USDA Approves Release of GM Moths in New York

A diamondback moth genetically engineered by biotech company Oxitec and scientists at Cornell University to produce offspring that will die before they reach maturity. The moth may be released for testing in Geneva, New York, in the hopes that it will decrease the wild population of this agricultural pest. (Courtesy of Oxitec)
A diamondback moth genetically engineered by biotech company Oxitec and scientists at Cornell University to produce offspring that will die before they reach maturity. The moth may be released for testing in Geneva, New York, in the hopes that it will decrease the wild population of this agricultural pest. (Courtesy of Oxitec)

A precedent-setting release of genetically engineered insects could soon take place in Geneva, New York. On July 6, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved...

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    LONDON—Scientists have found evidence of how ancient Britain separated from Europe in what they are dubbing “Brexit 1.0″—a flooding event that happened in two stages... Read more

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