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Chinese Doctors Involved in Cambodian Organ Trafficking Scheme

Cambodian military police stand guard as an ambulance drives past a crowd in front of a hospital in Phnom Penh on Nov. 23, 2010. A military hospital in Cambodia was recently raided after it ran an organ trafficking ring that involved at least one Chinese doctor. (Tang Chhin Sothy/AFP/Getty Images)
Cambodian military police stand guard as an ambulance drives past a crowd in front of a hospital in Phnom Penh on Nov. 23, 2010. A military hospital in Cambodia was recently raided after it ran an organ trafficking ring that involved at least one Chinese doctor. (Tang Chhin Sothy/AFP/Getty Images)

An organ trafficking ring operating out of a Cambodian military hospital was broken up in August, as Cambodian police made nine arrests, including at least...

  • Democratic Party founding chairman, Martin Lee Chu-ming, calls upon Hong Kongers not to give up hope, to fight for democracy, during a rally held on the evening of Aug. 31, 2014. (Poon/Epoch Times)

    China’s White Paper ‘Unreasonable,’ Says Hong Kong Democracy Leader

    HONG KONG—When two Beijing professors spoke at a lunch event about their opinions on China’s controversial white paper, Hong Kong Democratic Party founding chairman Martin... Read more

  • A staff member of the Chinese Embassy who attacked Falun Gong practitioners protesting outside the China Investment Forum has been handcuffed by Prague police, on Aug. 28, outside Prague Castle. (Sun Hao/Epoch Times)

    Leader of Chinese Business Delegation Accused of Torture

    PRAGUE—The arrival of the Chinese delegation for a major economic forum involving China and the leaders of Central and East European nations was marked by... Read more

  • Ng Man-ting, a member of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association, dresses in yellow and pretends to be a practitioner of Falun Gong on Argyle Street, Mongkok, in Hong Kong, while handing out propaganda literature against the practice. Ng was recently sent to prison for 12 days. The sentence was suspended for a year. (Epoch Times)

    Ruffian in Hong Kong Front Group Is Sentenced

    For the first time a member of a band of agitators, who have operated for years in Hong Kong on behalf of a branch of... Read more

  • Left: 73 year-old Liu Daolan suffered violent attack on August 11 in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province after petitioned her grievance to the central inspection patrol, in a screenshot from She suffers multiple fractures in the leg below the knee from the attack. Right: Liu Tonglin, who is over 60 years old, was violently attacked by two men after he appealed grievance to the central inspection team in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province on August 12, shown in a screenshot from Liu suspects that the local authorities hired gangsters to attack him. (Epoch Times)

    After Reporting Grievances to Anti-Corruption Team, Chinese Citizens Attacked by Gangs

    After two Chinese petitioners presented long-standing grievances to an inspection team from Beijing, they were attacked by gangsters allegedly hired by the local authorities. Early... Read more

  • A crowd in the Kardze (Garzê) prefecture of Sichuan Province protests peacefully on Aug. 12. The police soon fired into the crowd, and four Tibetans later died in detention as a result of the untreated gunshot wounds. (Save Tibet)

    Tibetans Die of Untreated Gunshot Wounds in Custody in China

    At least five Tibetans have died following a protest last week in the Kardze (Garzê) prefecture in Sichuan Province after paramilitary forces fired into a... Read more

  • Lü Gengsong and his wife, Wang Xue'e, after his release from prison in August 2011. Lü, a veteran Chinese democracy activist and scholar, has been charged with subverting state power and faces additional prison time. (Chinese Human Rights Defenders)

    Chinese Activist and Writer Lü Gengsong Accused of Subversion

    A well-known figure in the Chinese democracy community, and a scholar of the Chinese Communist Party’s security apparatus, has been charged with sedition after spending... Read more

  • Geng He, wife of Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, and their son, Tianyu, in the Bay Area, Calif., on Aug. 5. (Ma Youzhi/Epoch Times)

    Abuse Leaves Chinese Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Barely Able to Speak, Wife Says

    Once dubbed the “conscience of China,” Gao Zhisheng spoke out powerfully for the persecuted and dispossessed. Now, after five years of abuse, the voice that... Read more

  • Policemen use a force-feeding torture method on a Falun Gong practitioner at the Hongqiao District Detention Center in Tianjin, China, in this file photo. (Courtesy of

    Security Forces Brainwash for Bucks in China

    Dragging people from their beds, locking them away in secrecy for months or years, and subjecting them to forced ideological education would not, at first... Read more

  • British-US Couple on Trial in China for Doing Background Checks

    SHANGHAI—A Briton and an American charged with illegally trading in the personal details of Chinese nationals testified Friday that they bought such information to help... Read more

  • The wife of Gao Zhisheng, Geng He, speaks to reporters at a news conference held in the Bay Area, California, on Aug. 7. Gao Zhisheng, one of China's most prominent rights lawyers, was recently released from prison but is not yet free from official surveillance and control. (Ma Youzhi/Epoch Times)

    Chinese Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Freed From Prison, but Not Yet Free

    After close to five and a half years in detention, some of it in mountain torture chambers, anonymous apartment buildings cut off from his family,... Read more

  • “What we see on the surface is very different than what is going on underneath”—David Matas, co-author of ‘Bloody Harvest.’ (Shutterstock*)

    Leading Transplant Doctor in China Mentioned in ‘Transplant Abuse’ Case

    Media reports in China about a court sentencing 12 people for “organ transplant abuse” have in them a riddle. An important figure in China’s medical... Read more

  • (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Foreign Social-Networking Software Banned as China Tightens Censorship

    The Chinese Central Propaganda Department has banned the downloading of all foreign social-networking products. Previously downloadable social-networking products have also been blocked on a large... Read more

  • Yingyi Chen, a resident of Nanaimo, B.C., speaks at a rally outside the B.C. Legislature in Victoria on July 20, 2014, to mark the 15th anniversary of the launch of the persecution against Falun Gong in China on July 20, 1999. Chen’s mother and sister were repeatedly imprisoned and tortured for practicing Falun Gong. His mother was able to come to Canada in 2008, but his sister is currently in detention in China. (Epoch Times)

    Canadian Seeks Sister’s Release and End to Persecution

    Fifteen years ago the Chinese communist regime banned Falun Gong and started persecuting its adherents in China.  Here in Canada, it’s been nearly that many... Read more

  • On July 19 a rally was held after the procession reached Central Government Offices. Falun Gong human rights lawyer Teresa Chu gives a speech. (Epoch Times)

    Marches and Rally Call for End of Persecution

    HONG KONG—Falun Gong practitioners marked the 15th anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong with a march and rally on July 19 and a march... Read more

  • (*)

    Commemoration of 7/20 Resonates Across the World

    July 20 2014 marks 15 years of ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) practitioners in China. Supporters gather all around the world,... Read more

  • The president of the CASRECH (Chamber of Supermarkets and Self-Service Restaurants Owned by Chinese Residents in Argentina) threatens a Falun Gong practitioner in Buenos Aires on July 19. (Epoch Times)

    Gangs Attack Protesters During Chinese Leader’s Visit in Argentina

    Video of the violent incidents in Buenos Aires. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina–A gang made up of members of local Chinese associations attacked Argentine practitioners of the... Read more