Without World War I, What Would Literature Look Like Today?

Our book shelves would look very different. (Flickr/Stewart, CC BY)
Our book shelves would look very different. (Flickr/Stewart, CC BY)

As we begin to commemorate the outbreak of World War I in earnest, just how central the “Great” war is to Britain’s conception of its...

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    Who Are More Likely to Be Bullies – Poor Kids or Rich Kids?

    Bullying is the repeated and systematic abuse of power with the aim of causing intentional harm. Examples of bullying have been found in all societies,... Read more

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    Cost of Student Visa Clampdown Weighs Heavily on Colleges

    The British government’s recent decision to suspend the licences of one university and 57 private further education colleges to sponsor international students has generated shockwaves... Read more

  • This photo taken July 1, 2014 shows Milsa Martinez, 20, in Arlington, Va. After 14 years of separation from her parents and a harrowing journey across the US border, Martinez finds solace in the northern Virginia high school where she's perfecting her English and learning civics and math. Tens of thousands of "unaccompanied" children and teens are crossing the border like Martinez did two years ago. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    American Schools Provide a Haven for Kids Who Crossed Border Alone

    ARLINGTON, Va.—After 14 years of separation from her parents and a harrowing journey across the U.S. border, Milsa Martinez finds solace in the northern Virginia... Read more

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    Brains of Steel

    Today’s educational technology often presents itself as a radical departure from the tired practices of traditional instruction. But in one way, at least, it faithfully... Read more

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    At What Age Are Children Ready for School?

    When are children “ready” for school? There is much debate about when the transition between play-based pre-school and the start of “formal” schooling should begin... Read more

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    It’s Hard to Market a University and Make It Accessible to All

    “There is no conflict between fair access and academic excellence. Nor should there be.” So said Les Ebdon, director of fair access to higher education... Read more

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    Forget Folk Remedies, Medieval Europe Spawned a Golden Age of Medical Theory

    It’s often said that there was no tradition of scientific medicine in medieval times. According to the usual narrative of the history of progress, medicine... Read more

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    What Is 7×8? You’ll Need Confidence to Answer Correctly

    The British Chancellor George Osborne recently refused to answer a simple times table question posed to him by seven-year-old school boy Samuel Reddings. Osborne was... Read more

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    Talking to Your Babies Could Help Them Do Better at School

    The rate at which children learn language varies substantially from child to child. Some children show rapid vocabulary growth before they go to school, while... Read more

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    The Seven Excuses Teachers Give for Not Being Able to Teach

    As another teachers’ strike looms on July 10 it is worth setting out the reasons that teachers are unhappy with their profession. It’s not just... Read more

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    What the Grammar Gurus Don’t Get About How We Learn

    The British Library is hosting it’s English Grammar Day, a day to finely split hairs over split infinitives, apostrophe’s (sic, sic, sic), and Oxford commas... Read more

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    Video: Why Some People Just Don’t Like Music

    For many people, enjoying music results in noticeable physical reactions – sweaty palms or a shiver down the spine. Music can cause the release of... Read more

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    Drop the Negative Spin on Kids Who Start School Bilingual–They Are a Rich Resource for the Future

    There are now more than 1.1 million children in our schools whose first language “is known or believed to be other than English” according to... Read more

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    Have You Unlearned These 7 Primary School Mistakes Yet?

    We have probably all experienced those days when our teacher told us one thing, then later on in life we find out that what our... Read more

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    Outwit History With These 7 Debunked Misconceptions

    History works in funny ways. As we grow up we are exposed to many events in history and call what we know as the truth... Read more

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    Art Is Vital (Video)

    It has been three years since the spectacular video of Lil Buck dancing to Yo-Yo Ma brought jookin—which draws from hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and modern... Read more

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