Deforestation Driven by Demand for Natural Rubber

Surging demand for natural rubber is decimating some of the world's most endangered forests, putting wildlife and critical ecosystem services at risk, warn scientists writing in the journal Conservation Letters.
Surging demand for natural rubber is decimating some of the world's most endangered forests, putting wildlife and critical ecosystem services at risk, warn scientists writing in the journal Conservation Letters.

Surging demand for natural rubber is decimating some of the world’s most endangered forests, putting wildlife and critical ecosystem services at risk, warn scientists writing...

  • Members of a women's group in Nduruma, Tanzania, stand over their zero-energy cool chamber, or ZECC. ZECCs can extend the life of fresh produce by a few days up to two weeks. Credit: Rachel Cernansky.

    Tanzanian Farmers Trained in Crop Preservation

    Outside Halima Sama’s house, children run around the dirt compound, kicking up the dust that blankets the region during the dry season. Nduruma, like many... Read more

  • A traditional fishing vessel in Indonesia. Photo: Andreas Harsono

    Fishing in Indonesia No Longer using Trawling or Seine Nets

    Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo will form a special task force to deal with fishermen’s concerns about the new ban on trawlers and seine nets. ... Read more

  • Antarctic minke whale caught be Japanese vessel, the Yushin Maru, in 2008. Photo by: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

    Expert Panel Rebukes Japan’s New Whaling Proposal

    Last year, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that Japan must halt its whaling activities in the Southern Ocean as it found no evidence... Read more

  • Blue and yellow macaws (Ara ararauna) are a common sight in the Cerrado. Photo credit: Brendan Borrell

    Conservation vs. Carbon Storage in Brazil

    At the Los Angeles auto show in November 2008, Hyundai made a groundbreaking announcement. It would offset carbon dioxide emitted by all 2009 Genesis sedans... Read more

  • A researcher with the Swiss development organization Helvetas opens a polypropylene bag inside a farmer's storage room as part of a project testing the efficacy of various corn storage methods. Credit: Rachel Cernansky.

    Finding Solutions for Grain Shortage in Africa

    Corn is an integral part of many meals in Tanzania and its neighboring East African countries. Ground, it makes a thin, viscous porridge for breakfast... Read more

  • The Sims Municipal Recycling plant in Brooklyn, New York City, on Jan. 14, 2015. The plant now has the city's first commercial wind turbine. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Falling Oil Prices Only the Latest Problem for Recycling Industry

    Plunging oil prices have sent the price for virgin plastic down even below the price of recycled plastic, just the latest problem for the recycling... Read more

  • "While these latest data are very reassuring, they should not be interpreted as victory in our joint restoration efforts," says Geoffrey Schladow. "Complete restoration is still decades away, and some of the greatest challenges still lie ahead of us." (Squaw Valley Lodge / CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Did California Drought Clear up Lake Tahoe?

    Efforts to lower pollutants in Lake Tahoe are paying off. Clarity levels in 2014 have shown the biggest improvements in more than a decade. But... Read more

  • Burned savanna in Guatemala. The country committed to restoring 1.2 million hectares. (Rhett A. Butler)

    Anti-Mining Activist Shot Dead in Guatemala

    Earlier this month, environmental activist, Telésforo Odilo Pivaral Gonzalez, was killed by unknown assailants who shot him five times. The father of six children (ages... Read more

  • Forest Loss in Cambodia (Hansen, 2015)

    Proposed Road Through Protected Forest Worries Scientists

    A group of scientists have expressed ‘strong concerns’ about mounting threats to wilderness and wildlife in Cambodia. In a resolution issued at the conclusion of... Read more

  • "The maximum earthquake on a fault is proportional to its length, so by having the two directly connected, we can have a rupture propagating across from one to the other, making a larger quake," says Estelle Chaussard. (Joe Lewis / CC BY-SA 2.0)

    California’s 2-in-1 Fault Could Produce a Big Quake

    Two faults in California are actually connected to form one. If they rupture together, it could result in a significantly more destructive earthquake than previously... Read more

  • "This is a taste of what the ocean will be like in future decades," says Dennis Hartmann. "It wasn't caused by global warming, but it's producing conditions that we think are going to be more common with global warming." (BU Interactive News / CC BY)

    Boston Can Blame Pacific’s Warm ‘Blob’ for Record Snow

    The West Coast in the United States is warm and parched. The East Coast spent the past winter cold and snowed under. What’s the cause... Read more

  • "Despite the fact that policymakers have paid overwhelming attention to increasing the economic benefits by reducing costs to get people to adopt solar technology, our analysis indicates that this has much less effect than generally perceived," says Yevgeniy Vorobeychik. (Russ Ferriday, CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Experts Raise Doubts About California’s Solar Rebates

    Since 2007, California has had one of the most aggressive incentive programs in the country for putting solar-electric panels on the rooftops of homes and... Read more

  • A pastured sheep near the Chimborazo volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. Photo by Guido Alvarez.

    Recycling Abandoned Pasture May Save Forests

    As tropical forests around the world are cleared for human development, scientists and conservationists are trying to find ways to both stem their loss and... Read more

  • Vivian resident hail damage

    With Spring Comes Sunshine, Flowers and Billions in Insurance Risks

    Spring is the season of showers and flowers and the welcome return of warm weather. It’s also the season of one of the biggest weather... Read more

  • Pegunungan-karst-Kendeng-sebagai-sumber-air-bagi-pengairan-irigasi-sawah-warga-di-Kayen-Tambakromo-dan-Sukolilo-Pati.-Photo-by-Tommy-Apriando_news.mongabay.com

    Indonesia Mines’ Inaccurate Environmental Assessments

    A member of Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) held up the Rembang cement factory case as an example of how environmental impact assessments... Read more

  • A trader sorts mangos at the Kilombero wholesale market in Arusha, Tanzania. Credit: Rachel Cernansky.

    Combating Wasting Food Resources in Africa

    At the bustling Kilombero wholesale produce market in the town of Arusha, Tanzania, traders sort hundreds of pounds of mangos that have just been unloaded... Read more

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