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What Kind of Support System Is Best For Your Child?

How good is the support system for your child? (Fotolia)
How good is the support system for your child? (Fotolia)

This series of 10 articles on ‘How Children Learn Best’ is written by Canadian Citizen Pat Kozyra who has been teaching in the classroom for...

  • "These findings show how a mother's ability to tune-in to her baby's thoughts and feelings early on helps her child to learn to empathize with the mental lives of other people," says Elizabeth Kirk. (m-imagephotography/iStock)

    When Moms ‘Tune In,’ Babies Show Empathy Later

    Mothers who are “mind-minded,” or able to “tune in” to their baby’s thoughts and feelings by engaging in baby talk, may be able to help... Read more

  • Preparedness and response behavior is not consistent with policy advice. Also, lower-income, less-educated, and minority consumers appear less prepared and/or suffer greater damages," says Jay Shimshack. (MarcPo/iStock)

    People Aren’t Buying Water Until Hurricanes Land

    People in the path of a hurricane don’t always follow official advice to stock up on bottled water, according to new research. The working paper... Read more

  • Obesity is a pressing problem now so this is important. Parents have real responsibilities in terms of the monitoring and no one else can do it for them. (Fotolia)

    How Important is Good Health For Your Child’s Successful Learning?

    This series of 10 articles on ‘How Children Learn Best’ is written by Canadian Citizen Pat Kozyra who has been teaching in the classroom for... Read more

  • "Considering everything else that goes on in life over those 30 years—marriage, raising a family, and building a career—it is extraordinary that there appears to be a relationship between the kinds of interactions college students and young adults have and their emotional health later in life," says Cheryl Carmichael.  (lorenzoantonucci/iStock)

    Social 20-Year-Olds Are More Satisfied at 50

    The quantity of social interactions a person has at 20—and the quality of social relationships that person has at age 30—may increase well-being later in... Read more

  • "Rather than a rigid class structure, the top and bottom ends of the income distribution are fairly porous," says Mark Rank. "This finding provides an interesting and important caveat to the overall story of rising levels of income inequality across the past 40 years." (Shelah/CC BY 2.0)

    Most Americans Live in Poverty at Least Once

    The likelihood of experiencing relative poverty at least once in their lifetime is surprisingly high for most Americans, experts say. Between the ages of 25... Read more

  • A bird's-eye view of Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong, taken from Stubbs Road on June 18, 2015, looking towards Causeway Bay. (Bill Cox/Epoch Times)

    Happy Valley–Home Away From Home for the British in Hong Kong

    Happy Valley is one of the favorite residential areas in Hong Kong for the British and many other nationalities. It is just a short walk... Read more

  • Coney Island (Chelsea Scarnegie)

    Greetings From Coney Island

    Of course, there is nothing lovelier in this world than its natural wonders.  But lets give our fellow humans a bit of credit.  There is,... Read more

  • Pakistan Daily Life

    Best of Two-Time Pulitzer Photographer Muhammed Muheisen (Photos)

    When Muhammed Muheisen won his first Pulitzer Prize, he wasn’t even 25 yet. He was born in Jerusalem in 1981 and, with a degree in journalism... Read more

  • Higher levels of EI have been linked with ethical behaviour - but it also takes some degree of interpersonal skill to manipulate others. (Halfpoint/iStock)

    EQ Versus IQ: What’s The Perfect Management Mix?

    Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a way to measure the level of potential ability of people, and as such has links to education and work... Read more

  • Products that interested the customer—high-involvement products—also improved customer attitudes on location-based advertising. (Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images)

    Local Ads Don’t Work If They Give Us the Creeps

    Ads that pinpoint customers by their locations often creep out their targets, say researchers. To offset that discomfort, researchers suggest advertisers invite their customers to help tailor... Read more

  • kinder am tau ziehen

    The importance of play for children

    This series of 10 articles on ‘How Children Learn Best’ is written by Canadian Citizen Pat Kozyra who has been teaching in the classroom for... Read more

  • 864731205_d8fa478b1f_o

    Noisy Test Predicts Future Reading Trouble

    Even before a child learns to read, a quick biological test may be able to identify if she or he will have literacy challenges or learning... Read more

  • "These findings provide evidence to support Alfred Hitchcock's assumption that vicarious suspense is the most consistent method to generate an intense form of anxiety and suspense," says Keith Bound. (Credit: Insomnia Cured Here/CC BY-SA 2.0)

    This Kind of Suspense Makes Horror Movies Scary

    To find out how horror movies create spine-tingling suspense, researchers measured the electrical activity coming from viewers’ sweat glands. The goal is to give the media industry an evidence-based... Read more

  • "If you do something good, there have been lab studies showing that you will reward yourself, even if the reward is not related to the good act," says Bryan Bollinger. (McIninch/iStock)

    Do Reusable Bags Trick You Into Buying Junk Food?

    Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store might make you feel like you deserve a yummy reward. A new study suggests shoppers who use reusable bags... Read more

  • Susan Locke, Michele Velleman

    Selling That Sofa Online? Think About Going to the Cop Shop

    BOSTON—Michele Velleman needed to sell a Zumba dance fitness kit, a cellphone, and a table. So she found buyers on Facebook and made the trades... Read more

  • APTOPIX World Water Day Photo Essay

    Must-See World Through the Lens of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer Robert Bukaty

    Robert F. Bukaty was born in Buffalo, N.Y., and studied photographic illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology. Bukaty has a reputation for making compelling images... Read more

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