Poisonous Primate Mimicking The Cobra?

A slow loris in a venom pose. Photo by: Andrew Walmsley.
A slow loris in a venom pose. Photo by: Andrew Walmsley.

Slow loris venom. By the Little Fireface Project.     The bite of a slow loris can be painful, and sometimes even lethal. After all, this...

  • CV Arjuna coal mine in Makroman. Photo: S. Yutinus Hardjanto.

    Coal Mine Has Heavy Impact in Indonesia-Borneo

    Baharuddin should be happy. The rambutan and durian trees flanking his home are heavy with fruit. Two hectares of chilies stretch before his house. The... Read more

  • Destruction of rainforest in Malaysia for palm oil production. Photos by Rhett A. Butler.

    Cargill Stops Deforestation for Entire Global Chain

    Cargill, one of the world’s largest agricultural companies, has extended its zero deforestation commitment for palm oil to all commodities it produces. The commitment, announced Tuesday... Read more

  • High biodiversity submontane forest of the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

    Norway and Germany Save Peru’s Environment

       From the Andes to the Amazon, Peru houses some of the world’s most spectacular forests. Proud and culturally-diverse indigenous tribes inhabit the interiors of... Read more

  • Cleared timber plantation and peat forest in Indonesia. Photos by Rhett A. Butler.

    Leaders Pledge to End Deforestation by 2030

      Dozens of companies, non-profit organizations, and governments pledged to work together to halve forest loss by 2020 and end it altogether by 2030. If... Read more

  • In one of its latest discoveries, the exploration vessel called Nautilus recorded a yellow organism under the water’s surface. (AOL Screenshot)

    Sea Worm That Resembles Tennis Ball Spotted (Video)

    The exploration vessel called Nautilus has captured some stunning visuals of sea creatures in the recent past. Among the latest ones, the Nautilus team recorded... Read more

  • The Great Barrier Reef is threatened by global warming and ocean acidification, both caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Speaks to the UN Climate Summit

       Actor, environmental activist, and recently named UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio, spoke today to a UN Climate Summit. The summit, which is hosting the... Read more

  • Children on Woodlark Island. Photo by: Simon Piyuwes.

    Logging Plans Endanger 40 New Species On Tiny Island

    Woodlark Island is a rare place on the planet today. Just a little bigger than New York City, this small island off the coast Papua... Read more

  • An 'alien' creature emerged from the Rocky River in Ohio Friday and has been moved to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, but not before doing some damage. (AOL Screenshot)

    ‘Alien’ Invader Found in River (Video)

    An ‘alien’ creature emerged from the Rocky River in Ohio Friday and has been moved to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, but not before... Read more

  • (L-R) Eva-Maria Nordström, Jonathan Stoltz and Ann Dolling. They carried out the research project about how spending time in the forest affects people with stress-related illnesses at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. (Ulrika Lagerlöf/Skogssällskapet)

    A Forest Relieves Stress

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Spending time in the forest makes us feel better and helps recovery from stress-related illness, according to a study by scientists at the Swedish... Read more

  • Coal mine in Wyoming. Burning coal is the most carbon-intensive energy source. Photo by: the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

    Turnout for Climate Change in NY Shatters Prediction

    Around 570,000 people took part in marches around the world yesterday calling for action on climate change. By far the largest event was in New... Read more

  • Vaquitas (Phocoena sinus) are more solitary than other cetacean species, but are sometimes found in small groups. (Paul Olsen/NOAA/www.wikimedia.org)

    World’s Smallest Porpoise is Critically Endangered

      Since the baiji was declared extinct in the early aughts, the vaquita has taken its unenviable position as the world’s most threatened cetacean. The tiny porpoise... Read more

  • Plumes of smoke blow south towards a patch of blackened earth left by the Richardson fire in 2011. Clusters of wildfires are outlined in red in this image taken by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS). Image courtesy of NASA.

    Canadian Forests Require Wildfires for Biodiversity

    Crackling heat and thick billowing smoke raced across the landscape. After weeks of scorching dry summer weather, the wildfire seemed to hungrily consume the earth... Read more

  • Illegal forest for an oil palm plantation within a protected area in Indonesia

    Palm Oil Companies Suspend Deforestation for A Year

    Five of the world’s largest palm oil producers have announced an immediate moratorium on palm oil sourced via clearance of potential high carbon stock forests. ... Read more

  • Yadav Payeng, The Forest Man

    ‘Forest Man’—The Man Who Planted a Forest in India

    In 2012 we shared the story of Jadav Payeng, a man who single-handedly and with dogged determination planted an entire forest in Assam. Now, you... Read more

  • Fire burning on an oil palm plantation in Malaysia

    Donuts Companies Cutting Palm Oil from Deforestation

      Two of the world’s largest doughnut brands this week committed to sourcing safeguards that move them toward eliminating deforestation from their palm oil supply... Read more

  • Recently the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration captured footage of a hydromedusa gracefully maneuvering around in the water. (AOL Screenshot)

    Rare Bizarre-Looking Creature Spotted by Underwater Researchers (Video)

    Bodies of both fresh and saltwater hold a vast amount of mysterious and beautiful creatures. The hydromedusa is one of them. Recently the National Oceanic... Read more

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