• The NOAA's Okeanos Explorer mission has encountered quite a few life forms during the 2016 Hohonu Moana expedition. (AOL Screenshot)

    Deep Sea Exploration Crew Finds Bizarre Creatures (Video)

    The NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer mission has encountered quite a few life forms during the 2016 Hohonu Moana expedition. Swimming and swaying amidst the depths off... Read more

  • o'grey-peety short film

    Dog Saves Life of Man Who Rescued Him From Shelter

    At 51-years-old, Eric O’Grey was told by a doctor that he should buy a funeral plot because he would need it in five years. O’Grey,... Read more

  • Dorothy L. Liggett  tosses her graduation cap into the air after receiving her belated high school diploma on her 93rd birthday on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in Fairlawn, Ohio. She was joined by her children John Huston (left), Carol Weiner, Donald Huston, Diane Bailey and Jan Larkin for the celebration.  Liggett was a few weeks from graduation from Akron's North High School in 1942 when officials discovered she was married. Liggett and her late husband, John Huston, ran away to Kentucky to get married after her husband was called into the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. (Michael Chritton/Akron Beacon Journal via AP)  MANDATORY CREDIT

    93-Year-Old Ohio Woman Receives High School Diploma

    Dorothy Louise Liggett has lived through World War II and the Cold War, has read a biography or autobiography on nearly every United States president and each’s spouse, and has... Read more

  • US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Sept. 14, 2015. (LAURA BUCKMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

    How Donald Trump Gets Away With Saying Things Other Candidates Can’t

    In an interview last month, George Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump about his retweet of a follower who insisted that both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz... Read more

  • (pixtawan/iStock)

    Modern Buildings Have an Alarming Flaw When People Need to Escape Quickly

    The landscapes in which many of us live would have been unimaginable to previous generations. We now have skyscrapers so striking and tall they would... Read more

  • (OcusFocus/iStock)

    Why Daylight Saving Time Makes Some of Us Miserable

    When daylight saving time (DST) begins (March 13 at 2 a.m. this year), many of us lose an hour of sleep, but others find the... Read more

  • Houston Kraft (Courtesy of Houston Kraft)

    It’s Literally This Man’s Job to Be Kind

    Houston Kraft’s mom always told him to hug like he means it. She practiced kindness, and as with anything practiced often, it grew—in her heart... Read more

  • (SIphotography/iStock)

    Hey, Mom, Don’t Completely Lose Sight of Yourself

    Once upon a time there was a girl. She was wide-eyed with big dreams. She was sharp as a tack, quick on her feet, a... Read more

  • Tweet from Burke High School student Alex Gaeth of school janitor Roy Smith, singing Sam Cooke. (Alex Gaeth/Twitter)

    High School Janitor Sings Sam Cooke, Blows Audience Away

    Roy Smith, a janitor at Burke High School in Omaha, Nebraska, gave a remarkable rendition of Sam Cooke‘s 1964 hit “A Change Is Gonna Come” during... Read more

  • (GOTO_TOKYO/iStocK)

    If Planners Understand It’s Cool to Green Cities, What’s Stopping Them?

    Our cities are getting hotter, more crowded and noisier. Climate change is bringing more heatwaves, placing pressure on human health, urban amenity, productivity and infrastructure... Read more

  • Australia’s Symbio Wildlife Park has some very tiny new residents. (AOL Screenshot)

    Viral Video Shows Babies of World’s Smallest Monkeys (Video)

    Australia’s Symbio Wildlife Park has some very tiny new residents. Staffers at the New South Wales facility announced recently that Gomez and Iti, a pygmy... Read more

  • (Samuel Westergren)

    This Incredible Instrument Makes Music With 2,000 Marbles

    Four minutes of sound that took 14 months to make.  This incredible hand-made machine is a real life “animusic:” a video animation portraying a computer-animated... Read more

  • Screen capture of GoFundMe campaign to help Fred Callison. (GoFundMe)

    Homeless Man Lands Job From Handing Out Resume

    No, he did not ask for money–instead he passed out his resume, and finally, after two years, landed a job. Frederick Callison, 52, sits with... Read more

  • (

    Essential Home Improvements When Selling Your Home

    If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, then chances are good that you’ve looked around and started thinking about what improvements... Read more

  • (Photo: Courtesy of Chris Burleton) 
Natasha Fuller, 8, embraces Oakfield Elementary School teacher Jodi Schmidt, who is set to donate her kidney to the little girl.

    Video: Wisconsin Teacher Plans to Give Kidney to First-Grader

    This isn’t something you see every day—at least between a student and a teacher. Jodi Schmidt, a third-grade teacher at Oakfield Elementary School in Wisconsin... Read more

  • Left: Stock photo. (Ilmicrofono Oggiono/CC BY 2.0)
Right: Dollar bills. (Pictures of Money/CC BY 2.0)

    25 Highest Paying Jobs in US, According to Glassdoor

    These are the 25 highest paying jobs in the U.S., according to the jobs and recruitment website Note that C-suite level jobs were excluded... Read more

  • (University of Rio de Janeiro)

    Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Each Year for Reunion With Man Who Saved His Life

    A penguin swims 5,000 miles each year to reunite with a man who saved it. A South American Magellanic penguin swims the journey annually to... Read more

  • A soldier in the Afghan National Army (ANA) walks past a burn pit at a command outpost on March 22, 2013 in Kandahar Province, Zhari District, Afghanistan. In a new book, author Joseph Hickman reveals the little reported effect of giant toxic burn pits. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    Book Review: ‘The Burn Pits—The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers’

    The cost of war often exceeds the cold statistics, from the number of dead to those of injuries. Today, the old calculus is not enough... Read more

  • (

    These Insane Roller Coasters in Europe Will Make You Plan Your Next Vacation NOW

    Here’s the secret to the greatest holiday you can have in Europe. It’s something high in the mountains, surrounded by nature and as exciting as... Read more

  • Alexis Lemaire, 24, posing in front of a blackboard in Reims, France, 20 December 2004 after he set a new world record as he became the first person to figure out the 13th root of a 200-digit number by mental arithmetic alone. (FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Survey: 1 out of 5 Adults Have Forgotten How to Do Fractions or Percentages

    At least a fifth of adults have forgotten how to perform basic mathematical equations taught in school, according to a new survey.  One in five... Read more

  • Longtime employee Freia David has retired from McDonald's after 32 years of service on Aug. 29. (Facebook/The Charles River Center)

    McDonald’s Employee With Down Syndrome Retires After 32 Years

    Longtime McDonald’s employee Freia David celebrated her retirement from the fast food industry after an incredible 32 years of service on Aug. 29, according to... Read more

  • A man in Indonesia is claiming to be 145 years old which would make him the oldest living person ever recorded. (AOL Screenshot)

    Indonesian Man Claiming to be 145 Years Old Says Key to Longevity is Patience (Video)

    A man in Indonesia is claiming to be 145 years old which would make him the oldest living person ever recorded, notes The Independent. His... Read more

  • A photo of Surrey, B.C. elderly married couple—Wolf and Anita Gottschalk— wiping away tears during a visit has gone viral on Facebook on Aug. 23. (Facebook/Ashley.Kaila)

    62 Years of Marriage and Now Forced to Live Apart

    A photo of a tearful elderly couple in Surrey, B.C., went viral almost immediately on Facebook and has highlighted a major problem within B.C.’s healthcare... Read more

  • West Virginia Trooper D.C. Graham bathes a baby in the headquarters sink after he was found in the back seat of an alleged DUI driver on Aug. 23. (West Virginia State Police Princeton Detachment)

    Trooper Cares for Baby After Driver Pulled Over for Suspected DUI

    A routine traffic stop unveiled a shocking image for one West Virginia state trooper. When trooper B.R. Wood with the Princeton detachment arrested a woman for... Read more

  • The Horsehead Nebula (NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team/STScI/AURA)

    Take a Few Minutes to Tour Through Space: 10 Stunning Scenes

    We have compiled some of the most beautiful and fascinating space photos featured as NASA’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day” in recent months. With spacecraft such... Read more

  • (Dario Sabljak/Shutterstock)

    Does More Regulation Lead to More Fraud?

