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7 Cheap Moisturizers Can Prevent Eczema in Babies

(Marius Pirvu/Shutterstock)
(Marius Pirvu/Shutterstock)

It may be possible to prevent babies from getting eczema—a costly, inflammatory skin disorder—just by applying something as inexpensive as petroleum jelly every day for...

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    Antibiotic Tonic Recipe

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body  Bacterial infections happen. How your immune system deals with them, along with what you eat,... Read more

  • (Camila Paez/Shutterstock)

    What Is Exposure Therapy and How Can It Treat Social Anxiety?

    Most of us experience a level of social anxiety at some point in our lives. We worry about what people think of us, about being... Read more

  • Acupuncture was found effective for reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis, chronic headache, shoulder pain, nonspecific musculoskeletal pain, neck pain and back pain. (Courtesy of Integrative Healing Arts Acupuncture)

    NYC Health & Fitness Directory

    Title MD Theater District Rejuvenate your looks with a dynamic array of non-surgical cosmetic options at Title MD. Doctors Stacy Title, M.D. and Craig Title, M.D. have helped thousands... Read more

  • (jill111/pixabay)

    Mindful Breathing Could Save Your Life

    Breathing. We do it all the time, but do we notice it? When we get stressed or upset, do we realise our breathing changes, quickens,... Read more

  • (Kristo-Gothard Hunor/Shutterstock)

    Beating the Holiday Blues for Seniors

    For most people the Holiday season means sweet treats, decking the halls and celebrations galore, but for some elderly people, a feeling of depression, also... Read more

  • (Jiri Hera/Shutterstock)

    You Can Strengthen Memory and Form New Neurons

    Once upon a time, medical experts believed that the adult brain couldn’t make new brain cells, or more specifically, new nerve cells aka neurons. The... Read more

  • (Rido/Shutterstock)

    How to Not Be Driven by Your Aversions

    I have a friend who doesn’t realize how much he dislikes so many things—much of his life is spent avoiding things he doesn’t like, or... Read more

  • (Sisacorn/Shutterstock)

    Stress Reduction is More Important Than Eating Well

    Your stress is doing more harm than your diet is doing good. A recent study published in Nature makes the claim that stress can actually override healthy food... Read more

  • (chairoij/shutterstock)

    We Need Better Treatments for Childhood Cancer, With Fewer Side Effects

    The Australian government today announced A$20 million for research to find targeted treatments for childhood cancer. In announcing the grant, for the Zero Childhood Cancer... Read more

  • (Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock)

    Gratitude to Cure the Impulse to Buy More Stuff

    It’s funny that two days with such opposing spirits come back-to-back in our calendars here in the United States: Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. One... Read more

  • (Blazej Lyjak/Shutterstock)

    Have Achilles Tendinitis? Here’s a Workout to Help With Recovery

    As an avid runner, I know that sometimes Achilles tendinitis can flare up after long runs. The condition is common and causes heel pain, which... Read more

  • (Tamara Bellis/Unsplash)

    Act Your Age When It Comes to Skin Care

    People experience many changes as they age, and that includes changes in their skin. The body’s largest organ evolves over time, so it’s important for... Read more

  • (Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images)

    6 Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

    A lot of people see their hair as a reflection of their identity, so it isn’t surprising that the global hair products market is worth over... Read more

  • (Maxim Marmur/AFP/Getty Images)

    A Fractured System: Where Do You Go When You Suddenly Need Health Care?

    Consider the last time you, a family member, or a friend encountered an unexpected health concern. Did you twist your ankle and weren’t sure if... Read more

  • (Beth Swanson/Shutterstock)

    9 Ways to Give Your Life a Social Detox

    Is it just my observation or are people getting increasingly annoying? I’ve asked myself this question lately after a string of socially irritating situations, the... Read more

  • (ruigsantos/shutterstock)

    The Best Sleep Positions

    Tossing and turning, getting cocooned by the sheets, or waking up several times during the night because of your partner’s snoring? (“What? You’re kidding –... Read more

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