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Father Surprises Little League Son on Birthday

(Joseph Sohm/shutterstock)
(Joseph Sohm/shutterstock)

A Philadelphia little league baseball player was devastated when he learned his father hadn’t purchased him anything for his birthday—or so he thought. Braheim Fowler,...

  • Owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, watches on during their game against the Atlanta Hawks at Time Warner Cable Arena on November 1, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

    Michael Jordan on Shootings of Blacks, Police: ‘I Can No Longer Stay Silent’

    During his time as a high flying basketball phenom, Michael Jordan remained silent on social and political issues. Now, though, Jordan is donating $2 million toward... Read more

  • screenshot (

    Mom’s Dying Wish Is Granted: Longtime Friend Adopts All Six Children

    Beth Laitkep’s dying wish before she succumbed to breast cancer on May 19 was to keep her six children together. Longtime high school friend Stephanie Culley granted her... Read more

  • (Nejron Photo/Shutterstock)

    Modern Knights Revive Chivalry as Cultural Reform

    Chivalry-Now is a movement that introduces a new form of chivalry for the 21st century. Founder Dean Jacques is a retired social worker. Throughout his... Read more

  • OC Animal Care/Facebook

    Puppy Who Tested Positive for Meth and Heroin Is Now Clean and Adopted

    Bubba’s life is looking up.  The puppy, who was rescued and found to have methamphetamine and heroin in his system, is now clean and has been adopted... Read more

  • Zonas Corn Leaf packaging. Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  (Courtesy of Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History)

    Americans’ Concepts of Health and Beauty Revealed in Smithsonian’s Digitized Collection of Personal Care Products

    “Disfiguring humors, scrofula, humiliating eruptions, copper-colored diseases of the blood”—we might not be familiar with all of these conditions, yet over 100 years ago consumers... Read more

  • (Stock Rocket/Shutterstock)

    Why Does Using a Period in a Text Message Make You Sound Insincere or Angry?

    When it comes to texting, the period, full stop, point—whatever you call it—has been getting a lot of attention. People have begun noticing slight changes... Read more

  • Coty Vincent's Facebook page. (Facebook)

    Rental Car Employee John Goodlett Lends Helping Hand to Mom With Twins, Kindness Goes Viral

    Good isn’t only in John Goodlett’s name—he embodies it. When Coty Vincent entered a Tulsa, Oklahoma, Enterprise Rent-A-Car office on July 13, she encountered “one of... Read more

  • patient-gaming-on-phone-Mott-Children’s-Hospital-released

    Children’s Hospital Uses Pokemon as ‘Sneaky Way’ to Get Kids Exercising

    A pediatric hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is using the recently launched Pokemon GO game to “help patients get out and see the world.” “It’s kind of a... Read more

  • London once proudly produced lavender on a large scale for medicine and household products. Carshalton Lavender is a not-for-profit organisation bring London's lost lavender fields back to life. (

    London Fields of Calm

    LONDON,  U.K.—There’s no doubt London’s streets are steeped in history but a little known secret is the city’s lavender fields. Revisiting this bygone era is... Read more

  • Screengrab

    Teen Becomes Youngest African-American to Fly Across the Continental US

    Isaiah Cooper aims to set a world record, and he’s made a good start. Cooper of Compton, California, made history on July 18 by becoming... Read more

  • Wichita Police Department

    Wichita Comes Together With Cookout as Nation Tries to Heal After Tragedies

    The Wichita, Kansas, community came together on Sunday to forge a closer relationship amid a string of recent tragedies.  Initially, Black Lives Matter protesters had... Read more

  • (Photo courtesy of James Karagiannis)

    Buffalo’s ‘Ice Creamcycle Dude’ Gives Away Cool Treats and Enables Warm Hearts

    James Karagiannis, known as the Ice Creamcycle Dude, is not a typical ice cream peddler.  Karagiannis, 36, recently started a pay-it-forward campaign to bring free ice... Read more

  • Kyle Bigler at his job (Joanna Griffiths/Facebook)

    Man Who Walked 16 Miles to Two Jobs Gets a Free Car

    A man in New Hampshire walks 16 miles per day between his two minimum-wage jobs. Kyle Bigler works at both Dunkin’ Donuts and a Big... Read more

  • Photo: David Causey via Facebook

    Elderly Man Serves as Bodyguard as Officer Pumps Gas

    A man from Eustis, Florida, left a Lake County sheriff’s deputy in disbelief as he stood near the officer’s car, serving as a bodyguard.  David Causey was at... Read more

  • NOAA researchers with the Okeanos Explorer expedition recently captured a video of B-29 bomber wreckage during one of the dives. (AOL Screenshot)

    NOAA’s Deep Water Mission Spots B-29 Bomber Wreckage From WWII (Video)

    NOAA researchers with the Okeanos Explorer expedition recently captured a video of B-29 bomber wreckage during one of the dives.  …... Read more

  • (brebca/iStock)

    Twins Born Holding Hands, Now 2 Years Old, and Still Close

    Two years ago, a photo of a rare set of newborn twins holding hands was shared en masse across social media. That’s when an Orrville,... Read more

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