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Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Visits Mongolia

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Mongolian Defense Minister Dashdemberal Bat-Erdene (R) participate in a signing ceremony of a joint vision statement at the Mongolian Ministry of Defense on April 10, 2014, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mongolia has in recent years sought closer ties and cooperation in security matters with the United States. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Mongolian Defense Minister Dashdemberal Bat-Erdene (R) participate in a signing ceremony of a joint vision statement at the Mongolian Ministry of Defense on April 10, 2014, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mongolia has in recent years sought closer ties and cooperation in security matters with the United States. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping is visiting Mongolia on Aug. 21 and 22, his first since assuming office two years ago, also the visit...

  • General Xu Caihou, then-Vice Chairman of the Communist Party of China's Central Military Commission, talks with China's Chongqing Municipality Communist Party Secretary Bo Xilai during the opening ceremony of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People on March 5, 2012 in Beijing, China. Xu and Bo conspired to establish forced organ harvesting in Liaoning Province. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

    Jiang Zemin’s Faction Severely Decimated by Recent High-Level Arrests

    The purge of four high-level Communist Party officials at the end of June, and the investigation,one month later, of China’s former security czar has decimated... Read more

  • Jackie Chan strikes a Kung Fu pose on stage with Bo Guagua, son of disgraced former communist official Bo Xilai, at Oxford University in 2008. (Screenshot/

    Jackie Chan Hung Out With Wrong Crowd, Son Got Busted

    Those with close ties to former Chinese Communist Party head Jiang Zemin have suffered investigations, prison sentences, and purges as current leader Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption... Read more

  • Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer speaks at National Press Club on July 7, 2014 in Canberra, Australia. (Stefan Postles/Getty Images)

    Palmer Says China a Threat to Australia

    SYDNEY—Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer has used an appearance on ABC’s Q&A program to warn about the Chinese government’s attempts to destroy Australia’s wage... Read more

  • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses media alongside Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (not pictured) during a joint press conference in Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on June 9, 2014. (Cole Burston/AFP/Getty Images)

    Suspected of Spying, Chinese Journalists Banned by Canadian PM

    OTTAWA—The office of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper banned reporters from China’s state-run news outlets from his trip to the Arctic, amid concerns over just... Read more

  • An artistic rendition of DARPA’s Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2). China is also researching hypersonic weapons. (DARPA)

    China Secretly Conducts Second Test of Ultrasonic Missile

    The Chinese regime has conducted a second test of its high-speed, ultrasonic missile, according to The Washington Free Beacon which cited unnamed government sources. The... Read more

  • The front cover of "The Slaughter," a recently published book by journalist Ethan Gutmann, which explored organ harvesting in China. (Prometheus Books)

    China’s Transplant Officials Seem to Preempt Book’s Critique

    Days after the publication of a new book on state-run organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience in China, Chinese authorities have published a flurry of... Read more

  • Epoch Times composition photo of former Party leader Jiang Zemin and two supporters. In the foreground from L to R: Jiang, Zhou Yongkang, and Lo Hong-Shui. In the background, clouds build up over the Victoria harbor before a storm in Hong Kong on April 30, 2013. (Philippe Lpez/AFP/Getty Images)

    Hong Kong Tycoon Sued During Anti-Corruption Campaign

    HONG KONG—Yet another close supporter of former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin has been put in the hot seat during the anti-corruption campaign that... Read more

  • A view of Kashgar City, Xinjiang, China, on July 31, 2014. A criticism session was held in Kashgar on Monday, where 15 officials were reprimanded and 8 removed from their posts for having religious beliefs or engaging in religious activities. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

    15 Officials in China’s Xinjiang Punished for Being Religious

    In China’s northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Monday, the government of Kashgar City announced the punishment of 15 local officials for crimes as varied... Read more

  • Former Chinese Communist Party head Jiang Zemin attends the opening session of the 18th National Congress at the Great Hall of the People on Nov. 8, 2012, in Beijing, China. At that Congress Xi Jinping, who has pursued members of Jiang's faction with corruption charges for 19 months, was installed. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

    Jiang Zemin at Bay in Shanghai

    Jiang Zemin’s days are numbered. The man who dominated Chinese politics for more than two decades is now being investigated in his own backyard, the... Read more

  • People carry flags as they take part in a Beijing-organized rally in Hong Kong on Aug. 17, 2014. Thousands were brought in from China to protest against the demand for democracy in Hong Kong. (Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images)

    Pro-Beijing Protesters in Hong Kong Receive Cash for Marching

    Tens of thousands of protesters marched through Hong Kong’s streets Sunday afternoon, calling for Hong Kong to submit to Beijing’s political control and stop listening... Read more

  • Kong Chuizhu, former deputy governor of Yunnan Province, is seen in a screenshot from / on Aug. 12. 5 years ago he was diagnosed with AIDS and recently he committed suicide. Hong Kong's Phoenix TV exposed a series of sex scandals of Kong and officials who have close ties with him. (Epoch Times)

    Chaotic Official Sex Scandals Uncovered in China’s Yunnan Province

    A Hong Kong TV station recently reported on complicated sexual scandals and a suicide involving high officials in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province. The news has... Read more

  • Inscriptions of Chinese characters of "sword" and "shield" were written on rocks (L) at Chongqing Public Security Bureau by Wang Lijun, disgraced former former vice mayor and director of Public Security Bureau in Chongqing. They have now been blasted off the rocks (R) after Wang's downfall. (Screenshot/

    Anti-Corruption Means Erasing Official Inscriptions in China

    Chinese Communist Party officials like to present inscriptions to the institutions in their domains, an honor those institutions rapidly display. As corrupt, high Chinese Communist... Read more

  • Former editor of the liberal leaning Ming Pao newspaper Kevin Lau in a Hong Kong hospital in February 2014 after being brutally attacked by men wielding hatchets, leaving him in critical condition. (Screenshot/

    Chinese Regime Seeks to Force World’s Press to Heel

    A local car dealer ran an advertisement with Epoch Times. Soon afterward, the headquarters of the car manufacture in the United States got a call... Read more

  • An advertising poster for the miniseries "Deng Xiaoping At History's Crossroads," produced for the 110th anniversary of his birth, in a screenshot from on Aug. 12, 2014. Some observers have equated the series' depictions of political struggle to current goings-on. (Epoch Times)

    Propaganda Miniseries May Hint at New Era for Chinese Regime

    The opening episode of a new mini-series of rousing state propaganda in China focuses on the “smashing” of the Gang of Four, a group of... Read more

  • Epoch Times composite photo, (L-R), Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Wu Bangguo, Luo Gan, Zeng Qinghong. Background: Chinese paramilitary police guard as plainclothes policeman standing by before the customary ceremony of lowering flag at Tiananmen Square on May 17, 2012 in Beijing, China. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

    One ‘Big Tiger’ Down, Several More to Follow

    HONG KONG—According to an unwritten rule of the Chinese Communist Party, former security czar and Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang might have expected to... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.25.22 pm

    China Uncensored: 9 Things You Must Know About Zhou Yongkang

    I was shocked, shocked, by the official announcement last week by Chinese state-run media that former Chinese security czar Zhou Yongkang had been placed under... Read more