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Most People Want to Know Risk of Overdiagnosis, but Aren’t Told


An Australian survey released today has found a large majority of people report they’ve never been told by doctors about the danger of being overdiagnosed...

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    If You Don’t Want to Gain Weight, Keep Your Food in the Kitchen

    Researchers at Ohio State University have uncovered how the way we store food at home can affect our behavior. Their study involved observing the home... Read more

  • Perfect nails, at what cost?(Tom Hilton, CC BY 2.0)

    Health Risks Beneath the Painted Beauty in America’s Nail Salons

    The desire for beautiful nails has fueled an entire nail salon industry that’s growing rapidly, with storefronts cropping up on every major street across the... Read more

  • Eating food grown organically without the aid of pesticides can help reduce the body’s toxic load. (Shutterstock*)

    Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain and Suffering (Part 2)

    Part 2: Chemical Pain Chronic pain and suffering often have multiple causes and factors that can make them difficult to undo. It can be frustrating... Read more

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    Is Depression a Symptom of Parkinson’s Disease?

    The link between Parkinson’s disease and depression is well-established. Many Parkinson’s patients also suffer from clinical depression, and most people diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease... Read more

  • "Stuttering has primarily been interpreted as a speech motor difficulty, but this is the first study that shows it's related to a rhythm perception deficit—in other words, the ability to perceive and keep a beat," says Devin McAuley. (phaitoons/iStock)

    Kids Who Stutter Can’t Hear the Beat

    Stuttering may be more than a speech problem. A new study finds children who stutter have trouble identifying rhythmic drumbeats. “Stuttering has primarily been interpreted... Read more

  • Health Canada is looking into whether fruit juice should be omitted from the Food Guide. Obesity experts have long argued that fruit juices should be removed from Canada’s Food Guide because of their high sugar and caloric content. (Shutterstock*)

    Health Canada Mulls Dumping Fruit Juice From Food Guide

    TORONTO—The federal government is considering whether fruit juice should be squeezed out as a healthy dietary choice under Canada’s Food Guide. The dietary bible recommends... Read more

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    Why Jamie Oliver Wants a Food Revolution

    He’s been a tireless campaigner for children’s health for ages, and now Jamie Oliver is calling for a full on Food Revolution. But what does that mean, in... Read more

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    Kids Have Wise Advice for People Who Are Insecure About Their Bodies

    Have hope, America. Not all of your teens and tweens are down with the painful-looking social media phenomenon, dubbed the “Kylie Jenner Challenge,” that went... Read more

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    The Bar Coasters Drawing the Connection Between Drinking and Domestic Violence

    It’s a scene that can be found the world over: A group of friends or colleagues heads out for a night on the town. Innocent... Read more

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    Ringing Ears Light up the Brain’s Emotion Center

    People with tinnitus “hear” ringing, buzzing, or hissing in their ears much like an amputee might “feel” pain in a missing limb. While exposure to loud... Read more

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    Signs Your Dog May Have the Flu

    There’s a lot of talk about bird flu, swine flu, and of course human flu, but your dog can get the flu too, and it’s just as... Read more

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    So Your Teenager Is Vaping E-cigarettes – Should You Worry?

    E-cigarettes and other vaping products are on track to out-sell cigarettes by the end of 2023. And more and more young people are trying e-cigarettes... Read more

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    Ebola Isn’t Going to Spread Through the Air

    During the peak of the Ebola epidemic last fall a frightening new possibility surfaced: Could a specific mutation allow the disease to spread through the... Read more

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    Kindhearted Operator Delivers Food to 81-Year-Old Vet Who Called 911 for Help

    An old jar of pickle relish and a small glass container. That’s what 81-year-old veteran Clarence Blackmon found in his refrigerator on Tuesday when he... Read more

  • Despite current opinion, psychosis precedes only 12 percent of violent acts. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images)

    Hallucinations Rarely Precede Mass Shootings

    Hallucinations and delusions associated with psychiatric disorders rarely foreshadow acts of violence. That finding by researchers counters commonly held beliefs that psychosis triggers violent crimes,... Read more

  • Hershey's chocolate bars are shown on July 16, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Hershey’s Just Paid for a Study to Convince You Chocolate Is Healthy

    A team of researchers at Northern Arizona University has found that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and act as a stimulant for the brain... Read more