Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Ice-skating during the winter is one of man�s ways to follow the course of the seasons. (

    Harmony Between Man and Nature

    Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the relationship between nature and the human body. The human body is inseparable from the natural world, and changes... Read more

  • Ancient Chinese used music for healing.  (Eric Fererberg/AFP/Getty Images)

    Music Was Created to Heal Illness

    Beautiful music can modify emotions, purify the soul, and give wonderful enjoyment. But did you know that, in the beginning, music was created to heal... Read more

  • A drawing of organ meridian energy flows. As with organs, each organ flow becomes more active at a specific time of the day. (

    Organs Have Their Own Circadian Clocks

    Everybody knows that the body has circadian rhythms. Interestingly, scientists have discovered that the organs in our body are just like numerous independent beings with... Read more

  • Acupuncture points on a Qing Dynasty bronze statue. (The Epoch Times)

    Origins of Colds and Allergies: Interview with a Western-Trained Traditional Chinese Doctor

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing art that is thousands of years old. The earliest references can be found in the medical classic, “Shennong Bencao... Read more

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