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Not Into Green Tea? 6 Other Teas That Are Amazing for You


By now, we’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking green tea—it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, burns fat, battles cancer, and more. But what if...

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    A Quick and Easy Vegan Cookie Pie Recipe

    Food is a big deal at our house. It’s our health plan and our insurance and our future. We feel very strongly that food is the... Read more

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    The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like

    “What I tell patients is, if you like coffee, go ahead and drink as much as you want and can,” says Dr. Peter Martin, director... Read more

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    More Mitochondria for Better Athletes?

    The huge number of mitochondria in dogs’ muscles explains why sled dogs can run more than 100 miles a day, at sub-8-minute-mile pace for weeks... Read more

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    Powerful Disease Protection From Pomegranate

    Fall is here, and fresh pomegranates are available again. Pomegranate was one of the earliest cultivated fruits, and the fruit has been prominent throughout history... Read more

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    Foods That Kill Cancer

    By Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine In order to defeat cancer and ensure there is no recurrence, the body must be brought into balance and... Read more

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    The Fascinating Bacteria in Your Gut, and How It Affects Our Whole Lives

    By Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine We are host to somewhere between 300-1000 different species of bacteria, each of which has one goal—to survive and... Read more

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    Secrets Revealed: The Powerful Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

    One of the oldest known fruits, found in writings and artifacts of many cultures and religions, the pomegranate (punica granatum) is an original native of... Read more

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    Hooked on Apples

    When it comes to solving big problems, I believe in reaching for the low-hanging fruit first. What’s the easy stuff we can get out of... Read more

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    Cooking Oils to Eat and Avoid

    Health conscious consumers are increasingly ditching old favourites vegetable and canola oil for trendy alternatives like coconut and peanut oil. But are they any healthier?... Read more

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    Nuts for Nutrition: 7 Health Boosting Nuts You Should Be Eating

    I love nuts and eat them every day. Portable, convenient, delicious and packed with fantastic benefits, they’re one of nature’s most overlooked superfoods. If you’re... Read more

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    5 Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies

    Our body requires vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for optimum functional efficiency, and any kind of deficiency is a serious problem. It should be recognized... Read more

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    Workout of the Week: Fitness Boxing

    Boxing is fantastic way to increase your fitness and will help to tone your upper body in a big way. If your arms are an... Read more

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    Spiced Pumpkin Mousse With Coconut Whipped Cream

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body Who doesn’t love the season around pumpkin desserts? Pumpkin itself has many great healing benefits, although... Read more

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    Guide to Drinking Water

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body  We all know water is important. It makes up approximately 70% of our physiology and... Read more

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    8 Juicy Reasons to Eat More Strawberries

    Who doesn’t love strawberries?  And you don’t need any reason other than the pleasure of their sweetness to eat them every day.  But according to... Read more

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    Spiced Pumpkin Latte – Healthy and Perfect for the Season

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body When fall approaches, our mind and body starts to crave seasonal food that can not... Read more