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Pre-Birth Memories: Can People Remember Being in the Womb? Being Born?

(Kornn Photo/iStock)
(Kornn Photo/iStock)

The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine website describes pre-birth memories: “Some young children report memories from before or during their birth. In the case...

  • Illustration of a financial diagram (Solar Seven/iStock) Image of a man making a financial prediction (Lukas ZB/iStock)

    Experiment: Can Remote Viewing or Dreaming Predict Stock Market Prices?

    A crowdfunding campaign is underway for an unusual experiment to be conducted by University of Colorado–Boulder engineering professor Garret Moddel, Dr. Julia Mossbridge of Northwestern University’s... Read more

  • Dr. Bruce Greyson (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times)

    Interview: Bruce Greyson on Researching Near-Death Experiences at the University of Virginia

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.—At the University of Virginia, a space is given to the scientific investigation of strange phenomena that challenge currently accepted scientific assumptions. Such phenomena include extrasensory perception (such as... Read more

  • Right: Gorgon (Andrea Astes/iStock) Background: Chavin de Huantar ruins in Peru, where one researcher says the mythical home of the ancient Greek Gorgon may have been. (Sharon odb/Wikimedia Commons)

    Ancient Greek Legend Seems to Describe a Place in Peru: Early Contact?

    In the 8th century B.C., the Greek poet Hesiod described in his “Theogony” a place at the end of the Earth where the gorgons dwell,... Read more

  • Gold that Columbus found in the Americas seems to have come from West Africa, one indication among several that a West African expedition may have preceded him. Left: Christopher Columbus, painted by Sebastiano del Piombo, 1519. Right: Mansa Musa, a 14th century ruler of the Mali Empire as depicted in the Catalan Atlas, 1375. Background: Uruguay is highlighted on a map of South America. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Inscriptions on Uruguay Coast Suggest West Africans Beat Columbus to Americas

    Archaeoastronomer William James Veall scoured satellite images of Uruguay’s coastline, discovering a mass of inscriptions carved into the surface of a 2.3-mile (4,700-meter) long, white, crystalline rock formation... Read more

  • Your brain may be shrinking you may be losing as much as 0.4 percent every year. (Vladgrin/iStock; edited by Epoch Times)

    Your Brain Is Shrinking but You Can Reverse It

    Meditation isn’t just about being “zen” or something ideological. It has physical impacts on the brain and thus great potential in preventing diseases of the... Read more

  • (LexussK/iStock)

    This Man Tested the Universe by Asking for ‘a Sign’—He Got It

    Rick Dodson contemplated some strange otherworldly experiences he had in the 1980s as he prepared for an interview with Epoch Times. What really happened back... Read more

  • Illustration of a Native American woman ( Jozef Klopacka/iStock) Viking ship replica (Sylphe_7/iStock)

    Did a Native American Travel With the Vikings and Arrive in Iceland Centuries Before Columbus Set Sail?

    Scientists have been searching for answers to the puzzles of history by sifting through the genetic code of certain Icelanders. They have been looking to see... Read more

  • Rick Dodson (Courtesy of Rick Dodson); background  (Hofhauser/iStock)

    One Man’s Fascinating Quest to Understand a Spooky Phenomenon

    Rick C. Dodson was driven by soul-rattling personal experiences to investigate a phenomenon in which disincarnate beings are said to speak through electronic devices. For... Read more

  • Matsya protecting Svayambhuva Manu and the seven sages at the time of the great deluge, a painting by Ramanarayanadatta astir. (Public Domain/ Wikimedia Commons)

    Startling Similarity Between Noah Flood Story and Indian Legend of Manu

    In 1872, amateur Assyriologist George Smith made a discovery that would shock the world. While studying a particular tablet from the ancient Mesopotamian city of... Read more

  • Graham Nicholls (Graham Nicholls/YouTube)

    Man Predicts Terror Attack in Out-of-Body Experience, Witness Verifies

    Graham Nicholls had an oppressive feeling just before entering an out-of-body state on April 25, 1999. He seemed to leave his body and find himself... Read more

  • (Hilch/iStock; edited by Epoch Times)

    A New Way of Looking at Placebos: An Entanglement Theory

    The healing efficacy of placebos has risen exponentially in the past three decades. In the 1980s, the placebo effect (or response) was almost zero. Now,... Read more

  • Easter Island's moai statues. (Christian Wilkinson/iStock)

    Mystery of Giant Easter Island Hats Solved?

    Archaeologists have long debated how the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island managed to balance a separate piece of stone on top of the heads of... Read more

  • "Spirit photographs," from “Photographic Amusements,” 1896, by Walter E. Woodbury. (Public domain) Background: Film (Shutterstock*)

    Secret of Old Spirit Photographs Discovered—but Mysteries Remain

    Though spirit-photo hoaxes have been exposed, some photo-related coincidences and other phenomena are so spooky they could make one wonder whether something supernormal is really... Read more

  • Many bronze mirrors of ancient China and Japan, like this one, functioned normally. But in rare cases, they had the strange property of seeming both solid and transparent at the same time! (Shutterstock*; edited by Epoch Times)

    Ancient Wonders: The Secret of Real-Life Magic Mirrors in the Far East

    The Chinese and Japanese have long held as precious rare mirrors that seem to magically be at the same time solid bronze and to let light shine... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Exploring the Link Between Autism and Anomalous Experiences

    In his book, “The Soul of Autism,” author Bill Stillman provides dozens of examples of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who have had... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*; edited by Epoch Times)

    Study Said to Show Out-of-Body Experiences Created in Brain: Critics Respond

    A study published by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden on April 30 is being lauded by some media reports as evidence that out-of-body... Read more

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