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Did China Just Put Nukes Near the Russian Border? | China Uncensored


Bad news folks! Nuclear war with China is imminent. The good news is that we all know what to do. This is the Dongfeng-31 It’s...

  • 5 Ways Trump’s Inauguration Could Change US-China Relations | China Uncensored

    This Friday, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Now, Trump has repeatedly said he’ll be hard on China... Read more

  • 20170116-cu-tillerson-war-with-china_thumb

    Will Rex Tillerson Lead US to War with China? | China Uncensored

    Job interviews are just the worst. You’re overdressed, sweaty, and trying to answer difficult questions like, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “If... Read more

  • 20170103-cu-china-pushing-war_thumb

    Is China Pushing for War with Taiwan? | China Uncensored

    You know what I like about Taiwan? Well, it’s like the parallel dimension China that has democracy and didn’t destroy their traditional culture. And they... Read more

  • 20170111-cu-currency-manipulator_thumb

    Should China Be Labeled a Currency Manipulator? | China Uncensored

    In a little over a week, Donald Trump will be sworn in as President. And here’s one of the things he’s vowed to do on... Read more

  • 20170110-cu-apple-bows-to-censorship-again_thumb

    Apple Bows to Chinese Censorship… Again | China Uncensored

    Apple: it’s the world’s most valuable company. Its iPhones are hugely popular in China. But on December 23, Apple made a move in China that... Read more

  • 20170106-cu-trump-slaps-nk_thumb

    Trump Slaps China Over North Korea | China Uncensored

    Last weekend, North Korean dictator and inventor of the Chairman Mao high fade Kim Jong-un announced that his military was close to testing a ballistic... Read more

  • 20170104-cu-andrew-choi-ten-years-interview_thumb

    Hong Kong Under Communist Rule in Ten Years? | China Uncensored

    We sat down with Andrew Choi to discuss his dystopic film, “Ten Years,” which shows the future of Hong Kong under communist rule……... Read more

  • 20170102-cu-lego-knockoffs_thumb

    Top 10 Knockoff LEGOs from China | China Uncensored

    From Super Batman to Star Wabs, we count down the top 10 Chinese LEGO knockoffs……... Read more

  • 20161230-cu-biggest-stories-of-2016_thumb

    The Biggest China Stories of 2016 | China Uncensored

    Well, we all made it through 2016, and we deserve a round of applause. You know, there’s an old Chinese curse: “May you live in... Read more

  • 20161228-cu-macau-activist-interview_thumb

    The Fight for Democracy in the OTHER China: Macau | China Uncensored

    Like neighboring Hong Kong, Macau is supposed to be run under China’s One Country, Two Systems policy. And like with Hong Kong, the one country... Read more

  • 20161216-cu-anastasia-lin-silenced_thumb

    Why Trump Should Meet This Beauty Queen | China Uncensored

    You know, when I started a comedy show that exposes the things that the Chinese Communist Party wants to keep under wraps, I never imagined... Read more

  • 20161214-cu-trump-starting-war-with-china_thumb

    Is Trump Starting a War with China? | China Uncensored

    Donald Trump has now been in office for…okay, well, he’s still a month away from assuming office, but he’s already making changes. Yes, turn and... Read more

  • 20161209-cu-trump-china-twitter-war_thumb

    Trump’s Twitter War with China | China Uncensored

    So you thought Twitter was dead. Far from it! Twitter is having a resurgence. It’s all anyone can talk about. And it’s all thanks to... Read more

  • maxresdefault

    Hong Kong Renegade Lawmaker Faces Purge | China Uncensored

    In Hong Kong, some of the biggest news over the past few weeks has been the oath-taking scandal. Two newly elected pro-Hong Kong independence lawmakers,... Read more

  • 20161109-cu-jamie-metzl-genetic-engineering_thumb

    Will China Genetically Engineer Super Babies? | China Uncensored

    It’s an old story. A crazed scientist with delusions of grandeur embarks on ethically questionable research and creates a monstrosity. Of course that’s pure science... Read more

  • 10-insane-solutions-to-fight-chinas-deadly-smog-pt-2_thumb

    10 Insane Solutions to China’s Deadly Smog (Part 2) | China Uncensored

    China has declared war on pollution. The Chinese regime is pumping $277 billion dollars into coming up with solutions for the smog problem. Along with,... Read more

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