Will Climate Change Be a Decisive Issue in 2016 Presidential Elections?

A foreign tourist wears a mask to protect herself from pollutants while walking on a sideway in New Delhi, India on, Jan. 23, 2015. Hazy skies served as the backdrop to meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other officials who discussed India's biggest environmental woes. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal)
A foreign tourist wears a mask to protect herself from pollutants while walking on a sideway in New Delhi, India on, Jan. 23, 2015. Hazy skies served as the backdrop to meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other officials who discussed India's biggest environmental woes. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal)

Anyone thinking of running for president in 2016 should take note: in a new survey conducted by Stanford University, the New York Times, and research...

  • Global Forest Watch provides interactive maps of tree cover extent, loss and gain throughout the world. In total, 1.5 million square kilometers (580,000 square miles) of net tree cover were lost between 2001 and 2012, responsible for roughly 12 percent of global carbon greenhouse gas emissions. Image courtesy of Global Forest Watch

    Tracking Deforestation Through Satellite Imagery

    Floating softly through the vacuum of space, the Landsat 7 satellite has faithfully provided imaging of the entirety of earth’s surface, every 16 days, since... Read more

  • The Black-and-yellow broadbill (Eurylaimus ochromalus) is found in Myanmar, which is also known as Burma

    Burma’s Bird Species Count Jumps to 1114

    Myanmar (commonly called Burma)  is home to at least 1,114 bird species after researchers identified 20 previously undocumented species during recent surveys, reports The Myanmar Times. ... Read more

  • The shrinking of the migrating monarch butterfly population. Image by: WWF.

    Monarch Butterfly Population Recovering, But Still in Danger

    The world’s migrating monarch butterfly population has bounced back slightly from its record low last year, but the new numbers are still the second smallest... Read more

  • n the 1920s and 1930s crews surveyed much of California, collecting information about vegetation. This photo was taken in 1936 by Albert Wieslander. (Marian Koshland Biosciences Library)

    California’s Majestic Trees Are Declining — a Harbinger of Future Forests

    Scientists in my native state of California were handed a gift: a trove of detailed information about the state’s forests taken during the 1920s and... Read more

  • A hawksbill sea turtle hatchling heads towards the sea. This year over 35,000 hatchlings were born in the Pearl Cays: Photo credit: WCS.

    Hawkbill Sea Turtles Making a Comeback in Nicaragua

    Hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricate), a reptile listed as the highest threat level by the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, are making a momentous... Read more

  • Close-up of a mother African golden cat with her kitten. Photo by: David Mills/WCS/Panthera.

    Scientists Capture First Photos of African Golden Cat Kittens

    The African golden cat is arguably the continent’s least known feline, inhabiting dense tropical forests, almost never seen, and, of course, long-upstaged by Africa’s famous felines: lions,... Read more

  • Deforestation near Lake Sentani, Papua. Photo by Rhett A. Butler.

    Deforestation May Be Ramping Up in Papua, West Papua

    Despite being covered in commodity concessions and viewed by some as becoming a focal point for the Indonesian government’s palm oil development in the country’s eastern half,... Read more

  • Environmentalist Jairo Mora Sandoval on the beach with fellow WIDECAST volunteers. Photo by: Christine Figgener/Creative Commons 3.0.

    Suspects Acquitted of Murdering Conservationist

    Yesterday, the seven men accused of brutally murdering Jairo Mora Sandoval on a beach in Costa Rica two years ago were acquitted of the crime... Read more

  • Jaguar Hunting Peccaries In Camera Trap Footage

    Catching a jaguar on a remote camera trap in the Amazon is a rare, happy sight. But catching a jaguar attempting to ambush a herd... Read more

  • Truck carrying raw logs in Myanmar. Photo courtesy of EIA

    Illegal Logging in Burma: 155 Chinese Nationals Arrested

    155 Chinese citizens have been arrested in Myanmar, commonly known as Burma, for illegal logging, reports Agence France-Presse.  According to a statement from China’s foreign ministry,... Read more

  • Alaska's Inside Passage. (Shutterstock*)

    Scientists Call on Obama to Stop Logging Old Growth Forests

    Seven conservation societies have joined a campaign to push the Obama administration to end old-growth forest logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.  The American Fisheries... Read more

  • A general views of the mountains at Saputara situated in the Western Ghats, some 400 Kms. from Ahmedabadon December 31, 2011.(Sam Panthaky/AFP/GettyImages)

    World Heritage Sites in India of Major Concern to the IUCN

    A recent report by the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has brought forth the question whether the places declared as World Heritage Sites are... Read more

  • This photo provided by the National Park Service shows dense clouds at the south rim of the Grand Canyon on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 in Arizona. A rare weather phenomenon on Thursday had visitors looking out to a sea of thick clouds. The total cloud inversion is expected to hang over the Grand Canyon just below the rim throughout the day. (AP Photo/National Park Service, Maci MacPherson) -----

    Watch Snow Blow off of the water in this Video – Crazy!

    This time-lapse video shows snow blowing off the water near Buffalo, New York. The white clouds are memorizing as they swoop across the water.…... Read more

  • The incredible diversity of rainforest flora. Photo by Mongabay.com / Rhett A. Butler

    Indigenous Territories Both Homelands and Protected Areas

    Indigenous communities claim—and scientific evidence increasingly shows—that indigenous forested territories are as well protected as, or better protected than, government-designated parks. In areas under pressure... Read more

  • People view a shark tank at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island June 27, 2005 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    Sharks Remain Poorly Protected in the Atlantic After Fisheries Meeting

    Alongside the millions of tons of fish caught each year, anywhere from 30-50 million sharks perish annually as bycatch – accidentally caught up in nets intended for other fish... Read more

  • Ron Knight (www.wikimedia.org)

    A Traveler in Trouble Gets the Protections It Needs: The Threatened Red Knot

    After more than a decade of battling in the courts, Defenders of Wildlife and other environmental groups succeeded in getting the protections an imperiled shorebird... Read more

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