The Reader’s Turn

NY City Council Addressing Seniors’ Needs

To the Editor:(re: Epoch Times article “Seniors to Make Up Nearly 1 in 5 New Yorkers by 2035,” Sept. 2) I appreciate your coverage of...

The Reader's Turn

Charity Unseen, But Not Forgotten

Regarding the article “Judith Davies: For the Love of Dance.” I would like to highlight something that Ms. Davies did not elaborate on.  I am an immigrant, single mother of four, typical, lower income, working woman. My daughter …... Read More

The Reader's Turn

Year-Round Earth Day

Dear Editor: Let us celebrate Earth Day, April 22, all year long. Besides recycling newspapers, magazines, glass, plastics, old medicines, paints, and cleaning materials, there are other actions you can take, which will also contribute to a cleaner environment. Leave …... Read More

  • A Move in the Wrong Direction

    Dear Editor: Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton have decided to scrap the anti-terrorism program in Muslim communities. This move in my opinion... Read more

  • Climate Change Politics

    Dear Editor: Recently we’ve seen a flurry of articles and initiatives, spawned by the White House, to refocus on climate change. Whether this is a... Read more

  • Change the Constitution—or Change Congress?

    To the Editor: Is a convention a good idea? Many good patriots have given a Convention of the States (COS) a thumbs up, trusting the... Read more

  • Black Unemployment and Immigration

    To the Editor: Martin Luther King Jr. strove for racial equality and that equality has been achieved in many arenas. However, it is still lacking... Read more

  • State Department at Fault for the Benghazi Attacks

    To the Editor: The deadly Sept. 11, 2012, attack by militants on U.S. government posts in Benghazi, Libya, was preventable and it was the fault... Read more

  • Erosion of Rights

    Dear Editor, Federal agencies like the IRS are out of control and it’s only going to get worse. Under the Obama administration, overreaching federal regulations... Read more

  • A Hamburger Today

    Dear Editor, It would not be difficult to find $6.4 billion out of a $3 trillion budget to pay for extending unemployment benefits three more... Read more

  • Which Mayoral Candidate Will Help the Rising Homeless and Housing-Displaced Population?

    Identifying a potential candidate for my city has become a conundrum of sorts. As a service provider in the New York City shelter system, I... Read more

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    A Superb Newspaper

    Dear Epoch Times, I am writing to thank you for creating a superb newspaper, week after week. Every Friday I look forward to receiving your... Read more

  • Letter to the Editor: Scampi Farming and the Environment

    Kudos to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for raising awareness about the environmental destruction caused by scampi farming (“Anti-Scampi Day Draws Attention to Industry... Read more

  • In Response to ‘Financial Aid for Immigrants Held Up in Albany’

    RE: Financial Aid for Immigrants Held Up in Albany I have a question that is beside the point of this article I just read. I... Read more

  • \In this Friday, May 24, 2013 photo, a collapsed section of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River is seen in an aerial view over Mount Vernon, Wash. Part of the bridge collapsed Thursday evening, sending cars and people into the water when a an oversized truck hit the span, the Washington State Patrol chief said. For farmers, business owners and government officials up and down the West Coast, Washington’s bridge collapse on Interstate 5 represents much more than a close brush with tragedy. As much as $20 billion in freight travels to and from Canada and along the busy north-south corridor each year. Experts say the economic impact from the bridge collapse will spread further than western Washington. (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Mike Siegel, File)

    Bridge Collapse is Another Wake-up Call

    The collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge in Mount Vernon, Washington should be another wake up call to all of us. America cannot continue to... Read more

  • RE: ‘Financial Aid for Immigrants Held Up in Albany’

    I have a question that is beside the point of this article I just read (“Financial Aid for Immigrants Held Up in Albany”). I understand... Read more

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