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  • 20150513-FalunDafa-SamiraBouaou-0114

    In the Eye of the Storm, Meditators Seek to Make Connection

    NEW YORK—The world streams through Times Square, tourists from every corner of the globe squeezing around half a dozen people dressed as Elmo, steering clear... Read more

  • A gold Cartier diamond encrusted watch was left behind at Newark Airport security. (TSA)

    TSA: Passenger Forgets $100,000 Cartier Watch at Newark Security

    A gold Cartier diamond encrusted watch was left at a Newark Liberty International Airport security checkpoint this week, according to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) blog post. The... Read more

  • Falun Dafa practitioners perform as part of the World Falun Dafa Day celebrations on Foley Square, Manhattan, on May 13, 2015. (Edward Dai/Epoch Times)

    Peaceful Artists Light Up Foley Square, NY

    NEW YORK—The performers who gathered in Manhattan’s Foley Square on Wednesday to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day say their artistry owes much to the meditation... Read more

  • Falun Dafa practitioners cross the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan, New York, on May 13, 2015. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    From Europe to Brooklyn: Hundreds Stream Across Brooklyn Bridge for Human Rights in China

    NEW YORK—They flew in from over the Atlantic to Brooklyn, and silently marched across one of America’s oldest suspension bridges bearing a simple, poignant message:... Read more

  • Falun Gong practitioners create a character formation of a lotus flower and of the Chinese Characters of "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truth-compassion-tolerance), the principals of the practice, at Long Island City, Queens, for World Falun Dafa Day on May 13, 2015. (Larry Dai/Epoch Times)

    Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Make Appearance in Gantry Park

    NEW YORK—On the morning of May 13, over a thousand yellow-clad men and women gathered in a riverside park opposite Manhattan’s skyline to form three... Read more

  • Construction continues on a new green roof for the Barclays Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York, May 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

    A Roof Grows in Brooklyn: Barclays Center to Get Grassy Lid

    NEW YORK—A roof grows in Brooklyn. One of the nation’s biggest green roofs on a sports arena is taking shape atop Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where... Read more

  • Midtown Manhattan Police Shooting

    Police Shoot Man Behind 4 Hammer Attacks in Manhattan

    NEW YORK—A man who attacked four people with a hammer this week was shot and wounded by police Wednesday after he pulled the weapon from... Read more

  • 20150512-falun-dafa-vigil-petrsvab-2817

    Why There Are so Many Yellow T-shirts in NYC This Week

    NEW YORK—A line of yellow-shirted Falun Dafa practitioners encircled City Hall on Tuesday, doing slow-moving qigong exercises to music and sitting tranquilly in meditation, to begin... Read more

  • A crane named the Left Coast Lifter arrives at the Tappan Zee Bridge near Nyack, N.Y., Monday, Oct. 6, 2014. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

    State Drops Tappan Zee Water Loan Plan After EPA Balks Again

    ALBANY, N.Y.—The state is dropping its attempt to secure half a billion dollars in federal clean-water funds to help pay for the new Tappan Zee... Read more

  • Screenshot taken at 3:12 p.m. on May 12 the arrival and departure information for JFK Airport (flightstats.com)

    JFK Airport Experiencing Widespread Flight Delays

    New York’s JFK International Airport is experiencing widespread flight delays. Starting at about 2:55 p.m. on Tuesday, almost all incoming flights have a new “new time”... Read more

  • A customer receives a manicure at a nail salon in New York, Jan. 8, 2015. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

    NY Governor Creates Task Force to Conduct Nail Salon Probes

    NEW YORK—Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he was creating a task force to investigate nail salons and crack down on worker abuse following a... Read more

  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers the keynote address at the University of Nebraska Foundation’s The Peter J. Hoagland Integrity in Public Service Lecture Series, in Omaha, Neb. April 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)

    Does de Blasio, Now a National Figure, Risk Trouble at Home?

    NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political vision—and his political travel— have increasingly reached far beyond the borders of New York City. On the same day... Read more

  • A’amash in New York City who is a business analyst for a major telecommunications company, could have considered joining an Islamic militant group if he had not had the right narrative to help him interpret the Qu’ran. (Photo of A’amash by Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times, background iStock photo)

    This Man Understands Why People Become Terrorists. It Almost Happened to Him

    NEW YORK—It was possible that A’amash, a Pakistani-American man in New Jersey with two master’s degrees, would have left the United States to fight for... Read more

  • A television screen displays various bitcoin rates at Bitcoin Center NYC during a class on the basics of Bitcoin and how to trade the digital currency on February 26, 2014 in New York City. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    New York Issues 1st Charter for Virtual Currency Exchange

    ALBANY, N.Y.—New York regulators have granted their first charter under the state’s banking law for a commercial exchange for virtual currency to itBit Trust Company... Read more

  • Defendants Noelle Velentzas, left and Asia Siddiqui, appear at federal court in New York in this April 2, 2015 courtroom sketch. (AP Photo/Jane Rosenberg, File)

    2 Women Charged in NYC Bomb Plotting Case Plead Not Guilty

    NEW YORK—Two women arrested last month for plotting to build a homemade bomb and wage jihad in New York City pleaded not guilty Thursday during... Read more

  • Governor Cuomo Announces His Plan To Raise Wage Of Fast Food Workers

    Cuomo Calls for Panel to Address Fast-Food Industry Wages

    NEW YORK—Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that the current wage paid to fast-food industry workers is “a fundamental violation of the promise of America” and... Read more

  • This bust of the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was snuck overnight into Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park, in New York. (Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork via AP, File)

    Artists Who Put Ed Snowden Bust on NYC Monument Are Ticketed

    NEW YORK—Two artists who put a bust of Edward Snowden on a Revolutionary War memorial were ticketed but not criminally charged and got their confiscated... Read more

  • Firefighters spray water on a fire in a manhole which exploded near Penn Station in midtown Manhattan, New York on Wednesday, May 6. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan)

    Manhole Explodes by New York’s Penn Station; Hotel Evacuated

    NEW YORK—A manhole explosion near New York City’s Penn Station has led to the evacuations of a hotel and the studios of Al-Jazeera America. It... Read more

  • Senate Democrats, including Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, left in yellow, walk out of legislative session in protest Wednesday after Republicans refused to allow the vote to remove Dean Skelos as Senate majority leader. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

    Democrats Fail to Oust NY Senate’s GOP Leader After Arrest

    ALBANY, N.Y.—The Republican leader of the state Senate survived a largely symbolic effort by Democratic lawmakers to oust him from his position Wednesday following his... Read more

  • New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, center, leaves federal court, Monday, May 4, 2015, in New York. Skelos and his son were arraigned on charges including extortion and soliciting bribes amid a federal investigation into the awarding of a $12 million contract to a company that hired his son. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

    Top NY Lawmaker Clings to Power After Corruption Charges

    ALBANY, N.Y.—The leader of the state Senate defiantly dismissed a federal criminal complaint against him as “nothing more than a press release” on Tuesday and... Read more