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How Mindfulness Can Help Preschool Teachers Cope

Teachers in early-learning classrooms who were more mindful also reported significantly better health. (Monika Adamczyk/Hemera/Thinkstock)
Teachers in early-learning classrooms who were more mindful also reported significantly better health. (Monika Adamczyk/Hemera/Thinkstock)

A new survey of early childhood education teachers shows that mindfulness is linked with alleviating lasting physical and emotional effects of childhood adversity. The findings...

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    World Heart Day 2014: 5 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Heart Health

    By Julie Masci, Organic Lifestyle Magazine When talking about best foods for heart health, most people tend to focus the discussion on fat, saturated versus... Read more

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    The Knockout of Childhood Obesity (Video)

    From our friends at HooplaHa, a great inspiration!  Dimitrios Verteouris lost 100 lbs in just six months by eating healthy and including boxing workouts in... Read more

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    5 Quick Tips for a Healthier Skin Care

    The skin care products you use everyday may be doing more than giving you a sun kissed glow and wrinkle free eyes. Today, natural and... Read more

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    Can Yoga Play a Role in Treating Bipolar?

    A recent survey suggests that yoga can be a substantial help for people with bipolar disorder, though the practice isn’t without risks. “There is no... Read more

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    How to Support Baby’s Immune System

    As with all other organs and systems in the body, a newborn is not born with a fully developed immune system at birth. Rather, their... Read more

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    Exercise Added to Chemo Shrinks Tumors Faster

    Adding exercise to a regimen of chemotherapy shrinks tumors more than chemotherapy alone, according to a study with mice. Exercise has long been recommended to... Read more

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    It’s Never Too Late for Straight Teeth

    Are you one of the many people who suffered through braces in your teenage years only to find that your teeth became crooked in adulthood?... Read more

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    A Helpful Guide to Ease Some of the Burden – 6 Steps

    The original book Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend offers an analogy that is dense with insight on something we all deal with. On page 33,... Read more

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    Precrastination: Worse Than Procrastination?

    To test the human capacity to precrastinate, researchers David Rosenbaum, Lanyun Gong, and Cory Adam Potts led 27 college students to an alley where there... Read more

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    Caffeinate Your Next Workout

    Looking for a pre-workout pump? Skip the expensive energy drinks and reach for a classic cup of coffee. That caffeine kick in your cup can... Read more

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    15 Brilliant Ways to Eat Your Veggies and Enjoy Them, Too

    Most of us need little convincing that vegetables are essential to good health. Even so, here is a quick recap on their nutritional importance, as... Read more

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    DIY – Dry Shampoo Ingredients

    While we often worry about what goes in our cosmetics and skincare, we neglect to check the ingredients of a product we all use once... Read more

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    How to Handle the Office Candy Bowl

    The office candy bowl is a major challenge that I hear about from patients all the time. You may have the best of intentions for... Read more

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    The Health Benefits of Fresh Grapefruit Juice

    Remember that fresh grapefruit juice boosts you immune system! This meme was originally published on  Join their free newsletter. More About Grapefruit: *Image... Read more

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    How to be a Good Man During Confrontations

    It sometimes feels as if we’re caught between the old model of aggressive and combative manhood, where everything is a battle, and the new, kinder, gentler... Read more

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    Heavier Weights or More Repetitions?

    Older people gain more muscle strength by spending more time lifting weights, whereas younger people gain more muscle strength by lifting heavier weights. In younger... Read more

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