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Best Life Hacks Every Cook Should Know—Under 10 Minutes


There are always ways to make life a little easier. Here are some useful skills you can use, or learn, to make your life easier...

  • Falun Gong practioner Christiane Teich, from India, poses on a street in New York City on May 19, 2014. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    A Spiritual Journey to Ladakh, India

    Christiane Teich, who prefers to be called “Chris,” made her pilgrimage to India over the course of 30 years, in search of something. Originally from... Read more

  • "Castle Sunrise," a view of Bodiam Castle, built in 1385, in Britain. (Burrard- Lucas Photography)

    Phenomenal Views of Ancient Places, Connect With Beauty of Humanity’s Achievements (Photo Gallery)

    Will Burrard-Lucas has traveled the world, taking in some of the most important places in human history. These scenes are imbued with the majestic weight... Read more

  • (Via Shutterstock)

    10 Exotic Instruments That Will Blow Your Eardrums… in a Good Way

    Expand your musical knowledge with these ten exotic instruments you have probably never heard of before. Sit back and enjoy. 1. Hang (spacedrum) Created by Felix... Read more

  • Don’t be nervous. (Altair78, CC BY)

    How to Think Slow and Fight the Fear of Flying

    Fears about air travel are common and entirely understandable. Human beings have not evolved to fly (beyond the fact that we have evolved brains sophisticated... Read more

  • FILE - In this July 17, 2014, file photo, people walk amongst the debris, at the crash site of a passenger plane near the village of Hrabove, Ukraine. More travelers are flying than ever before, creating a daunting challenge for airlines: continue to keep passengers safe in an ever more crowded airspace.  (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky, File)

    Air Traffic Doubles, Stressing Safety Systems

    NEW YORK— More travelers are flying than ever before, creating a daunting challenge for airlines: keep passengers safe in an ever more crowded airspace. Each... Read more

  • Consciousness: understandable, but no less amazing. (Flickr/AlicePopkorn, CC BY-ND)

    Why Being Conscious Is a Barrier to Understanding Consciousness

    We have no entirely satisfactory explanation for why a relentless stream of experiences normally fills our minds. On close examination, consciousness can seem truly miraculous... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    What People Think of You Based on Your Photo

    It’s impossible to deduce personality traits from a quick glance at a duckface iPhone photo. But a new study finds that, when it comes to first... Read more

  • Feared for a good reason. (Credit_00/Flickr, CC BY-ND)

    The Five Worst Poisons on Earth: From Polonium to Mercury

    With the announcement of an inquiry into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, talk of poisons is back in the news. There are many articles with... Read more

  • mma

    Viral: Thieves Destroyed By MMA Gas Station Clerk + Related Videos

    Those who believe in karma hold that thieves and robbers will eventually receive punishment for the crimes they commit, even if not by the law... Read more

  • The Putter (Shaun Bloodworth)

    Watch the Lost Art of Scissor-Making: You’ll Appreciate This Daily Object More (Video)

    Earnest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, England, is one of the last companies to create scissors by hand.  This short film was made as part... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Summer Backyard Activities: The Do’s & Don’ts (Video)

    From our friends at HooplaHa, a great inspiration! Summertime is meant for fun and activities, be be sure to keep these important tips in mind... Read more

  • Golden Gate Capital, which bought the Red Lobster restaurant chain for $2.1 billion from Darden Restaurants, plans to take the chain upscale. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Red Lobster Moving Upscale

    NEW YORK—Red Lobster wants to be seen as a purveyor of quality seafood, so it’s getting rid of some of its promotional discounts and plating... Read more

  • A man sits resting as commuters head to departure gates at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Wednesday July 23, 2014 in New York.  The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved $90 million for urgent repairs at the 64-year-old complex used by both commuters from New Jersey and travelers from the rest of the country.  (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

    Port Authority Bus Terminal Needs Overhaul, Will Get Patchwork Fixes

    NEW YORK—At the nation’s busiest bus station, winding lines of riders wait amid cracked floors, crumbling ceiling tiles and a wheezing air-conditioning system helped along... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Funny or Just Downright Bizarre? Parents Tell Their Kids Unusual Information

    Sometimes, parents have to make up bizarre fibs to tell their children to get them to do something. Quora asked “Parenting: What is the most... Read more

  • (Hasan Kale)

    Look Closer at These Tiny Pieces of Food, You’ll Be Blown Away by What You See (Photo Gallery)

    Hasan Kale paints landscapes of his native Istanbul on the most unlikely canvasses. Kale likes the challenge of painting on peanut husks, split almonds, banana... Read more

  • (*Shutterstock)

    Parents Day 2014 Quotes: Messages to Thank Mom and Dad

    Parents Day is on July 27. It’s a day to celebrate both mothers and fathers. Then-President Bill Clinton signed a resolution in 1994 that was... Read more