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Ice Craving May Signal Health Problem


Pagophagia (addiction to ice) assPagophagia is an addiction to ice generally caused by an iron deficiency or anemia. Ice can be used to chill drinks. Its cold,...

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    Your Stress Can Add Inches to Your Spouse’s Waist

    Stress isn’t good for you, but it’s not good for your spouse, either. For older married couples, one spouse’s long-term stress can cause the other’s... Read more

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    The No-Crunch Ab Workout to Help Your Mommy Tummy

    Pregnancy does wild things to your body. The changes are extensive, particularly when it comes to your abdominal muscles, which not only stretch by more... Read more

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    The Many Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

    Fish, tomatoes, feta cheese, chicken and lots of olive oil. We have just listed a bunch of ingredients to make a special meal, but these... Read more

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    7 Things to Eat or Avoid to Lower Your Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure is called the silent killer. That’s because it has no symptoms. Having high blood pressure (hypertension) increases your risk of heart disease,... Read more

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    Gut Feeling: How Your Microbiota Affects Your Mood, Sleep, and Stress Levels

    The gut microbiota is the community of bugs, including bacteria, that live in our intestine. It has been called the body’s “forgotten organ” because of... Read more

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    Best Dark Chocolate: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

    Dark chocolate is incredibly healthy and nutritious. However, there are many brands available and not all of them are created equal. Some are better than... Read more

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    Is Milk Good for Me, or Should I Ditch It?

    Decades of public health messages have encouraged us to drink milk to strengthen our bones and reduce the risk of fractures as we age. But... Read more

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    3 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

    By  David Jockers, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Avocado’s Have a Long, Rich History Avocados are native to Central America and were a favorite food of the Aztec... Read more

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    Easy Pumpkin-Blueberry Pancakes

    This recipe for pumpkin blueberry pancakes is a favorite of all who try it. It makes pancakes that are gluten-free, qualify as a genuine high-fiber food, and are... Read more

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    Are You Moving Your Body the Way it Was Designed to Move?

    Mila Shulkleper had been enduring painful back problems for years when “by divine intervention or coincidence, or however you might have it,” her neighbor invited... Read more

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    How to Boost Your Energy With Food

    Have you ever eaten a big, filling meal, loaded with energy, only to feel exhausted and drained afterwards? Isn’t it strange that a five-course affair that... Read more

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    How to Self-Assess Your Abs Post-Baby

    Congratulations: You are a new mom, and along with the new title comes a different body. Your postnatal body needs lots of TLC, particularly your... Read more

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    Drink Up: Health Benefits of Coffee Are Numerous

    Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is made using the seeds of a vigorous shrub or small tree. These... Read more

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    19 Foods Proven to Lower Blood Pressure

    Hypertension affects about 30 percent of adults worldwide. While most people try to cut back on salt to lower their pressure, a better strategy may... Read more

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    How to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk by 25%

    Many people think that cancer is like a ticking time-bomb waiting to strike without reason, but increasing amounts of research show that our dietary habits... Read more

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    What 15 Almonds a Day Can Do for You

    Almonds are familiar to many people as a healthy food, but how exactly do they affect our health? Rich in many compounds that can be... Read more

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