• Monarch butterfly (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

    Experts Believe Fewer Monarchs through South Texas

    VICTORIA, Texas— Fewer monarch butterflies could be flying through Texas while migrating to Mexico due to the lingering drought and lack of food along the... Read more

  • Artist Nataliya Tyaglo puts on the final touches. (Lina Broydo)

    Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue

    By the lake, by the lake, by the beautiful lake,You and I, you and I, oh! how happy we’ll be. I was humming this slightly... Read more

  • An exhaust stack rises through the steam of the Loy Yang B power station in the Latrobe Valley, 150km east of Melbourne. (Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images)

    OECD Backs Carbon Taxes and ETS

    In yet another blow to the Coalition’s climate change plans the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has deemed carbon taxes and emissions trading... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Some Green Products Not Really So Green

    Green, recycled, biodegradable—words like these are attractive to environmentally minded consumers, but on Oct. 29, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced enforcement actions against six... Read more

  • A smoke stack emits fumes June 2, 2007 in Sydney. Australia’s shared commitment to limit the global temperature rise to 2 degrees by reducing its own emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 is inadequate, according to the CCA. (Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

    Government Unmoved by Calls to Raise Emissions Target

    As smoke still rises from New South Wales bushfires, the climate change debate continues to be fanned by the Federal Government as it pushes to... Read more

  • Visitors are seen through a tangle of roots as they walk through the world heritage listed Daintree rainforest on Nov. 14, 2012 in Mossman Gorge, Australia. Located in Far North Queensland, the Cairns region is one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations with a tropical climate and close proximity to both the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. (Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

    Qld National Parks Open for Business

    Queensland’s national parks are open for commercial operations after amendments to the state’s Nature Conservation Act were passed on Oct 29. The Queensland State Government... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes

    I love the autumn season and all of the festivities that come along with it. One of my favorite things about this time of year... Read more

  • New Zealand snapper swim through a more humane and efficient version of a fishing net, known as Precision Seafood Harvesting. The technology has been researched for the last 10 years and is still undergoing testing, but looks promising. (Courtesy of Precision Seafood Harvesting)

    New Zealand Teaches World How to Fish

    New Zealand scientists have teamed up with local fishing companies to bring forth a revolutionary concept in commercial fishing. The technology improves the current system... Read more

  • At a press conference after the government's announcement of the Carbon Tax plan at Parliment House on July 10, 2011 in Canberra, Australia’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 will now require the abatement of 550 million tonnes. (Stefan Postles/Getty Images)

    Australia’s Carbon Challenge Shrinks, According to Research

    Australia’s emissions reduction requirements may be smaller than initially anticipated according to new research. The news comes as the newly-elected Government moves to repeal the... Read more

  • Fotolia_2667163_Subscription_L.jpg

    Are You Sleeping on an Oil Field?

    If you sleep on a conventional mattress (like most people do), you’re spending a third of your life lying on toxic chemicals. If this little-known... Read more

  • Sealed plastic water bottles roll on a conveyor belt at the Sal Sabel water company on Sept. 14 2008, near the southern Iraqi city of Karbala. (Mohammed Sawaf/AFP/Getty Images)

    You Probably Have Plastic in Your Blood; 20 Ways to Avoid Plastic

    More than 90 percent of people have plastic in their blood, according to Webmd, a phenomenon now linked with heart disease, obesity, infertility, miscarriages, and... Read more

  • Guy Newey Doug Woodring, an entrepreneur and conservationist looks at rubbish on a beach on the south side of Hong Kong, May 7, 2009. Giant plastic debris islands float in the Oceans, but also increasingly in smaller bodies of water—a phenomenon a Dutch plastic whale will contribute to fighting. (Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images)

    Plastic Whales, Soup, and Islands—A Dutch Look at Our Plastic World

    In Amsterdam, a new tradition has been born. “Oud-Amsterdamsch Plastic Visschen,” or old-school Amsterdam-style plastic fishing. On the first Sunday of September, hundreds of volunteers... Read more

  • Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, on Sept. 23
(Andrew Burton/ Getty Images)

    Luminaries Want Action on Climate Change

    NEW YORK—Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, head of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim, and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson called for more... Read more

  • Bynum Farm and Nursery- Danny Bynum Owner and Danen Henson an employee of Bynum Farm and Nursery use Bynum's pickup truck to attract customers at Asheboro Downtown Farmers Market. (Denise Darcel/Epoch Times)

    Small Farmers Show Resilience

    ASHEBORO, N.C.—After historic droughts, floods, and fires in recent years, American farmers got good news this harvest season. “This week’s forecast of a $6.8 billion... Read more

  • A Chinese researcher checks on the rice at a farm in Wuhan, central China, on June 11, 2011.  (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    Not Even Good Enough for Dog Food: Imported Food From China Loaded With Chemicals, Dyes, Pesticides and Fake Ingredients

    (NaturalNews) Do you really know what’s in all the food you’re eating that’s imported from China? If you don’t, you’re actually in good company: The... Read more

  • Autumn brings colorful leaves and several gardening opportunities. (Dan Istitene/Getty Image).

    Five Early Autumn Gardening Projects

    Summer is coming to a close, but the change of season still offers a wealth of gardening opportunities before winter sets in. 1. Grass Seeding... Read more

  • When biotech wheat stalks from an old Monsanto test trial were found this spring sprouting in Oregon, choosy foreign buyers postponed U.S. imports. Food and farm groups are now urging the USDA to step up its oversight and transparency of experimental test crops. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

    GMO Field Trials: Contamination Concerns

    In August, representatives from over 150 farm and food groups met with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack.  Wheat farmers, plant breeders, seed... Read more

  • Jim Dutcher (pictured) and wife, Jamie, founded Living with Wolfves, a nonprofit for raising awareness of true wolf behavior. (Jim and Jamie Dutcher)

    10 Lessons From Wolf Families (+Photos)

    The big bad wolf stereotype has been worn down by years of people studying the creatures in the wild.  Wolves are found to be intelligent,... Read more

  • National leader in urban farming Rashid Nuri greets visitors to the Wheat Street Garden near Ebenezer Baptist, which was Martin Luther King's Atlanta church. (Mary Silver/Epoch Times)

    Brother Rashid Nuri, Mensch of Wheat Street Garden (+Video)

    ATLANTA— Brother Rashid Nuri sat at a white garden table surrounded by four inviting chairs. A white tarp gave shelter from the August sun. He... Read more

  • Lightning strikes the Willis Tower on June 12 in Chicago, Ill. Once lightning enters a structure it can become deadly. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    6 Warning Signs and the 16 Deadliest Places for Lightning Strikes

    On average lightning kills 93 people and injures 257 in America each year, according to a study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Among... Read more

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