Cool Astronomy Timeline: Simulate Space Travel

"Antennae Galaxies reloaded". (Wikimedia Commons)
"Antennae Galaxies reloaded". (Wikimedia Commons)


  • (Shutterstock*)

    Rosetta Space Probe Tracks Double Rock-Ice Comet

      BERLIN—A space probe aiming to become the first to land on a comet has taken images that appear to show its target could actually... Read more

  • In this July 16, 1999, photo Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong (L) and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin field questions in a replica of an Apollo mission control room at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Aldrin, 84, is asking everyone to remember where they were when he and Armstrong became the first humans to walk on the moon and to share their memories online. (AP Photo/Terry Renna)

    Buzz Aldrin: Where Were You When I Walked on Moon?

    On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin was “out of town” when the world united and rejoiced in a way never seen before or since. He... Read more

  • Out of this world. (Shutterstock*)

    Space Tourism Needs an ‘Orbital Megabus’ to Truly Lift Off

    Britain has joined the race to become a leading hub of commercial space flight, announcing eight potential sites for a potential “spaceport” within the UK... Read more

  • Arecibo Observatory

    More Puzzling Radio Bursts From Deep Space

    Astronomers have detected very fast bursts of radio waves coming from deep in outer space and they don’t know the source. Scientists initially detected the... Read more

  • A supermoon lit up the sky around the world on Saturday, creating breathtaking views over Poseidon's temple in Greece. (AOL Screenshot)

    Huge “Supermoon” Lights Up the Sky (Video)

    A supermoon lit up skies around the world on Saturday. The massive full-lunar appearance happens several times in a year, and makes the moon appear... Read more

  • (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    Full Moon, Supermoon 2014 and 2015 Calendar: Rest of Dates for This Year, and the Next

    The supermoon came back again over the weekend and people are wondering when the next one is, as well as the same information about full... Read more

  • This image released by NASA shows administrator Charles Bolden, right, standing with his wife, Alexis Walker, and other guests as they watch the launch of the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket, with the Cygnus cargo spacecraft aboard, July 13, 2014, at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Cygnus will deliver over 3,000 pounds of cargo to the Expedition 40 crew at the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions. (AP Photo/NASA, Aubrey Gemignani)

    International Space Station Shipment Launched From Virginia (Video)

      CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—A commercial cargo ship rocketed toward the International Space Station on Sunday, carrying food, science samples and new odor-resistant gym clothes for... Read more

  • Building a space colony is not easy. (NASA, CC BY)

    No, That New Exoplanet Is Not the Best Candidate to Support Life

    In June, the popular press went wild. A planet had been discovered that was so much like Earth it was heralded as our best bet... Read more

  • Arp220 is a nearby Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy similar to what ALESS65 would look like if it were closer to Earth. (NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration, and A. Evans/University of Virginia, Charlottesville/NRAO/Stony Brook University)

    Red and Dead Future for a Galaxy Running Out of Star Fuel

    A galaxy more than 12 billion light years from Earth is heading for a “red and dead” future because it is running out of the... Read more

  • A zoom-in of the most massive dwarf galaxy in the simulation when the universe was only 700 million years old. This galaxy only has 3 million solar masses in stars, compared to 60 billion solar masses in our Milky Way. (Georgia Tech)

    Army of Tiny Galaxies Flooded Universe With UV Light

    The faintest and smallest galaxies played a bigger role than previously thought in shining ultraviolet light in the early universe, experts now say. That UV... Read more

  • Plenty of space junk out there. (EOS Space Systems)

    Earthbound and Down: Bright Meteor Seen in Australian Sky Was Space Junk

    A bright meteor lit up the sky across Australia on the night of July 10, grabbing the attention of anyone who happened to be outdoors... Read more

  • The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower seen in this July 2013 photo. (Flickr/Mike Lewinski*)

    Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower 2014: Dates for Entire Shower, and the Peak Time

    The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower is basically here, starting on July 12 and running all the way through August 23. The meteor shower is slated to... Read more

  • The super moon is seen in the night sky over Tel Aviv, Israel, Sunday, June 23, 2013. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

    Supermoon 2014 Dates, Times: Three More Supermoons This Year, And One this Weekend

    The first supermoon in almost six months will take place Friday. A supermoon is scheduled to take place on July 12, the first one since... Read more

  • Not bigger than a loaf of bread. (File photo *Shutterstock)

    Almost Anyone Can Hitchhike Into Space With a Nanosatellite

    Earlier this year, the Russian Federal Space Agency received a hand-luggage-sized delivery from the UK. It came with a request to launch the contents aboard... Read more

  • Capturing planets for human use. (rudolfgetel/Flickr)

    From Terraforming to Finding Aliens, a Geophysicist Explains

    The Conversation organised a public question-and-answer session on Reddit in which David Waltham, reader in mathematical geology at Royal Holloway in London, explained what makes... Read more

  • Wet beads seen on the legs of the Phoenix spacecraft offered the first evidence of salts on Mars. Scientists now believe the beads were muddy saltwater that splashed on the lander's leg as it touched down in the northern polar region. (NASA/JPL-Calech/University of Arizona)

    Salt on Mars Turns Ice Into Water

    Despite below-freezing conditions, a type of salt on Mars may melt ice to form water, just like salts do on Earth’s slippery winter walkways and... Read more