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College Student Finds Way To Make Over $1,600 During Presidential Debate

University of Nevada-Las Vegas senior Alexander Lin held a sign asking for donations towards his college education during the final presidential debate on Oct. 19. (GoFundMe/Random Student)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas senior Alexander Lin held a sign asking for donations towards his college education during the final presidential debate on Oct. 19. (GoFundMe/Random Student)

One University of Nevada, Las Vegas student saw an unlikely opportunity to help offset his college costs during the third Presidential debate in Las Vegas...

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Elections and Human Development

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the United States will conduct its 58th quadrennial presidential election. Voters will select presidential electors, who in turn will vote for a new president and vice president through the Electoral College. This week features interviews …... Read More

  • This March 19, 2016, photo released by Victoria J.H. Ritvo shows her husband, Max Ritvo, in Ojai, Calif. (Jose Villa via AP)

    Max Ritvo, Poet Who Chronicled Cancer Battle, Dies at 25

    LOS ANGELES—Max Ritvo, a poet who chronicled his long battle with cancer in works that were both humorous and searing, has died. He was 25... Read more

  • The Mixed Bag of Hero Worship

      A long-held belief says that the more things change the more they stay the same. Hero worship exemplifies an unflagging notion of something woven... Read more

  • Police Officer Kay Denton posted a photo on Facebook showing her fellow officers responding to a car accident on the highway on July 30. (Kay Denton/Facebook)

    Here’s Why a Georgia Officer Uploaded Car Wreck Photo on Facebook

    A Georgia police officer’s decision to post a photo of a serious car accident on social media was informed by the need to change the narrative on what she... Read more

  • The Halifax Police Department handed out ice cream cones to unsuspecting motorists on July 29, 2016. (Kevin Lands/Facebook)

    Virginia Police Offer Ice Cream to Pulled-Over Drivers

    When a pair of police officers pulled over several motorists in Halifax, Virginia, on a hot summer day, the weather wasn’t the only reason motorists... Read more

  • A tablet and a smartphone connected on news websites and world newspapers, in Paris, France, on Sept. 12, 2013. (Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images)

    The Story of the Nosebleed Decline of the Newspaper Industry Told in Pictures

    The impact of the internet on the newspaper industry has been starkly highlighted by a graph released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It... Read more

  • (

    Social Media Stunts Children’s Morality, Say Parents

    Children are learning more anger and hostility, and less fairness and humility through social media, concerned parents say.  More than half of U.K. parents think popular... Read more

  • Zonas Corn Leaf packaging. Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  (Courtesy of Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History)

    Americans’ Concepts of Health and Beauty Revealed in Smithsonian’s Digitized Collection of Personal Care Products

    “Disfiguring humors, scrofula, humiliating eruptions, copper-colored diseases of the blood”—we might not be familiar with all of these conditions, yet over 100 years ago consumers... Read more

  • Police officers patrol around the Cleveland Public Square in preparation for the Republican National Convention on July 15, 2016, in Cleveland, Ohio. (DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images)

    Racial Bias in Police Force Not as Simple as Numbers

    For decades, Americans have been looking to statistics for evidence of racial bias in the  police force. And for decades, different statistics have been thrown... Read more

  • (g-stockstudio/Shutterstock)

    Enough With the Spoiler Alerts! Plot Spoilers Often Increase Enjoyment

    Last December, I had tickets to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” the night after the premiere. While I was at work that day, I... Read more

  • AfricaKonyHunt_-NAI105-AP

    An Interview With Megan Green of Invisible Children

    Megan Green is the supporter engagement manager for Invisible Children, an organization that began after three filmmakers discovered the horrors taking place in Uganda, where... Read more

  • (FILE--Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

    Teens Targeted in Sextortion Crimes, Victims Often Blame Themselves

    Victims of “sextortion” can have life-changing repercussions for young people, a study released on June 23 said. Sextortion is a form of blackmail usually using... Read more

  • oprah michelle obama

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Talk Women Empowerment at ‘United State of Women’ Summit

    The White House held a women’s conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center titled, “United State of Women” on June 14, where First Lady Michelle... Read more

  • Large posters of mostly Sports Illustrated magazine covers are displayed at the "I Am The Greatest, Muhammad Ali" exhibition at the O2 arena, which hosts high profile boxing fights in London on June 4, 2016. Ali, the magnificent heavyweight box champion, died Friday, June 3; he was 74. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    Ali Remembered in Muslim World as Champ, Voice of Change

    CAIRO—Of all Muhammad Ali’s travels in the Muslim world, his 1964 trip to Egypt was perhaps the most symbolic, a visit remembered mostly by an... Read more

  • Boxing gloves and a message sit among flowers at a makeshift memorial to Muhammad Ali at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Ky., on June 4, 2016. Muhammad Ali died Friday, June 3, at age 74. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

    Ali Became World Citizen but Never Forgot His Hometown Roots

    LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Muhammad Ali traveled the world as a fighter and humanitarian, but he always came home to Louisville. His Kentucky hometown was where Ali, as... Read more

  • Musician Prince performs at the Conga Room L.A. Live, in Los Angeles, Calif., on March 29, 2009. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

    Prince’s Death From Fentanyl Is Only the Tip of the Global Overdose Iceberg

    A United States medical examiner has reported that musician Prince died from an overdose of fentanyl, a powerful pain killer and synthetic opioid 100 times... Read more

  • Muhammad Ali (R) may have officially won the third and final bout between him and Joe Frazier, but neither boxer was ever the same after. (AP Photo/Mitsunori Chigita)

    ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali Dies at Age 74

    PHOENIX—Muhammad Ali, the magnificent heavyweight champion whose fast fists and irrepressible personality transcended sports and captivated the world, has died according to a statement released... Read more

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