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    Top 6 iPhone Apps to Help Advertising Executives Sell More

    If you are in the business of selling advertising, regardless of your title and if you’re prospecting for new ad clients you can probably take... Read more


    Happy People Work Harder (Especially If They Get Chocolate)

    Economists at the University of Warwick have found happiness increases productivity by around 12%. Andrew Oswald, Eugenio Proto and Daniel Sgroi carried out a number... Read more

  • Randi Zinn welcomes her guests to the Beyond Mom Mixer: A Facilitated Networking Experience for Forward-Thinking Moms in New York City. (Courtesy of Randy Zinn/Photo Benton Sampson)

    Tips for Networking Moms in New York City

    Many of us are seeking meaningful connections in this giant, overpopulated city. Networking can be tough. It’s hard to know the best communities to place... Read more

  • Are you wasting time?

    10 Everyday Tasks That Can Be Skipped

    Much of the time so desperately needed throughout the day could be gained by getting rid of time-wasting tasks.…... Read more

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    Big Whopper Economics in Fast-Food Franchises

    In August, Larry and Kathryn Baerns and their son, Christopher, filed court papers charging that the two new Steak ’n Shake restaurants they had just... Read more

  • Malan, left, has audience members help to illustrate a point. 

Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer

    Teaching with Elan

    David Malan is standing before the audience in Longfellow Hall asking for step-by-step instructions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In front of... Read more

  • Intensive Care Needed

    More Education and Lower Workload for Nurses Sees Patients’ Lives Saved

    Hospitals where nurses are qualified to bachelor’s degree level and have lower patient-to-nurse ratios have lower mortality rates. In a cross-European study published in The... Read more

  • More than a third of UK universities have given up teaching European language degrees.

    UK: We Need to Fall Back in Love With Learning Languages

    The drop in applications to European language programmes at UK universities will not have come as a great shock to anybody teaching languages. For at... Read more

  • This photo taken Jan. 9, 2014 shows U.S. Navy Commander Valerie Overstreet poses on the U.S. Naval Academy campus in Annapolis, Md. Overstreet wanted to start a family. But her job as a Navy pilot and the fact that she and her husband, also a naval officer, were stationed in different parts of the country made it complicated. So she decided to take advantage of a fledgling Navy program that allowed her to take a year off and return to duty without risking her career or future commands. Now, three years later, she’s got a two-year-old daughter and a nine-month old son, she’s back at work at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and her promotion to captain has been confirmed.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

    Sabbaticals May Help Military Keep Women in Ranks

    CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.—Navy Cmdr. Valerie Overstreet wanted to start a family. But her job as a Navy pilot and the fact that she and her... Read more

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    A Creative Résumé to Attract Employers: 1-Page Job Proposal

    Author Patrick G. Riley has developed a new, proactive job application tool. He provides job-seekers with a guide to building a one-page job proposal. The... Read more

  • In this Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 photo, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, right, talks with employees of DeNA, a video-game and e-commerce company founded by a woman, at their office in Tokyo. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who took office a year ago, has made the advancement of women a pillar of his economic revival policies in the most aggressive and ambitious initiative to back the rise of Japanese women in years. During a recent trip to Tokyo, Biden visited DeNA to drive home Abe’s message of promoting women. “Women are half the sky. They are half the brainpower. They are half the energy. They’re half the innovation,” Biden said. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

    Japan Promises Equality, But Women Find Few Jobs

    TOKYO— Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants women like Tomo Tamai to go back to work. Tamai is eager to do so, nearly two years... Read more

  • Arizona State University's Sun Devils football, file photo (*Shutterstock)

    You Know Who Else Uses Unpaid Interns? Colleges and Universities

    For students interested in a career in sports management, Arizona State University has what seems like a great opportunity. The school’s athletic program, which boasts of... Read more

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    Essential Networking: Always Carry Business Cards

    Necessary or not necessary? When it comes to business cards that’s the burning question. The answer? Necessary. It is a golden rule when attending networking... Read more

  • bella

    Essential Networking: Introducing Exclusive Target Networking Events

    I have now returned to London, following my month long research networking trip to New York. My purpose was to identify the differences between New... Read more

  • Networking specialist, Bella Rareworld. (BellaNetworking Events Ltd)

    From London to New York: Cultural Impacts of Networking

    NEW YORK—For New Yorkers, the most determining factor in whether someone is valuable to their network is—it may sound surprising—likability. “I may not be selling... Read more

  • bella

    Essential Networking: Connecting New York Style

    I have now been networking in New York for one month and it is has been an inspiring and electrifying experience, which I am eager... Read more

  • Bella Rareworld

    Essential Networking: Use it for Job Hunting

    The process of job hunting has significantly changed over the years since the growth of the internet and social media. It feels like a life... Read more

  • Bella Rareworld

    Essential Networking: International Networking Part 1

    For this column edition, I am writing from New York. I will be spending one month in NYC on an international networking research trip, researching... Read more

  • Bella Rareworld

    Essential Networking: How to Attract Quality Referrals

    There is a difference between receiving lots of referrals and attracting quality referrals. There is nothing better than word-of-mouth recommendations which speak volumes and are... Read more

  • Bella Rareworld

    Essential Networking: Don’t Be Shy — Become a Speaker

    Think about the last networking event or seminar you attended where you heard a talk from a speaker? Did you have any passing thoughts that... Read more

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