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Peanut Allergy Treatment Breakthrough by Australian Scientist

(Martin L/CC BY 2.0)
(Martin L/CC BY 2.0)

An Australian researcher has great news for children with peanut allergies—most of them may be able to enjoy the treat after all. Professor Mimi Tang, a...

  • Plague: carting the dead, by J. Moynet (Wikki Commons)

    Plague-Infested Fleas Found in Arizona

    Fleas carrying plague have been found in northern Arizona, according to the local public health agency. Fleas that tested positive for the plague were found... Read more

  • (George Rudy/Shutterstock)

    The Secret to Interpersonal Happiness

    As much as we desire being connected to others—good friendships, a wonderful romantic relationship, close family members—this connection always comes at a cost. We get... Read more

  • Various vegetables on display at a market in Montreal. Canada's next food guide could discourage the consumption of beef, butter, and cheese, which has lobby groups for the meat and dairy sectors up in arms. (The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson)

    Canada’s Next Food Guide Opens up Industry Battle Over Beef and Butter

    VANCOUVER—Lobby groups for the meat and dairy sectors are up in arms over indications that Canada’s next food guide could discourage the consumption of beef,... Read more

  • (De Repente/Shutterstock)

    Ritual Slaughter Is Never Humane

    “Kosher” is widely interpreted as meaning pure, and many think kosher slaughter is better or more humane than traditional methods. But ritual slaughter is capable... Read more

  • (bluebay/shutterstock)

    Summer Is High-Risk Time for Kidney Stones

    Did you know that as the temperature rises and our diet heads out the window, we’re increasing our risk of kidney stones? It’s true! During... Read more

  • (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

    Book Review: Another Day in the Death of America

    Imagine that you did not grow up amid America’s gun culture but are still a member of the race which suffers the most from U.S... Read more

  • (vchal/Shutterstock)

    Antibiotics Are Not the Only Drugs Used in U.S. Meat

    By now, most people know that antibiotics are used by the ton in the production of U.S. meat–not because animals are sick but because less... Read more

  • (MarcelClemens/Shutterstock)

    Mercury and Autism Relationship Confirmed in Longitudinal Study

    The international journal Science of the Total Environment has recently published a compelling study from the Republic of Korea, where autism prevalence is high. The study... Read more

  • Eden Carlson at hospital (L) and after being released from hospital. (Courtesy of the Carlson family)

    Two-Year-Old’s Miraculous Recovery From Crippling Brain Damage

    After six years of trying, Kristal and Chris Carlson had already given up on having another baby. They already had four children, but wanted another... Read more

  • (SpeedKingz/Shutterstock)

    Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Weight Gain, Finds New Research

    People hoping to lose a few pounds by substituting artificial sweeteners for regular sugar may end up disappointed, suggests a fresh look at past research... Read more

  • Donald Trump and former Miss USA Tara Conner attend 'The Girls Of Hedsor Hall' press conference at Trump Tower on January 29, 2009 in New York City. (Scott Gries/Getty Images)

    Donald Trump Helped Former Miss USA Find Recovery From Drug Addiction

    On March 1, former Miss USA, Tara Conner, wrote an op-ed expressing her gratitude to President Trump for his role in helping her make the... Read more

  • (Maridav/Shutterstock)

    Confirmed: Sweating Removes Chemicals From The Body

    A new Canadian study on the topic entitled, “Human Excretion of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Flame Retardants: Blood, Urine, and Sweat Study,” reveals that induced sweating... Read more

  • (Yaoinlove/Shutterstock)

    Proper Tools May Help Prevent Medicine Errors at Home

    Providing parents with picture-based instructions – and with dosing tools that closely match the amount of medication needed – may help reduce cases of medication... Read more

  • (Shaynepplstockphoto/Shutterstock)

    Why Unsafe Cosmetics Are Still on Store Shelves

    Many cosmetic products entice consumers with active ingredients that will plump, lengthen, and boost. But the cost, depending on the product, may be serious injury... Read more

  • Prescription pills containing oxycodone and acetaminophen. Provinces and territories are now able to import urgently needed medications that are not available in Canada to treat the growing incidence of opioid dependence. (The Canadian Press/Graeme Roy)

    Health Canada Allows Importation of Drugs Needed to Treat Opioid Addiction

    TORONTO—Provinces and territories are now able to import urgently needed medications that are not available in Canada to treat the growing incidence of opioid dependence... Read more

  • Lone star tick. (CDC/Michael L. Levin, Ph. D.)

    Tick Causing Red Meat Allergy Spreads Through US

    It was only about a decade ago that immunologists figured out the Lone star tick can give people allergy to red meat—and a nasty one... Read more

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