    When top-level managers find governance mechanisms too coercive, they’re more likely to commit fraud, according to a new paper. This goes against the conventional wisdom... Read more

  • A customer walks towards an entrance to an Applebee's restaurant in Palatine, Illinois.   (Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

    Server Receives $500 Tip After Compassionate Act

    A waiter who works at a Dallas-area Applebee’s restaurant received an unforgettable tip. “They ordered the cheapest thing on the menu,” Kasey Simmons said of... Read more

  • 371BDFB200000578-0-image-a-53_147091203901223130a1

    Children Pen Viral Obituary for Firefighter Father

    A former New Orleans firefighter passed away and his family wrote an obituary for the ages. William Ziegler died on July 29 at the age... Read more

  • Clockwise from left: Renata preparing pastels for The Green Door Supper Club. Jabuticaba, cashew fruit, mangosteen, and star fruit at Sao Paolo market. Pastel and garapa. (Renata Oliveria)

    Really Delicious Rio

    LONDON, UK—Think Rio and you may imagine Olympic fervour, the vibrancy of carnival – never Catford. But knock on a certain green door and Londoner... Read more

  • shutterstock_268199678

    The Right Words in a Text Can Calm a Crisis

    Crisis hotlines have been around for years, but until recently there’s been very little data on which counseling strategies seemed most effective at helping people... Read more

  • Angela Weir with her husband, Chris Weir.  (Facebook/Angela Weir)

    Nurse Falls 75 Feet While Trying to Help Car Crash Victims

    A woman fell 75 feet in while attempting to help victims of a car crash in Maryland. Angela Weir, a nurse, was driving to the... Read more

  • Aleeza Yu signs for Stanford. (Aleeza Yu Twitter photo)

    Canadian-born Chinese Gymnastics Girl Wins Stanford Scholarship

    Aleeza Yu, a Canadian-born Hong Kong girl from Canada’s Ontario State High School has been awarded a full scholarship as a four-year honor roll student... Read more

  • Demi Frandsen and Leo (Facebook)

    Mother Donates 131 Gallons of Breast Milk to Hospital After Her Son Dies

    A Nebraska mother whose 10-month-old son died responded by donating 17,503 ounces, or 131 gallons, of breast milk to a local hospital. Demi Frandsen, of... Read more

  • (Minerva Studio/Shutterstock)

    Can You ‘Teach’ Workers to Be More Emotionally Resilient?

    You may know someone like this at work: optimistic and resilient, they appear to bounce through challenges drawing on an internal strength that helps them... Read more

  • Police officers in Rome were called to the home of a distraught elderly couple then stuck around to console the husband and wife and make them a meal. (AOL Screenshot)

    Police Officers Cook a Meal for Lonely Senior Couple in Heartwarming Act (Video)

    Last Tuesday, police officers in Rome went to an elderly couple’s apartment after a neighbor reported shouts and cries coming from their unit, reports the... Read more

  • 02130130a0a123012300a

    Couple Married for 63 Years Die Just 20 Minutes Apart

    Henry and Jeanette De Lange died 20 minutes apart on July 31 in the same room at a nursing home in Platte, South Dakota, KSFY reported... Read more

  • Jeni Stepien with Arthur Thomas after he walked her down the aisle at her wedding on Aug. 6. Here she feels her father, Michael's heartbeat. (Lauren Renee/

    Bride Given Away By Man Who Received Her Late Father’s Heart

    A Pittsburgh bride was walked down the aisle on her wedding day in an unorthodox way. Jeni Stepien was accompanied not by her father, who died... Read more

  • Liz Willock and Ellis Hill (GoFundMe)

    Uber Driver Can See Son Compete in Rio Olympics Due to Kindness of Strangers

    After a GoFundMe campaign raised $8,200, Uber driver Ellis Hill will be able to travel to Rio de Janeiro to see his son compete during the... Read more

  • (Photo by Fotolia)

    Hong Kong Life Expectancy Once Again Overtakes Japan and Tops the List

    Japan’s latest survey shows that Hong Kong becomes the “Capital of Longevity”, overtaking Japan in life expectancy once again after three years. Japanese Ministry of... Read more

  • Jennifer Fontaine kisses her baby daughter at her parents’ home in Massachusetts, Feb. 25. A prenatal screening suggested Fontaine’s fetus might have Edwards syndrome, where a chromosome produces more material than needed affecting normal development. A new study found structural defects in the brains of children with autism, leading researchers to believe brain damage related to the disorder starts in utero. (Elise Amendola/AP Photo)

    UK Woman, Possibly Oldest with Down Syndrome, Celebrates 75th Birday

    Frances Gillett, who has been described as the oldest woman in the world with Down syndrome, celebrated her 75th birthday this week. Gillett, born in... Read more

  • (Samantha Sophia/Unsplash)

    5 Stress Management Tips for Introverts

    Feeling stressed? Why don’t you grab some friends and head out on the town? See a live concert? If any or all of these suggestions... Read more

  • OldBrain

    Older Brains Learn Plenty, but Don’t Filter

    In a new study, older learners had retained the mental flexibility needed for a visual perception task but were not as good as younger people... Read more

  • (miss_j/iStock)

    5 Essential Oils That Help Fight Infections

    By Max Joseph, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Essential oils are routinely used in Aromatherapy for their pleasant, sweet scent. However, they have much more to offer. Essential... Read more

  • Arthritis

    7 Natural Remedies for Arthritis That Work

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 million Americans now suffer from arthritis. That equates to one in five people... Read more

  • Researchers have found the sunshine vitamin plays a key role in heart health. (uduhunt/shutterstock)

    Want a Healthier Heart? A Daily Dose of Vitamin D Should Do the Trick

    The old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But a daily dose of vitamin D is really where it’s at when... Read more

  • (AlyssaV/Shutterstock)

    Here’s What Estrogen Has To Do With Migraines

    There is a known link between migraines and estrogen, but it has never been fully understood. Researchers now are steps closer to better understanding this... Read more

  • (Valentina Proskurina/Shutterstock)

    Chill Out and Soothe Pain with Mint

    Bite into a chili pepper and your tongue feels heat, even though the actual temperature in your mouth doesn’t change. A similar trick occurs with... Read more

  • Pregnancy

    Autism 4X More Likely If Mom Is Obese With Diabetes

    Children born to obese women with diabetes are more than four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as children of healthy... Read more

  • (Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock)

    Inflammation–Depression Link Is Not to Be Sneezed At

    Have you ever had the flu, and along with the physical symptoms a temporary feeling of being low and fed up? Though most of us... Read more

  • (nomao saeki/unsplash)

    6 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

    Whether you’re dealing with the routine symptoms of your monthly cycle or facing new challenges such as hot flashes and mood swings as you near menopause, you... Read more

  • (Scharfsinn/Shutterstock)

    Parsley for Bladder Infections, Menstruation, Osteoporosis, and Digestive Problems

    Fresh herbs can be hard to come by, but not parsley, which is perhaps the most ubiquitous.  In many restaurants, parsley functions more as a... Read more

  • (HannaMonika/Shutterstock)

    Olive Oil: The Ancient Fountain of Youth

    “I’ve never had but one wrinkle, and I’m sitting on it,” Jeanne Louise Calment famously quipped.  Jeanne Louise Calment was a French supercentenarian who had... Read more

  • (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated?

    Water is essential for human life. It accounts for for 50-70% of our body weight and is crucial for most bodily functions. Any deficit in... Read more

  • (pixabay)

    Low Self-Esteem is Your Ego’s Best Buddy

    The Dalai Lama met with a group of western psychotherapists. He asked them what was the most prevalent issue that they encountered in their clients... Read more

  • (stock.tookapic/pexels)

    Do Ice Cream and Cold Drinks Cool Us Down?

