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Just a Few Moments of Meditation a Day Found to Have Profound, Near-Instant Benefits on Stress Reduction


By J. D. Heyes, contributing wruter to Natural News So-called “mindfulness meditation” has become increasingly popular as a method of improving your mental and physical health,...

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    Poor Teens’ Health May Benefit From Top Schools

    Disadvantaged teens may get more than an academic boost by attending top-notch high schools — their health may also benefit, a study suggests. Risky health... Read more

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    Most Women Who Have Double Mastectomy Don’t Need It (Video)

     About 70 percent of women who have both breasts removed following a breast cancer diagnosis do so despite a very low risk of facing cancer... Read more

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    Omega-3 Supplements Lessen Severity of Osteoarthritis

    By David Gutierrez, contributing writer to Natural News Omega-3 fatty acids may improve joint health and reduce the risk and severity of arthritis, according to a... Read more

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    From Overprotected to Overweight

    Maybe if we stopped calling it The Obesity Epidemic and started calling it The Fear Epidemic we could finally make a dent in the widening... Read more

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    Most People Think Alzheimer’s Is a Normal Part of Aging (Video)

    A multinational survey released today found that 59 percent of people incorrectly believe that Alzheimer’s disease is a typical part of aging. “People misunderstand that... Read more

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    Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Confronting the Horror

    While human beings have always known about the mental health effects of trauma, it was only in 1980 that the term post-traumatic stress disorder, or... Read more

  • Keystone High School wrestler Logan Stiner during a match. The FDA is now warning consumers to avoid pure powdered caffeine sold on the Internet after Stiner died after consuming it. Even a teaspoon of the powder could be lethal — it is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. (AP Photo/Steve Manheim, The Chronicle Telegram)

    Teens and Caffeine Powder Dangers

    The sudden death of a healthy high school senior has ramped up attention on unregulated caffeine powder, leading federal health authorities to warn consumers to... Read more

  • Chikungunya's been found in two people in Florida who contracted it locally; the virus is spread through mosquitoes and causes severe pain. (AOL Screenshot)

    Chikungunya Virus Contracted In U.S. (Video)

    No, we’re not here to talk to you about dino DNA or West Nile. “Chikungunya” is loosely translated to “contorted with pain” — and it’s... Read more

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    Study: Coping Poorly With Stress Means Worse Sleep

    According to the National Sleep Foundation, half of people who suffer from insomnia blame it on stress and worry. And small wonder. It’s easy to get... Read more

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    The Importance of Eating Together

    After my mother passed away and my brother went to study in New Zealand, the first thing that really felt different was the dinner table... Read more

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    Natural Childbirth is Key to Beginning Life With a Strong Immune System

    By David Gutierrez, contributing writer to Natural News Children delivered by cesarean section (C-section) may end up with hampered immune systems, according to a study conducted by... Read more

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    Chinese Herbs Kill Cancer Cells: Study

    By Ethan A. Huff, contributing writer to Natural News An amazing breakthrough has taken place on the cancer research front, with a possible cure coming from... Read more

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    ‘Virtual Visits’ Lower Stress for Kids in the Hospital

    Hospitalized children have less stress and can recover faster when family and friends visit. Researchers find that videoconferencing can have similar benefits. A program called... Read more

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    Smoking May Contribute to Suicide Risk

    Cigarette smokers are more likely to commit suicide than people who don’t smoke, studies have shown. This reality has been attributed to the fact that... Read more

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    Tough Girls Don’t Make Marriages Crumble

    Researchers say “not so fast” to claims that daughters cause divorce. They argue that girls may be hardier than boys, even in the womb, and... Read more

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    The Creativity Pill

    Neurologist Rivka Inzelberg recently noticed that her patients with Parkinson’s disease seemed to be authoring more novels than older people tend to author. Looking closer,... Read more