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Posting Political Rivals to Beijing, Xi Jinping Prepares Ground for Bigger Moves

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 25, 2016. 
(How Hwee Young/AFP/Getty Images)
Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 25, 2016. (How Hwee Young/AFP/Getty Images)

News analysis When provincial chiefs in the Chinese regime were publicly hailing Xi Jinping as the Chinese Communist Party’s new paramount leader, Xinjiang Party boss...

  • A billboard for the upcoming G20 Hangzhou Summit is seen at the airport in Hangzhou on May 21, 2016. (Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)

    In China, Authorities Clear Citizens Out of the Way for the G-20 Summit

    With China’s being the host for the G-20 for the first time since the summit was first held in 2008, the regime has been pulling... Read more

  • ChinaMovies_Web5

    China Wants to Control What You Watch

    Imagine if a political party announced a new system of control over Hollywood that banned any negative portrayals of that party, and any negative portrayals... Read more

  • A Chinese H-6K bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the South China Sea. (Liu Rui/Xinhua via AP)

    Chinese Ships, Planes Hold War Games in Sea of Japan

    BEIJING—Chinese planes and ships held war games in the Sea of Japan last week, the military said, during which Beijing displayed its latest-generation frigate at... Read more

  • Chinese Communist Party vice minister for public security Fu Zhenghua. (Phoenix Net)

    Former Head of ‘Chinese Gestapo’ Suddenly Replaced in China’s Legal and Security Apparatus

    News analysis A top Chinese security official who won favor with the present Chinese Communist Party leadership by informing on his political patron, and once... Read more

  • A rural woman cooks with a biogas stove in the outskirts of Kunming, in the China's southwestern Yunnan province on Nov. 4, 2009. (Liu Jin/AFP/Getty Images)

    Over a Thousand Chinese Officials, Tasked With Fighting Poverty, Punished for Incompetence

    Last October at a forum in Beijing, Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping pledged by 2020 to lift out of poverty the poorest of Chinese—the 70 million... Read more

  • Former President Jiang Zemin attend the closing session of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on Nov. 14, 2012, in Beijing, China. Names of Jiang was absent from a mourning list of dozens of high level leaders and retired officials, hinting a fading power of Jiang. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

    Why Former Chinese Regime Leader Jiang Zemin Isn’t Exactly Enjoying His 90th Birthday

    News analysis An online buzz over Jiang Zemin as he turns 90 belies the dire situation the former Chinese Communist Party leader is now in... Read more

  • A Chinese Type-96B tank performs in Russia's Tank Biathlon in the city of Alabino. (Russian Ministry of Defense)

    China’s Newest Tank Gets Off on the Wrong Foot

    A few months after details of a new Chinese light tank designed for mountainous terrain emerged in official channels, the state-run newspaper China Daily pronounced... Read more

  • People leave home in the damaged village at Bandong Town on July 12, 2016 in Fuijan, China. (Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)

    Chinese College Student Smeared and Detained After Investigating Local Disaster

    When Typhoon Nepartak tore through He Zhangze’s coastal hometown of Xiamen, the 18-year-old college student decided to have a closer look at the disaster-affected regions... Read more

  • Former Liaoning Province Party Secretary Wang Min.

    Former Chief of Northeastern Chinese Province Is Expelled From Communist Party

    Wang Min, formerly the Party Secretary of Liaoning, a province in northeast China, was once presumed to have a bright political future. The Washington-based Brookings... Read more

  • Delta passengers stand in line as the carrier slogged through day two of its recovery from a global computer outage in Salt Lake City on Aug. 9, 2016. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

    EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Hackers Sold Delta Air Lines Vulnerabilities on Black Market

    Computer systems of Delta Air Lines Inc. have suffered a “glitch” that is causing flight delays on the airline globally. While the cause of the... Read more

  • Employees of the Shin Chiao Hotel in Beijing build in the hotel courtyard (background) in October 1958 a small and rudimentary smelting steel furnace during the period of the "Great Leap Forward. (JACQUET-FRANCILLON/AFP/Getty Images)

    The Worst Mass Murder of All Time

    A writer who exposed the deaths of millions of Chinese people during the Great Leap Forward says the Chinese Communist Party has released more and... Read more

  • Chinese dredgers work on the construction of artificial islands on and around Michief Reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea on May 2, 2015. (U.S. Navy)

    China’s Air Force Flies Combat Patrol Over Disputed Islands

    BEIJING—China’s air force said Saturday that it has conducted a combat air patrol over disputed areas of the South China Sea to improve its fighting... Read more

  • (L-R) Retired generals Li Jinai and Liao Xilong. (CCTV)

    Communist Party Is Said to Launch Probe of Retired Chinese Military Generals

    In May, the associates of two former top People’s Liberation Army generals were removed. Now the generals themselves appear to be in trouble. During a... Read more

  • Acomputer displays message from the Chinese Great Firewall on the proper use of the Internet at an Internet cafe in Beijing. New web publishing news announced last week will bar foreign companies from publishing most forms of online content. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File)

    Chinese Search Engine Baidu Briefly Unblocks Politically Sensitive Content

    Searches for human rights-related terms on Baidu, a massive Chinese search engine, recently yielded fleeting but surprising results. In the evening of Aug. 4, a... Read more

  • Chinese Communist Party and Communist Youth League leaders attend a conference to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Youth League at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 4, 2012. On Aug. 2, Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping oversaw an overhaul of the Youth League. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

    Xi Jinping Moves to Weaken Communist Youth League

    News analysis Xi Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, has announced a series of measures to clip the wings of a key Party... Read more

  • Hong Kong convention center - Bill Cox

    A Transplant Conference Plays Host to China, and Its Surgeons Accused of Killing

    In June, a report examining over 700 hospitals in China was published alleging that the Communist Party has been conducting a secret industrialized slaughter of... Read more

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