    All over the world summer is synonymous with water activities, cold beverages, and of course ice cream. While most of us agree ice cream and... Read more

  • (SOMMAI/Shutterstock)

    Turmeric— The Spice of Life

    Turmeric is a yellow-pigmented curry spice that is often used in Indian cuisine. But this spice is far more than a cooking staple. It also has... Read more

  • (el lobo/Shutterstock)

    The Way to Your Thyroid Is Through Your Stomach

    It’s not just what you eat. It’s how it gets there. It never ceases to amaze me how interconnected all parts of the body are... Read more

  • (Kerdkanno/shutterstock)

    15 Foods for a Healthy Brain

    What does the food you eat have to do with how your brain functions? Turns out an awful lot. While we’ve always known that what... Read more

  • (OKcamera/Shutterstock)

    Spirulina: A Luxury Health Food and a Possible Panacea for Malnutrition

    Spirulina, a type of blue-green algae, is an incredible superfood that provides a concentrated source of protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. As one of... Read more

  • (puhhha/shutterstock)

    Pain in the Hand and Migraine Headaches, Study Shows Association Between the Two

    An association has been found between carpal tunnel syndrome and migraine headaches. A study has found that carpal tunnel sufferers are twice more likely to... Read more

  • Screengrab via Diane Hollifield Cupp/Facebook page

    Young Choir Sings to Honor Fallen War Hero on Flight

    Diane Hollifield Cupp was on a flight from Germany when she saw an Army private in uniform escorting the remains of a World War II... Read more

  • (Via GoFundMe)

    Four Teens’ Free Lawn Service Lifts Louisville Community

    It’s not every day that someone asks you if they can mow your lawn for free. But four teens in Louisville, Kentucky, are doing just... Read more

  • (Joseph Sohm/shutterstock)

    Father Surprises Little League Son on Birthday

    A Philadelphia little league baseball player was devastated when he learned his father hadn’t purchased him anything for his birthday—or so he thought. Braheim Fowler,... Read more

  • TV personality Robert Herjavec from "Shark Tank" visits LinkedIn for an Interview with Daniel Roth at LinkedIn Studios on April 26, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

    Robert Herjavec of ‘Shark Tank’ Offers to Replace 4-Year-Old’s Stolen Prosthetic Leg

    Frank Brenes is “crushed” that his 4-year-old son’s prosthetic leg was stolen at a California beach over the weekend. Brenes and his family and friends were... Read more

  • CoTbMVdUkAAy98a

    A 6-Year-Old’s Dream Comes True: Garbage Man for a Day

    Six-year-old Ethan Dean, who at just 2 weeks old was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, says he wants to be a garbage man when he grows up.  ... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11

    Police Officer Saves the Day for Woman and Son Stranded on Highway

    Angela Brown was waiting on the side of a Virginia highway for a tow truck after her mother’s car broke down, when police approached. “Henrico... Read more

  • (Nejron Photo/Shutterstock)

    Modern Knights Revive Chivalry as Cultural Reform

    Chivalry-Now is a movement that introduces a new form of chivalry for the 21st century. Founder Dean Jacques is a retired social worker. Throughout his... Read more

  • (Courtesy of Marian Dioguardi)

    Creativity Makes the Everyday Vibrant

    While some enhance their creativity by reading books on the subject, such as “Wired to Create, Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind,” others study those who... Read more

  • Coty Vincent's Facebook page. (Facebook)

    Rental Car Employee John Goodlett Lends Helping Hand to Mom With Twins, Kindness Goes Viral

    Good isn’t only in John Goodlett’s name—he embodies it. When Coty Vincent entered a Tulsa, Oklahoma, Enterprise Rent-A-Car office on July 13, she encountered “one of... Read more

  • patient-gaming-on-phone-Mott-Children’s-Hospital-released

    Children’s Hospital Uses Pokemon as ‘Sneaky Way’ to Get Kids Exercising

    A pediatric hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is using the recently launched Pokemon GO game to “help patients get out and see the world.” “It’s kind of a... Read more

  • (Photo courtesy of James Karagiannis)

    Buffalo’s ‘Ice Creamcycle Dude’ Gives Away Cool Treats and Enables Warm Hearts

    James Karagiannis, known as the Ice Creamcycle Dude, is not a typical ice cream peddler.  Karagiannis, 36, recently started a pay-it-forward campaign to bring free ice... Read more

  • Kyle Bigler at his job (Joanna Griffiths/Facebook)

    Man Who Walked 16 Miles to Two Jobs Gets a Free Car

    A man in New Hampshire walks 16 miles per day between his two minimum-wage jobs. Kyle Bigler works at both Dunkin’ Donuts and a Big... Read more

  • (Facebook/Success For Fred)

    Homeless Student Lives in Tent Before College Starts; Then Community Helps

    While tensions have heightened between police officers and civilians in some places around the country, two security officers went out of their way to help a... Read more

  • Screengrab from NBC DFW

    Texas Woman Making and Donating Superhero Capes for Children of Dallas Police

    A woman of Frisco, Texas, wanted to honor real heroes and to give solace to children in pain. Alicia Lopez has been making superhero capes... Read more

  • Screengrab (YouTube/NationSwell)

    Professor Becomes Street Librarian, Delivers Books to the Homeless by Bike

    A writing professor is hoping to give homeless people in Portland, Oregon, fodder for more stimulating conversations by giving them access to literature. Laura Moulton cycles... Read more

  • Essynce Moore, 13, and her mother Starr Barrett in New York City on July 13, 2016. Moore is a fashion designer, author, spa owner, and was recently named Teenpreneur of the Year by Black Enterprise. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    With Mom’s Support, This 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Taking the World by Storm

    Doing something you love is the inspiration behind unstoppable 13-year-old Essynce Moore—who proves that with a little support, opportunities are endless.  Moore’s drive and determination have allowed her to accomplish things... Read more

  • American flags at the graves of U.S. soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery, in preparation for Memorial Day in Arlington, Va., on May 21, 2015. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

    Hundreds of Landscapers Volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery

    Hundreds of landscape professionals joined forces Monday to beautify Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place for hundreds of thousands that served in the U.S... Read more

  • Screengrab from Storytellers for Good

    Healing Grief Through Serving Others, a Unique Trip to Nicaragua

    A lot of organizations provide a platform for those who are grieving to come together, but few provide a positive outlet. Catherine Stern and Carole... Read more

  • Screengrab from Euro News

    Video: Portuguese Boy Consoles Devastated French Fan After Soccer Win

    A crushed French fan was comforted by a young Portuguese boy after Portugal beat France 1-0 in the Euro 2016 final on July 10. The video shows... Read more

  • YouTube screengrab (YouTube/Sergi Serge)

    10-Year-Old Awarded PhD-Level Fellowship

    The sky’s the limit for 10-year-old Eva, who recently applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship last month, in hopes of building Thymio robots. “The streets of Paris... Read more

  • A dedicated room just for an office is a luxury most people would like. It can be separate from the rest of the house, in a spare bedroom, or unused basement room. (irina88w/iStock)

    Choose Home Office Furniture That Inspires

    Shopping for functional and stylish home office furniture? You’re definitely not alone. The home office has become an increasingly important room in the Canadian home... Read more

  • A feminine cottage style bedroom with romantic soft floral print curtains and pillows. (KhongkitWiriyachan/iStock)

    Style File: Cottage Decor

    The cottage decor style is very welcoming and cozy. It is bursting with romance and personality and intended to make family and guests alike feel... Read more

  • A sophisticated living room which has layered floor coverings perfect for playing on the floor and plenty of soft or curved surfaces to create a safe space for little ones. A child-friendly space doesn't have to look like a playroom. (Victoria Pearson/Nathan Turner via AP)

    Ask a Designer: Homes That Work for Both Kids and Grown-Ups

    For new parents, the urge to keep little ones entertained and enriched can often lead to a home so full of baby gear and toys... Read more

  • (Courtesy

    Style File: Coastal Decor

    Style File explores the breezy, beachy world of coastal interior decor. Coastal is a real feel-good style that finds its anchors (pun very much intended)... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.19.47 AM

    Australian Couple Raffling Tropical Island Resort for $36 a Ticket

    An Australian couple is raffling their tropical island resort and scuba diving business, after living there for more than two decades. One lucky winner will... Read more

  • Parents and adult children, as well as grandchildren, are coming together to live under one roof. (Courtesy

    Building For Multi-Generational Households

    As housing prices continue to skyrocket and the inventory of Canadian homes becomes increasingly smaller, multi-generational homes have begun to experience a renaissance. Parents and... Read more

  • This photo taken April 8, 2016, shows town homes at The Cannery, which is set beside the plowed field of the small, urban farm that is a centerpiece of the community in Davis, Calif.  (Michelle Locke via AP)

    Agrihoods Take Root: A Housing Trend Rooted in Agriculture

    DAVIS, Calif.—”How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm?” asks the old song. The answer may be: Build them an agrihood. Feeding off the... Read more

  • A living room designed by Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design. A couple's contrasting tastes are both represented: Sleek, modern furniture and lighting mix beautifully with soft floral drapes and colourful, patterned pillows. (John Hugstad/Burnham Design via AP)

    Ask a Designer: Advice for Couples Blending Two Homes Into One

    For couples setting up a new home together, it’s a challenge: how to merge two sets of stuff and two decorating styles into one space... Read more

  • This undated photo taken in Puerto Rico shows a weeping fig tree.  (Lee Reich via AP)

    Gardening: Tropical Houseplants Need a Little Coddling

    A winter trip to the “Isle of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico, left me feeling sorry for many of my houseplants back home. The effects of steam-bath... Read more

  • (Courtesy of

    Costly Real Estate Market Drives Home Renovations Industry, says EiEi

    Home renovations are big business in Canada, outstripping even residential real estate transactions. has tapped into the flourishing home renovation industry by establishing a... Read more

  • An outdoor entertaining space with a fireplace and comfortable seating. (Courtesy

    How to Create an Outdoor Room

    Finally, the warmer weather is here to stay. That means dining alfresco on freshly grilled delights. Instead of hiding indoors, time will be spent trading sips... Read more

  • Laundry detergent makers introduced miniature packets in recent months such as this one photographed Thursday, May 24, 2012, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

    Laundry Pods Poison More Children Every Year

    Laundry pods may be convenient, but they come at a price.  A study published in Pediatrics on Monday showed that more children were being poisoned... Read more

  • <> on April 13, 2016 in Milan, Italy.

