How to Deal With a Jerk at Work


Good coworkers can brighten your day and inspire your work; bad coworkers can crush your spirit. According to new research, those jerks at work do...

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    When Life Gives You Lemons … Make Granola!

    From our friends at HooplaHa, a great inspiration! With a healthy snack in hand, the Molina family was able to transform a time of serious economic hardship into... Read more

  • "A questionnaire measuring impulsivity for individuals in critical positions may be one of the screening mechanisms businesses could use," says Laura Smarandescu. (Tungphoto/Shutterstock*)

    Is Low Self-Control a Threat to Security?

    Researchers are using brain imaging to help companies determine which employees could pose a cybersecurity risk. To do that, they measured brain activity to identify... Read more

  • Who gets paid the most? (JD Hancock/flickr, CC BY)

    How Your Personality Relates to Your Productivity—and Salary

    Why do some people earn more than others? Research backs up the idea that workers with higher educational levels and more experience have higher salaries... Read more

  • Job applicant having an interview

    Are Women Actually Better at Negotiation?

    Women with successful negotiation experience are better negotiators than men, even when they rate themselves as average at it, a new study finds. The research... Read more

  • Anne Devereux-Mills, Executive Director of Healthy Body Image Programs at Stanford University School of Medicine. (Courtesy of Lantern)

    Female Executive: My Biggest Mistake Was Not Talking About How Hard It Was

    By day, Anne Devereux-Mills was the CEO of an international advertising company; by night, she was a single mother of two who survived melanoma cancer... Read more

  • Record clerk Josh Kelly wipes a dust speck from a used LP record as he put it in a sales bin at Vintage Vinyl Records Tuesday, in Fords, N.J., on April 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

    Don’t Panic, College Seniors: Jobs for Grads Likely to Grow

    WASHINGTON—The consulting and accounting firm EY is aggressively recruiting on college campuses this spring. The company formerly known as Ernst & Young plans to hire... Read more

  • "The results show that we can change the way we work to improve family life," says Kelly Davis.   (Emergency Brake/CC BY)

    3 Ways to Give Workers More Time With Their Kids

    A workplace intervention lets parents spend more time with their children—but affects mothers and fathers differently. “These findings may encourage changes in the structure of jobs... Read more

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    Work Less, Play More, and Other Productivity Hacks From a Manchurian Emperor

    If you’ve read our article “A Day in the Life of a Chinese Emperor,”  it may have struck you just how little actual work Emperor... Read more

  • Ivan Chermayeff, founding partner of the Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv brand design firm, talks about his life and work at the firm’s office space in Manhattan on April 2, 2015. (Samira Bouaou/EpochTimes)

    Graphic Arts Pioneer Ivan Chermayeff on Work as Play

    NEW YORK—When work is play and play is work, there’s no reason to stop working. “There’s no possibility of even thinking of a better job,”... Read more

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    10 Real Excuses Lawyers and Litigants Give for Being Late to Court

    Participating attorneys have an opportunity each week to poke fun at themselves, laugh at their colleagues, weigh-in on a hot topic, or reveal a personal... Read more

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    Call to Action: Start Improving Your Self-Worth Today

    Have you noticed how our brains can prompt us to either promote or deny our own self-value?  Jenny Craig, a transformational coach and Women’s Advancement Compact (WAC)... Read more

  • Architect and designer Michael Graves in a 1962 photograph. Graves passed away earlier this month. (YouTube screenshot)

    Michael Graves Sought to Create Joy Through Superior Design

    Visit the website of designer Michael Graves, and you’ll be greeted with the words Humanistic Design = Transformative Results. The mantra can double as Graves’s... Read more

  • Aren't you on the same team, or what? (Graham Norris/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Managers, Trust Your People: An Ancient Chinese Leadership Parable

    The Chinese have this saying: “If you doubt someone, don’t use him; if you use someone, don’t doubt him.” It could also be translated as... Read more

  • A matching score is given for each job opening provided. Candidates will then tell the system how they feel about each job, so it can learn their preferences. (WorkTies)

    Berkeley Startup Helps You Find Your Dream Job

    Looking for your perfect job is a bit like looking for a relationship—it’s important to understand what you really want, and what will really work... Read more

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    The Irony of It All: When Enthusiasm Is a Sign of Desperation

    An interesting thing happened when I met with a prospective client last month. Based on a variety of factors, I had assumed that this company... Read more

  • Francis "Buddy" Murnane

    NYC Sergeant Who Never Took Sick Day Dies

    NEW YORK–A New York Police Department sergeant who never took a sick day in his 42-year career has died weeks shy of his retirement. Sgt... Read more

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