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Man Finds 12-Year-Old Girl in Backyard, Turns Out to Be Missing Child

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A Rochester man left home for a few days and when he returned, he found a 12-year-old girl sleeping in his backyard.  At first, John Goodman...

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    Woman Regains Sight After Being Blind for More Than 20 Years With Spinal Surgery

    After a car accident in 1995, Mary Ann Franco of Okeechobee, Florida became legally blind.  But what one injury took away, another gave back. 21 years... Read more

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    Here’s What that Little Star on Costco Items Means

    If you’ve ever wondered about those little stars on Costco shelves, there’s an answer. Costco places asterisks on its labels to indicate that an item... Read more

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    Six Budweiser Cans Allegedly 50 Years Old Reeled in During Fishing Trip

    Adam Graves and Christian Burzynski were fishing in Fremont, Wis., when their hook got snagged at the bottom of Wolf River.  When they reeled it in, they... Read more

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    Dozens Trapped Upside Down in Alton Towers Rollercoaster for Half an Hour

    Alton Towers visitors left hanging upside down after rollercoaster breaks down in heavy rain https://t.co/BFswMpuF35 pic.twitter.com/s1TLvAhE2d — The Sun (@TheSun) May 2, 2016 Nearly 30... Read more

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    Confessions of a Tone-Deaf Music Professor

    How’s this for a shock, horror headline: “Tone-deaf professor of Music at Liverpool University.” Can it be true? Well, up to a point, yes. It’s... Read more

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    There Are Also Drawbacks to Being Bilingual

    The ability to speak more than one language certainly has its perks. It enables you to work in another country, for example, interact with people... Read more

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    Watch: A Couple’s Guide to Living on a Boat in Wintery New York

    Manhattan’s soaring rents made Jon and Tory forget about their cosy Nolita apartment and move into a boat at the not-so-cosy shore of the Hudson River... Read more

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    ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Turns Her Walls into Pages from the Book

    There are Harry Potter fans, and there are Harry Potter fanatics.  Young adult author Meredith McCardle had moved into her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when she... Read more

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    Professional Model and Beauty Queen Eats 50 Krispy Kreme Donuts in Under 25 Minutes

    A professional model and beauty pageant winner is also a competitive eater. And a good one at that.  In her latest video, above, Nela Zisser eats... Read more

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    University Cheerleading Squad Poster Taken Down for ‘Body Shaming’

    The University of Washington has taken down a recruitment poster for cheerleaders after public backlash because of perceived sexism.  Prospective cheerleaders were encouraged to wear... Read more

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    100 Cameras Were Given to Homeless in London. The Results Left Everyone Mesmerized

    A United Kingdom group distributed 100 cameras to homeless people in London and the results are pretty amazing. Cafe Art, the group, gave out Fujifilm... Read more

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    10-Year-Old Walks With This Deer Every Morning Before School. The Reason? Crying…

    Wild animals are often thought of as dangerous, but sometimes amazing bonds can be forged with them. This particular story is absolutely heartwarming. A young... Read more

  • A girl in Beijing on Sept. 19, 2012. China's elderly face increasing uncertainty three decades since the one-child policy took hold, with no real social safety net, the law has left four grandparents and two parents with one caretaker for old age, and bereaved families with none. (Wang Zhao/AFP/GettyImages)

    Spanking Linked to Social, Mental Problems in Kids, Says New Study

    Children who are spanked are more likely to develop anti-social behavior, defy their parents, and suffer from mental illnesses later in life, according to a... Read more

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    Viral Photos Show Schoolgirl Protecting Stray Dog From the Rain

    Photos which have since gone viral were snapped of a Peruvian schoolgirl protecting a stray dog from the rain. The images, taken by a bystander,... Read more

  • ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 06:  Guests receive promotional ice cream a the "High School Musical: Get In The Picture" ice cream truck at Downtown Disney on July 6, 2008 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

    Creator of the Ice Cream Truck Melody Has Died

    PHILADELPHIA—Les Waas, the advertising legend behind the Mister Softee jingle heard in hundreds of ice cream trucks for more than half a century, has died... Read more

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    He Was Shot on the Street, Then Saved by a Stranger. But It’s the Reunion With His Rescuer That’s Even More Touching

    Antonius Wiriadjaja was walking down the street in a New York City borough when he was struck by a bullet. Thanks to a stranger’s help, he escaped death,... Read more

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