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Research Shows Same Genes Control Speech in Humans and Birds (Video)

Humans and song birds, such as hummingbirds, share nearly 50 common genes that are behind their vocal capabilities. (AOL Screenshot)
Humans and song birds, such as hummingbirds, share nearly 50 common genes that are behind their vocal capabilities. (AOL Screenshot)

Most people would assume that humans and birds don’t have much in common. Now, a recent study has revealed that the genes that enable birds...

  • A guest takes a picture of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) logo during an official ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of CERN in Meyrin near Geneva on September 29, 2014. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

    CERN Nuclear Physics Lab Adds Pakistan as Member

    GENEVA—The world’s top particle physics lab has admitted Pakistan as an associate member. Rolf Heuer, director general of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known... Read more

  • The three main neuron types in the lateral horn of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster: Inhibitory projection neurons (green) respond to attractive odors; higher-order neurons of the lateral horn (orange) respond to repulsive odors; excitatory projection neurons (magenta) are likely to convey the identity of an odor. The first two neuron types were examined in the study. (Antonia Strutz/MPI Chem. Ecol.)

    How the Brain Can Distinguish Good From Bad Smells

    Whether an odor is pleasant or disgusting to an organism is not just a matter of taste. Often, an organism’s survival depends on its ability... Read more

  • Physics researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed the strange electrical behavior of a material called samarium hexaboride. The compound, it turns out, is a topological insulator. Gang Li, postdoctoral researcher; Kai Sun, assistant professor; Cagliyan Kurdak, professor; and Lu Li, assistant professor, stand in front of their experimental set-up. (Daryl Marshke/Michigan Photography)

    45-year Physics Mystery Shows a Path to Quantum Transistors

    An odd, iridescent material that’s puzzled physicists for decades turns out to be an exotic state of matter that could open a new path to... Read more

  • Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory study potential of drag-reducing devices on semitrucks to conserve billions of gallons, save tens of billions of dollars and spare tens of millions of tons of CO2. (American Institute of Physics)

    How to Save Billions of Gallons of Gasoline

    Each year, the more than 2 million tractor-trailer trucks that cruise America’s highways consume about 36 billion gallons of diesel fuel, representing more than 10... Read more

  • Ancient Roman concrete consists of coarse chunks of volcanic tuff and brick bound together by a volcanic ash-lime mortar that resists microcracking, a key to its longevity and endurance. (Roy Kaltschmidt, Berkeley Lab)

    Back to the Future With Roman Architectural Concrete

    No visit to Rome is complete without a visit to the Pantheon, Trajan’s Markets, the Colosseum, or the other spectacular examples of ancient Roman concrete... Read more

  • An electric car is plugged in to a public charging station in El Monte, Calif. on Sept. 22. New legislation signed by California Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday, Sept. 21, supports more electric vehicles on California's roads. (Eric Zhang/Epoch Times)

    Switching to Vehicles Powered by Electricity From Renewables Could Save Lives

    Driving vehicles that use electricity from renewable energy instead of gasoline could reduce the resulting deaths due to air pollution by 70 percent. This finding... Read more

  • bird

    Why Don’t Birds Have Teeth? Scientists Solve Mystery

    [Transcript] “Birds are the modern day ancestors of dinosaurs, but unlike their predecessors, birds no longer have teeth. Until recently, scientists didn’t know when or... Read more

  • Kaku

    Dr. Michio Kaku on Why the Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

    Video Transcript Andre Lapiere: Are there only three dimensions in other universes or could there be more?  Michio Kaku:  Andre, we believe, though we cannot yet... Read more

  • (Lumina Stock/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Boston Bombing: What 180 Million Tweets Tell Us About Fear

    The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing lit up Twitter with more than 180 million tweets expressing fear, solidarity, and sympathy from people in 95 cities around... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Why a ‘Miracle’ Drug Exists but You Can’t Have It Yet

    It’s supposedly getting easier for innovative drugs for rare diseases like Duchenne muscular dystrophy to reach the market. So why is hesitancy still proving devastating... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Science Fiction: The Mother of Invention

    Along a busy metropolitan street, people walk—some briskly on their way to work, some on a leisurely stroll—with cell phones to their ears, iPads in... Read more

  • The GhostSwimmer vehicle, an experimental drone from the Navy (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Edward Guttierrez III/Released)

    ‘Shark’ Drone: New Ghostswimmer Unveiled by Navy, Has Shark-Like Fins

    The US Navy has unveiled its latest asset–the Ghostswimmer–after it completed tests this week. The unnmaned underwater vehicle, or drone, looks like a shark in... Read more

  • A worker holds a white rat at a laboratory at the West China Medical School of Sichuan University on Aug. 3, 2005 in Chengdu. (China Photos/Getty Images)

    Scientists Discover Brain Mechanism That Drives Us to Eat Glucose

    Scientists have discovered a mechanism in the brain that may drive our appetite for foods rich in glucose and could lead to treatments for obesity... Read more

  • This tiny slice of silicon, etched in Jelena Vuckovic's lab at Stanford with a pattern that resembles a bar code, is one step on the way toward linking computer components with light instead of wires. (Stanford Vuckovic Lab)

    Stanford Engineers Take Big Step Toward Using Light Instead of Wires Inside Computers

    Using a new algorithm, Stanford engineers can design and build a prism-like silicon structure that can bend light at right angles. The goal is to... Read more

  • A YouTube screenshot shows the alleged UFO in Medellin.

    UFO Sightings: Video Shows Saucer-Shaped Object Over Forest in Columbia

    A resident in Medellin, Colombia, appears to have captured an object in the sky over a forest. The video was uploaded on YouTube a few... Read more

  • "This will be good for items people can relate to: clothing and wearable electronics like smartwatches that configure to your smartphone," says James Tour. (Tour Group/Rice University)

    Laser Burns Perfect ‘Defects’ Into Graphene

    Scientists have created sheets of flexible graphene by burning a cheap polymer with a laser. The result is a jumble of interconnected graphene flakes with... Read more