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3,600 Crystals in Wearable ‘Skin’ Monitor Health 24/7

"One can imagine cosmetics companies being interested in the ability to measure skin's dryness in a portable and non-intrusive way," Yonggang Huang says. "This is the first device of its kind." (Credit: John A. Rogers/University of Illinois)
"One can imagine cosmetics companies being interested in the ability to measure skin's dryness in a portable and non-intrusive way," Yonggang Huang says. "This is the first device of its kind." (Credit: John A. Rogers/University of Illinois)

A new wearable medical device that uses up to 3,600 liquid crystals can quickly let you know if you’re having heart trouble—or if it’s simply...

  • German test pilot Markus Scherdel steers the solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft for its maiden flight at its base in Payerne, Switzerland, June 2, 2014. (AP Photo/Denis Balibouse)

    Solar-Powered Plane to Circle the Earth

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—A Swiss-made solar-powered aircraft is planned to start and finish its first round-the-world flight from the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu... Read more

  • Rhinorex condrupus had a nose so big it was dubbed "King Nose," but scientists aren't sure what purpose it served. (AOL Screenshot)

    Dinosaur With Mysteriously Large Nose Discovered in Utah (Video)

    It seems like dinosaurs have been in the news a fair bit lately, but the newest dino to be discovered is beating out competitors by... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Working Alone ‘Together’ Can Be Good Motivation

    The sense that you’re not the only one tackling a challenge—even if you’re physically alone—can increase motivation, say researchers. As the new study notes, people... Read more

  • (WebSubstance/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Brain ‘Node’ Causes Deep Sleep Without Sedative

    Scientists have identified a second “sleep node” in the mammalian brain whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep. The sleep-promoting... Read more

  • (Tambako the Jaguar via Compfight)

    What Makes One Chimp Kill Another?

    It’s a mystery why male chimps kill other adults, but a new study suggests the behavior may have little to do with human activities. Few... Read more

  • What would it look like to rewind WWII? How would beings of higher intelligence view us? Bottom right: Woman thinking (Fuse/Thinkstock); Top right: Ant (Eye Blink/iStock/Thinkstock); Top left: Artist's concept of WWII planes (Shutterstock); Bottom left: Woman looking at her younger self through a mirror (Shutterstock)

    Try These 4 Trippy Thought Experiments to Expand Your Mind

    In a thread on the social media site Quora, users shared the best thought experiments they know of. Epoch Times has collected four especially impressive... Read more

  • According to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, the Government environmental policy protects the environment effectively, contributing to the economic recovery, job creation and innovation. (Photo provided by the Government of Spain)

    Spain Reduces CO2 Emissions With 15% and Reaffirms Kyoto

    MADRID—The Spanish government announced that its country has achieved a decrease of the emissions of greenhouse gases with 15%, due to the renewal of cars... Read more

  • Cell Tower

    Mysterious, Fake Cell Phone Towers Spring Up Across US

    No one knows where they came from, their purpose, or who’s responsible. Fake cell towers have sprung up across the United States leading researchers to... Read more

  • While we don't notice them, all adult humans have two types of mites living within the pores on their faces. (AOL Screenshot)

    We All Have Mites Living On Our Faces (Video)

    Many different microscopic organisms can be found on the human body, one of those is mites that live on our faces. These mites were discovered... Read more

  • Massive construction works are going on in the city of Mumbai. As the city is always under constant pressure of searching new places for thriving population of commerce and business. Skyline of Mumbai changing rapidly than ever.  (Ele Rein / Contributor/Getty

    Retrofitting Mahindra Towers: ESCO Model Enables Energy Efficiency Savings in India

    While in Mumbai recently, home of Mahindra headquarters, the sounds of construction are an ever-present soundtrack for the city. More than ever, people are flocking... Read more

  • Ada Lovelace

    Unexpected 200-Year-Old Story of the World’s First Computer Programmer: Lord Byron’s Daughter

    Computer programming had a more romantic, artistic start than one might expect. It begins with an eccentric tale, including a famous poet, a brief love,... Read more

  • (Chad Baker/Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Thinkstock)

    Harvard’s Long-Distance Telepathy Experiment Succeeds in Sending Simple Message

    For countless years psychics and those with alleged supernormal abilities have reported being able to communicate and remote view at vast distances. They have purportedly... Read more

  • Two solar flares which erupted in our direction this week will arrive this weekend. The resulting solar storm will be powerful but not dangerous. (AOL Screenshot)

    Solar Storm to Hit This Weekend, Scientists Not Worried (Video)

    A solar storm is headed our way after the Sun produced a pair of solar flares aimed at Earth over the past couple days. One of... Read more

  • New research has shown that the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur, might have been just as well suited for life in the water as on land. (AOL Screenshot)

    Spinosaurus Could Be First Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur (Video)

    Spinosaurus, the largest of all carnivorous dinosaurs, may have been just as well-equipped for life in the water as on land. The Cretaceous-era dinosaur was... Read more

  • Spinosaurus

    Alien-Like, Swimming Dinosaur Spinosaurus Unveiled

    WASHINGTON—Picture the fearsome creatures of “Jurassic Park” crossed with the shark from “Jaws.” Then super-size to the biggest predator ever to roam Earth. Now add... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Scientists Look to Ancient Knowledge for Seasonal Forecasting

    An Australian scientist is working to collate ancient methods of weather prediction in the Pacific, saying that the study could help improve contemporary forecasting tools,... Read more