to the lowest levels on record in southern New England while climbing to heights never before seen in the... Read more

  • A view from the jogging path overlooking Tsuen Wan, after the stair climb. (Philip Evich)

    Hiking in Hong Hong

    Recently I spent 6-weeks in Hong Kong as an intern for the Epoch Times. I came here as a student looking to develop my journalism... Read more

  • View of 22 Barker Road on August 15, 2015. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times)

    After US Land Purchase, Jack Ma Pays US$193M for a Single Property in Hong Kong

    After spending US$23 million to purchase an American landholding, Alibaba chairman Jack Ma is reported to have spent US$193 million last week, on a luxury... Read more

  • The Arte Moderne (Art Deco) Bullocks Wilshire building as it stood at its opening in 1929 in a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles, not the busy urban corridor as this section of the city has become today. (Security Pacific Collection, Courtesy Los Angeles Public Library)

    Bullocks Wilshire: Then and Now

    On the 3000 block of Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles is a piece of work bound to take the eye. The Bullocks Wilshire building, fronted... Read more

  • (Kjekol/iStock)

    Why Is It So Cold in Here? Setting the Office Thermostat Right for Both Sexes

    If you work in an office, chances are you or the person sitting next to you has grumbled about it being too hot or cold... Read more

  • "Farm equipment used to feed and maintain livestock and plant and harvest crops uses a lot of diesel fuel and other utilities from fossil fuels," says Christine Costello. "When people waste meat, these fuels, as well as fertilizers, are also wasted." (U.S. Department of Agricure/(CC BY 2.0)

    Should Reducing Food Waste Start With Meat?

    Approximately 31 percent of food produced in the United States, or 133 billion pounds of food worth $162 billion, went to waste in 2011, according... Read more

  • View overlooking Victoria Harbour from The Peak Galleria on July 31, 2015. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times)

    Hong Kong Peak Road: More Expensive Than 5th Avenue, Manhattan

    Peak Road, located at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, is the world’s most expensive street, according to a recent report. The... Read more

  • The Jane Austen Ball held annually for students in the English Country dance class at St. Mary’s College. (Courtesy of Rosalind Clark)

    English Country Dance Fun for All

    Girls come in from the warm and sticky air, shake off their sandals, and gather on the dance floor.  They giggle excitedly about their weekend... Read more

  • Children must know that you love them, but you do not love what they just did. Criticize the things they do and not them. (Fotolia)

    How Much Discipline Do Children Need to Learn Best?

    This series of 10 articles on ‘How Children Learn Best’ is written by Canadian Citizen Pat Kozyra who has been teaching in the classroom for... Read more

  • "To see how motivated elders are to be involved and give back is very affirming, says Tara Gruenewald. "We have a segment of the population that has a lot to give and failure to tap into that resource is quite concerning."  (kolinko_tanya/iStock)

    When Seniors Volunteer With Kids, Everybody Wins

    A program that brings together older adults and elementary school students gives children academic and social support and lets the volunteers see how they can... Read more

  • Linda Rieswick fixes 
her hair while Tom Burke fixes a hem

    Ethical Denim at Son of a Stag in London

    Buying ethically sourced quality denim jeans has always been a priority for me. In East London there is a great clothes shop called Son of... Read more

  • ( BY-SA 2.0)

    Your Mobile Phone Knows Where You Go and What You Do – and Maybe Even When You’re Feeling Down

    Today’s smartphones are equipped with powerful sensing capabilities. Using these sensors, your smartphone potentially has a record of how active you are, how much you... Read more

  • Poolside pretention. (ep_stock/iStock)

    Summer Reading: The Ultimate Competitive Sport of the Middle Class

    It’s the summer holidays – finally we have the chance to relax on the sun lounger and escape into a good book. This is the... Read more

  • Given the choice between a full-sized meal and one half the size with a modest "prize," people will consistently choose the smaller meal.  (Shaiith/iStock)

    Can a Bribe Lure Us to Eat Less?

    In our super-sized world, it’s not easy to eat less at meals. But a new study suggests even modest incentives to eat smaller portions can... Read more

  • How good is the support system for your child? (Fotolia)

    What Kind of Support System Is Best For Your Child?

    This series of 10 articles on ‘How Children Learn Best’ is written by Canadian Citizen Pat Kozyra who has been teaching in the classroom for... Read more

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