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Lemon Balm Tea – Helps To Lower Your Blood Pressure

(GreenArt Photography/Shutterstock)
(GreenArt Photography/Shutterstock)

Lemon balm is an aromatic herb whose leaves contain a variety of aromatic essential oils. It has been used since ancient times for its soothing,...

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    The Herb That Shows Promise Against Heart Disease

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    Argan Oil: A Moisturizer so Pure You Could Drink It

    Argania Spinosa – The botanical name of the Argan Tree which is endemic to Morocco. The Argan forest is confined almost exclusively to the semi... Read more

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    6 Reasons to Love the Herb Peppermint

    For most people the mention of mint conjures thoughts of candy canes and chewing gum, but the many uses of fragrant and versatile mint extend... Read more

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    The Best Teas for Your Health Problem

    Recently I participated in a guided meditation in which I was advised to visualize myself doing something that makes me happy. At the end of... Read more

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    How to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

    By Susan Grimes, Organic Lifestyle Magazine In the midst of summer fun, those who love garden fresh greens for months to come will take the time... Read more

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    Your Medicine is in Your Pantry

    Food has been the medicine of humanity since the dawn of time. Many herbs that we associate only with seasoning our food are, in fact,... Read more

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    Raspberry Leaf Helps Keep Moms Strong Before and After Pregnancy

    Who can resist a ripe raspberry? Fresh off the bush or plucked from a small, yet pricey container, raspberries are a healthy and luxurious indulgence... Read more

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    Want to Live Forever? Have Some More of This Delicious Herb

    By J. D. Heyes, contributing writer to Natural News Researchers believe that a staple food in the Mediterranean diet could be the secret to living a full... Read more

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    Coconut Water: A New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment?

    Unlike conventional drug treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, coconut oil and water may help resolve some of the root causes of neurodegenerative conditions.  Have you ever... Read more

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    Science or Snake Oil: Can a Detox Actually Cleanse Your Liver?

    The human adult liver weighs about one-and-a-half kilograms, making it one of the largest organs in the body. It is responsible for a range of... Read more

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    21 Incredible Benefits From Ashwagandha: For Anxiety, Cancer, Fertility, Opioid Withdrawal, and More

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    Dandelion Root Far More Effective in Fighting Cancer Cells Than Chemotherapy

    By J. D. Heyes, contributing writer to Natural News A so-called “weed” growing right in your front and back yards could hold the key to being... Read more

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    11 Herbs Used As Traditional Acne Remedies

    Acne involves the over-production of sebum from the sebaceous glands which results in the blockage of the pores with a sticky mass of the dead... Read more

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    7 Amazing Healing Powers of Aloe Vera

    Around 1750 BC Hannibal waged war to control the areas in North Africa where aloe vera flourished. It’s no wonder when you understand the powerful... Read more

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    Color Your Hair the Natural Way With These 4 DIY Recipes

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