The 18th-Century Enlightenment and the Problem of Public Misery

In the Salon of Madame Geoffrin in 1755. (Anicet-Charles-Gabriel Lemonnier, 1812; Public Domain)
In the Salon of Madame Geoffrin in 1755. (Anicet-Charles-Gabriel Lemonnier, 1812; Public Domain)

Many people today think of the 18th-century Enlightenment as an exciting season of reason, a black swan moment when new energies flowed, when the early...

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    Big Oil Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

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    Mysterious Stones in Ica, Peru, Evidence of Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

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    US-India Defense Ties Would Be ‘Win-Win’ If Washington Would Address India’s Concerns

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    During Alcohol Awareness Month in April, Beware of Regulatory Hangovers

    When abused, alcohol poses serious health risks for alcoholics and those around them. That’s why each April since 1987 has been dubbed “Alcohol Awareness Month”... Read more

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    Coal’s Troubles Should Concern All Americans

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    OPEC’s Control Over Global Oil Prices Slips Away

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    As US Primaries Rumble On, Betting Markets Declare the Sanders Campaign All but Dead

    “The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight,” declared Hillary Clinton in the victory speech heralding her... Read more

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    What Has the EU Ever Done for Us?

    Think labor protection, enhanced social welfare, smoke-free workplaces, equal pay legislation, holiday entitlement, and the right not to work more than a 48-hour week without... Read more

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    The Global Crisis of Leadership

    A question often raised is: are leaders a reflection of their time, or are they individuals who rise to answer the call of the hour?... Read more

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    Arms Sale to Saudis a Tempest in a Teapot

    The Bible (King James version) in Matthew, chapter 5, verse 9, notes, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” But it... Read more

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    Canada’s Mistaken Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

    Earlier this month, Canada’s new Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion quietly issued export permits for a $15 billion sale of about 1,000 combat vehicles to... Read more

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    Depleted Local Media Threatens Ability to Hold Those in Power to Account

    As voters go to the polls in the U.K. local elections on May 5, few will be aware how influenced they are by a depleted... Read more

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    Treating ISIS as Cancer

    LOS ANGELES—The spate of attacks led or inspired by the Islamic State from Europe to Jakarta has upended confidence that governments around the globe have... Read more

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