My Favorite Garden Herbs and How To Grow Them

Basil (Sweet Basil) is one of the most common herbs grown in gardens. (Todd Heft/bigblogofgardening.com)
Basil (Sweet Basil) is one of the most common herbs grown in gardens. (Todd Heft/bigblogofgardening.com)

Before our modern synthetic scents were created, herbs were an important aspect of everyday living.  They were used for many functions including dyes, medicines, room...

  • The 262-foot hole is located in the Yamal Peninsula in the gas rich section of Northern Siberia, a section of Siberia so remote people actually call it “The End Of the World.” (AOL Screenshot)

    Mysterious Giant Hole Suddenly Appears (Video)

    Helicopter crew in Siberia have discovered a giant hole in the ground. Now scientists are on their way to figure out what caused it. Video... Read more

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    Coral Reefs Key for Saving Millions of Humans

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  • Fracking

    California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

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  • Southern elephant seals battle for mating rights. Photo by: G. Harris/WCS.

    Argentina Gains Biosphere Reserve on Peninsula

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    First Shark Species Protected Under the ESA

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    Diver Saves Sea Turtle, Then THIS Happens (Video)

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    Deforestation Threatens Endangered Gorillas

    The mountain forests at the Nigeria-Cameroon border are home to one of the rarest and most threatened subspecies of African apes – the Cross River... Read more

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    Snakes: Keepers of the Ecological Balance

    Okay, so some snakes are so venomous they can kill you in 30 minutes (the inland taipan). And, yes, the fact that they don’t have... Read more

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  • Great Indian Bustard (wikimedia.org)

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  • Shade-grown coffee in Latin America. This type of cultivation requires less deforestation than sun-grown, and helps maintain habitat connectivity and biodiversity. (Photo by Rhett A. Butler)

    Shade Grown Coffee Helps Forests and Natives

    Shade-grown coffee is regarded as a form of permaculture, in which coffee is grown under a canopy of native trees in full to moderate shade... Read more

  • Someday, this puppy may grow up to non-violently fend off cheetahs and other predators. (Niki Rust)

    Cats’ Best Friend? A New Role for Guard Dogs in South Africa

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    Fast and Furious Road Etiquette for Green Drivers

    Many fuel-saving tips advise driving slowly, but you should actually often drive fast to save fuel and minimize the impact on the environment.  Driving slowly works... Read more

  • Leopards (Panthera pardus) are found throughout Africa and Asia, and often kill livestock. (Photo by Niki Rust)

    South Africa Wild Cats Protected by Dogs

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  • (Zoo Jeans)

    Jeans Designed by Lions and Tigers Are a Win-Win for Zoos

    A Japanese jeans maker has found a new way of capitalising on zoo animals. Zoo Jeans are producing jeans “designed by dangerous animals”. Denim is... Read more

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