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10 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight


In honor of Healthy Weight Week, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas to help you maintain a healthy weight through exercise and nutrition. These tips...

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    2 Simple Recipes for a Nourishing Lunch

    To avoid the afternoon energy dip that a carbohydrate-rich meal often imparts, my favorite lunch includes lots of protein and healthy fats and few grains... Read more

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    Lentils 101: All You Need to Know

    By Magnus Mumby, Organic Lifestyle Magazine There are about 200 in 1cooked cup of lentils. There is no doubt that lentils are one of the most versatile... Read more

  • In addition to its fat-burning benefits, the kettlebell swing can help extend your posture and even reduce back pain by increasing stability in your lower back. (Courtesy of Ashely Whitson)

    Fire Up Your Fitness With Kettlebell Swings

    The kettlebell swing is an all-encompassing exercise that not only burns calories, but also offers an efficient way to boost metabolism and burn fat after... Read more

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    Raw Strawberry-Filled Brownie Bites

    Raw Food Chef Megan Elizabeth makes Strawberry-Filled Brownie Bites (Serves 2) This video was originally published on Join their free newsletter. *Image of... Read more

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    5 Ways to Love Your Quinoa

    The ancient grain is back in a big way, and with good reason. Gluten-free quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) is quick and easy to cook and its... Read more

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    Reverse Push-Up: The Push-Up That Blasts Your Core

    =””> This is a Flash-based video and may not be viewable on mobile devices. Your body has 29 core muscles, which are located mostly in... Read more

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    What You Should Know About Protein Powders

    By Frank Tortorici, Healing the Body Protein powders have been around as long as the health movement started. Gym rats quaffing ridiculous amounts of protein... Read more

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    Why Everyone’s Going Wild for This Clip of Women Working Out

    In a world of filtered (and Photoshopped) Instagram feeds, it’s easy to forget that being active involves few picture-perfect moments, some jiggling, and profuse perspiration... Read more

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    Use Portion Control for Weight Control

    You’re eating healthy meals and snacks and exercising regularly, so why isn’t the extra weight coming off faster? Your portion sizes might be the reason,... Read more

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    Cheese Lovers Day: 5 Vegan Cheeses for Any Occasion

    Whether you’re an animal lover or lactose intolerant, cheese has always been a barrier to dietary bliss. In theory, you know it would be healthier... Read more

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    Ginger Cookie Recipe (Gluten-Free)

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body Everyone loves a good soft, chewy ginger cookie. The challenge is making them taste good... Read more

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    7 Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

    Starting an exercise program is one of the best choices you can make for your health. You’re embarking on a journey toward a stronger, more... Read more

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    5 Ways to Boost Metabolism Naturally

    If you think back to your own personal health history, I am confident you can pinpoint a time in your life when the weight just... Read more

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    7 Healthy Benefits of Tea

    The benefits of tea are no small sip.  Tea can be warming, invigorating, soothing, and most importantly, health promoting. With thousands of varieties, tea is... Read more

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    Soy’s Healthy Reputation Under Fire

    A health claim is a rare privilege in the American marketplace. Even herbs and supplements that millions use to treat various ailments must be careful... Read more

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    Vegan Burger With Cashew Mayo

    By Vanessa Wilkerson, Healing the Body Truth be told, most of us crave a good burger from time to time. For some people, grass-fed locally... Read more