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Help for Dry Skin


It’s still winter in Minnesota, and my skin is rebelling.  My hands catch on everything I touch, and my skin itches in places that have...

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    Natural Remedy for Tinnitus and Dizzyness, Try Tai Chi

    The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) says Tai Chi can help your dizziness and  balance disorders. Tai Chi is... Read more

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    A Love Letter to Gout

    Dear Gout, I’m breaking up with you. I appreciate the time we had together and everything I’ve learned from you, but it’s over; I don’t... Read more

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    Is Your Qi Depleted? Take This Quiz

    Qi (pronounced chee) is one of the fundamental forces in both your body and in the universe, according to Chinese theory.  While the concept of... Read more

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    Water Is the Chinese Element of Winter

    As many of you already know, in TCM, different elements are connected to each season. Water is the element of winter. And, as we in... Read more

  • Shiitake grows wild on dead hardwood, such as oak, beech, and alder. (

    Shiitake for Immunity, Iron, and Vitamin D

    Mushrooms are strange creatures. Neither plant nor animal, these fungal fruits are in a class all their own. Some species are psychotropic. Others are deadly... Read more

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    4 Easy Winter Strategies to Improve Your Health and Happiness

    We are having a brutal winter in Chicago. I hear from my family in the East that they are also experiencing rough weather. It is only my... Read more

  • Bundle up when you go outside because, according to Chinese medicine, cold can cause cramps and infertility. (/iStock/Thinkstock)

    How to Avoid Menstrual Cramps, Increase Fertility

    According to Chinese medicine, the most important thing you can do to stop painful menstrual cramps and increase fertility is make sure your body stays... Read more

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    Top 6 Tips for Better Energy

    Okay, so you’re tired.  Your energy is depleted, and you’re showing it in a number of ways.  Maybe your energy is poor, you get sick... Read more

  • The Chinese use the root of the vine He Shou Wu to make the old feel young again. (imtmphoto/iStock/Thinkstock)

    The Tale of He Shou Wu

    Polygonum multiflorum is the botanical name for one of the most prized herbs in Chinese medicine. This prolific vine has heart-shaped leaves and goes by... Read more

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    How To Live in Harmony With Winter

    Shaping your life in the middle of winter is different than the same task would be in summer. Winter is a time to be still,... Read more

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    What Are Herbal Aphrodisiacs?

    Happy Valentines Day everyone. We often get asked, “do you have herbs to improve my libido that really work?” The answer is YES! Pacific Herbs... Read more

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    5 Ways to Nourish Your Chinese Heart

    We have long known that your heart is associated with all kinds of feelings. You can have a broken heart, feel something with all your... Read more

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    Ancient Technique Scrapes Away Pain

    One of the major objectives of Chinese medicine is to clear stagnation. If water cannot flow from a hose, you have to untangle the kink... Read more

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    9 Tips for Picky Eaters

    When I was a kid, I was the poster child for picky eaters. I didn’t like a single green thing except baby lima beans, which... Read more

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    Herb & Vitamin Fillers – Is There a Recommended Dose?

    Labels on most herbal products in the US provide little to no information regarding  the amount of fillers ie. starch, otherwise known as excipients.  Excipients... Read more

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    Super Bowl Fans: Which of Your Favorite NFL Players Uses Acupuncture?

    The 2015 Super Bowl will provide a bright spot in our gloomy winter, and many fans are preparing for Sunday by enjoying fantasies about “their”... Read more

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