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7 Biggest Skincare Myths


Everyone wants good skin — and there’s plenty of advice out there about how to make that happen. But, not all of that advice is...

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    Lasers Treat Gum Disease With Less Pain and Fear

    NEW YORK—Since Dr. Mark Schlesinger started doing gum surgery with lasers, he hasn’t had to prescribe painkillers for a single patient. “It’s not necessary,” he... Read more

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    Rotator Cuff Injury: Use Golf Swing, Tennis Serve to Recover

    NEW YORK—Personalizing care is key for orthopedic shoulder surgeon Dr. Francis Mendoza.  If you love golf, he creates a recovery program that integrates swinging your... Read more

  • Turmeric is available as a powder or raw roots, but  our bodies need help absorbing its medicinal constituents. (iStock/areeya_ann)

    Rev Up Your Turmeric

    Turmeric has been revered in India and China as both food and medicine for thousands of years, but the West has been very slow to embrace... Read more

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    Can a ‘Diet Swap’ Lower Colon Cancer Risk?

    To learn more about colon cancer risks, researchers asked a few African Americans and South Africans to swap diets for two weeks. While practicing in... Read more

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    Health Check: What’s Eating Your Teeth?

    Most of us know sugar is bad for teeth because it feeds bacteria that cause tooth decay. But fewer are aware that equally as damaging... Read more

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    Dementia: Don’t Panic, Investigate

    So often I receive calls from clients concerned about a sudden behavioral change in a memory-impaired person. The clients’ first interpretation of the change is... Read more

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    Signs of Depression, Suicide, and How to Help

    Signs of depression will present themselves differently in each individual. Common signs of depression include the following: Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings Easily evoked... Read more

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    Sneezy? Allergy Season May Be ‘Worst in Years’

    A long harsh winter is over and spring has arrived. But allergies, as well as flowers, are blooming. May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness... Read more

  • Woman is testing the skin on his stomach on broadly, the presence of stretch marks

    Why Do I Have Stretch Marks and What Can I Do About Them?

    Most women get them. Some men get them. Few people welcome them. Stretch marks, or “stria distensae” as they are known medically, are scars that... Read more

  • Your ability to draw a clock says a lot about your cognitive health. (MeePoohyaphoto/iStock)

    Take the Clock Test

    Many doctors use a simple screening test to identify dementia, although it looks a bit more like art than science. It is both noninvasive and... Read more

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    Health Check: Why Does Women’s Hair Thin Out?

    Balding in men is so common it doesn’t raise an eyebrow. But when a woman starts to lose hair, it can be extremely distressing. Will... Read more

  • People who participate in arts and craft activities and who socialize in middle and old age may delay the development in very old age of the thinking and memory problems that often lead to dementia, according to a new study. (Juhan Sonin, CC BY 2.0)

    Can Arts, Crafts, and Computer Use Preserve Your Memory?

    MINNEAPOLIS–People who participate in arts and craft activities and who socialize in middle and old age may delay the development in very old age of... Read more

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    A Prescription for Better Health: Exercise After Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed male cancer in Australia, with around 20,000 cases detected each year. Depending on the type of treatment, many... Read more

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    Are My Memory Lapses Normal or Could This Be Alzheimer’s Disease?

    From time to time, we all misplace our keys or forget someone’s name, at least for a few minutes. This may prompt worry about “getting... Read more

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    Exercise-Induced Asthma (Video)

    Exercise-induced asthma (EIA) is wheezing and shortness of breath that occur during exercise. It can occur in people who never wheeze at any other time,... Read more

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    Stem Cells Speed Healing, Cure Foot Arthritis

    NEW YORK—Several years ago at a podiatric conference, Dr. Jeffery Adler learned that stem cells were being used to treat foot problems. Even though he... Read more

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