Police Officer Writes Touching Letter to His K-9 He Just Put Down

Clearwater Police Department
Clearwater Police Department

Anyone who has ever put down their dog, knows how difficult and sad it can be. Sgt. Michael Spitaleri was heartbroken, but said he made the...

  • City life can be incredibly stressful, and it appears humans aren’t the only urban inhabitants affected by the tension. According to a recent study, birds feel it, too. (AOL Screenshot)

    Remarkable Image Shows What Living in Urban Environment Does to Birds (Video)

    City life can be incredibly stressful, and it appears humans aren’t the only urban inhabitants affected by the tension. According to a recent study, birds... Read more

  • American black bear (Ursus americanus) feeding on salmon eggs (roe) at creek at Neets Bay fish hatchery, Behm Canal in Southeast Alaska near Ketchikan, USA. (Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket/Getty Images)

    Marathon Runner Plays Dead to Survive Bear Attack

    A woman is praising her fellow runners after she was mauled by a bear during a marathon and they came to her rescue. “Hi guys,... Read more

  • (Facebook screenshot/Will Costa)

    Man Breaks Window of BMW With Rock to Rescue Dog Trapped in Hot Car

    A man in Canada went above and beyond for a dog he saw trapped in a hot BMW vehicle. The unidentified man, in the parking lot... Read more

  • Alligators fear humans until they are fed by them, say experts. That's when they become very dangerous.(Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images)

    People Feeding Alligators Could Have Contributed to Attack on 2-Year-Old at Walt Disney Resort

    What began as a search effort for a 2-year-old Nebraska boy snatched by a seven- to eight-foot alligator at Walt Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort &... Read more

  • (Photo courtesy of Guirec Soudée)

    Photos: Man Sails Around the World With His Pet Chicken

    A man from Brittany, France, has been at sea for 2 years, sailing on his 11.8-meter (39-foot) boat named Yvinec, after the island he grew up on... Read more

  • Bella was stolen from her owner, Sunni Nucci, at a home burglary that took place earlier this month

    Puppy Stolen in Home Burglary Returned to Owner After 11 Days

    A Denver woman’s house was burglarized on June 3, as she headed to the gym and ran errands. When Sunni Nucci, a teacher at Mountain Range... Read more

  • Dolphins frolic around the Habor Breeze Cruises the Triumphant whale watching ship during the Memorial Day weekend trip on the Pacific Ocean off of Long Beach, Calif., on May 28. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    Video: Man Carries Beached Baby Dolphin Back Into Ocean

    Naude Dreyer had an eventful drive along a southwest African beach in Namibia on June 8. Dreyer spotted a small stranded dolphin. He stopped and... Read more

  • Would you fear a deer? (MrX/CC BY-SA 3.0)

    Ohio Woman Claims Deer Keeps Attacking Her, Afraid to Leave Home

    Cindy Frost is living the dream. She has a beautiful house in Mentor-On-The-Lake, right by Lake Erie, and wandering on her beautiful lawn is a beautiful... Read more

  • A tropical fish can tell one human face from another despite lacking a brain section that humans and ‘smart’ animals use for this task.  (Emily Irving-Swift/AFP/Getty Images)

    ‘Smart’ Tropical Fish Can Recognise Human Faces

    A tropical fish can tell one human face from another despite lacking a brain section that Homo Sapiens and other “smart” animals use for this... Read more

  • GOOD MORNING AMERICA - Bill and Melinda Gates talk with Robin Roberts about the goals of their Foundation, which works to help people improve their health, lift themselves out of poverty and get the best possible education. They also take questions from young people during the interview which airs Tuesday, FEB. 23 on GOOD MORNING AMERICA (7-9am, ET) on the ABC Television Network. (Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images) BILL GATES

    Bill Gates Explains What to Do If You’re Living on $2 a Day

    In 2012, 12.7 percent of the world’s population lived at or below $1.90 a day based on recent estimates, according to World Bank. How would... Read more

  • Screengrab via ODN/YouTube

    Monkey Tricks Shopkeeper in India, Leaves With 10,000 Rupees

    A jewelry store owner in India was swindled by a monkey after he offered it a treat outside his shop. CCTV footage shows the monkey... Read more

  • The lone bison calf in Yellowstone National Park that was eventually loaded into a SUV trunk was photographed a few days before. (Courtesy of Deby Dixon)

    Baby Bison Death Not Fault of Tourists Who Put It in Their Car, Yellowstone Photographer Says

    Two foreign tourists loaded a lone bison calf in their car, fearing it may die if left alone, and drove it to rangers in Yellowstone... Read more


    Dog Brought Confidence Back for 5-Year-Old Boy With Dwarfism

    A 5-year-old Australian boy who was constantly bullied because of his dwarfism, has found comfort in a rescue dog who happens to have the same condition... Read more

  • (Via YouTube)

    Video: SeaWorld Orca Beaches Herself by Tenerife Pool, Activists Call for Release

    A video of a SeaWorld killer whale beaching herself at the side of a park pool in Tenerife, Spain, has people calling for its release... Read more

  • (Patrick Bolger via Dublin Zoo Facebook)

    Mate of Harry the Gorilla Heartbroken Following His Death at Dublin Zoo

    The mate of a gorilla who died at the Dublin Zoo last week has been seen grieving. Lena, who was inseparable from her mate, Harry—who died... Read more

  • (YouTube)

    Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Video Brings Back Painful Memories for Mom Who Was Attacked in 2004

    A mother whose son was attacked by a gorilla in 2004 after it broke out of its pen recalled painful memories this week. She said... Read more

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