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Newly Crowned Miss World Canada Says Father Threatened in China

Anastasia Lin Miss World Canada
Anastasia Lin from Toronto was named Miss World Canada in a ceremony in Vancouver on May 16, 2015. Three days later, she learned that the family in China was being threatened by security forces because of her human rights advocacy work in Canada. (Andrew Chin)

Chinese security forces have moved quickly to silence newly crowned Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin, threatening her father who lives in China that if she...

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  • Chinese attorney Pu Zhiqiang speaks during an interview at his office in Beijing on June 30, 2010. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

    Vocal Chinese Rights Lawyer Pu Zhiqiang Indicted

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    UK Resident’s Sister Beaten and Detained in China

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  • Wuxi Christian Church with the words "Church of Jesus" in red, in Longwan, Wenzhou in eastern China's Zhejiang province on July 15, 2014. The Zhejiang government recently announced strict regulations on displaying church crosses. (AP Photo/Didi Tang)

    Chinese Province Authorities Say Church Crosses Have to Go

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    For Chinese Meditators, April Was the Cruelest Month

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    Toronto Falun Gong Practitioner Seeks Father’s Release

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    Australian Officials Condemn the Chinese Regime’s Forced Organ Transplants

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  • Practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice persecuted in China since 1999, hold a candlelight vigil to end the persecution near the Chinese Consulate in Manhattan, New York, on April 25, 2015 (Edward Dai/Epoch Times)

    Standing Up for Their Faith: How the April 25 Appeal Changed China

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    ‘Quit the Party’ Movement Bodes Well for China, Says Former Official

    OTTAWA—The milestone of 200 million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organs has given a former Chinese official who defected to... Read more

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    Designer of People’s Daily Masthead Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Falun Gong

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    A Corrupt Chinese Doctor Embezzled $160 Million

    State-run hospitals in China are stacked with corrupt doctors, just like any government-owned enterprise, according to a recent Chinese news publication. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate—China’s... Read more

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    Chinese Judge on Shackles: ‘Who Cares If It’s Illegal?’

    As Li Yongjun stood trial on April 20 in a Chinese courtroom for his faith in Falun Gong, his lawyers requested that the shackles binding... Read more