    Neglected Treasures Freshly Innovated in Milan Furniture Fair

    MILAN—Big Italian furniture brands turned out collections at the 55th Milan Furniture Fair that included forgotten or neglected treasures from their archives, along with fresh... Read more

  • This April 28, 2004 photo taken near New Market, Va., shows an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly perched on some Creeping phlox, a ground cover. (Dean Fosdick via AP)

    Gardeners Can Help Protect Butterfly Populations

    Bees aren’t the only pollinators suffering from a massive North American die-off. Butterflies and moths, those flying flowers of the insect world, are disappearing too... Read more

  • Youtube video thumbnail. (Great Big Story/Youtube)

    Why This Incredible Creation Should Not Be Called Dr. Seuss House?

    Out in the wilderness of Willow, Alaska, Phillip Weidner built a house for himself that, as he put it, is his “poem to the sky.” His original... Read more

  • : Garages usually end up being a dumping ground for things that we don’t want cluttering up the house. (

    Garage Storage Solutions: How to fit an Entire Car in Your Garage

    We heard the most unbelievable urban legend today. Apparently, a long time ago, people actually used to put their cars inside of garages, instead of... Read more

  • (A. Masow Architects)

    House Build Around the Full-Grown Tree Is Getting as Close to Nature as Possible

    To allow people to escape the concrete boxes of modern city life, Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov brings nature as close to you as a home... Read more

  • A "before" photo showing the kitchen and bathroom. (YouTube/screenshot)

    Tiny Home Is Totally Transformed With Technology

    A couple wanting to live in central Hong Kong found the perfect place. The only problem… It was just 309 square feet. And Michelle Tennant... Read more

  • Youtube video thumbnail. (Kirsten Dirksen/Youtube)

    Man Turns Political Campaign Signs Into Awesome Camper for His Bike

    If the idea of nomadic life strikes a chord with you, Paul Elkins may just have the thing you need—a camper that is light and compact... Read more

  • This photo provided by Amelia McDonell-Parry, shows weavings by McDonell-Parry, a New York-based editor and writer, who hasn’t been weaving for very long but has fallen in love with the craft.  (Amelia McDonell-Parry via AP)

    Women in Craft: Making Their Mark, and Often a Living

    Women have always been an integral part of crafting culture, and now, with help from the internet, they’re at the forefront of the current “maker”... Read more

  • 2016 Audi A3 Cabriolet. (Courtesy of Audi)

    2016 Audi A3 Cabriolet 2.0 TFSI quattro: Created for A Sunny Day Or A Sunny Disposition

    The Audi A3 Cabriolet has an acoustic folding roof with a unique space-saving system. This allows it to be stored almost seamlessly in an elegant,... Read more

  • 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty in off-road duty. (Coutesy of Ford)

    2017 All-New Ford Super Duty: Toughest, Smartest, and Most Capable Super Duty Ever

    When it comes to building trucks, Ford knows it really well. And Ford makes the Super Duty trucks, which may just well be the hardest-working... Read more

  • 2016 Subaru Forester. (Coutesy of

    2016 Subaru Forester 2.0XT Touring: Lots of Room, Lots of Possibilities

    In the Subaru Forester line, the 2.0XT Touring is the most refined and feature-laden trim. The 2.0 L aluminum alloy turbocharged 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed Boxer engine... Read more

  • (YouTube/screenshot)

    Video: Rare Ultima GTR Supercar Spotted Swerving into Traffic in Russia

    Driving one of the world’s fastest supercars in a city can be a dangerous endeavor, a driver in the Russian town of Krasnodar found out recently. ... Read more

  • 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. (Courtesy of Subaru)

    2016 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i Premium: Up for Any Challenge

    The Crosstrek is powered by Subaru’s unique boxer engine. This 2.0 L aluminum-alloy 4-cylinder engine has the cylinders lie flat, with two facing the opposite... Read more

  • 11373899_608471945960954_1857941683_n

    Dallas Cowboys Player With $3.5 Million Contract Still Drives Car He Bought for $2

    Dallas Cowboys running back Alfred Morris does not plan on giving up his “baby” anytime soon.  While other NFL players are driving luxury vehicles, Morris,... Read more

  • 2017 Hyundai Elantra. (Courtesy of Hyundai)

    2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco: Provides the Power for Self-Improvement

    The Elantra Eco has a surprising amount of power. This energy comes from the 1.4 L turbocharged inline-four engine, producing a maximum of 128 hp... Read more

  • 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. (Courtesy of

    2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Performance Personified

    Shortly after the Chevrolet Camaro hit the streets in September 1966 as a 1967 model it was transformed into a muscle car outfitted with Chevy’s... Read more

  • Chevrolet 2010 Impalas sit at a Chevrolet dealership in Aurora, Colo., April 11, 2010. General Motors announced Thursday, July 21, 2016, that the company is recalling nearly 308,000 older Chevrolet Impala sedans in the U.S. and Canada because the air bags might not inflate in a crash. The recall covers Impalas from the 2009 and 2010 model years that were made before Feb. 10, 2010. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)

    GM Recalling Almost 290,000 Chevrolet Impalas Over Air Bag Concerns

    Chevrolet Impala sedans from the 2009–2010 model years are being recalled by General Motors Co., according to a filing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on... Read more

  • 2017 Volvo S90. (Courtesy of Volvo)

    2017 Volvo S90: A Scandinavian Sanctuary

    Malaga, Spain. Volvo selected the magnificent Mediterranean coastline of Spain to launch the beautiful S90 luxury automobile. The new fabulous Volvo S90 did not come... Read more

  • 2016 Honda Fit. (Benjamin Yong)

    2016 Honda Fit

    Completely redesigned last year, the practical and sporty Honda Fit continues to make its mark in the 5-door subcompact segment and winning awards along the... Read more

  • Traffic is backed up on the New York State Thruway in Harriman, N.Y., due to a fatal crash on the northbound side of Interstate 87 in Woodbury on Sept. 18, 2010. Government estimates show U.S. traffic deaths rose 8 percent for the first six months of 2015, following a slight decrease in 2014, according to a report released Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

    The Top 10 Most Dangerous US States for Elderly Drivers

    Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is the most dangerous state for senior drivers, a recent study says. An estimated 14 million Americans... Read more

  • learning

    Learning to Drive a Car Versus Learning to Fly a Plane

    Though the requirements for obtaining an operating license for air versus ground travel may vary in different regions, learning to drive in the United States is generally... Read more

  • 2016 Honda Accord. (Courtesy of

    2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring: Inspiring Everywhere You Drive

    The Honda Accord has been on the Car and Driver 10 Best List a record 30 times. Accord is sophisticated and comfortable, and the Touring... Read more

  • The Tesla Model X is shown at the 2013 North American International Auto Show media preview January 15, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

    Driver of Tesla Crash in Pennsylvania Says Autopilot Was On

    Another Tesla vehicle in autopilot mode has been involved in a crash, coming a week after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is investigating the circumstances... Read more

  • Josh Brown records his Tesla autopilot vehicle driving on the road, a video which he uploaded to his YouTube channel.(Screenshot/Josh Brown);Right:The Tesla Model S electric car is displayed during the 2016 London Motor Show at Battersea Evolution Marquee on May 5, 2016 in London, England. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

    Tesla Crash Driver Was Watching ‘Harry Potter,’ Says Witness

    Frank Baressi, the driver of the truck that a Tesla on autopilot hit, has said he heard from the crashed vehicle “‘Harry Potter’ playing on the TV screen.” ... Read more

  • (Via YouTube/Joshua Brown

    Tesla Driver Who Died Using Autopilot Had Praised the Feature for Averting Previous Crash

    Tesla Motors has confirmed the first autopilot death involving their Tesla S sports car, driven by former Navy officer Joshua D. Brown of Canton, Ohio... Read more

  • 2016 Mazda CX-9. (Courtesy of Mazda)

    2016 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring FWD: Common Sense, Yet Nothing Common About This Car!

