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(Courtesy of Animated Storyboards)
(Courtesy of Animated Storyboards)

The Swan Pilates Pilates is a practice that uses mindfulness, breath, and intelligent movement to balance and strengthen your body. At The Swan, Pilates is...

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    Are You Married to Your Opposite?

    A frequently cited statistic—that nearly half of marriages end in divorce in the United States—has an emotional pull on the intuitions of many, says scholarly... Read more

  • (L-R) Reegen Price, Dr. Sabrina Chen-See, and Kaye Parungao. Vancouver's Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor has kicked off its annual food drive to help the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. Thanks to the generosity of the clinic's patients, the goal of donating one tonne of food is expected to be exceeded. (Courtesy of Dr. Sabrina Chen-See)

    BC Chiropractor Inspiring Patients to Contribute Food to ‘One Tonne Challenge’

    A Vancouver chiropractor has kicked off a food drive to help the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. The goal is to donate one metric tonne—1,000... Read more

  • Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. (JDwow/iStock)

    A Safe Space to Play with Color

    In our age of e-books, old fashioned print sales are suddenly on the rise again. One big reason is adult coloring books. According to a recent... Read more

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    What Does Our Attention Span Mean?

    Coming back to work after a holiday break presents many challenges. We need to reset our circadian rhythms to get up early, remember the password... Read more

  • Joe Conlon, technical adviser for the American Mosquito Control Association, discusses challenges associated with fighting the mosquito that carry the Zika virus during the association's annual conference in Savannah, Ga., on Feb. 8, 2016. Experts say the mosquito species known to spread the Zika virus live and breed in people's homes and yards, making them tough to reach with sprays and often requiring labor-intensive door-to-door interventions. (AP Photo/Ross Bynum)

    Living With People They Bite, Zika Mosquitoes Hard to Fight

    SAVANNAH, Ga.—The mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus are among the hardest species to fight because they live and breed in tub drains, dog bowls,... Read more

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration campus in Silver Spring, Md., on Oct. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

    FDA Loophole Allows Unlabeled and Possibly Dangerous Chemicals in Food

    Since 1958, the FDA has allowed ingredients in foods without requiring a lengthy approval process for them. Food companies and their suppliers have never had... Read more

  • Ana Paula Santos, 34, holds her 45-day-old daughter Flavia Alessandra suffering from microcephaly. (Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images)

    What Is Microcephaly and What Is Its Relationship to Zika Virus?

    Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Zika virus a public health emergency of international concern. Despite high rates of infection, the outbreak would not... Read more

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    The Types of Dementia You Rarely Hear About (Infographic)

    While someone is diagnosed with dementia every four seconds, that doesn’t mean that each person is being diagnosed with the same exact type of the disease... Read more

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    It’s Not All in Your Head

    We often hear about public health crises related to poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking. But what about chronic stress? Canadian physician Gabor Maté... Read more

  • An illustration of the Zika Virus, which symptoms include mild headaches, maculopapular rash, fever, malaise, conjunctivitis, and arthralgia. (Aunt_Spray/iStock)

    Did Calling Zika a Public Health Emergency Jump the Gun?

    Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), has declared Zika virus “a public health emergency of international concern,” saying the the 2016 outbreak... Read more

  • OxyContin pills at a pharmacy in Montpelier, Vt., on Feb. 19, 2013. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

    17,000 Opioid Deaths a Year? Don’t Blame the Patients

    More than 17,000 people are dying every year in the United States from opioid overdoses. Emergency room admissions for opioids other than heroin leaped from 299,000... Read more

  • Diabetes medicine awaits distribution at a community health center for low-income patients on December 1, 2009 in Aurora, Colorado. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    Johnson & Johnson, ViaCyte Testing Possible Diabetes Cure

    Johnson & Johnson, continuing its long quest for a Type 1 diabetes cure, is joining forces with biotech company ViaCyte to speed development of the... Read more

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    Man’s Best Friend Can Save Your Life From Cancer! Dogs Detect Cancer With 90 Percent Accuracy

    By David Gutierrez, contributing writer to Natural News  The future of cancer screening may not be in expensive, invasive tests, but simply in having dogs sniff... Read more

  • Colombia's Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria explains the symptoms of Zika during an event to launch a nationwide prevention campaign against the virus in Ibague, Colombia, on Jan. 26, 2016. Gaviria said the mosquito-borne Zika virus has already infected more than 16,000 people in Colombia and could hit more than half a million throughout the country. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

    Zika Case in Texas Sparks Questions About Sex and Mosquito Germs

    NEW YORK—A sexually transmitted case of Zika in Texas has scientists scrambling to understand how much of a risk infection through sex is for the... Read more

  • A selfie of Hung Thai and his fiancee Lina Jiang on a trip to Malibu, Calif., in April 2015. The Seattle couple have decided to go ahead with a destination wedding in Mexico despite headlines about the mosquito-borne Zika virus. But they're letting guests know that it's OK if they opt to stay home, and they're encouraging those who do plan to come to buy cancel-for-any-reason travel insurance. (Lina Jiang via AP)

    Zika Affects Plans for Destination Weddings, Babymoons

    Some travelers are trading in Caribbean and Latin American vacations for ski trips and Hawaii as they rethink destination weddings, babymoons and other getaways in... Read more

  • (AP Photo/Victoria Arocho, file)

    Ketamine, Onetime Party Drug, May Be ‘Miracle’ Cure for Severe Depression

    A onetime party drug, ketamine, is being tested by researchers at the National Institutes of Health as a treatment for severe depression and has been... Read more

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