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Chinese Remedies for Hay Fever

Many people find relief from seasonal allergies with acupuncture. (
Many people find relief from seasonal allergies with acupuncture. (

Most of us welcome spring flowers. But for about 50 million Americans, the appearance of buds and blooms means hay fever symptoms: sinus congestion, headaches,...

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    Calories, Energy, and Chinese Medicine

    It’s not uncommon to see patients in my acupuncture clinic who are struggling with poor energy. Some sleep well, but wake up tired. Some wear out... Read more

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    9 Things to Know About Sweets and Chinese Medicine

    When I think about the amount of sugar I ate as a child, I am appalled. Every holiday was a love-fest of jelly beans, chocolate... Read more

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    Chinese Medicine for Period Cramps

    There is no need to endure those painful mentrual cramps that put a damper on your entire day. You can stop those cramps with Traditional... Read more

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    Chinese Medicine: Anger and the Element of Wood

    Angry? We all get angry sometimes, right? I certainly can get furious and I’m sure many of you have plenty of angry moments. It hurts... Read more

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    Acupuncture Lowers High Cholesterol

    Acupuncture reduces cholesterol. Researchers measured the effects of needling acupuncture point ST40 (Fenglong) on plasma cholesterol levels. In a laboratory experiment, electroacupuncture successfully downregulated LDL... Read more

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    A Tale of Two Rhubarbs

    Rhubarb is one of the first spring vegetables to pop up. The edible portion of the plant is called a petiole: a thick, red, celery-like... Read more

  • Acupuncture has been used in surgery patients to reduce opioid use, stabilize cardiac function, reduce nausea and vomiting, and alleviate adverse effects of anesthesia and surgery. (Medioimages/Photodisc/Thinkstock)

    Acupuncture Promotes Surgical Revival

    Acupuncture speeds restoration of consciousness following general anesthesia, according to a study conducted at San Raffaele Hospital in Italy. Strict inclusion and exclusion criteria were... Read more

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    Help for Dry Skin

    It’s still winter in Minnesota, and my skin is rebelling. My hands catch on everything I touch, and my skin itches in places that have... Read more

  • Traditional Chinese cupping therapy mobilizes blood flow to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments including eating disorders. ( EastFenceImage/iStock/Thinkstock)

    Treating Eating Disorders With Chinese Medicine

    Occasionally I am asked whether acupuncture can treat someone with an eating disorder, such as anorexia, bulimia, or obsessive overeating.  As with any condition, there... Read more

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    The Element of Spring: Wood

    The foundation of Chinese philosophy is the idea that human beings are a part of this universe and integral to the dynamic flow of nature... Read more

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    Acupuncture Lowers Hypertension

    Acupuncture successfully lowers blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Researchers conducted a randomized, controlled clinical trial of 120 patients. Groups 1 and 2 received medications,... Read more

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    Natural Remedy for Tinnitus and Dizzyness, Try Tai Chi

    The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF) says Tai Chi can help your dizziness and  balance disorders. Tai Chi is... Read more

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    A Love Letter to Gout

    Dear Gout, I’m breaking up with you. I appreciate the time we had together and everything I’ve learned from you, but it’s over; I don’t... Read more

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    Is Your Qi Depleted? Take This Quiz

    Qi (pronounced chee) is one of the fundamental forces in both your body and in the universe, according to Chinese theory.  While the concept of... Read more

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    Water Is the Chinese Element of Winter

    As many of you already know, in TCM, different elements are connected to each season. Water is the element of winter. And, as we in... Read more

  • Shiitake grows wild on dead hardwood, such as oak, beech, and alder. (

    Shiitake for Immunity, Iron, and Vitamin D

    Mushrooms are strange creatures. Neither plant nor animal, these fungal fruits are in a class all their own. Some species are psychotropic. Others are deadly... Read more

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