Miley Cyrus May Have Tattooed the Wrong Planet on Her Arm


Miley Cyrus was slammed on social media sites for posting a photo of her latest tattoo. Cyrus got a tattoo of Saturn, and she apparently...

  • NASA’s Orion spacecraft will be able to take humans further away from Earth than ever before. (NASA)

    5 Human Spaceflight Missions to Look Forward to in the Next Decade

    From astronauts breaking records for the longest amount of time spent in space to experiments growing food and keeping bacteria in orbit, the past decade... Read more

  • The Crab nebula, the remains of supernova in our Milky Way galaxy.(ESA/Herschel/PACS/MESS)

    NASA Honors Prince With Breathtaking Purple Nebula

    Even the stars are honoring Prince’s sudden death.  Prince Rogers Nelson passed away on April 21 of yet-unknown causes.  On the same day, in honor of... Read more

  • The next mining boom could happen in space. (NASA)

    All of Humanity Should Share in the Space Mining Boom

    One solitary asteroid might be worth trillions of dollars in platinum and other metals. Exploiting these resources could lead to a global boom in wealth,... Read more

  • Clipboard02109s9q119

    Viral: Daughter Writes Message to Astronaut Father in Space

    The daughter of an astronaut from Houston missed her father who was working on the International Space Station. So she sent a special message to... Read more

  • Billionaire Yuri Milner and Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking ahead of a press conference on the Breakthrough Life in the Universe Initiatives on July 20, 2015 in London, England.  (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Breakthrough Initiatives)

    Stephen Hawking Teams Up With Russian Billionaire in $100 Million Project to Find Aliens

    Famed scientist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner is teaming up on a $100 million project that will send an army of nano-spacecrafts to explore the... Read more

  • The SpaceX Dragon cargo ship approaches the International Space Station on April 10, 2016. A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrived at the ISS on Sunday, two days after launching from Cape Canaveral, Fla. ISS astronauts used a big robot arm to capture the Dragon, orbiting 260 miles above Earth. (NASA TV via AP)

    SpaceX Delivers World’s 1st Inflatable Room for Astronauts

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—SpaceX has made good on a high-priority delivery: the world’s first inflatable room for astronauts. A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrived at the... Read more

  • (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    Clinton’s Campaign Chairman: ‘The American People Can Handle the Truth’ About UFOs

    Hillary Clinton’s Campaign chairman John Podesta said Thursday, April 7, that it’s time for the government to make public information that it has on life in... Read more

  • (sdecoret/iStock)

    NASA Discovers 72 New Asteroids That Could Potentially Hit Earth

    Yes they could hit us, but NASA says they aren’t likely to anytime soon. Using a spacecraft known as NEOWISE aka New-Earth Object Wide-field Survey... Read more

  • (abidal/iStock)

    Why X-ray Astronomers Are Anxious for Good News From Troubled Hitomi Satellite

    On Feb. 16, the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) successfully launched the ASTRO-H satellite from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan. The space telescope named Hitomi— “pupil” in... Read more

  • Except for a few blue foreground stars, the stars are part of the Milky Way’s nuclear star cluster, the most massive and densest star cluster in our galaxy. (NASA, ESA, and Hubble Heritage Team) (STScI/AURA, Acknowledgment: T. Do, A.Ghez (UCLA), V. Bajaj (STScI)

    Hidden Stars, Baby Planets, and Blow Up Spaceships

    Each fortnight I get the amazing opportunity to speak about my top stories in space on ABC Breakfast News TV but for those of you... Read more

  • Titan's Ligeia Mare in false color. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/Cornell)

    Discovering the Bath Scum on Titan

    It’s not every day that you get to discover something new. But when you do it is a rather strange and quite brilliant feeling. You... Read more

  • 3D visualisation of the Ring Nebula, with material flung out from the dying star in the center. This gas may eventually form new stars, planets, and ultimately even life. (M. Kornmesser/ESA/Hubble and NASA)

    Something New Under a (Dead) Sun

    For all their enormous size and furious energies, stars are remarkably simple. Knowing just their mass and the smattering of elements heavier than hydrogen we... Read more

  • (Courtesy: NASA.gov)

    NASA Selects Team to Build $10 Million ‘Planet Hunter’

    NASA selected a Penn State-led team to build its new $10 million planet detector, according to a March 29 press release.  The new gadget will search... Read more

  • Youtube video thumbnail. (John Mckeon/Youtube)

    Amateur Astronomers Film Asteroid Hitting Jupiter

    At least two amateur astronomers were aiming their telescopes at Jupiter on March 17 and caught what appears to be an asteroid hitting the planet, causing... Read more

  • A photo of a volcanic eruption in Chile, seen from outer space (Jeff Williams/Twitter)

    Astronaut Shares Photo of Volcanic Eruption Seen From Space

    The best view of things on Earth sometimes isn’t on Earth at all.  Astronaut Jeff Williams shared a stunning photo of the Copahue volcano, which sits... Read more

  • Enceladus, with its warm internal ocean, is thought to be potentially habitable. (Marc Van Norden/Flickr, CC BY-SA)

    Saturn’s Moons May Be Younger Than the Dinosaurs—so Could Life Really Exist There?

    Saturn is home to more than 60 moons—from the massive Titan and the crater-riddled Phoebe, to Enceladus with its geysers. Enceladus in particular has been... Read more

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