    The first CX-9 rolled off the assembly line in 2006. With each new model year, Mazda has improved the CX-9’s pleasant driver experiences. The CX-9... Read more

  • 2016 Toyota Tundra. (Courtesy of Toyota)

    2016 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition 4X4 CrewMax FFV: Goes Beyond Work and Play

    The Toyota Tundra is one full-size, powerful truck. A 5.7 L i-Force DOHC V8 with Dual Independent VVT-i delivers 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of... Read more

  • 2015 Grand Cherokees on display at a Fiat Chrysler dealership in Doral, Fla., Nov. 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

    Jeep Automaker Faces Lawsuit Days After Anton Yelchin’s Death

    A class action lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles federal court against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) on June 23 for having faulty gear shifters in... Read more

  • (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    Four Ways Brexit Will Hit Personal Finances

    British people have woken up to the news that their country has voted to leave the European Union. Along with this, there has been turmoil... Read more

  • Intense traffic on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago, Ill., on Nov. 27, 2013. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    How to Lower Your Car Insurance as a Convicted Driver

    We all make mistakes, and if you’ve been convicted of a crime while driving, you can see your insurance rates shoot through the roof. You’ve... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 2.04.33 PM

    Missouri Man Pays $50,000 Interest on $2,500 Payday Loan

    In 2003, Elliot Clark of Kansas City, Missouri, was desperate. His wife broke her ankle, she needed surgery, her health insurance didn’t cover it, and... Read more

  • CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 1:  Current federal tax forms are distributed at the offices of the Internal Revenue Service November 1, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois. A presidential panel today recommended a complete overhaul of virtually every tax law for individuals and businesses.  (Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    5 Tips for Filing a Tax Extension

    With the April 15 tax deadline coming up, many taxpayers are feeling increasingly stressed. Many wish they simply had more time to compile the necessary... Read more

  • Investment clubs depend on teamwork and collective intelligence to help its members become better investors. (Anna Romanovska/Epoch Times)

    A Resurrection for Investment Clubs?

    While low-cost investing with “robo-advice” is one solution gaining traction for helping people invest, an avant-garde option—one that actually makes people better investors—could be group... Read more

  • A job seeker fills out an application during a National Career Fairs job fair in Chicago on April 22, 2015. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

    A State-by-State Look at Unemployment Benefits

    Some states have been cutting back on the benefits offered to unemployed workers. Since the end of the recession, eight states have reduced the duration... Read more

  • Consumer credit cards are posed in North Andover, Mass., on March 5, 2012. The biggest months for adding and dropping credit cards are November, December, and January, so now's the time to make sure the annual fee is really worth it. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

    Is That Credit Card With the Annual Fee Really Worth It?

    NEW YORK—The biggest months for adding and dropping credit cards are December and January, so now’s the time to make sure that $95 annual fee... Read more

  • In this April 13, 2014 file photo, the Internal Revenue Service Headquarters (IRS) building is seen in Washington. (AP Photo/J. David Ake, File)

    IRS on the Line Looking for Money? More Likely a Scammer

    WASHINGTON—The Treasury Department has a message for taxpayers getting calls from the IRS demanding immediate payment: Hang up. Those aggressive, threatening calls are coming from... Read more

  • A sign in the window of a liquor store shows the Powerball lottery jackpot at $700 million in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 7, 2016. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

    The Science Is In: Winning the Lottery Probably Won’t Make You Better Off

    Stories about the tragedies that have befallen lottery winners are so common that it’s almost a cottage industry in journalism. As the Powerball jackpot approaches... Read more

  • A screen shows the New York Stock Exchange during the afternoon of Jan. 4 the first day of trading for 2016. Despite a rocky start to the year, analysts expect a better year than 2015. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    Equity Investing in 2016: Bull Market Still Has Legs

    Analysts expect a better year for stocks in 2016 than in 2015 with more compelling opportunities in Europe and Asia versus the U.S. That may... Read more

  • A customer pays for goods while shopping at the Atlanta Farmers Market in Atlanta on June 6, 2015. Wage growth has been perhaps the job market's biggest weakness since the recession ended. Pay increases have been both slow and uneven, highly dependent on your field of employment and, for many, not enough to keep pace even with a slow-rising cost of living. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

    What 2016 Will Do to Your Checkbook: Rent, Food, Gas, Raises

    Wondering how you will fare financially in 2016? Below are what experts think next year will hold for financial matters close to home: Raises, rent,... Read more

  • Canada’s financial establishment is about to be revolutionized by fintech—financial technology that puts loans, investment advice and a host of other services at the tip of a touchscreen. (The Canadian Press/Nathan Denette)

    Uber Banking: Fintech Aims to Revolutionize Financial Services in Canada

    Fintech, applying cutting-edge technology to revolutionize financial services, is hot. As tech innovation disrupts industries like transportation and accommodation through companies like Uber and Airbnb... Read more

  • The Treasury Department said Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015, that the government-backed retirement savings plan myRA, for “my IRA,” is now available nationwide. (Screenshot/

    Q&A: How MyRA, a New Retirement Account, Works

    NEW YORK—It’s time to get saving. A government-backed individual retirement account announced nearly two years ago by President Barack Obama is now available across the... Read more

  • In recent years, credit scores have been used for pre-employment screening and many other functions beyond their original intent, Salomon Israel says. This study seems to bear out their usefulness as a proxy for a person's reliability and steadfastness, and in turn how healthy they may be (Jrcasas/iStock)

    Credit Scores Can Reveal If You’re Healthy or Not

    A new study confirms what insurance companies already know: Credit scores can reveal how healthy you are. Researchers have uncovered a strong relationship between low credit... Read more

  • (DragonImages/

    To Cut Costs, College Students Are Buying Less Food and Even Going Hungry

    Studies have long shown that a college student’s odds of achieving financial security and a better quality of life improve when he or she earns... Read more

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Aug. 26, 2015. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

    Stay the Course During Stock Market Correction

    A stock market correction was long overdue, but understanding the bigger picture and seeing through the fear in financial markets can present some excellent opportunities... Read more

  • (Bernadette Gatsby/, CC0)

    Why Americans Waiting Longer Than Ever to Buy First Homes

    WASHINGTON—Short of cash and unsettled in their careers, young Americans are waiting longer than ever to buy their first homes. The typical first-timer now rents... Read more

  • "The more extroverted the population, the lower the savings rates tended to be, even when controlling for population differences in age, life expectancy, and wealth," says Jacob Hirsh. (icanteachyouhowtodoit/CC BY 2.0)

    Extroverts Tend to Save Less Money

    Extroverted populations tend to have lower savings rates, new research shows. “Many of the choices that people make are influenced by their personality characteristics,” says... Read more

  • "Given the enormous growth in the use of student debt in recent years, the issue of whether it may impact future small business formation is becoming critically important," Brent W. Ambrose says. (Ken Teegardin/CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Do Student Loans Prevent New Small Businesses?

    Student loan debt can get in the way of small business creation, report researchers. Their recently updated study looks at student loan debt across the United States... Read more

  • Foreign Investment Data 20150619

    Vancouver Real Estate Market Keeps Surging

    VANCOUVER, Canada—Real estate is front and centre in the minds of Vancouverites. It just seems to get hotter and hotter. While everybody can agree on... Read more

  • White and black 3-D printers at the University of Ottawa makerspace. (Meika Ellis)

    Makerspaces Critical for Advancing Hardware Innovation, Learning

    Makerspaces are like super-garages providing room to tinker, create, and build for the masses. The “maker movement” is in its infancy in Canada, and there... Read more

  • RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 07:  Gold medalists Nathan Adrian, Ryan Held, Michael Phelps and Caeleb Dressell of the United States pose on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Final of the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay on Day 2 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on August 7, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

    How Do Olympic Athletes Pay the Electric Bill?

