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Being Honest Can Improve Your Health

(Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)
(Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

The average person lies about 11 times a day, and will slip in at least two dishonesties in a 10-minute conversation, according to lying expert...

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    Boy Recovers From ADHD After Changing Diet

    A boy on 7 medications recovered from ADHD in 2 months after changing his diet. Did you know that 1 in 5 ADHD children are... Read more

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    Allergy Free in 5 Days (Foods, Dander, Dust, Seasonal, Etc.)

    By Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine I used to have allergies. Many foods were on my allergy list as well as pollen, dust, bug bites, bees,... Read more

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    The Importance of Doing Nothing When You’re Doing Everything

    There is a negative stigma in our society around doing nothing. Oftentimes, doing nothing is viewed as laziness. So, we continually try to stay busy... Read more

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    What Causes Testicular Cancer

    The exact cause of most testicular cancers is not known, but there are definite links to other conditions that will increase a man’s risk of developing... Read more

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    Secrets of Korean Medicine, Part 26: Regular Bowel Movements

    Throughout the human history, wise people claimed that the secrets of good health included good appetite, sound sleep, and regular bowel movements. Although many people... Read more

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    Turmeric Superior to Chemical Mouthwash In Improving Oral Health

    Since ancient times, turmeric has been used for remedying oral ailments, among other therapeutic applications too numerous to count. Consider that plants like turmeric were first... Read more

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    Signs of a Clogged Lymphatic System and 10 Ways to Cleanse It

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body A major part of being healthy is to ensure that any toxins that enter our... Read more

  • "Go" teacher Jo Gyung-Ho (R) plays against Japanese student Mori Chisaki at the Lee Se-Dol School for "Go" in Seoul, Korea, on March 18.  (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

    Secrets of Korean Medicine, Part 25: The Game of Go and Mental Health

    The historic match between the artificial intelligence Alpha-Go (of Google) and Lee Se-dol of the ninth-dan rank of Korea held in March 2016 was concluded... Read more

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    Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Cancer Recovery

    To some, a ketogenic diet amounts to nothing less than a drug-free cancer treatment. The diet calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein. ... Read more

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    Potassium Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

    Potassium is the main positively charged ion found inside cells. It is actively pumped inside cells by millions of sodium-potassium pumps so that its concentration... Read more

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    Should I Use Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers?

    I should start by saying that an important part of my job is encouraging hospital staff to clean their hands. The World Health Organization has... Read more

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    Brain Foods That Cut Your Alzheimer’s Risk

    By David Jockers, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Alzheimer’s disease  is one of the fastest growing diseases in the industrial world.  It is characterized by massive degeneration of... Read more

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    9 Ways Men Can Rev Up Their Metabolism

    For men, the most problematic area for weight gain is the midsection and belly, especially as you get older. Most men turn to exercise to... Read more

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    Secrets of Korean Medicine #24: Stroke Is Not an Incurable Disease

    Cerebral apoplexy, frequently referred to as stroke, is nicknamed “the silent killer” for good reasons. Statistically, one out of six people throughout the world experiences... Read more

  • An Indian nurse (C) collects a blood sample using a glucometer at a free diabetic health check up camp on World Health Day in Hyderabad on April 7, 2016.
The number of adults estimated to be living with diabetes has nearly quadrupled over 35 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on April 6, urging huge efforts to change eating habits and exercise more. "Beat Diabetes" is the theme of World Health Day 2016, a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7.(Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images)

    More Evidence That a High-Fiber Diet Can Curb Type 2 Diabetes

    In the US, nearly 80 million people, or one in four has some form of diabetes or pre-diabetes. One in two people with diabetes do not know... Read more

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    Hacking Your Sleep 101: 9 Tips For Better Gains

    Sleep has to be a priority if you want to help your body grow both in and out of the weight room. Your body has... Read more

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