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    13 Truths About Weight Loss

    Weight loss is a popular topic and a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. I have found that it is the rare person who is... Read more

  • Falun Gong practitioners meditate at Union Square in New York. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Western Counseling Gets a Boost From Eastern Wisdom

    For the last several decades, Westerners have been looking East for new approaches to health care. What was once the exclusive domain of hippies and... Read more

  • Barbara Schafer suffered a devastating fall in 2003, but she completely healed from her injuries in just a few months. She credits her recovery to Falun Gong. (Photo by Oliver Trey)

    New Book Looks at the Science Behind Falun Gong

    People have been meditating for millennia, but science is just starting to grasp what all the fuss is about. In an age where clinical trials... Read more

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    How Diet Pills Sank a Traditional Chinese Herb for Sinus Problems

    There’s a cheap, natural, and safe remedy for treating sinus problems with a long history of success, but it’s virtually impossible to find in North... Read more

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    Fashion Icon Norma Kamali on Making Women Feel Good

    NEW YORK—Norma Kamali radiates a rare beauty, a glowing gorgeousness that can only come from the inside. Full of energy, creativity, and a balanced sense... Read more

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    Licorice, the Sweet Root With Lots of Health Benefits

    Say “licorice” and most people think of those black, chewy ropes from a bygone era of candy. But licorice is also a plant related to... Read more

  • ice tea

    Chinese Medicine: How to Be Healthy in Summer

    The Chinese medicine element associated with summer is, not surprisingly, fire. The fire element is special because it provides that spark which inspires love for... Read more

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    Monk Fruit, the Multi-Faceted Sweetener

    Despite all the dangers of consuming too much sugar, we still love the sweet stuff. There are a lot of low-calorie sugar alternatives to choose... Read more

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    Acupuncture and Herbs Relieve Hay Fever

    Acupuncture and herbs alleviate hay fever (allergic rhinitis). Symptoms include postnasal drip, runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, and ear or throat irritation. Lishui... Read more

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    The Tongue Is a Map of the Body in Chinese Medicine

    Your tongue does more than just taste food and articulate words. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is also a convenient diagnostic tool. Before X-rays,... Read more

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    Improve Your Posture in One Simple Step

    Want to improve your posture quickly, for free, with almost zero effort? I did it. So can you. I don’t deserve any credit for this accomplishment... Read more

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    Acupuncture Pain Killing Mystery Revealed

    Researchers have discovered that acupuncture causes a special biochemical reaction that reduces inflammation and muscle pain. The study, published in Molecular Neurobiology, investigated the effects of... Read more

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    Here’s Why Your Ears Ring According to Chinese Medicine

    Earlier this month, I caught a head cold. It was the kind of cold where my nose ran continually, to the point that I felt like... Read more

  • 4 Secret Remedies to Fight Spring Pollen Allergies

    Spring is my favorite season because it’s simply the most stunning season! But I know a lot of people have pollen allergies. So today I’d... Read more

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    Painful Intercourse May Be Due To Vulvodynia

    Sexual intercourse is painful for some women, and one cause of the discomfort is due to a condition called Vulvodynia (vul-vo-DIN-ee-uh). You aren’t alone if... Read more

  • The book cover of "Facing East" by Jingduan Yang, M.D., F.AP.A. with style icon Norma Kamali. (Courtesy of Harper Collins Publishers)

    East-West Collaboration Imparts Chinese Health and Beauty Secrets

    Dr. Jingduan Yang never imagined he was going to be a practitioner of classical Chinese medicine when he was growing up in a small town... Read more

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    Gained Weight on the Diet That Your Friend Swore By? Here’s Why.

    I have never been much of a dieter, although there are times in my life when I probably should have.  There have, however, been times... Read more

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    Acupuncture Alleviates Knee Pain Due to Arthritis

    Acupuncture relieves pain, stiffness, and improves knee function for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Researchers from the Chengdu University of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) investigated the... Read more

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    Chinese Medicine: 5 Benefits of Tui Na Massage

    Tui na (pronounced “twee nah”) is a form of Asian bodywork that has been used in China for centuries and is the oldest known system of... Read more

  • Chinese medicine is all about energy (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

    Chinese Medicine: 6 Steps to Avoid That Burned-Out Feeling

    At my acupuncture clinic, I see a number of patients who work too hard. I see a busy lawyer who sometimes works 70 and 80... Read more

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