    Last week, while sitting in traffic, I noticed a weathered bumper sticker with a little acoustic guitar on it that said: “Real musicians have day... Read more

  • Farmers are among the group of jobs most likely to commit suicide, according to a new report by the CDC, June 30, 2016. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Jobs That Have Highest Suicide Rates Are Male-Oriented, Says CDC Study

    Farmers, lumberjacks, and fishermen commit suicide more than workers in other industries in the United States, according to a new study released by the Centers... Read more

  • Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov at his office in Midtown, Manhattan, on June 13, 2016. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov Fights the World’s Dictators

    Garry Kasparov, often considered the greatest chess player of all time, sees life as a battle between opposites: good and evil, or freedom and totalitarianism... Read more

  • (Pexel, CC0)

    5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Left School

    Dear class of 2016, Finishing school can be a daunting experience but you are young, bright and have your future ahead of you—easy for me... Read more

  • Canadian finance minister Bill Morneau speaks at the Canada Summit in Toronto on June 8, 2016. (The Canadian Press/Eduardo Lima)

    Fixing Canada’s Innovation Conundrum Demands Multi-Pronged Approach

    TORONTO—Just throwing money at the problem won’t solve Canada’s innovation enigma. A cultural shift needs to take place where innovators are celebrated and not scorned... Read more

  • Screenshot (4)

    Working Every Day for Over 70 Years, This Man Is the Longest Serving Blacksmith in Britain

    Hardy Fred Harriss first picked up a hammer when he was 10 years old. The year was 1938, the time, before World War II even... Read more

  • (ShinjiPhotographer/iStock)

    Smokers Have a Harder Time Finding Jobs, Stanford Study Finds

    We speak with Judith Prochaska, author of the study “Likelihood of Unemployed Smokers vs Nonsmokers Attaining Reemployment in a One-Year Observational Study” that came out April... Read more

  • (Sasiistock/iStock)

    Automation Won’t Destroy Jobs, but It Will Change Them

    The last few years have seen numerous studies pointing to a bleak future with technology-induced unemployment on the rise. For example, a pivotal 2013 study... Read more

  • Job seekers look over job opening fliers at the WorkSource exhibit, a collaborative effort by governmental agencies to offer jobs and job training resources at the Greater Los Angeles Career Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Calif., on May 14, 2009. (David McNew/Getty Images)

    We Need to Look Beyond Unemployment to Fix Labor Market Inequality

    When we think about disadvantages and challenges in the labor market, unemployment generally takes center stage, clearly exemplified by the monthly jobs report hype over... Read more

  • Abraham Lincoln. (Public Domain/Courtesy of Marina Amaral)

    Colored Historical Photos Look Shockingly Lifelike

    You’ve probably seen these pictures before. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy. But chances are you’ve never seen them like this. The vintage artsy... Read more

  • (Courtesy of Tal Peleg)

    Artist Creates Most Cute and Beautiful Pictures on Her Eyelids

    You may not have considered make up an art form, but let’s just see if Tal Peleg can change your mind. After finishing her visual communication... Read more

  • When we begin to carve out time to consider a bigger picture, we ultimately feel more control and more confidence as we face the daily tasks ahead. (Bwei/iStock)

    Simplify Your Life to Take Control of Anxiety

    Most of us experience anxiety—moments when the stress we feel is out of proportion with the situation at hand and not helpful for dealing with... Read more

  • (Courtesy of Salavat Fidai)

    Artist Chisels Pencil Tips Into Stunning Sculptures

    Salavat Fidai used to be the manager of a big company in Ufa, Russia, but last year lost his job because of the economic crisis... Read more

  • Left: Stock photo. (Ilmicrofono Oggiono/CC BY 2.0)
Right: Dollar bills. (Pictures of Money/CC BY 2.0)

    25 Highest Paying Jobs in US, According to Glassdoor

    These are the 25 highest paying jobs in the U.S., according to the jobs and recruitment website Note that C-suite level jobs were excluded... Read more

  • (demaerre/iStock)

    Jobs Don’t Need to Be Lousy

    Do people have to put up with poor quality jobs because that’s the only way to get enough jobs? Are the quality and quantity of... Read more

  • (Vimeo)

    Watch: Boy Who Invented a Lego Car That Runs on Air

    Raul Oaida, age 21, is driven … and loaded with ideas. Hardly from a world-class, bustling city, the Romanian from a small village had obstacles to overcome,... Read more

  • (Click48/iStock)

    Is It Even Possible to Have a Work-Life Balance?

    Back in the early 1980s, when I started researching the field of careers, the notion of “work-life balance” was decidedly embryonic. It certainly had almost... Read more

  • (shironosov/iStock)

    Collaboration: Too Much of a Good Thing?

    It’s not your imagination. Involvement by managers and employees in collaborative endeavors has increased by 50 percent in the past two decades, according to research... Read more

  • (filiz76/iStock)

    Top 10 Best Cities in the World to Live In

    These are the top 10 best cities to live in, according to new research published by consulting firm Mercer. While Europe is dominating the list,... Read more

  • (Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock)

    Back to School Prep—Planning Ahead for the Busy Season

    After a summer of independence and freedom, it can be tough to shift gears for fall and all that comes with it—alarm clocks, the school... Read more

  • (Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock)

    Family Travel Packing: The Kids’ Bags

    When it comes to family travel, recognizing and planning for the unique needs of your children is key. In general, children may find sitting still,... Read more

  • shutterstock_367390880

    How Companies Learn What Children Secretly Want

    If you have children, you are likely to worry about their safety – you show them safe places in your neighborhood and you teach them... Read more

  • (Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

    8 Strategies to Keep It Together While Getting Out the Door

    Leaving your home is something you completely take for granted before having children and that can lead you to feel like an utterly incompetent human afterwards. ... Read more

  • 5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Family Vacation

    A family vacation—however simple or luxurious—is a wonderful antidote to today’s hectic, over-scheduled, digitally connected family life. The enormous benefits of unplugged, focused time together... Read more

  • Winter Olympian, Shelley Rudman's Mum Josie Rudman, daughter Ella Bromley, and Dad Jack Rudman show their Support whilst watching her compete at Sochi, on TV on February 14, 2014 at her local Pub In Pewsey, United Kingdom.  (Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images for P&G's TYM Campaign)

    Olympic Life Lessons—10 Reasons to Watch the Olympics With Your Children

    The 2016 Rio Olympics are underway. The very best athletes in the world have descended upon the city for their chance at Olympic gold.  Tune... Read more

  • (Dasha Petrenko/Shutterstock)

    A Parent’s Guide to August

    As July turns to August, the reality that summer won’t actually last forever begins to hit home. There’s both an urgent desire to make the... Read more

  • (Via GoFundMe)

    Four Teens’ Free Lawn Service Lifts Louisville Community

    It’s not every day that someone asks you if they can mow your lawn for free. But four teens in Louisville, Kentucky, are doing just... Read more

  • (

    Social Media Stunts Children’s Morality, Say Parents

    Children are learning more anger and hostility, and less fairness and humility through social media, concerned parents say.  More than half of U.K. parents think popular... Read more

  • (Romrod photo/Shutterstock)

    How Make the Most of a Rainy Summer Day

    Sometimes a rainy day interrupting the glorious summer weather can be a welcome change of pace and a great opportunity to slow down, check in, and... Read more

  • (bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock)

    5 Tips for Planning a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

    In our ultra-connected world, it’s ironic that unplugging and getting away is the best way to truly connect with loved ones, but that is ever... Read more

  • IMPD News via Facebook

    Kids Pray for Father’s Safe Return After Police Officer Shootings

    Multiple police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge this month have left families of police officers around the country on tenterhooks. The Indianapolis Metro Police... Read more

  • (Rido/Shutterstock)

    Don’t Dismiss Dads as Just the Breadwinners

    New research provides some of the most conclusive evidence to date of fathers’ importance to children’s outcomes. The study reinforces the idea that early childhood... Read more

  • Essynce Moore, 13, and her mother Starr Barrett in New York City on July 13, 2016. Moore is a fashion designer, author, spa owner, and was recently named Teenpreneur of the Year by Black Enterprise. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    With Mom’s Support, This 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Taking the World by Storm

    Doing something you love is the inspiration behind unstoppable 13-year-old Essynce Moore—who proves that with a little support, opportunities are endless.  Moore’s drive and determination have allowed her to accomplish things... Read more

  • (Sunny studio/Shutterstock)

    Hacking Your Packing: 6 Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

    Before kids, packing for vacation might have included some basic toiletries and the number of outfits you’d need for the number of days you’d be... Read more

  • Shutterstock

    50 Sites in 50 States to Visit With Your Family

    As I write this, it’s the dawn of the Fourth of July weekend and families all over the country are donning their red, white, and... Read more

  • untitled_3820160627

    Former Foster Child Regina Louise Shares Her Inspiring Story of How Love Brought Her Back From the Brink of Destruction

    SAN FRANCISCO—It wasn’t until Regina Louise was 13 years old that she felt as though somebody loved her. Abandoned by her parents, beaten by those... Read more

  • (Shutterstock/JaySi)

