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What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?

(™ Pacheco/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)
(™ Pacheco/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0)

What makes a person believe that he visited heaven? Is there a way for science to get at what’s really going on? In the April 2015 issue of...

  • The mummy of Buddhist Master Liuquan, shown inside a Buddha statue via scans. (M. Elsevier Stokmans, Courtesy of Drents Museum)

    Mummy Found Inside 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue

    A Buddha statue dating back to the 11th or 12th century was examined by CT scan and endoscopy in the Netherlands late last year, revealing that it... Read more

  • Bronze Age skull from Jericho, Palestine, 2200–2000 B.C. and an early example of trepanation, the oldest form of neurosurgery, which involves drilling into the skull. (Wellcome Images/CC BY 4.0/ Wikimedia Commons)

    Advanced Ancient Knowledge: Brain Surgery 2,500 Years Ago

    How did people in ancient times deal with the health complications that we use advanced techniques to treat today? Many think that ancient folk simply... Read more

  • A file photo of a bronze nugget and an illustration of a sunken city. The legendary metal orichalcum of Atlantis has been thought to be a brass-like alloy. (Shutterstock*; edited by Epoch Times)

    Orichalcum: Legendary Metal of Atlantis Found in 2,600-Year-Old Shipwreck

    Legend holds that in very ancient times alongside gold and silver, another precious metal was coveted and mined in Atlantis. That metal was called orichalcum,... Read more

  • Left: Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. (NASA) Right: U.K. computer hacker Gary McKinnon, who has allegedly viewed U.S. government UFO images and excel documents describing "non-terrestrial officers." (Wikimedia Commons) Background: Illustration of a spaceship. (Shutterstock*)

    The Solar Warden Covert Space Project: Fact or Science Fiction?

    There are, and have been for some time, claims by UFO disclosure supporters that there is in existence a fleet or fleets of human spaceships... Read more

  • A totem pole in Thunderbird Park, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. (Emmanuel Brunner/Wikimedia Commons)

    Was the Mythical Thunderbird a Real Creature?

    Perhaps the most elusive and legendary among America’s mythical creatures is the thunderbird, a giant eagle-like bird with incredible strength. This creature has been reported... Read more

  • (Vincepal, CC BY-SA 2.0 and Stockbyte/Thinkstock)

    Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and This Is Why It Matters

    I am honored to interview Dr Larry Dossey about his new book, One Mind. Larry is is one of the fathers of the holistic medicine... Read more

  • A storm over Bodie, Calif.  ( Commons) Right: A mask found in the ghost town of Bodie Calif., which has been deserted since the days just following the gold rush. (Tahoenathan/Wikimedia Commons)

    A Trip to Ghost Town Bodie, California (+Photos)

    Bodie, California, following the discovery of gold in 1859, became a bustling, Wild West, boom town. Bodie had all the amenities of some of the larger... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Over the Past 5 Months More Than 100 US Children Have Become Mysteriously Paralyzed

    Researchers have a leading suspect in mind for what may have caused the paralysis of more than 100 children in the United States since August... Read more

  • Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov (1852-1927). A mummy in the lotus meditation position found Jan. 27, 2015, in Mongolia is said to possibly be Itigilov. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Mummy Found in Meditation Position: Legendary Mongolian Lama?

    A mummy estimated from preliminary investigations to be about 200 years old, sitting in the lotus meditation position, was found in Mongolia on Jan. 27,... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*; edited by Epoch Times)

    Amazing Telekinesis Experiments Reviewed in US Air Force-Commissioned Report

    Studies have shown that people can use their minds (or some other unexplained means) to bend metal, transport objects from inside a sealed container to... Read more

  • (decisiveimages/iStock/thinkstock)

    Businessman Gets Important Lesson From Past Life—Detailed Memories Verified

    Ruprecht Schultz had a strange habit as a child of forming his fingers into the shape of a gun, and pointing at his head, saying... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    A Wormhole Close to Home and 2 Other Astonishing Space Holes

    It’s possible a wormhole exists in the middle of the Milky Way that could be large and stable enough for a spaceship to enter. “In... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Did Humans Walk the Earth With Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years

    A triceratops brow horn discovered in Dawson County, Mont., has been controversially dated to around 33,500 years, challenging the view that dinosaurs died out around... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*; edited by Epoch Times)

    Do Some People Sense the Unseen? (Part 3)

    Often science dismisses what it doesn’t yet grasp, until technology or some other breakthrough turns the tide. Before the advent of MRIs, for example, if... Read more

  • (Vasabii/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Cool, Yet Creepy, Mind-Control and Mind-Controlled Technology

    The ways in which technology controls our minds may go eerily beyond our habits of blindly following GPS directions or instantly Googling something instead of thinking... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Traveling Faster Than the Speed of Light: Warp Drive Feasible?

    Going faster than the speed of light is impossible, according to Albert Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory, yet theoretical physicists bend their minds to the task,... Read more

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