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UK Dad Hopes Parents will Ask one Simple Question When their Child Gets Sick

Pippa Howarth. (
Pippa Howarth. (

A British dad who lost his 3-year-old daughter several years ago is on a mission to get parents to ask one simple question: Could my...

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    Healing Time

    About 20 years ago, I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee. I was running a lot, and over a period of a few months, my... Read more

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    The Problem of Overdiagnosis

    Some medical conditions are being diagnosed too often and therefore could be dangerously over-treated, according to five influential Australian health care organizations that recently released a joint... Read more

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    Running for the Body and Mind

    Laura Bourdeanu vividly remembers the moment police told her that her best friend had been killed. Shocked and short of breath, Bourdeanu went for a... Read more

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    5 Proven Ways to Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

    It’s no secret that the beauty industry has huge marketing budgets. They’ve spent fortunes trying to convince women that injections, chemical peels or $300 creams... Read more

  • Bottles of Johnson & Johnson baby powder line a drugstore shelf in New York October 15, 2015.  (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo)

    J&J Ordered to Pay $417 Million in Trial Over Talc Cancer Risks

    A California jury on Monday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using the... Read more

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    Peanut Allergy Treatment Breakthrough by Australian Scientist

    An Australian researcher has great news for children with peanut allergies—most of them may be able to enjoy the treat after all. Professor Mimi Tang, a... Read more

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    How Diseases Are “Sold” in Order to Sell Drugs

    Did you ever wonder why new medications so often debut right after awareness of the condition they treat increases? It is no coincidence. The tactic... Read more

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    How to Beat Anxiety and Become Mentally Strong

    Do you suffer from anxiety? Have you tried just about everything to get over it, but it just keeps coming back? Maybe you thought you... Read more


    The Sunshine Remedy

    Without the sun, there is no life. The sun stirs our atmosphere, warms our oceans, and gives energy to plants that generate oxygen and food... Read more

  • Plague: carting the dead, by J. Moynet (Wikki Commons)

    Plague-Infested Fleas Found in Arizona

    Fleas carrying plague have been found in northern Arizona, according to the local public health agency. Fleas that tested positive for the plague were found... Read more

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    The Secret to Interpersonal Happiness

    As much as we desire being connected to others—good friendships, a wonderful romantic relationship, close family members—this connection always comes at a cost. We get... Read more

  • Various vegetables on display at a market in Montreal. Canada's next food guide could discourage the consumption of beef, butter, and cheese, which has lobby groups for the meat and dairy sectors up in arms. (The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson)

    Canada’s Next Food Guide Opens up Industry Battle Over Beef and Butter

    VANCOUVER—Lobby groups for the meat and dairy sectors are up in arms over indications that Canada’s next food guide could discourage the consumption of beef,... Read more

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    Ritual Slaughter Is Never Humane

    “Kosher” is widely interpreted as meaning pure, and many think kosher slaughter is better or more humane than traditional methods. But ritual slaughter is capable... Read more

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    Summer Is High-Risk Time for Kidney Stones

    Did you know that as the temperature rises and our diet heads out the window, we’re increasing our risk of kidney stones? It’s true! During... Read more

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    Book Review: Another Day in the Death of America

    Imagine that you did not grow up amid America’s gun culture but are still a member of the race which suffers the most from U.S... Read more

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    Antibiotics Are Not the Only Drugs Used in U.S. Meat

    By now, most people know that antibiotics are used by the ton in the production of U.S. meat–not because animals are sick but because less... Read more

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