Coding for Kids


Kids are amazing at learning new technologies. They can learn to use smartphones or tablets before they are able to talk. But merely using new...

  • Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton (R) holds hands with NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garca (L) after she addressed the 95th Representative Assembly of the National Education Association July 5, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    Clinton Looks to Raise Teacher Wages, Revamp Testing in New Education Plan

    The students at Charles L. Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit are not participating in much physical education—school conditions don’t allow for it. A faulty roof leaked rainwater... Read more

  • (screenshot/YouTube)

    Kindergartens in the Forest Allow Children to Sync With Nature

    The rapid growth of technology in our society has inevitably made its way into classrooms, spurred on by educators across the nation. School districts continue... Read more

  • (michaeljung/Shutterstock)

    Higher Education Pays for Itself Many Times Over

    The relative neglect of higher education investment in political debate is a missed opportunity. The economic evidence is that not only does higher education build... Read more

  • YouTube screengrab (YouTube/Sergi Serge)

    10-Year-Old Awarded PhD-Level Fellowship

    The sky’s the limit for 10-year-old Eva, who recently applied to the Paris Summer Innovation Fellowship last month, in hopes of building Thymio robots. “The streets of Paris... Read more

  • First lady Michelle Obama  visits a woman education program in Monrovia, Liberia, on June 27.
US First Lady Michelle Obama told girls in Liberia on Monday to fight to stay in school, as she visited the west African country where the vast majority drops out due to financial pressures. (ZOOM DOSSO/AFP/Getty Images)

    For Girls in Liberia, Going to School Is a Delicate Venture

    Jomalin Kamara is one of the lucky few young girls in Liberia who completed primary school. And it wasn’t easy—there were cultural quagmires she had to navigate along... Read more

  • Adults? Or not yet? HCC Public Information Office, CC BY-NC-ND

    Just Graduated? Does It Make You Feel Like a Grown Up?

    We may think that a simple age cutoff – such as 18 – should make us feel like adults. And why not? After all, crossing... Read more

  • Black male teachers account for just 2 percent of the nation's teachers, yet teacher diversity has a positive impact on black students, particularly male. (michaeljung/Shutterstock)

    Black Male Teachers Critical, but a Rare Find in Classrooms

    Donovan Livingston, 29, can count on one hand the number of black male teachers he has had in his 24 years of formal schooling—four in total... Read more

  • MIAMI - JUNE 16:  English teacher Radka Tomasek speaks to the class at the English Center June 16, 2006 in Miami, Florida. The school holds adult education classes that include English language classes for people who have immigrated to the United States. U.S. President George W. Bush recently said, ?Part of the greatness of America is that we've been able to help assimilate people into our society... And part of that assimilation process is English. I believe this: If you learn English, and you're a hard worker, and you have a dream, you have the capacity from going from picking crops to owning the store, or from sweeping office floors to being an office manager.?  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    To Curb Shortage, Utah Will Hire Teachers With No Formal Training

    Utah is radically changing requirements for new teaching hires in an attempt to bolster the number of teachers in the state. The Utah Board of... Read more

  • A wide range of scholarships exist out there, and it's best to apply early and apply to many. (garagestock/Shutterstock)

    How to Find and Apply for Millions Worth of College Scholarships

    There is a way to avoid adding to the $1 trillion in federal student loans debt—scholarships. Scholarships can aid in paying for college and/or vocational schools... Read more

  • Samir Ali graduates from Urban Prep. Class of 2016 (Photo courtesy of Tim King)

    For Young Black Men in Chicago, a Charter School Helps Them Defy the Odds

    Mention the South Side of Chicago and images of a crime-infested ghetto leap to mind for many people. For black teenagers, life becomes a vicious... Read more

  • (Pexel, CC0)

    5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Left School

    Dear class of 2016, Finishing school can be a daunting experience but you are young, bright and have your future ahead of you—easy for me... Read more

  • Screengrab (YouTube/Video Shower)

    8th Grader Evokes Presidential Candidates in Hilarious Graduation Speech

    A graduating eighth grader at Thomas Middle School in Arlington Heights, Ill., had the school in stitches with his graduation speech on June 7. Jack... Read more

  • High school students during exams at the Fustel de Coulanges high school in Strasbourg, eastern France, on June 17, 2015. (Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images)

    Report: Fewer School Suspensions, Lots of Absences

    WASHINGTON—New government numbers offer a mixed snapshot of progress for the nation’s schoolchildren—with worrisome figures on how many students miss school, stubborn disparities on discipline,... Read more

  • David Kurfirst (L) and Chris Zumtobel (R), founders of Think Olio. (Jason Speakman)

    Professors Offer Higher Learning for the Price of a Movie Ticket

    High tuition costs can put college education out of reach for many, but the young founders of a unique program are providing graduate-level courses to... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.17.36 PM

    Texas Student Not Allowed to Wear ‘Honor Society’ Ribbon Because of Hurt Feelings

    A high school in Plano, Texas, is forbidding students in the National Honor Society (NHS) from wearing their branded collar at graduation because it might hurt... Read more

  • The 1992 class photo from Morse High School in San Diego, California. (Ewen Roberts/flickr, CC BY)

    Why High School Stays With Us Forever

    For better or worse, many of us never forget high school: the unrequited romantic crushes, chronic embarrassment, desperate struggles for popularity, sexual awakening, parental pressure... Read more

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