    6 Strategies to Make Your Next Family Road Trip a Joy

    For some parents the idea of a long family road trip brings on feelings of dread. Such excursions have gone awry before, and while they hope... Read more

  • Eight-year-old Sawyer, who has Downs syndrome, was excluded from a child's birthday party.  (Facebook/Jennifer Kiss-Engels)

    Mother Writes Letter After Son With Down’s Syndrome Not Invited to Party

    A mother and resident of Langley, B. C., Canada wrote an open letter on June 23 to parents who invited the entire class to their child’s birthday... Read more

  • 6 Books to Check out Before Your Family’s Next Walt Disney World Vacation

    Planning a family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida can overwhelm even the most well-traveled parent. For many, this vacation is a significant investment... Read more

  • Teacher Maria Olsen-Hoek raised money through to take her students to Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center in 2015. (Courtesy of Maria Olsen-Hoek)

    Tight Budgets Force Teachers to Crowdfund for Supplies

    NEW YORK—Ms. Carver needs pencils, markers, and erasers for her seventh-graders. Ms. Olsen needs some koosh balls and ribbons to help her autistic children stay... Read more

  • Dr. Kenneth Eastwood, superintendent, Enlarged Middletown School District, in his office in Middletown on July 11, 2016. (Yvonne Marcotte/Epoch Times)

    Middletown: A Diploma that Guarantees Success After Graduation

     MIDDLETOWN—Middletown’s Board of Education has set high goals for the school district. The Board of Education instituted Project 20/20 with ten goals to reach by... Read more

  • Students walk on campus between clases at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla., on March 11, 2015. (Brett Deering/Getty Images)

    Making College Worth the Cost

    Americans are increasingly wondering if liberal arts colleges are worth the cost to both students and taxpayers. After noting the most important deficiencies, I propose... Read more

  • 2566174938_67b611020a_b

    Music Training Speeds up Brain Development in Children

    Observing a pianist at a recital—converting musical notations into precisely timed finger movements on a piano—can be a powerful emotional experience. As a researcher of... Read more

  • ITT Technical Institute Canton, Michigan. (Dwight Burdette/CC BY)

    College Chain Faces Mounting Troubles

    ITT Technical Institute, a for-profit college with campuses across the United States, is accused of misleading its students with a deceptive student loan program and... Read more

  • Paper or tablet? (Creative Commons/Megan Trace)

    Do Students Lose Depth in Digital Reading?

    Do students learn as much when they read digitally as they do in print? For both parents and teachers, knowing whether computer-based media are improving... Read more

  • A statue of Plato from the Academy of Athens. (Anastasios71/Shutterstock)

    Educator Jeremy Tate: The Classics Can Help Us Build a Better Future

    Do we value self-control or indulgence? Do we value kindness and generosity or competitive self-interest? These are the questions educator Jeremy Tate asks us to... Read more

  • Hopscotch

    Coding for Kids

    Kids are amazing at learning new technologies. They can learn to use smartphones or tablets before they are able to talk. But merely using new... Read more

  • More than 250,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are out of school, despite efforts by the government and donors, Human Rights Watch said calling it an "immediate crisis." (HASSAN JARRAH/AFP/Getty Images)

    ‘Crisis’ in Lebanon for Syrian Children out of School

    Mariam Khatib, a 15-year-old Syrian refugee in Lebanon, says she has just one wish in life – to be able to go back to school... Read more

  • In this Sept. 13, 2015, file photo, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev crowns Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell as Miss America 2016 in Atlantic City, N.J. (AP Photo/Noah K. Murray, File)

    Miss America Launches Education Scholarship for Former Winners

    Miss America continues to advocate for women’s education. The non-profit organization announced on July 19 the launch of a new scholarship that will offers financial assistance... Read more

  • Children who continue to learn during the summer break from school avoid a decline in knowledge that compounds over the years, experts say. (Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

    Experts Encourage Parents to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer

    The final days of the school year are met with excitement from students across the nation. Children rush out of classrooms as the final bell rings... Read more

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton (R) holds hands with NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garca (L) after she addressed the 95th Representative Assembly of the National Education Association July 5, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    Clinton Looks to Raise Teacher Wages, Revamp Testing in New Education Plan

    The students at Charles L. Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit are not participating in much physical education—school conditions don’t allow for it. A faulty roof leaked rainwater... Read more

  • (screenshot/YouTube)

    Kindergartens in the Forest Allow Children to Sync With Nature

    The rapid growth of technology in our society has inevitably made its way into classrooms, spurred on by educators across the nation. School districts continue... Read more

  • (michaeljung/Shutterstock)

    Higher Education Pays for Itself Many Times Over

    The relative neglect of higher education investment in political debate is a missed opportunity. The economic evidence is that not only does higher education build... Read more

  • YouTube screengrab (YouTube/Sergi Serge)

    10-Year-Old Awarded PhD-Level Fellowship

    The sky’s the limit for 10-year-old Eva, who recently applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship last month, in hopes of building Thymio robots. “The streets of Paris... Read more

  • First lady Michelle Obama  visits a woman education program in Monrovia, Liberia, on June 27.
US First Lady Michelle Obama told girls in Liberia on Monday to fight to stay in school, as she visited the west African country where the vast majority drops out due to financial pressures. (ZOOM DOSSO/AFP/Getty Images)

    For Girls in Liberia, Going to School Is a Delicate Venture

    Jomalin Kamara is one of the lucky few young girls in Liberia who completed primary school. And it wasn’t easy—there were cultural quagmires she had to navigate along... Read more

  • Adults? Or not yet? HCC Public Information Office, CC BY-NC-ND

    Just Graduated? Does It Make You Feel Like a Grown Up?

    We may think that a simple age cutoff – such as 18 – should make us feel like adults. And why not? After all, crossing... Read more

  • Black male teachers account for just 2 percent of the nation's teachers, yet teacher diversity has a positive impact on black students, particularly male. (michaeljung/Shutterstock)

    Black Male Teachers Critical, but a Rare Find in Classrooms

    Donovan Livingston, 29, can count on one hand the number of black male teachers he has had in his 24 years of formal schooling—four in total... Read more

  • MIAMI - JUNE 16:  English teacher Radka Tomasek speaks to the class at the English Center June 16, 2006 in Miami, Florida. The school holds adult education classes that include English language classes for people who have immigrated to the United States. U.S. President George W. Bush recently said, ?Part of the greatness of America is that we've been able to help assimilate people into our society... And part of that assimilation process is English. I believe this: If you learn English, and you're a hard worker, and you have a dream, you have the capacity from going from picking crops to owning the store, or from sweeping office floors to being an office manager.?  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    To Curb Shortage, Utah Will Hire Teachers With No Formal Training

    Utah is radically changing requirements for new teaching hires in an attempt to bolster the number of teachers in the state. The Utah Board of... Read more

  • A wide range of scholarships exist out there, and it's best to apply early and apply to many. (garagestock/Shutterstock)

    How to Find and Apply for Millions Worth of College Scholarships

    There is a way to avoid adding to the $1 trillion in federal student loans debt—scholarships. Scholarships can aid in paying for college and/or vocational schools... Read more

  • An Eastern firefly, Photinus pyralis. (Wikimedia/art farmer, CC BY-SA)

    June Weather Means Fireflies Are Showing, Lawns Are Glowing

    LINCOLN, Neb.—The glow of fireflies is nothing short of magic. It’s the joy of watching them light up in the grass, or catching them and... Read more

  • (as33d/shutterstock)

    How to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

    By Susan Grimes, Organic Lifestyle Magazine In the midst of summer fun, those who love garden fresh greens for months to come will take the time... Read more

  • (Courtesy of Feedback)

    This Free Lunch for 5,000 People Was Made From Food That Would’ve Been Wasted

    We’ve all heard the phrase, “When in doubt, throw it out.” Chances are, that mentality has contributed to the pitching of perfectly good leftovers into... Read more

  • (Marina Lohrbach/iStock)

    How to Make Your Own Compost Tea

    By Ali Lawrence, Organic Lifestyle Magazine If you’re still using plain old compost, you’re living in the past. These days gardeners are raving about the wonders... Read more

  • Youtube video thumbnail. (Mikael Kjellman/Youtube)

    Swede Designs Tiny Bike-Car for Healthy Commuting in Tough Weather

    Mikael Kjellman really likes to bike, but where he lives (in Sweden) the weather is not always conducive to biking. Fortunately, Kjellman works as a design... Read more

  • Clear skies provide good views of The Milky Way, Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales. (Luke Tscharke/WWF-Aus)

    Earth Hour: Community Action Key

    SYDNEY—Earth Hour, conceived in Sydney in 2007 as a one-off community event, is now a global phenomena. On March 19 this year, over 172 countries... Read more

  • (Anna Omelchenko/iStock)

    Understanding the Heart of Chinese Medicine

    Modern people typically believe that the brain rules the body. But according to ancient Chinese doctors, the heart is in charge. In traditional Chinese medicine,... Read more

  • (djedzura/iStock)

    Green Living: The Most Effective Oven Cleaner

    By Natalie Miller, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Cleaning your oven with baking soda and vinegar will leave it sparkling clean and shiny, without you having to rely... Read more

  • (Jani Bryson/iStock)

    A Healthy Way to Build Communities

    Mark Winne, an author and anti-hunger activist, often says that the most important word in “community garden” isn’t “garden.” I saw this firsthand not long... Read more

  • (Geo-grafika/iStock)

    How to Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Your Home

    By Allene Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine When it comes to cleaning your home, how do you choose products? Marketing companies try to convince us that scrubbing... Read more

  • (AlexeyBorodin/iStock)

    Is the Meat Industry More Sustainable Than California’s Almond Plantations?

