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It Wouldn’t Be Fall Without One of These Fabulous Centerpieces

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Fall is naturally the most decorative season – colorful gourds, vibrant bursts of foliage, blue skies and dark pine cones. Nature is taking care of...


The DRECP – What Is It?

California’s Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is here! The draft environmental documents, totaling more than 8,000 pages, were posted online last Tuesday after an announcement event in Palm Springs that included Secretary Sally Jewell, Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Raul …... Read More

  • The "Thank you tree", designed by Swedish artist Lasse Åberg, represents a number of trees planted in Africa, and is meant to replace cut flowers as a gift to performers. (Courtesy of Vi Agroforestry)

    ‘Thank You Tree’ Contributes to a Better Environment, and Fights Poverty

    STOCKHOLM—A Swedish aid organization has developed a re-usable work of art, in order to replace the flower bouqets frequently given to actors and artists after... Read more

  • Image courtesy orrissadiary

    New Species of Wolf Snake Discovered in India

    India gets a new species of snake and the state of Odisha lends its name to this new snake! In a delightful news for snake... Read more

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    20 Ways to Detox Your Home

    Many of us have done a detox in order to eliminate internal toxins from our body, but how many of us do anything about the toxins in... Read more

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    Going Nuts for Figs

    Many Americans are only familiar with dried figs, but fresh figs are a delicious treat available in the summer and fall seasons. Figs are commonly... Read more

  • Three six-month old Indian white tiger cubs are pictured with their mother Sameera (R) at their enclosure at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on March 29, 2014. (Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images)

    India’s Tiger Protection Squad Ensures No Poaching

    “Tyger, tyger, burning bright,” wrote William Blake in his famed poem. And now it appears that thanks to a dedicated team belonging to the Special Tiger... Read more

  • Highway support center and salt deposit. Image courtesy of Boris Zeisser from 24H-architecture.

    Dutch Architects Are Using Wood in Amazing, Innovative Ways (+Photos)

    A wide range of constructions were nominated for the Dutch Wood Prize, a prize installed in 1999 to advance the use of wood in modern architecture. The... Read more

  • A mother and baby sea otter swim between icebergs from the Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound, Alaska. (Photo by Jon Cornforth / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

    Sea Otter Awareness Week 2014

    This week, September 21– 27, marks the 12th annual Sea Otter Awareness Week. Aside from being absolutely adorable, sea otters are a keystone species, meaning their role... Read more

  • GCC 2014 Stella McCartney

    Stella McCartney: Star of the Green Carpet Challenge (+Video)

    GCC: The Green Carpet Challenge Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge was taken up at London Fashion Week 2014, big time. British designer Stella McCartney created... Read more

  • The Ecochic Design Award 2014

    The Ecochic Design Award: Hong Kong’s International Eco Fashion Competition

    Hong Kong’s Ecochic Design Award The Ecochic Design Award is the first international sustainable fashion design competition bringing together Asian and European fashion designers who share... Read more

  • (L-R) Eva-Maria Nordström, Jonathan Stoltz and Ann Dolling. They carried out the research project about how spending time in the forest affects people with stress-related illnesses at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. (Ulrika Lagerlöf/Skogssällskapet)

    A Forest Relieves Stress

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Spending time in the forest makes us feel better and helps recovery from stress-related illness, according to a study by scientists at the Swedish... Read more

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    DIY – Dry Shampoo Ingredients

    While we often worry about what goes in our cosmetics and skincare, we neglect to check the ingredients of a product we all use once... Read more

  • Estethica at LFW SS15

    Estethica: Ethics Run High at London Fashion Week SS15

    Estethica Showcase The highlight of any eco-fashionista’s Fashion Week schedule, Estethica showcased eight designers this year, including Auria, Bottletop, Charini, Christopher Raeburn, Eden Diodati, Mich... Read more

  • Yadav Payeng, The Forest Man

    ‘Forest Man’—The Man Who Planted a Forest in India

    In 2012 we shared the story of Jadav Payeng, a man who single-handedly and with dogged determination planted an entire forest in Assam. Now, you... Read more

  • 10 Easy to do gallery wall ideas to transform your home or office

    10 Easy to Do Gallery Wall Projects to Transform your Home or Office Space

    Cure your empty wall conundrum with an amazingly eye-catching gallery wall! Combine pictures and objects, purposely mismatch colors, put up a whole wall of empty... Read more

  • Divers body-painted as sea creatures demonstrate for a cast-off-ban of bycatch on November 3, 2008 at a swimming pool in Berlin's Schoeneberg district. (Michael Gottschalk/AFP/Getty Images)

    Trapped: Derelict Fishing Gear is Big Trouble for Marine Life

    They lie abandoned on the seafloor, crusted with barnacles and shrouded in algae. There are thousands of them up and down our coasts: lost, forgotten,... Read more

  • According to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, the Government environmental policy protects the environment effectively, contributing to the economic recovery, job creation and innovation. (Photo provided by the Government of Spain)

    Spain Reduces CO2 Emissions With 15% and Reaffirms Kyoto

    MADRID—The Spanish government announced that its country has achieved a decrease of the emissions of greenhouse gases with 15%, due to the renewal of cars... Read more

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