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The Elite K9 Unit That Keeps New York Safe

NYPD Officer Horacio Maldonado with his K9 partner, Raychel, on patrol at the Times Square subway station in New York on May 17, 2016. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)
NYPD Officer Horacio Maldonado with his K9 partner, Raychel, on patrol at the Times Square subway station in New York on May 17, 2016. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—On your average weekday, the New York City subway sees more than 5.6 million people pass through it, and in all 2015, it saw...

  • Fatima Alexander and the missing child (NYPD)

    New York City Nanny Arrested After Disappearing with 3-Year-Old Girl

    A New York City nanny is accused of kidnapping a 3-year-old girl who was in her care, police said. Fatima Alexander, 59, was last seen... Read more

  • (New York City Police Department photo)

    Video: New York City Crushes Illegal Motorbikes, ATVs With Bulldozer

    For motorcyclists and off-roaders, it’s very hard to watch; but for those who hate the roar of a dirt bike or illegal quad, you’re in... Read more

  • (Team Trucker - Trucker Dukes Supporters‎ via Facebook)

    New York City Fire Department to Adopt 3-Year-Old Boy

    Trucker Dukes, a 3-year-old boy from Maui, Hawaii, is currently fighting for his life at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) in New York. At... Read more

  • The front page of the Luz Maria Foundation website. (LuzMariaFoundation.org)

    Violence Against Women: The Faces Behind the Statistics

    “What you do not see from the statistics is the face of the actual victim,” said activist Luz Maria Utrera in a recent interview. The... Read more

  • Master Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa, speaks to over 9,000 followers at the 2016 World Falun Dafa Day conference at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York, on May 15, 2016. (Larry Dye/Epoch Times)

    Founder of Falun Gong Addresses Conference of Nearly 10,000 in New York

    NEW YORK—The founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, spoke to nearly 10,000 practitioners of the spiritual discipline on May 15 at the Barclays Center... Read more

  • Around 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners march in the World Falun Dafa parade in New York on May 13, 2016. (Edward Dye/Epoch Times)

    Grand Parade in Manhattan Promotes Peace, Exposes Persecution in China

    NEW YORK—On May 13, around 10,000 practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa, from 53 countries strolled down 42nd Street in a... Read more

  • Traffic and pedestrians crowds Times Square (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

    Man in Times Square Gives Away Free Hugs, Punches Woman Who Refuses to Tip

    A woman visiting from Canada was punched in the face in Times Square, New York, by a man offering “free hugs” after she refused to... Read more

  • FILE - In this Monday, June 22, 2015 photo, Lois Judge, left, helps her aunt Susannah Mushatt Jones, during breakfast in Jones' room at the Vandalia Avenue Houses, in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Jones, the world’s oldest person, has died in New York at age 116. Robert Young, a senior consultant for the Gerontology Research Group, says Jones died at a senior home in Brooklyn Thursday night, May 12, 2016. He said she had been ill for the past 10 days. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

    World’s Oldest Person Dies at 116; She Loved Lingerie, Bacon, and Children

    Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest person, has died in New York.  Jones, who was aged 116 and 311 days, passed away at 8:26 p.m... Read more

  • Over a thousand Falun Gong practitioners from New York, Taiwan, and other Asian countries form the Chinese characters for "Falun Dafa" at Gantry Plaza State Park on May 12, 2016. (Larry Dye/Epoch Times)

    Why a Thousand People in Bright Yellow Shirts Formed Four Chinese Characters in a New York City Park

    NEW YORK—For about 140 minutes on a clear Thursday morning, another sign appeared next to the iconic Pepsi Cola neon structure in Gantry Plaza State... Read more

  • Lu Shiyu tells her story at City Hall in New York on May 11, 2016, of how she was persecuted inside China for practicing Falun Gong. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Chinese Practitioners of Falun Gong Tell Harrowing Accounts of Brutality by Mainland Regime

    NEW YORK—In the first of a series of public activities here this week, over two hundred practitioners of Falun Gong, the traditional Chinese spiritual discipline,... Read more

  • (Vimeo; AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

    Man Behind Donald Trump Tombstone Revealed to Be Brooklyn Artist

    A joint investigation of New York and federal authorities revealed the man behind the Donald Trump tombstone placed in Central Park in late March. The... Read more

  • New York state congressmen Paul D. Tonko (L) and Daniel Donovan, Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott, and Falun Gong practitioners taking part in an event on Brooklyn Bridge in 2015. (U.S. Congress and Minghui)

    Officials of New York and Other States Extend Congratulations to Mark World Falun Dafa Day

    May 13 is the most important day for the global community of practitioners of Falun Gong, a traditional Chinese spiritual practice that has been persecuted... Read more

  • The Falun Gong dragon team performs in the World Falun Dafa Day parade along 42nd Street in New York, on May 15, 2015. c

    Thousands to Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day in New York

    Thousands of people who practice the traditional Chinese spiritual discipline of Falun Dafa will take part in a variety of activities and events in New... Read more

  • maxresdefault

    11-Year-Old Boy Charged With Hate Crime for Setting Jewish School Bus on Fire

    An 11-year-old boy, who remains unnamed, is facing hate crime charges after authorities said he and his friends set a Yeshiva school bus on fire... Read more

  • Prescription contraceptives for women sit on the counter of a drug store in Los Angeles, Calif., on Aug. 1, 2011. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    New Jersey Could See Over-the-Counter Contraception

    TRENTON, N.J.—Legislation that would permit pharmacists to dispense hormonal contraceptives, like the pill and vaginal rings, advanced in the state Senate this week and similar... Read more

  • A clerk hands over a Powerball ticket for cash at Tower City Lottery Stop in Cleveland on Jan. 13, 2016. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

    Winning Powerball Ticket Worth $429M Sold in New Jersey

    TRENTON, N.J.—Someone is holding onto the sole winning Powerball ticket that was sold in New Jersey and is worth $429.6 million, lottery officials said Sunday... Read more

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