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Next Steps in Near-Death Experiences Research: Scientists Discuss

IANDS 2014 Conference
(L-R) Jan Holden, Robert Mays, Suzanne Mays, and Mitch Liester speak at the IANDS 2014 Conference on Aug. 29, 2014. The panel discussion topic was "Next Directions in NDE Research." (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times; Background conceptual image of a near-death experience via Shutterstock*)

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Since psychologist and medical doctor Raymond Moody popularized scientific study of near-death experiences (NDEs) in the 1970s, many researchers (with little funding) have...

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    The Golden Ratio—A Sacred Number That Links the Past to the Present

    There is one thing that ancient Greeks, Renaissance artists, a 17th century astronomer and 21st century architects all have in common – they all used the Golden Mean,... Read more

  • Upsweep

    A Strange Sound Has Permeated the Pacific Ocean Since 1991 … Source Unknown (Listen Here)

    An unexplained sound has permeated the water from one end of the Pacific to the other since 1991. What could it be? It isn’t whales... Read more

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    When a Prominent Medical Journal Published a Reincarnation Article Matter-of-Factly

    The late Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918–2007) of the University of Virginia was the preeminent reincarnation researcher. Dr. Jim Tucker, who has taken over where Stevenson left... Read more

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    Did a Giant Cosmic Lightning Bolt Hit Mars? Could One Hit Earth?

    Unexpected Origins of Lightning We See on Earth As we study natural phenomenon with deeper scrutiny, using new techniques and technology, we discover that many... Read more

  • An iPhone accessory, Flir One, turns the smartphone into a thermal imaging device, great for ghost-hunting. (Courtesy of Flir)

    How to Bust Ghosts, Track Coincidences, and Other Weird, Cool Things With Your iPhone

    Many of the devices used by ghost hunters come in app form for iPhones. Apps are also giving researchers a method of collecting large swaths... Read more

  • Left: Gyani Maiya Sen, possibly the last person alive to speak the mysterious language Kusunda. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) Right: An example of the Indus script, 4,000-year-old glyphs that puzzle linguists. (Sheldon Lee Gosline via Wikimedia Commons) Background: The Indus Valley in eastern Pakistan and northwest India, where objects printed with the Indus script were found. (Shutterstock*)

    The Mysterious Origins of Some Dead or Dying Languages

    Language is said to be the key to understanding a culture—the medium by which the arts and ideas of a people have been passed down... Read more

  • Main Image: Jade discs, from China, that resemble modern-day CD's or donuts, and date to the late Neolithic Period, Liangzhu culture (3300-2250 BC), on display at the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler galleries in Washington, D.C. (Screenshot/National Geographic/YouTube); Left: Two Jade discs. (Hiart via wikimedia commons).

    The Mysterious Origin of The Jade Discs

    In ancient China, dating back to at least 5,000 BC, large stone discs were placed on the bodies of Chinese aristocrats. Their original function still... Read more

  • Human Consciousness

    8 Scientists Contemplate Place of Human Consciousness in Science

    The founders of quantum physics contemplated the philosophical implications of their findings. They were astounded that the thoughts of the observer seemed to influence the... Read more

  • Ted Serios

    Did Ted Serios Really Imprint Photographs With Images From His Mind? (Video)

      In the late 1960s in Denver, Colo., psychiatrist Dr. Jules Eisenbud had been conducting experiments with a man named Ted Serios, who claimed to... Read more

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    Strange Radio Signal From Space Still a Mystery 40 Years Later: Alien Communication?

    On Aug. 15, 1977, a 72-second radio signal from space stirred up the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Astronomer Jerry Ehman viewed the signal on... Read more

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    Out-of-Body Experiences: 3 Scientific Studies, Next Steps

    New research is underway at Nottingham Trent University in the UK to further understand out-of-body experiences (OBEs). The research especially aims at getting a better... Read more

  • Raw footage featuring a strange, horseshoe-shaped UFO, spotted in the sky over Busan, South Korea, traveling at incredibly fast speeds. (AOL Screenshot)

    UFO Over Busan, South Korea (Video)

    Raw footage featuring a strange, horseshoe-shaped UFO, spotted in the sky over Busan, South Korea. The unidentified flying object is seen traveling at incredibly fast... Read more

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    British Police Raid Pub in Search of Legendary ‘Holy Grail’

    The search for the legendary “Holy Grail,” the cup that Jesus used during his last supper before his crucifixion and/or the cup that caught his... Read more

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    Mirage or Not? 7 Strange Fata Morgana Sightings From Around the World

    Fata morgana is typically defined as a mysterious phenomenon resulting from atmospheric distortion or optical illusion. Light from an object can be refracted or reflected... Read more

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    Ectoplasm (Ghost Slime) Seriously Studied by a Nobel-Prize Laureate and Other Scientists

    Ectoplasm isn’t an invention of the classic movie “Ghostbusters.” At the turn of the 20th century, some renowned scientists took seriously the study of excretions... Read more

  • Map of North America seen from space with Cuba indicated. (Shutterstock*) The arrow is pointing to the west coast of Cuba, where underwater stone structures were discovered in 2001 by Pauline Zalitzki and Paul Weinzweig. (Screenshot/The Cosmos News/Youtube)

    What Happened to The Sunken City of Cuba?

    Just over a decade ago, a team of explorers were working on an exploration and survey mission off the western coast of Cuba when their... Read more

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