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Study: Knee Surgery No Better Than Placebo


Surgery probably won’t help you with chronic knee pain.  But here are 10 proven ways to get you safely back in the swing of things...

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    DIY: 4 Easy Natural Beauty Recipes

    Natural beauty can be easier than you think. Makeup can certainly make a woman look beautiful, but let’s face it, sometimes makeup is just too... Read more

  • Multi Generation Family Celebrating With Christmas Meal

    Gratitude Makes the Whole Family Healthier

    It’s Thanksgiving time—a time for family, food, and counting our blessings. For parents, it’s also a great opportunity to encourage gratitude, which is significant because gratitude can not... Read more

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    A Life Filled With Gratitude (Video)

      Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, shares simple ways to let go of worry and expand your gratitude to include the extraordinary nuances in... Read more

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    Parents Say Essential Oils Help with Autism

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that presents families with significant challenges. Children diagnosed with ASD experience a different world than their peers. Bright... Read more

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    4 Practices Required to Live a Truly Healthy Life

    It’s certainly not easy to live a healthy life in a world full of toxic food, air, water, and thoughts. If that wasn’t enough, we... Read more

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    Simple DIY Rose Water

    It’s rose water season! Can you get your hands on some fragrant rose petals? If yes, then you can make some amazing rose water that you... Read more

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    Kindness: Just the Opposite of Killing Us; It Makes Us Stronger

    Science tells us that kindness directly influences your propensity for happiness. But kindness does more than that; it not only improves your health but increases your... Read more

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    5 Wonder Spices for Curing Everyday Ailments

    By Josh Brisbane, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Many of us use spices in our homes. But not everybody knows that they can be as healthful and nutritious... Read more

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    A Godsend for Arthritis Sufferers – May Reduce Pain by a Whopping 62%

    Pomegranate extract consumption is known to reduce the incidence and severity of collagen-induced arthritis in mice.   More recently, researchers investigated whether pomegranate can also... Read more

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    Are You a Sugar Junkie? Try This Trick.

    I usually only write about Chinese herbs but I’m making an exception today. This is exception is due to the fact that raw manuka honey... Read more

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    Siberian Ginseng for Energy and Endurance

    Adaptogen is a term used to describe herbs that help the body adapt to stress. Today, several herbs fall under this category, but the name was... Read more

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    Personal Care Recipes With Coconut Oil

    By Mike Chapman, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Coconut oil has been used since ancient times for its remarkable effects on skin and hair. It is rich in... Read more

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    Foods That Naturally Improve Your Eye Health

    By Calvin Moye, Organic Lifestyle Magazine Our eyes are the key to our most important sense – our vision. They’ve been called windows to the soul,... Read more

  • Bladderwrack is a brown seaweed rich in iodine. This herb may benefit patients with hypothyroidism. (Stemonitis/Wikimedia Commons)

    Treating the Root Cause of Thyroid Problems

    The thyroid is the largest gland in the body. Located in front of the neck just below the Adam’s apple, it produces hormones that are... Read more

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    Garlic – the Most Amazing Herb on the Planet

    By Michael Edwards, Organic Lifestyle Magazine If I were allowed only one herbal remedy to treat medical conditions, it would be raw, organic garlic. Garlic is... Read more

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    Why You Should Never Ever Sleep Where Your Cat Sleeps

    Cats, ants and termites have an unusual characteristic in common; they’re all attracted to geopathic stress zones.  Geopathic stress is natural radiation that rises up through... Read more

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