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Coming at Costume Design From the Artist’s Perspective

Jim Miller's rendering of Raina Petkoff from George Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man” in a 1981 production. (Courtesy of James Miller)
Jim Miller's rendering of Raina Petkoff from George Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man” in a 1981 production. (Courtesy of James Miller)

“Costumes don’t make a character; they help an actor do his job. They allow the actor to become a character,” said James Madison Miller, an...

  • The  cover of Janácek's album
"Orchestral Works Vol. 2" 

    Album Review: Janácek – Orchestral Works Vol. 2

    Disappointingly for pieces written in Janácek’s latter years, this recording is far too reminiscent of his early Romantic leanings. ‘The Wandering Little Soul’ wonderfully exhibits... Read more

  • Gypsophilia members Adam Fine, Nick Wilkinson, and Ross Burns at the back. In front are Matt Myer, Alex Frith, Sageev Oore, and Gina Burgess. The lively jazz ensemble will play the Ottawa Jazz Festival on June 25, 2015. (Courtesy Gypsophilia)

    The High-Spirited Jazz of Gypsophilia

    In the 1930s, famed Roma guitarist Django Reinhardt created a new genre of music called gypsy jazz when he melded the folk music of Eastern... Read more

  • Miranda (Francesca Carpanini) listens to her father, Prospero (Sam Waterston), the master of the island, in “The Tempest.” The Public Theater Free Shakespeare in the Park production was directed by Michael Greif.  (Joan Marcus)

    Theater Review: ‘The Tempest’

    NEW YORK—It’s been said that revenge is a dish best served cold, and indeed literature is full of tales of the unjustly wronged exacting vengeance... Read more

  • Film director Mario Martinez at Shen Yun's "The Monkey King" at the Opera Allianz Theater in Buenos Aires on June 7, 2015. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

    Shen Yun’s ‘The Monkey King’ Concludes Latin America Tour

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina—With a last performance on June 14 at the Opera Allianz Theater in Buenos Aires, Shen Yun Performing Arts’ inaugural tour of “The... Read more

  • Doctor Faustus (Chris Noth) as he is tempted by Mephistopheles (Zach Grenier). (Joan Marcus)

    Theater Review: ‘Doctor Faustus’

    NEW YORK—Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus” is being offered by Classic Stage Company (CSC) in an adaptation by David Bridel and Andrei Belgrader. The latter also... Read more

  • (L–R) Storyteller (Jordan Lage) relates a brush he had with the supernatural years earlier to a companion (Jason Ritter) while a card player (Jim Frangione) eavesdrops, disturbing his game with the dealer (Nate Dendy). (Ahron Foster)

    Theater Review: ‘Ghost Stories: The Shawl and Prairie du Chien’

    NEW YORK—Since at least the time of the cave man, storytelling has held a universal attraction. We have images of people gathering around a fire... Read more

  • San Miguel de Tucumán City Councillor Sandra Manzone at “The Monkey King” performance, a production by Shen Yun Performing Arts, at the Teatro Mercedes Sosa in Tucumán, Argentina on May 30, 2015. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

    ‘The Monkey King’ Delights Tucumán in Sold-Out Performances

    TUCUMAN, Argentina—”The Monkey King,” the latest production of the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company, Shen Yun Performing Arts, had a great reception... Read more

  • (L–R) Danette Holden, Jeremy Benton, Robert Creighton as the legendary James Cagney, Ellen Zolezzi and Josh Walden tapping up a storm in a musical that pays as much homage to tap as to the title’s namesake. (Carol Rosegg)

    Theater Review: ‘Cagney’

    NEW YORK—This musical about the life of movie superstar James Cagney was a labor of love for performer Robert Creighton. He made a study of... Read more

  • Harrison James gets the rare chance to dance the lead role in the
National Ballet of Canada’s 2015 production
of “The Sleeping Beauty.” (Aleksandar Antonijevic)

    Sleeping Beauty: The Role of a Lifetime

    TORONTO—”Swan Lake,” “Giselle,” and “The Sleeping Beauty” are the quintessential classical ballets and getting a chance to perform in them—let alone in the leading role—has... Read more

  • Juan Rafael Cárdenas Gutiérrez, chairman of the board at the Medellín Cultural Association and the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, and María Patricia Marín Arango, director of Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, at the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín on May 20, 2015. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

    Shen Yun’s Latest Production Provides ‘Spiritual Nourishment’ in Colombia

    MEDELLIN, Colombia—Shen Yun Performing Arts’ latest classical Chinese dance production, “The Monkey King,” brought audiences appreciation of China’s divinely inspired culture with the New York-based... Read more

  • Psychologist Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (Noma Dumezweni) reaches out to convicted killer Eugene de Kock (Matthew-Marsh) in an American premiere of “A Human Being Died That Night.” (Richard-Termine)

    Theater Review: ‘A Human Being Died That Night’

    BROOKLYN, N.Y.—When South African writer Nicholas Wright came across Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela’s book “A Human Being Died That Night” in a Charing Cross Road bookshop in... Read more

  • (Carlos Choin/CC BY-ND 2.0)

    Tinkering With the Ivories: Barenboim Unveils His ‘New’ Piano Design

    In his 70s, the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim continues to attract attention not only for his performance schedule but also for his views on... Read more

  • Ben Caplan, a Nova Scotia musician, is seen in Halifax March 6, 2013. Caplan runs his career as a small business and takes responsibility for marketing, promoting, and controlling his artistic expression. (The Canadian Press/Andrew Vaughan)

    To Find Success, Canadian Artists Need to Double as Businesspeople

    HALIFAX—With his extravagant wiry beard, thick black-rimmed glasses, and a mop of unruly hair, Ben Caplan doesn’t look like a typical businessman. But the Halifax-based... Read more

  • Studio portrait of senior woman with hand on chin

    Nan Gill-Wilson on the Power of Empathy

    Nan Gill-Wilson—part woman, part force of nature—has more pies in the oven than most. Based in Goshen, Gill-Wilson is the creator and presenter for a... Read more


    Five Easy Ways to Figure Out a Play

    You’ve just seen a mesmerizing production of a play. You left the theater exhilarated, but now what? You’re not sure what you feel let alone... Read more

  • The King and I Kelli O'Hara and Ken Watanabe Bartlett Sher: Director Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik nyc 212-362-7778

    Theater Review: ‘The King and I’

    NEW YORK—The fish out of water premise has been around almost since the beginning of storytelling. In the American version, it’s often set in the... Read more