Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Yin and Yang of Sleep


It’s been a long day and you’re tired. You’re ready for bed and catching eight hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. But as soon as your...

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    7 Flowers Used In Chinese Herbal Medicine

    By Cathy Margolin, Dipl Oriental Medicine, L.Ac., Founder of Pacific Herbs​. Flowering plants are smart. They know how to grab our attention and the attention of... Read more

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    Chinese Medicine: 6 Natural Ways To Reset Your Hormones

    I see so many women struggling with hormonal balance today.  From age 15 to age 80 it seems everyone has symptoms. Some patients are breast... Read more

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    Acupuncture Wakes Up Coma Patients

    A study last year concluded that acupuncture helps to arouse coma patients with severe brain injuries. Electroacupuncture applied to acupuncture points GV20 (Baihui), which is at... Read more

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    Now Acupuncture Proven a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

    Researchers at the Department of Surgery, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School have discovered that a form of acupuncture called electroacupuncture controls inflammation and may help... Read more

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    10 Practical, Easy Activities to Balance Your Qi

    1. Breath Through Your Nose Yes, the beginning can be that simple! Breathing through your nose increases your intake of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes... Read more

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    Yin and Yang Is the Core of Chinese Medicine

    Balance within ourselves and our environment is key to living a happy and healthy life. This belief is deeply rooted in Chinese Medicine theory and the... Read more

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    Strawberries and Chinese Medicine

    Strawberries are at their peak now and will remain so through July. In addition to being an appealing valentine-shaped fruit that you can eat fresh... Read more

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    Summer and Chinese Medicine

    Summer is normally the time of year that is most yang. High yang means heat, maximum activity, and moving outward with our lives and into nature. So... Read more

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    9 Chinese Herbs and a Walk in the Woods

    This past weekend I spent a whole day walking in the woods and flowering trees at my local arboretum. Many of the wildflowers were in bloom... Read more

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    Stanford University: Acupuncture Reduces Pain After Surgery

    Stanford University doctors conclude that acupuncture during surgery reduces pain. Research published in The Laryngoscope finds acupuncture effective for reducing pain and improving restoration of a normal... Read more

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    Asparagus Reduces High Blood Pressure

    New research concludes that dietary intake of asparagus lowers blood pressure. The researchers were able to isolate an active compound found in asparagus that was... Read more

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    Brain MRI Shows Acupuncture Relieves Migraines

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reveals that acupuncture prevents and relieves migraines by restoring normal brain functions. MRI results demonstrate that acupuncture decreases the frequency and... Read more

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    6 Different Ways to Look at What You Eat: Chinese Food Therapy

    During my first class in the study of Chinese medicine, I was told that the Chinese way of thinking was different from everything that I... Read more

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    Chinese Medicine and the Heart of Summer

    Hot summer days are an appropriate time to think about the fire element and its corresponding organ, the heart.  The longest, warmest, and brightest days of... Read more

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    9 Best Foods for Summer According to Chinese Medicine

    We all like to eat good food, and we all understand that certain foods enhance our health. In Chinese medicine, that concept is taken a... Read more

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    3 Reasons Why You Should Try Cupping

    Let’s start with a quiz: A. Cupping is an exotic cooking term from Thailand.B. Cupping is men’s attempts to protect their private parts.C. Cupping is an ancient technique... Read more

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