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Are You Afraid to Be Alone With Yourself?


People often ask me how I think human beings are changing as a result of our addiction to technology. The fact is, we are changing...

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    Why I’m Always in a Hurry

    I’ve come to realize, more and more, that I’m always rushing. I dash from one task to the next, race through meals and speed-read books... Read more

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    How to Look Inward, Without Turning on Yourself

    So many things bother us—people, mostly. Anything has the power to upset our basic sense of well-being, if we let it. Our tendency, when things... Read more

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    Google and Its Rabbit Hole of Choice

    Recently, at the last minute, my afternoon meeting was canceled. I was unexpectedly presented with the gift of unscheduled time—five hours of open, unfilled space... Read more

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    The Value of Time and Effort in a Fast-Paced World

    Recently, my teenage daughter was asked by a teenage boy, whom she didn’t know, if she wanted a boyfriend. She responded, “Yes, I guess, if I like him.” He... Read more

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    4 Step Guide to Letting Go of the Past

    Whether we’re aware of it or not, many of us are constantly struggling with the past, in many ways.  Our struggle might be related to... Read more

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    Geriatricians Can Help Aging Patients Navigate Multiple Ailments

    For months, Teresa Christensen’s 87-year-old mother, Genevieve, complained of pain from a nasty sore on her right foot. She stopped going to church. She couldn’t... Read more

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    Short-Term Memory Loss: Causes and Solutions

    Short-term memory loss is the condition of losing recently formed memories, like what one is currently aware of or thinking about, and while most people associate... Read more

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    The Practice of Doing One Thing at a Time

    There’s a Japanese term, “ichigyo-zammai,” that basically means having full concentration on a single act. Zen master Sunryu Suzuki described the practice of being fully... Read more

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    A Good Night’s Sleep Is Like Hitting the Jackpot

    Working on getting a better night’s sleep can lead to optimal physical and mental well-being over time—but quality of sleep is more important than quantity... Read more

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    Can a Dying Patient Be a Healthy Person?

    The news was bad. Mimi, a woman in her early 80s, had been undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Her husband was being treated for bladder cancer... Read more

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    What We Want Most From Relationships But Rarely Get

    Most couples come to see me to learn better communication skills—or at least that’s what they say in the first session. What gets described as communication... Read more

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    Breathing Yourself to Sleep

    Fifteen years of insomnia drove Anandi to despair. Her life and health were in pieces. She discovered using the breath as a healing tool and... Read more

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    Best Laid Plans: Why They Often Fall Short

    We’ve all been there: We get a new gym membership, sign up for a class, buy an e-book … and then don’t use it. Or... Read more

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    The Truth About Sleep Apnea

    Sponsored Content The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has called sleep apnea “a hidden health crisis costing America billions.” An estimated 30 million Americans suffer... Read more

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    5 Home Remedies for Gum Disease

    Gingivitis or gum disease is a type of infection of the tissues of the mouth that support the teeth. This condition differs from having a... Read more

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    How Suffering Can Work for You

    There are times in life when things fall apart, when we lose someone or something deeply important that made us feel connected, grounded, or safe... Read more

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