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Discovery of 176,500-Year-Old Human Structures in Cave Confound Scientists


An incredible discovery may change everything we thought we knew about ancient humans.  The Bruniquel Cave, located in southwestern France, was discovered in 1990. Inside, 1,100 feet...

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    The Most Common Kinds of Coincidences

    There’s not a lot of great data out there on what kinds of coincidences happen to people, mostly because the stories are often so singular... Read more

  • A few of thousands of mysterious so-called "Ica Stones" in Ica, Peru. (Brattarb/CC BY-SA)

    Mysterious Stones in Ica, Peru, Evidence of Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    As I think back over my three years on the road, biking with my husband and children from Alaska to Argentina, there were a lot of... Read more

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    Woman Has Spiritual Near-Death Experience, Cancer Cured as Result?

    On Feb. 2, 2006, Anita Moorjani lay in the intensive care unit of a hospital in her home city of Hong Kong. She was in... Read more

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    Even If Ghosts Are Imaginary, Their ‘Presence’ Suggests Something Strange at Work

    A research group led by Dr. A.R.G. Owen in Toronto, Canada, in the early 1970s created a “ghost.” Owen (1919–2003) was a Cambridge-educated mathematician and... Read more

  • Father Carlos Crespi Croci, a Salesian monk in Ecuador, with strange artifacts he acquired. (

    The Truth About Father Crespi’s Controversial Missing Artifacts

    CUENCA, Ecuador—The story of the late Father Carlos Crespi Croci is one of mystery and controversy, including purported evidence of unknown civilizations, strange golden artifacts, a subterranean... Read more

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    What Causes Déjà Vu?

    You walk into a room and suddenly your brain goes fuzzy with an overwhelming wave of familiarity—although this is a totally new experience. Like something... Read more

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    Is Death Reversible?

    Death is defined as the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Brain death, the complete and irreversible loss of brain function... Read more

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    Woman Has Near-Death Experience, Sees ‘Hell,’ and Comes Back a Better Person

    It was 2003, and Saartjie Geurts, a Dutch 23-year-old, was a first-year communication studies student.  She felt dizzy and found her coordination and ability to concentrate decrease... Read more

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    What If It’s Not ‘Just a Coincidence’?

    For some people, coincidences are “just coincidences”; everything is random, and unlikely events are bound to happen occasionally. One experiences a moment of surprise, then... Read more

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    Horribly Beaten, Man Says He Saw Afterlife and Returned, Now Helps Others

    Ken Barnes says he has had two near-death experiences (NDEs) in which he left his body and had experiences that confirmed his belief in the... Read more

  • Painting of the Elasmotherium sibiricum or "Siberian unicorn" by Heinrich Harder. (Public Domain)

    29,000-Year-Old ‘Siberian Unicorn’ Fossil Found

    Elasmotherium sibiricum, sometimes referred to as the Siberian unicorn, had a horn likely multiple feet long. Only partial remains have been found. It looked more like... Read more

  • Charles Fort, 1920. (Public Domain) "Anomaly" dictionary entry. (Goglik83/iStock)

    Charles Fort: Pioneer in Scientific Anomalies Research or Anti-Dogmatist Who Collected Bizarre Stories?

    Charles Hoy Fort was an American “self-educated newspaperman, modestly-successful short story writer, unsuccessful novelist and inventor, and eccentric natural philosopher,” according to a description by... Read more

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    Atheist Under Communist Rule Has Near-Death Experience, Learns About Spirituality

    It was 1988 and 17-year-old Jan Bostik had never heard about God or Buddha or anything spiritual in nature. He was living in Czechoslovakia (now... Read more

  • A Native American dream catcher (Public Domain)

    Woman Tracks Lost People in Her Dreams, Finds Lost Objects With Intuition

    Grace Lark* is an environmental lawyer by trade, and a leading expert in that field. But she also upholds justice with strange abilities to intuitively find... Read more

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    What Makes Us Conscious?

    Do you think that the machine you are reading this story on, right now, has a feeling of “what it is like” to be in... Read more

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    Couvade: When Men Feel Pregnant

    A Wisconsin woman had tried for five years to become pregnant. One day, her husband woke up feeling nauseous at the smell of breakfast. He... Read more

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