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Are Our Busy Doctors and Nurses Losing Empathy for Patients?


Every day, doctors, nurses and other health professionals are presented with situations that demand empathy and compassion. Whether telling a 40-year-old man with cancer he...

  • (Sergei Domashenko/Shutterstock)

    Children Learn Empathy Growing Up, but Can We Train Adults to Have More of It?

    “I just get so angry when he says he will call and then doesn’t,” says Ellen about her boyfriend. Her empathic friend might respond: “Yes,... Read more

  • (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Pleasing Wall Street but Not Patients and Taxpayers: Pharma’s Plan for 2017?

    2016 was not a good year for Pharma’s image. Early in the year, Martin Shkreli, founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals, refused to justify the company’s price... Read more

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    The Body’s Best Defense, on Overdrive

    When you catch an infection, your body responds with redness, swelling, and pain. This is called inflammation. It’s how our immune system gets rid of... Read more

  • In this photo provided by the Carrie Stevenson, her daughter Estelle holds a bag of peanut snacks in her pediatrician’s office at age nine-months, in Columbus, Ohio. (Carrie Stevenson via AP)

    Giving Peanut-Based Foods to Babies Early Prevents Allergies

    Most babies should start eating peanut-containing foods well before their first birthday, say guidelines released Thursday that aim to protect high-risk tots and other youngsters,... Read more

  • Researchers have declared that a digestive system mass long thought to be disparate bits and pieces is, in fact, a single organ. (AOL Screenshot)

    Scientists Discover New Human Organ (Video)

    Researchers have declared that a digestive system mass long thought to be disparate bits and pieces is, in fact, a single organ. They’re calling it... Read more

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    Use the Power of Monday to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

    If you’re looking toward 2017 in hopes that it will be a happier, healthier, more financially secure year than the one coming to a close,... Read more

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    5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

    I recently had a bout of vertigo, which kept me out of the kitchen for a while. When I started cooking again, I realized that... Read more

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    Unhealthy Body Weight and Metabolic Syndrome Increase Prostate Growth Rate

    Men with metabolic syndrome are at higher risk of prostate growth and cancer. The new data come from a five-year study, published in the journal “Urology” in... Read more

  • (Halfpoint/Shutterstock)

    Can Exercise Prevent Age-Related Hearing Loss?

    Everyone knows that exercise helps keep weight off and is good for your heart. Now, scientists say it also appears to prevent age-related hearing loss... Read more

  • Some non-GMO and even some organic foods were found to have high levels of glyphosate when tested. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Glyphosate for Breakfast?

    Glyphosate is by far the most heavily used chemical weed killer in human history. It’s so pervasive, it’s difficult to avoid ingesting it on a... Read more

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    How Learning a New Language Improves Tolerance

    There are many benefits to knowing more than one language. For example, it has been shown that aging adults who speak more than one language... Read more

  • (Semmick Photo/Shutterstock)

    Don’t Cut the Cord Too Fast; a Pause Benefits Most Newborns

    Don’t cut that umbilical cord too soon: A brief pause after birth could benefit most newborns by delivering them a surge of oxygen-rich blood. New... Read more

  • (Svetlana Solovjova/Shutterstock)

    Brain Changes Seen in Pregnancy, May Help Preparing for Baby

    Pregnancy affects not only a woman’s body: It changes parts of her brain too, a new study says. When researchers compared brain scans of women... Read more

  • CNN explains in a recent report that ‘all human eyes are brown’ since eye colors are based on a pigment called melanin which is brown but can appear to be blue, green, hazel, or brown depending on the amount that is present. (AOL Screenshot)

    CNN: ‘All Human Eyes Are Brown’ (Video)

    Humans may appear to have a range of eye colors such as blue and green. But a recent CNN article reveals that, contrary to this... Read more

  • (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

    Should Kids Learn Emotions Alongside the ABCs?

    Children should be taught about navigating their emotions from an early age, says sociologist Thomas Scheff. He refers to emotions as “internal events,” intangible cues working... Read more

  • (Vaping360/Flickr)

    Huff, Puff and Explode: E-Cigarette Fires, Injuries on Rise

    Katrina Williams wanted a safer alternative to smoking, and e-cigarettes seemed to be the answer until the day one exploded in her pocket as she... Read more

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