• National leader in urban farming Rashid Nuri greets visitors to the Wheat Street Garden near Ebenezer Baptist, which was Martin Luther King's Atlanta church. (Mary Silver/Epoch Times)

    Brother Rashid Nuri, Mensch of Wheat Street Garden (+Video)

    ATLANTA— Brother Rashid Nuri sat at a white garden table surrounded by four inviting chairs. A white tarp gave shelter from the August sun. He... Read more

  • Lightning strikes the Willis Tower on June 12 in Chicago, Ill. Once lightning enters a structure it can become deadly. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    6 Warning Signs and the 16 Deadliest Places for Lightning Strikes

    On average lightning kills 93 people and injures 257 in America each year, according to a study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Among... Read more

  • A pollinator garden is shown in this photo. With recent declines in bee populations, there is a growing awareness of the contribution pollinators make to the ecosystem, and to the human food supply. (Cat Rooney/Epoch Times)

    How to Attract Pollinators: 6 Must-Have Plants

    Bees, hummingbirds, bats, and beetles are all pollinators—animals that assist in plant reproduction.  With recent declines in bee populations, there is a growing awareness of... Read more


    NY Steps Into Fray of GMO Labeling

    NEW YORK—No one today can tell if the food they buy is made from genetically modified organisms (GMO), unless they buy organic. Three quarters of... Read more

  • The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center's Bert Drake holds up a cluster of Spartina patens, a marsh grass that absorbed more carbon dioxide (CO2) than his team expected. Drake's team looks into the future by filling marsh chambers with extra CO2, tracking how plants will grow over the next century. (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)

    Offsetting Emissions: Wetland Plants Counter Carbon

    A 19-year Smithsonian study of wetland plants and carbon dioxide offers new hope about the planet’s resilience.  When carbon dioxide levels rise, wetland plants absorb... Read more

  • This undated file photo shows Mount McKinley as seen from Talkeetna, Alaska. A record number of climbers summited North America’s highest peak this season. The National Park Service said 787 of the 1,151 registered climbers reached the summit of Mount McKinley in Alaska this year. (AP Photo/Al Grillo, File)

    More Climbers Than Ever Seeking Mount McKinley’s Summit

    JUNEAU, Alaska —A record number of climbers have reach the summit of Mount McKinley, North America’s highest peak, this season. The National Park Service said 787... Read more

  • Ben & Jerry’s Ingredients: No GMO in Ice Creams

    Ice cream purveyor Ben & Jerry’s will stop using genetically-modified ingredients in its products, it was reported. The Vermont-based firm said last week that GMO... Read more

  • Waves crash over the Shell drilling unit the Kulluk as it sits aground on an island south of Anchorage. (U.S. COAST GUARD PETTY OFFICER 3rd CLASS JONATHAN KLINGENBERG)

    ConocoPhillips Suspends Alaska Oil Drilling

    WASHINGTON—Oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips has become the second major oil company to suspend drilling off Alaska’s Arctic coast, boosting calls by environmentalists to end... Read more

  • A sheaf of corn remains in a field after a harvest in this file photo. (Olivier Morin/Getty Images)

    ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Signed, Derided by Opponents

    Earlier this week the U.S. Congress quietly passed the Agricultural Appropriations Bill, which has been derided by opponents as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” it was... Read more

  • An anaerobic digester on a dairy farm in Homer, N.Y. Farmers in the state are increasingly using this technology, which effectively utilizes cow manure to generate electricity for the farm and reduces odor. (Cornell University PRO DAIRY Dairy Environmental Systems group)

    Cow Manure Powers Dairy Farms

    NEW YORK—An increasing number of dairy farmers in New York state are discovering an ecological solution to deal with their large amounts of manure. A... Read more

  • (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Global Water Crisis Worsening

    For years, experts have been warning that the world is facing a freshwater crisis of unprecedented proportions. As populations grow, demand for fresh water is... Read more

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