Mysterious Crop Circle Appears Overnight In Germany (Video)

An elaborate crop circle that reportedly appeared overnight is baffling locals and the property owner. (AOL Screenshot)
An elaborate crop circle that reportedly appeared overnight is baffling locals and the property owner. (AOL Screenshot)

An elaborate crop circle that reportedly appeared overnight is baffling locals and the property owner. A balloonist discovered the circular design last week. Since then,...

  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia. (eutrophication&hypoxia, CC BY)

    Great Barrier Reef May Face a Deadly Summer

    Researchers fear this summer will bring an increase in coral death to the Great Barrier Reef, as the reef is at greater risk than ever... Read more

  • American Robin (wikimedia.org)

    Songbirds Dying from DDT in Michigan yards; Superfund Site Blamed

    Jim Hall was mowing the town’s baseball diamond when he felt a little bump underneath him. “And there it was, a dead robin,” he said... Read more

  • Somali Ostrich (wikimedia.org)

    New Bird Species Added to Endangered List

    Scientists have added 361 new bird species to the IUCN Red List following a major taxonomic review of non-passerine birds, i.e. non-perching or non-songbirds. Worryingly,... Read more

  • Map of oil blocks within Yasuni National Park. Image courtesy of Finer, Pappalardo, Ferrarese, De Marchi (2014).

    Ecuador Uses National Park for Oil Drilling

    Yasuni National park has been in the conservation spotlight in recent years, with oil drilling threatening the forests and wildlife of this biodiversity hotspot. Recently,... Read more

  • The tree pangolin (Manis tricuspis) has been upgraded from Near Threatened to Vulnerable by an IUCN Red List update. Photo by: the African Pangolin Working Group (APWG)

    Millions of Endangered Pangolins Killed in 10 Years

      One of the world’s most bizarre animal groups is now at risk of complete eradication, according to an update of the IUCN Red List... Read more

  • Tasman Lake, which is fed by melt water from the retreating Tasman Glacier, photographed in December last year. (Portengaround, CC BY-SA)

    New Zealand’s Southern Alps Have Lost a Third of Their Ice

    A third of the permanent snow and ice of New Zealand’s Southern Alps has now disappeared, according to our new research based on National Institute... Read more

  • A bee flies next to a dandelion flower on a spring day on April 21, 2014 in Popielarze near Warsaw. (AFP Photo / Janek Skarzynski/Getty Images)

    Natural Not-From-Your-Garden Salads

    Have you ever had a dandelion salad? Yes, dandelion salad  is a real thing, not just a made up salad that kids make while playing... Read more

  • Quinoa

    Like Quinoa but Find It Too Expensive? New Varieties Are Good News for You

    The popular superfood quinoa is expected to become a more common, affordable food with the release of new varieties that can grow in European soil. ... Read more

  • The Wenzhou river in eastern China turned bloody red earlier this week. Researchers are still investigating the cause. (AOL Screenshot)

    Chinese River Turns Bloody Red Overnight (Video)

    Residents in eastern China woke up earlier this week to find the river that runs through their city had turned blood red.  “The other night folks smelled something... Read more

  • Grid

    Energy Transition: The Issue of Power Grids

    The electricity transmission network is the backbone of the electrical system, a key asset in the energy transition. It must both adapt to the means... Read more

  • File photo dated June 1976 of Democratic candidate for the US Presidency Jimmy Carter during the Democratic National Convention in New York City. (AFP/Getty Images)

    35 Years Later, Jimmy Carter’s Energy Warning

    “Energy,” President Jimmy Carter said, “will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this nation, and it can also be the standard around... Read more

  • Pollution

    Under Water: The EPA’s Struggle to Combat Pollution

    For years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been frustrated in its efforts to pursue hundreds of cases of water pollution — repeatedly tied up in... Read more

  • Plantation development in Riau, Sumatra. Photos by Rhett A. Butler.

    Letter to Indonesia President on Environment

    Dear Joko Widodo, Congratulations on your successful bid for the Indonesian presidency. Although neither you nor your opponent spent much time focusing on the environment,... Read more

  • Gregg Segal exposes American Consumerism in his 7 Days of Garbage photo project

    Photographer Gregg Segal: The King of Garbage Exposure

    Californian photographer Gregg Segal thinks you use too much stuff. Or rather, he thinks we all do, and our hyper consumerism is leading to a rubbish... Read more

  • Parabens and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) are present in most shampoos and may cause serious health hazards. Find out why.

    Top 5 SLS-Free Organic Shampoos For Healthy Looking Hair

    SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) is Bad for Your hair— Here is Why  While we often worry about what goes in our cosmetics and skincare, we... Read more

  • Agriculture and forest in the Brazilian Amazon

    Deforestation Possibly Stopped by 2040 in Brazil

    Better utilization of its vast areas of pasturelands could enable Brazil to dramatically boost agricultural production without the need to clear another hectare of Amazon... Read more

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