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Sixth Sense May Help Us With Direction: Sensing Earth’s Magnetic Fields

(Triff/Shutterstock) Background: (Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock)
(Triff/Shutterstock) Background: (Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock)

Many animals, particularly migrating animals such as birds, have a magnetic sixth sense that allows them to trace their paths along Earth’s magnetic fields. California Institute...

  • Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on during a campaign event on May 24, 2016 in Commerce, California. Hillary Clinton is campaigning in California a head of the State's presidential primary on June 7th.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Hillary Clinton’s Role in Investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

    BRANTFORD, Canada—Hillary Clinton played a key role in the ’90s as First Lady in an effort to uncover classified government information on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP,... Read more

  • (Tung Cheung/Shutterstock)

    The Most Common Coincidences

    To describe and classify is often the first step in developing a new science. Like the early botanists, I am developing a taxonomy for coincidences... Read more

  • A file photo of petroglyphs (Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Shutterstock)

    Expert in Chinese Petroglyphs Supports Theory Ancient Chinese Made It to America

    Petroglyphs found across North America have suggested that ancient Chinese explorers made contact with Native Americans. Yaoliang Song, a professor at the East China Normal... Read more

  • (Orla/Shutterstock)

    Retired Police Detective Identifies Mysterious Patterns Across Thousands of Missing Persons Cases

    TORONTO—David Paulides, who has more than 20 years’ experience in law enforcement, has analyzed missing persons cases across North America and has found some startling... Read more

  • (Pathdoc/Shutterstock)

    Study Measures Intuition, Shows It Can Boost Accuracy of Decision-Making

    Intuition can help people make decisions more quickly, accurately, and confidently, according to a study by researchers at the University of New South Wales, published... Read more

  • A bright star-forming ring that surrounds the heart of barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097 in this file photo. (NASA)

    Astronomers Say Advanced Alien Civilizations Have Existed

    Astronomers Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan, at the University of Rochester and the University of Washington respectively, published a paper in the May issue of... Read more

  • A large boulder, known as Krishna's Butter Ball, in Mahabalipuram, India. (Viswa2625/CC BY-SA)

    250-Ton Boulder Seems to Defy Laws of Physics

    The Krishna Butter Ball is a large boulder located in Mahabalipuram, a town in the Kancheepuram district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. ... Read more

  • (PHOTOCREO/Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock)

    Evidence Accumulates for Ancient Transoceanic Voyages, Says Geographer

    Theories on the fringe of science sometimes slowly work their way into the core as the evidence accumulates. “A classic example is the continental drift... Read more

  • A reflected-light image of the controversial Bat Creek Stone. (Scott Wolter/CC BY-SA)

    Ancient Travels to the Americas or a Modern Forgery? Who Made the Bat Creek Inscription?

    The Bat Creek Stone was discovered in a small mound near Knoxville, Tenn., in 1889. It is a small stone tablet engraved with several mysterious... Read more

  • (Beata Ratuszniak/ Domain)

    What Role Does Pattern-Seeking Play in Perceiving Coincidences?

    Coincidences emerge in the minds of the beholders. Without a human mind to detect them, most coincidences would not exist. Cognitive processing errors serve for... Read more

  • (agsandrew/iStock)

    Quantum Mechanics Has Reached Limit, Says Stanford Scientist Who Offers Alternative

    The present framework of quantum mechanics has reached its limit, said Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University’s department of materials science, in a... Read more

  • Dr. Gary Schwartz (Courtesy of Dr. Gary Schwartz) Background: (Shane Perry/ Domain)

    How a Former Yale Professor Turned to Spiritual Science

    Gary Schwartz was raised without faith and steeped in science, but emerged a spiritual man. “I was raised to be an orthodox agnostic,” he said. He... Read more

  • An elves palace in Reykjavik. Since the beginning of time, elves have been the stuff of legend in Iceland, but locals will earnestly tell you that elves appear regularly to those who know how to see them. (Halldor Kolbeins/AFP/Getty Images)

    Anthropologist Convinced Elves Live Alongside Regular People in Iceland

    Since the beginning of time, elves have been the stuff of legend in Iceland, but locals here will earnestly tell you that elves appear regularly... Read more

  • cave

    Discovery of 176,500-Year-Old Human Structures in Cave Confound Scientists

    An incredible discovery may change everything we thought we knew about ancient humans.  The Bruniquel Cave, located in southwestern France, was discovered in 1990. Inside, 1,100 feet... Read more

  • Standing stones in Avebury, Whiltshire, England. (CC BY)

    They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More Than Just Stone?

    It doesn’t take much to stimulate the human body’s electro-magnetic circuitry; a small change in the local environment is enough.  People who visit ancient temples... Read more

  • (Spectral-Design/iStock)

    Cambridge Science Historian Contemplates Place of Parapsychology

    Materialism and psychical research are often viewed as antithetical. But psychic phenomena and the occult have been with us all throughout our development of science,... Read more

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