Sweet! 11 Low Sugar Treat Recipes


It’s well known that most of us in the developed world are full-on sugar addicts. Americans currently consume a whopping 150-170 pounds of sugar a year, more than three...

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    25 Vegan Cookie Recipes for Christmas

    As Christmas approaches, we’re sure you’ve been tossing and turning at night, wondering: ‘Which kind of cookie should I leave out for Santa?’. It’s quite... Read more

  • This Nov. 9, 2015, photo, shows green beans with anchovies, Parmesan and pine nuts in Concord, N.H. This recipe is by Melissa D'Arabian. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

    Want to Eat Healthier? Move Sides to the Center of the Plate

    Like millions of you, I am a home cook. I get dinner on the table for my family day after day. I plan the main... Read more

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    11 Vegan or Gluten Free Healthy Muffin Recipes

    With the colder weather rapidly approaching we’ve packed away our gorgeous summer dresses and slipped into the cashmere pyjamas instead.  Even looking at the open toed sandals... Read more

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    Vegan Christmas Dinner, Sorted! (Part 2)

    If you’re going meat-free this festive season, you’ll surely be hoping for something worthy of the word ‘feast’ on the table. Guess what? I’ve got... Read more

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    Vegan Christmas Dinner, Sorted! (Part 1)

    Christmas is a joyous time, but with it comes so much stress – there’s the rushing around the department stores, hoping your goddaughter doesn’t already have... Read more

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    Cheers! 10 Deliciously Warming Vegan Drinks for Winter

    It’s officially that time of the year: wine gets hot and spicy, whiskey gets toddied and coffee chains replace their trademark cups with red ones... Read more

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    Winter White Holiday Treats

    An all-white theme is an elegant, creative way to showcase some holiday temptations and be a little different without too much work. It also lets... Read more

  • Shoppers check out the decorated stalls for sweets, baking, and handcrafted gifts at the Christmas market in front of Vienna’s city hall. (tgasser/iStock)

    Vienna’s Magical Christmas Traditions

    As if Vienna weren’t magical enough, at Christmastime this Austrian city transforms itself into a paradise for shoppers with lively markets starting in mid-November and... Read more

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    15 Delicious Pumpkin Recipes (Paleo & Vegan)

    1. Dark Chocolate & Pumpkin Pie Another yummy twist on the famous pumpkin pie!  No baking required and so quick and easy to execute, a... Read more

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    Recipe: Spicy Guacamole

    Warm and comforting, this quick guacamole recipe doubles as a spread for sandwiches and wraps. The healthy fats in avocado provide sustainable energy to help you stay... Read more

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    Simple DIY Rose Water

    It’s rose water season! Can you get your hands on some fragrant rose petals? If yes, then you can make some amazing rose water that you... Read more

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    11 Vegan Soup Recipes for Winter

    Soup is the ultimate comfort food. It’s easy to make, filling and full of nutrition thanks to the fact that it’s often made with  nutrient-dense vegetables, legumes, and other fiber-filled... Read more

  • Indian Butternut Squash Carrot Soup (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

    Warm up Your Butternut Soup With Earthy Indian Seasonings

    Creamy, comforting, earthy, warming, silky, and gorgeous. Butternut squash—and many other winter squashes—cozy right up to traditional Indian flavours. And this soup is one of... Read more

  • A touch of Parmesan cheese added to mashed potatoes turns this traditional side into something inspired with no extra work. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

    Recipe For Mashed Potatoes With Parmesan Cheese

    Plain old mashed potatoes are always brilliant, and it’s hard to imagine a dinner table without them. Still, every once in a while we like... Read more

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    Chocolate Avocado Crunch Smoothie Recipe

    By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body Smoothies are such a great way to start your day. They take your acidic and contracted body... Read more

  • Mousse au Chocolat (loooby/iStock)

    Trio of Chocolate Desserts From France

    Chocolate has been used to lift one’s spirits from time immemorial. It is also associated with love and romance. The best comes from Venezuela, where... Read more

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