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Treatments and Techniques

Trendy Disability Products: An Untapped Market

Stylish canes designed by Top & Derby. (Courtesy of Top & Derby)
Stylish canes designed by Top & Derby. (Courtesy of Top & Derby)

NEW YORK—Conventional wisdom tells us that people with disabilities do not have considerable spending power. People who rely on Social Security disability benefits are likely...

  • (Andrey Popov/iStock)

    A Natural Alternative to Botox: Facial Acupuncture

    Although Dana Chun, 62, has never had Botox or anti-aging surgery, there are no visible wrinkles on her face. In fact, her 38-year-old son has... Read more

  • You need to take special care of your skin during cancer treatments. (STEFANOLUNARDI/iStock)

    Skin Care During Cancer Treatment

    When you have a diagnosis of cancer, one important step is to go through your personal care products and get rid of those with chemicals. Next,... Read more

  • (sanapadh/iStock)

    Old Wives Tales: Will Eating Garlic Repel Mosquitoes?

    According to lore, vampires cannot stand the scent of garlic. By this logic some people believe that eating garlic will repel the vampires of the... Read more

  • Dr. Donna Mendes, a vein specialist at Mendes Vein Care on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York, on Sept. 9, 2015. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    When to See a Vein Specialist

    Do your legs feel heavy? Is it a discomfort that you can’t quite describe in words? If so, it may be time to see a... Read more

  • Business woman touching feet with her hand isolated on a white background

    Subtle Signs of Vein Disease People Don’t Recognize

    Vein disease develops slowly, taking years or decades to become symptomatic. However, people still don’t recognize the early signs or get the right treatment until... Read more

  • Girl child with toothache because his eats chocolate

    Tips From a Dentist: What to Do About Sensitive Teeth

    Tooth sensitivity can be more than just irritating—it can be extremely uncomfortable. Common triggers are cold liquids and food or cold air and sweets. First,... Read more

  • Golf

    Get Rid of Muscle Spasms for Good With Trigger Point Therapy

    John F. Kennedy might never have been president if not for an early form of trigger point therapy. As part of his ongoing saga of... Read more

  • In Chinese medicine, cancer is regarded as a systemic disease, meaning that the growth of cancer tumors is the local manifestation of systemwide problems. (Squaredpixels/iStock)

    Thriving With Advanced Cancer

    Zoltan, a European, who works in the U.S. division of a large German engineering company, has stage IV kidney cancer with multiple metastases in both... Read more

  • prudkov/iStock

    How to Prove a Natural Compound Can Treat Cancer

    Not many natural compounds have been proven to fight cancer. This is largly due to lack of funds and researchers who are interested in natural treatments... Read more

  • (Alberto Bogo/ iStock)

    Heal Chronic Injuries, Migraines With Prolotherapy

    Sometimes a little poison is good medicine. With prolotherapy, concentrated sugar solution is used to incite localized inflammation, which stimulates the body to heal and... Read more

  • Doctor Jeffrey Adler uses the toenail fungus laser treatment on a patient at his office in Midtown Manhattan on July 10, 2015. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Latest Laser Foot Treatments: Zap Nail Fungus, Treat Pain, Fight Fat

    Laser treatment is a remarkable technology that is only getting better. In podiatry, lasers are being used to completely get rid of toenail fungus, eliminate... Read more

  • Young woman is holding her spine in front of a white studio background

    Got Low Back Pain? Here’s What You Can Do

    NEW YORK—The first thing to do when your low back starts to hurt is relax—both your back and your mind. “The majority of back pain... Read more

  • dml5050/iStock

    With Mesotherapy, Minute Doses of Medicine Effectively Treat Pain

    NEW YORK—If you’ve heard of mesotherapy, you’ve probably heard of it as a noninvasive delivery method for cellulite treatments and facial rejuvenation. But it’s also... Read more

  • (brebca/iStock)

    4 Tips to Handle Diaper Rash

    Diaper rash may not be a serious condition, but it can be extremely painful. It is common and causes concern for many parents trying to... Read more

  • 20150507-dr-baruch-ruttner-petrsvab-3519

    Men, Beat the Negative Effects of Aging With Testosterone Replacement

    One of Dr. Baruch Ruttner’s patients, a man in his 50s, was going through a painful divorce.

 “He couldn’t concentrate, he was depressed, and had... Read more

  • You're never too old to have fun

    Healthy Aging: Find Your New Normal

    According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), only 13 percent of both male and female baby boomers (aged 46 years to 64... Read more

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