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Mysterious, Fake Cell Phone Towers Spring Up Across US

Cell Tower

No one knows where they came from, their purpose, or who’s responsible. Fake cell towers have sprung up across the United States leading researchers to...

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    Harvard’s Long-Distance Telepathy Experiment Succeeds in Sending Simple Message

    For countless years psychics and those with alleged supernormal abilities have reported being able to communicate and remote view at vast distances. They have purportedly... Read more

  • Two solar flares which erupted in our direction this week will arrive this weekend. The resulting solar storm will be powerful but not dangerous. (AOL Screenshot)

    Solar Storm to Hit This Weekend, Scientists Not Worried (Video)

    A solar storm is headed our way after the Sun produced a pair of solar flares aimed at Earth over the past couple days. One of... Read more

  • New research has shown that the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur, might have been just as well suited for life in the water as on land. (AOL Screenshot)

    Spinosaurus Could Be First Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur (Video)

    Spinosaurus, the largest of all carnivorous dinosaurs, may have been just as well-equipped for life in the water as on land. The Cretaceous-era dinosaur was... Read more

  • Spinosaurus

    Alien-Like, Swimming Dinosaur Spinosaurus Unveiled

    WASHINGTON—Picture the fearsome creatures of “Jurassic Park” crossed with the shark from “Jaws.” Then super-size to the biggest predator ever to roam Earth. Now add... Read more

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    Scientists Look to Ancient Knowledge for Seasonal Forecasting

    An Australian scientist is working to collate ancient methods of weather prediction in the Pacific, saying that the study could help improve contemporary forecasting tools,... Read more

  • Right: Stephen Hawking (Andrew Cowie/AFP/Getty Images) Left: Concept illustration of time and space. (Shutterstock*)

    Stephen Hawking: ‘God Particle’ Higgs Boson Could Destroy the Universe

    Time and space could collapse if, at high energy levels, the Higgs boson particle becomes unstable, said Stephen Hawking in the preface to a new... Read more

  • Stonehenge

    A Look Under Stonehenge: Prehistoric Pits, Hidden Monuments (+Video)

      LONDON—There is more to Stonehenge than meets a visitor’s eye. Researchers have produced digital maps of what’s beneath the World Heritage Site, using ground-penetrating radar, high-resolution... Read more

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    Archaeologists Discover 1,000-Year-Old Viking ‘Parliament’ in Scotland

    Archaeologists in Scotland discovered an 11th century Viking parliament underneath a parking lot in the town of Dingwall. It is a rare finding because most... Read more

  • Illustration of a man from the Stone Age. (Shutterstock*) The modern life style may bring us some advancements in health technology, but we still have something to learn from our Stone Age ancestors. (Tomwang112/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Stone Age Diet Lessons: Reviving 40,000-Year-Old Healthy Habits

    How can we help to improve the health care system? Politicians and others continue to debate this issue. They always conclude that more money is... Read more

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    4 Things You Should Know About Gene Patents

    The Federal Court’s decision that gene patenting is permitted in Australia will have ramifications for all gene patents, even though the case involved only one... Read more

  • This Aug. 29, 2014 photo provided by Cape Disappointment State Park shows a 7-foot ocean sunfish rarely seen in Washington waters, washed ashore on a beach at Cape Disappointment State Park near Ilwaco, Wash., at the mouth of the Columbia River, with June Mohler, a biological technician working as an interpretative assistant. Mohler said It was found dead on the beach at low tide Aug. 27 by children after a campfire program. "It's really an odd-looking fish," she said Friday. It was taller — 82 inches from fin to fin — than its 70-inch length, and she estimated it weighed close to 300 pounds. (AP Photo/Cape Disappointment State Park, Eric Wall)

    Ocean Fish Rarely Seen in Washington Washes Up on Coast

    ILWACO, Wash. — A 7-foot ocean sunfish rarely seen in Washington waters recently washed ashore on a beach at Cape Disappointment State Park near the... Read more

  • "This material is 50 times harder than plastic, nearly 10 times harder than aluminum, and almost three times the hardness of steel," Jan Schroers says. "It's awesome." (Yale)

    This Smartphone Case Is 3X Harder Than Steel (+Video)

    A new smartphone case is lightweight, thin, harder than steel, and as easy to shape as plastic. What’s the catch? You can’t purchase one—not yet, anyway. Jan... Read more

  • Didn’t improve their brains much. Review of Reviews. (1904)

    Brain-Training Isn’t Just a Modern Phenomenon, the Edwardians Were Also Fans

    Brain-training programmes are all the rage. They are part of a growing digital brain-health industry that earned more than US$1 billion in revenue in 2012... Read more

  • You looking at me? (Jennifer Hall)

    Newly Discovered Dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus, Patrolled Argentina 77 Million Years Ago

    Some species of dinosaur were astoundingly enormous compared to anything alive on land today, which becomes obvious the moment you stand in the shadow of... Read more

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    Quantum Camera Sheds Light on ‘Spooky’ Physics

    In late August, scientists at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information in Vienna, Austria, used a device called a “Quantum Entanglement Camera” to... Read more

  • Artwork found in a Gibraltar cave that was possibly done by Neanderthals suggests they may have been smarter than we all thought. (AOL Screenshot)

    Did Neanderthals Play Tic-Tac-Toe? (Video)

    When we think of Neanderthals, we often picture long-haired, shaggy-looking prehistoric people with the intelligence of a buffalo. But new artwork found in a Gibraltar... Read more