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Lights, Camera, Anti-Corruption!

A group of Chinese officials visting an "anti-corruption educational base" in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. (Screenshot via
A group of Chinese officials visting an "anti-corruption educational base" in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. (Screenshot via

For the last three years, the Chinese communist leadership has fought a bitter campaign against corruption in its ranks. Corruption, leaders say, could bring about...

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    Crony to Former Security Boss in China Suddenly Purged

    The anti-corruption campaign in China led by Communist Party leader Xi Jinping shows no signs of slowing down, with the recent removal of a provincial... Read more

  • China Brazen Activist

    Profile: Meet China Rights Activist Wu Gan the ‘Butcher’

    BEIJING—Bearded, bald and burly ex-soldier Wu Gan calls himself The Ultra Vulgar Butcher. He poses for online portraits brandishing knives in both hands that he... Read more

  • The 18th CPC National Congress - Closing Ceremony

    Was Politics Behind the Resignation of Top Chinese Official’s Son?

    On July 20 it was reported that Liu Lefei, the son of one of the most powerful communist officials in China, had quietly resigned from... Read more

  • Chinese Democracy

    Wei Jingsheng, Father of Chinese Democracy Movement, Supports Campaign to Prosecute Former Party Chief

    Several Chinese lawyers, scholars, and dissidents have recently announced their support for a campaign by Chinese citizens to bring former Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin... Read more

  • chinese hacking cyber attack

    China Is Building a Database on Americans Using Its Domestic Spy Program

    According to experts, the Chinese regime is building a database on Americans, using data stolen through numerous cyberattacks and, to some degree, inside spies. A... Read more

  • GettyImages-470395542

    Will China Censor Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Clothing Line?

    Taylor Swift might have unwittingly stumbled into politically fraught territory in China with her latest business venture: the singer-songwriter intends to bring to the country... Read more

  • Chinese enforcement officers check the dates on the tins of milk powder at a shop in Tongzi, southwest China's Guizhou region on February 9, 2010, as dairy products containing the industrial chemical melamine have been turning up again in stores. China is hunting for nearly 100 tonnes of tainted milk powder that was supposed to have been destroyed after a 2008 scandal over the deaths of six babies. (AFP/Getty Images)

    Chinese Officials Responsible for Poisoned Milk Powder Get New Jobs

    Beijing recently announced that a number of former food safety officials who were deemed responsible for the contaminated milk powder scandal, which poisoned hundreds of thousands of babies and caused... Read more

  • Yang Jisheng, the former chief editor of the liberal political magazine Yanhuang Chunqiu, or China Through the Ages, gives a talk in Beijing, China on Sept. 1, 2012. (Epoch Times archives).

    Esteemed Chinese Editor Quits Amid Political Pressure, but It’s Unclear Who’s Behind the Pressure

    The editor of a well-known liberal political magazine in China stepped down recently, the culmination of years of mounting pressure from political opponents. Yang Jisheng,... Read more

  • Winston Liu in Banff National Park, Canada, in 2011. Liu, a graduate of China’s prestigious Tsinghua University, is a party to a lawsuit against the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, filed as the 16th anniversary of the campaign approaches. (Courtesy of Winston Liu)

    Legal Complaint Against Beijing’s Tsinghua University Highlights Campus Torture Site

    Sixteen years ago, one of the most prestigious universities in China became a forward operating base for an all out ideological war against a peaceful... Read more

  • China Army Cadets Parade

    How the Chinese Regime Gets Away With a False History of World War II

    Gathered before a museum in suburban Beijing, soldiers and schoolchildren stood in silence last week to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the start of World... Read more

  • Buildings are shrouded in smog on December 8, 2013 in Lianyungang, China. Heavy smog has been lingering in northern and eastern parts of China since last week, disturbing the traffic, worsening air pollution and forcing the closure of schools. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

    ‘Benefits of Smog’ and 10 Other Absurd Claims by China’s Propaganda Machine

    “Father is close, mother is close, but neither is as close as Chairman Mao.” So went the slogan ubiquitous during China’s “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution,”... Read more

  • Protesters hold a rally in front of the Chinese Consulate in Manila's financial district on July 7, denouncing the Chinese regime's claims to the South China Sea. Chinese authorities may soon start the second phase of island building in the disputed waters. (Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images)

    China Moves to ‘Phase Two’ in South China Sea Conflict

    An announcement by the Chinese regime on June 16 about its island building in the South China Sea is less than meets the eye. While... Read more

  • A well-known human rights lawyer, Wang Yu has  defended many clients in politically sensitive cases, like those involving human rights activists or religious practitioners. She was forcibly taken from her home by police officers on July 9, 2015 (guonengbin/

    Canada ‘Gravely Concerned’ for Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer

    Canada’s Ambassador to China has called for the release of over 100 Chinese human rights lawyers and activists in a move some describe as a... Read more


    Worried by Arrests, Chinese Lawyers Pen Touching Letters to Family

    In a brief letter dated July 11, lawyer Xu Lin, a native of the southern China province of Guangzhou, gave his wife a set of... Read more

  • Solar panels on the International Space Station. China wants to build space solar collectors many times larger that would send energy back to the ground by laser or microwave (NASA).

    5 Chinese Engineering Proposals That Are Raising Eyebrows

    The Chinese regime takes pleasure in dedicating funds and resources to ambitious and widely publicized engineering projects. The intent: to glorify the Chinese nation with... Read more

  • A squad of security personnel march during the National People's Congress in front of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Mar. 9, 2011. (Liu Jin/AFP/Getty Images)

    Head Jailor of Chinese Prison Finds Himself in the Party’s Shackles

    …... Read more

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