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Icelandic Government Commission Announces Legendary Sea Monster Exists (+ Sighting Video)

(Bernello/Wikimedia Commons) Right: Sea serpent illustration by Hans Egede, 1734. (Wikimedia Commons)
(Bernello/Wikimedia Commons) Right: Sea serpent illustration by Hans Egede, 1734. (Wikimedia Commons)

A government investigation carried out by the Fljotsdalsherao municipal council in Iceland has ruled that a legendary sea serpent named Lagarfljotsormurinn, which is rumored to...

  • Skeptic columnist for Scientific American Dr. Michael Shermer wrote of a personal coincidence that left him in awe involving a transistor radio that meant a lot to his wife on their wedding day. (Shutterstock*)

    3 Inspiring Coincidences That Will Give You Goosebumps

    Dr. Bernard Beitman is a founding father of Coincidence Studies. Working from the University of Virginia, he is creating definitions and methodologies for studying coincidences,... Read more

  • Baghdad Battery

    2,000-Year-Old Battery Has Puzzled Archaeologists for Decades

    Oopart (out of place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show... Read more

  • Karl Ernst von Baer

    10 Scientists’ Quotes for Skeptics of the Paranormal

    Follow @TaraMacIsaac on Twitter, visit the Epoch Times Beyond Science page on Facebook, and subscribe to the Beyond Science newsletter to continue exploring the new... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Crowdfunding Science Frees the Mind

    Finding funding is a constant struggle for scientists interested in the mind-body connection and other phenomena on the fringe—or completely outside—of mainstream science. While many... Read more

  • Oklahoma Bombing, Reincarnation?

    Children Remember Dying in Oklahoma Bombing, 9/11? Reincarnation?

      Molly Curnutte talks about her son Cade’s memories of dying in a past life. His comments led her to believe he was killed in... Read more

  • File images of a soldier in war and a man gazing. (Shutterstock*) Background: An illustration of a war-torn area. (JM Gehrke/iStock/Thinkstock)

    How Lucid Dreaming Could Help PTSD and Give Psychological Insights

    A lucid dream is a dream in which a person realizes he or she is dreaming and is able to consciously interact with the dream... Read more

  • Top left: A carving on a Taoist temple; Taoist masters throughout history are said to have lived hundreds of years. (Shutterstock*) Bottom left: An illustration from “Shahnama,” a 10th century Persian poem listing lifespans for kings of hundreds of years and even over 1,000. (Wikimedia Commons) Right: A painting of the biblical figure, Abraham, by Rembrandt; Abraham is said to have far outlived the lifespan expected in modern humans. (Wikimedia Commons) Background: (L-R) An ancient Sumerian tablet (Wikimedia Commons), an ancient Chinese medical text (Defun/iStock/Thinkstock), and Hebrew writing (Shutterstock*)

    Did Ancient People Really Have Lifespans Longer Than 200 Years?

    It isn’t only biblical figures who lived to well-seasoned ages of 900 years or more. Ancient texts from many cultures have listed life spans most... Read more

  • (Images via Shutterstock*)

    Child Curses Like a Bootlegger—His Purported Past-Life Incarnation

    Sammy Fernando was a tough, but colorful, character. He could play the Japanese mandolin and the rabana drum as well as sing and dance. He... Read more

  • 4th Dimension

    How to Picture the 4th Dimension and Fold Time (Videos)

    Albert Einstein decided there must be a fourth dimension outside of the three dimensions we see. The fourth dimension is time, or spacetime, since Einstein... Read more

  • Mass Hysteria

    Strange Cases of Mass Hysteria Through History

    Mass hysteria is a term used to describe the situation in which physical or psychological symptoms appear en masse, spreading rapidly throughout communities, and occasionally... Read more

  • Negev Petroglyphs

    Similar Petroglyphs in Israel, America Reveal Ancient Global Language?

    In Israel’s Negev desert and in the American Southwest similar petroglyphs have been found, according to archaeologist Dr. James Harris at Brigham Young University. It’s a... Read more

  • Alchemy

    Mystical Science of Alchemy Arose Independently in Ancient Egypt, China, India

    A similar quest evidently began in ancient India, China, and Egypt thousands of years ago. All of these cultures sought to turn lead or other... Read more

  • Erica McKenzie IANDS

    11 Powerful, Thought-Provoking Quotes From a Near-Death Experiences Conference

    The International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 2014 Conference in Newport Beach, Calif., brought together people who report having these profound experiences, as well as... Read more

  • (Background: Arda Savascıogulları/iStock/Thinkstock; Right: Anki Hoglund/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Psychology of ‘Spirit Possession,’ ‘Hauntings’

    Peter Sacco is a psychologist who writes on a variety of topics, including haunting, spirit possession, and poltergeists. He has a unique perspective as both... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    ‘Your Mind Can Control Matter’: Physicist

    NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—The famed quantum physics experiment known as the double slit experiment provided shocking evidence decades ago of the mind’s ability to control matter... Read more

  • Large Hadron Collider

    Looming Crisis in Physics, Answer Could Be in Other Dimensions

    The Large Hadron Collider earned its fame finding the Higgs boson particle, the so-called “God particle,” but it failed to find something very important it... Read more

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