Smithsonian Gives The Public a Peek at Its Adorable New Baby Red Pandas (Video)

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has shared some images of the adorable red panda cubs they recently welcomed to the institution. (AOL Screenshot)
The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has shared some images of the adorable red panda cubs they recently welcomed to the institution. (AOL Screenshot)

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute has shared some images of the adorable red panda cubs they recently welcomed to the institution.…...

  • A new study of egg patterning is based on a collection created by retired British Maj. John F.R. Colebrook-Robjent on his ranch in the Choma district of Southern Zambia over a 35-year period. He painstakingly drilled and blew out each of the tiny eggs, and marked them with a set number to indicate which ones belonged in the same clutch. (Duke U.)

    Some Birds ‘Sign’ Eggs to Weed out Impostors

    In the scrublands of southern Zambia, birds are practicing what’s known as “brood parasitism”—laying eggs in the nests of another bird species. And the victims... Read more

  • A recent study of online users has found that watching cat videos can increase positive emotions, though procrastination may also be a negative consequence. (AOL Screenshot)

    Watching Cat Videos Can Boost Your Mood (Video)

    Watching cat videos online offers a positive emotional reward, according to a recent study. It also makes  viewers feel more energized and reduces negative feelings... Read more

  • In this May 14, 2015 photo provided by Brad Webb, an employee at the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus, Ohio, brushes adoptable dog Princess with an orange Groom Genie. (Brad Webb via AP)

    Soggy Doggy, Pup Pot Among Inventions by, for Pet Owners

    LOS ANGELES—Joanna Rein knew there was a way to prevent her rambunctious Labrador-collie mix from tracking in mud, water, and drool from the soggy outdoors... Read more

  • In this Oct. 2013 photo provided by Fred Levy, a black Labrador retriever named Denver poses in Levy's studio in Maynard, Mass. (Fred Levy via AP)

    Pet Photo Series Aims to Counter ‘Black Dog’ Theory

    MAYNARD, Mass.—It was a summer day at the dog park when Fred Levy, a professional pet photographer, overheard a conversation that he couldn’t shake off... Read more

  • Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned

    These Photos of Abandoned Pets Will Melt Your Heart

    Thinking of getting a pet? Or perhaps giving one to somebody? If you’re debating between a pet store or a shelter, you can consider these stats. According to... Read more

  • A recent review of existing research has resulted in a compilation of the high-level cognitive tasks that pigs have been able to accomplish including using a mirror and showing empathy. (AOL Screenshot)

    Pigs Exhibit Smarts Similar to Chimps, Dolphins, Dogs (Video)

    Pigs are on par cognitively with other animals that are considered to be highly intelligent, according to a recently published paper. Instead of presenting new... Read more

  • This photo provided by courtesy of the National Park Service/Wallace Keck shows a striped skunk in the City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho. (Wallace Keck/National Park Service via AP)

    Did Your Dog Get Skunked? There’s an Easy Household Remedy

    Buddy is a New York City dog, accustomed to bedtime walks around the block on a leash. But on family vacations in rural Maine, I... Read more

  • This May 17, 2013 photo provided by Atina Cote shows her pet bird, Beeker, a 6 year old female spectacled parrotlet in Toronto. (Atina Cote via AP)

    Smart, Social, Messy Pets

    Atina Cote’s three birds roam freely in her home, participate in making bird treats and bird toys, nibble playfully at her fingers as she types... Read more

  • This Nov. 2013 photo shows two puppies from a litter of 13 in Fort Collins, Colo. Research indicates that puppies at this age can recognize their siblings' scent. (Karen Schwartz via AP)

    Puppy Reunions Might Be More Fun for Humans Than for Dogs

    FORT COLLINS, Colo.—It wasn’t up to Guinness World Record standards, but I was pretty shocked when the rescue dog we were fostering had 13 puppies... Read more

  • This 2015 photo provided by Amy Breckenridge Smith/AKBS Photo shows, Robin Young holding "Faith" the Pug, a foster dog at The Promenade in Charlotte, N.C. (Amy Breckenridge Smith/AKBS Photo via AP)

    Saying Goodbye? Just Part of the Job When Fostering Animals

    Ask anyone who fosters dogs and they’ll tell you that everyone says it. “I hear it almost every time I adopt out a dog: ‘I... Read more

  • A 17-foot oarfish washed up on a California beach Monday. The creature usually lives at depths of 700 to 3,000 feet and is rarely seen. (AOL Screenshot)

    Rare 17-Foot Deep Sea Creature Washes Ashore in California (Video)

    A 17-foot oarfish washed up on the beach of Catalina Island, California — and it was no small task to move him. It took 16... Read more

  • FILE - In this June 19, 2014, file photo, bison graze near a stream in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. (AP Photo/Robert Graves, File)

    Yellowstone Urges Tourist Common Sense Amid Bison Attacks

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A pamphlet drawing of a man being gored and flung into the air graphically warns tourists in Yellowstone National Park not to... Read more

  • The photo of a captured pig appearing to be smiling in the back of a police patrol car in Shelby Township, Michigan, has gone viral--possibly because it had just gone to the bathroom, leaving the seat a mess. (AOL Screenshot)

    Captured Pig Caught Smiling in Police Patrol Car (Video)

    Police are used to holding different types of perpetrators in their patrol cars, but a department in Shelby Township, Michigan, admits that even they weren’t... Read more

  • A Florida man had the catch of a lifetime, somehow reeling in a huge goliath grouper while sitting in his kayak. (AOL Screenshot)

    Man in Kayak Catches Massive Fish Weighing Over 550 Pounds (Video)

    No one would have believed this fisherman’s tale if he hadn’t caught it on video. Look at this catch, an estimated 552-pound goliath grouper off the... Read more

  • (iStock)

    Signs Your Dog May Have the Flu

    There’s a lot of talk about bird flu, swine flu, and of course human flu, but your dog can get the flu too, and it’s just as... Read more

  • DSC_0281

    Deerpark’s PR Dream: a K-9 Named Buca

    Officer Robert Pratti knows how special it is to have a family pet that is also a working police dog. When he goes on regular... Read more

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