    By Ethan A. Huff, contributing writer to Natural News When “progressives” speak about unsustainable food production, they often go after meat products as being among the worst... Read more

  • A view through a canopy of trees in full fall color Oct. 24, 2015, along Skyline drive in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

    All National Parks to Offer Free Admission on 16 Days in 2016

    WASHINGTON—The National Park Service turns 100 years old in 2016 and wants everyone to celebrate! All national parks will waive their entrance fees on 16... Read more

  • (Wavebreakmedia/iStock)

    Why Gardening Is Good for Your Mind as Well as Your Body

    More than half the planet’s population now live in cities, with limited access to the natural world. For Europe and Latin America, the figure is... Read more

  • (s_white/iStock)

    How to Get Rid of Black Mold for Good (Infographic)

    If you detect black mold in your house, it is important that it be removed as soon as possible. Toxigenic black mold can quickly take... Read more

  • (Marina Lohrbach/iStock)

    Simple DIY Rose Water

    It’s rose water season! Can you get your hands on some fragrant rose petals? If yes, then you can make some amazing rose water that you... Read more

  • (Cowspiracy/Netflix)

    Cowspiracy Will Expand Your Perception of the Modern Meat Industry

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting your mind ripped wide open by the movie Cowspiracy, I will tell you it is a highly intelligent... Read more

  • (Tambako The Jaguar/CC BY-ND 2.0)

    France Has a Great Plan for Its Soil—And It’s Not Just About Wine

    French wine lovers have always taken their soil very seriously. But now the country’s government has introduced fresh reasons for the rest of the world... Read more

  • (mile84/iStock)

    Goal Zero Venture 30: Rugged Waterproof Power Pack & Solar Charger

    When you need reliable offgrid power for charging phones, cameras, tablets, or other mobile devices, a portable solar charger and power pack are just what... Read more

  • This is what happens when baking soda and acid (in this case vinegar) interact. (Kate Ter Haar/Flickr/CC BY)

    28 Baking Soda Hacks to Make Life Easier

    Forget about cakes and cookies–baking soda is one of the most useful items you could (and should!) have in your kitchen, and for more reasons... Read more

  • (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life

    Vinegar is said to have been discovered around 5000 BC, when unattended grape juice turned into wine and then vinegar. Originally used as a food... Read more

  • View from Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, home to popular beaches like Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. (Courtesy Round Hill Hotel and Villas)

    Jamaica: Why ‘Ya Mon’ Brings You Back for More

    Known as the happiest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is world-famous for much of what we take for granted today, like Bob Marley and jerk... Read more

  • (Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock)

    Family Travel Packing: The Kids’ Bags

    When it comes to family travel, recognizing and planning for the unique needs of your children is key. In general, children may find sitting still,... Read more

  • Hehuan mountain taken at 3,200 metres, on the highest road in Taiwan. (Song Bilong/Epoch Times)

    Indulging in Taiwan: Third Time’s a Charm

    Last summer, I went to visit Taiwan for the third time, and really enjoyed the homey feeling of this beautiful island. People say third time... Read more

  • 5 Fun Ways to Commemorate Your Family Vacation

    A family vacation—however simple or luxurious—is a wonderful antidote to today’s hectic, over-scheduled, digitally connected family life. The enormous benefits of unplugged, focused time together... Read more

  • The Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan has become a popular tourist destination due to its variety of otherworldly rock formations; however, human contact and natural elements have put some of the structures at risk. (AOL Screenshot)

    Bizarre Rocky Landscape at Taiwanese Park Seems to Belong to Another Planet (Video)

    Northern Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark features an almost otherworldly landscape of rocks and other natural formations. The narrow, approximately one-mile-long stretch contains mushroom, ginger, and other... Read more

  • A hot air balloon drifts above wildebeest on Tanzania's Serengeti Plain. (Barbara Angelakis)

    An Unforgettable Tanzanian Safari

    Tanzania is a country of abundant natural beauty situated on the east coast of Africa. It boasts an amazing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 16... Read more

  • Summer 2014, Pontoosuc Lake, Lanesborough. (Ogden Gigli)

    The Berkshires: Hitting the High Notes for Fitness and Culture

    The Berkshires in western Massachusetts, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Boston, are picture-perfect with rolling hills and leafy knolls. It’s no wonder the Gilded Age’s high... Read more

  • Xiuguluan River (Rafting)

    The Wonders of Taiwan’s East Coast

    Though Taiwan is an island country only somewhat larger than the state of Maryland, its mountains and history make for a land of variety, be... Read more

  • (Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock)

    How to Eat Well on Your Next Family Vacation

    I know. I know. “It’s vacation.” All rules are out the window right?  Food is such an integral part of experiencing a different place and... Read more

  • Sidi Bou Said. (Mohammed Reza Amirinia)

    Tunisia: A Historical Treasure Trove

    Editor’s note: Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom all advise exercising a high degree of caution if travelling to Tunisia due to the... Read more

  • The fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle, a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace perched on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria.   (Anisha Sreddy/Public Domain)

    Bavaria: Fairy-Tale Castles and BMW World

    I’m not sure what I expected when I boarded my Lufthansa flight from Ottawa to Bavaria’s capital, Munich. Sure, images of fairy-tale castles flanked by... Read more

  • Zimbabwe 2016 Elephants2

    Zimbabwe: Culture, Natural Beauty, and Man-Made Wonders

    Rhodesia, named after British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes and once dubbed “The Jewel of Africa,” is no more. In its place is Zimbabwe, a land-locked... Read more

  • Edinburgh Castle and part of the Old Town. (Kim Traynor/Public Domain)

    Scenes From Scotland: Edinburgh and North Berwick

    I’ve been to Scotland several times and my visits have often coincided with the playing of golf’s oldest major event, The Open Championship. Amazingly, this... Read more

  • (bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock)

    5 Tips for Planning a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

    In our ultra-connected world, it’s ironic that unplugging and getting away is the best way to truly connect with loved ones, but that is ever... Read more

  • Many fabulous and important objects have been found inside of caves, but few of them can rival the truly gargantuan crystals resting beneath a mine in Naica, Mexico. (AOL Screenshot)

    Mexico’s Cave of Crystals is Otherworldly (Video)

    Many fabulous and important objects have been found inside of caves, but few of them can rival the truly gargantuan crystals resting beneath a mine... Read more

  • The Spa, La Costa (Susan James)

    Carlsbad: Southern California’s Spa Central

    Spas and spa culture are an integral part of the local scene in laid-back Southern California. Located in the heart of a desert, SoCal’s zeitgeist... Read more

  • (Sunny studio/Shutterstock)

    Hacking Your Packing: 6 Tips for Your Next Family Vacation

    Before kids, packing for vacation might have included some basic toiletries and the number of outfits you’d need for the number of days you’d be... Read more

  • sierra-negra-7

    Paradise Found on Isabela Island

    When the speedboat reached the port of Isabela Island, the largest of the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador, an inner peace came over me. As the... Read more

  • Serenity in Retiro Park. (Mitchell Jordan

    The Many Faces of Madrid

    Unlike some cities, the Spanish capital of Madrid doesn’t smack you over the head with what it has to offer. This is not to say... Read more

  • Shutterstock

    50 Sites in 50 States to Visit With Your Family

    As I write this, it’s the dawn of the Fourth of July weekend and families all over the country are donning their red, white, and... Read more

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