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Rouge et Blanc: A Culinary Tale of Two Countries

Cured Atlantic Salmon. ( Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)
Cured Atlantic Salmon. ( Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

Take a sip at Rouge et Blanc and you’ll be whisked off from SoHo to a vineyard in France.  The all-French wine list is meticulously...

  • Vegetarian dish (Shutterstock*)

    How to Find Vegetarian Food in Canada

    Canadian foodies share favourite vegetarian restaurants, resources and recommendationsARE YOU VEGETARIAN? Are you worried that you might not find vegetarian food when you visit Canada?... Read more

  • A mural by artist Raymundo Cobo. (Edward Dai/Epoch Times)

    Mexican Festival: Bright, Healthy Flavors From the Four Corners of Mexico

    You have to hand it to a Mexican restaurant that isn’t afraid to offer cactus in its dishes. Although cactus in edible form is ubiquitous... Read more

  • Tonkatsu, or pork cutlet, served with rice and curry. Diners can grind sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle to add to the tonkatsu sauce. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    HanaMichi: Tonkatsu Dreams

    Comfort foods offer solace for the soul and a reprieve from the harried rhythm of life.  For Sophia Lee, the owner of the restaurant HanaMichi,... Read more

  • Babeth’s Feast Offers Premium Frozen Meals

    With Babeth’s Feast, which opened last month, Elisabeth de Kergorlay hopes to be launching nothing short of a revolution in home cooking.  Babeth’s Feast is... Read more

  • Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, served with rice. (Courtesy of Baluchi's Fresh)

    A Fast-Casual Spinoff From Baluchi’s

    Someone was bound to think of it sooner or later, but it’s genius: making high-quality Indian food accessible and affordable. Baluchi’s Fresh, conceived by the... Read more

  • An assortment of kebabs. The jujeh, or Cornish hen, is especially sought out at Parmys. Prices for kebabs range from $14.50 (chicken, koobideh, or vegetarian) to $59 for a combination. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    A Mouthful of Flavors at Parmys

    At Parmys, in the East Village, Mojgan Raoufi is part chef and part alchemist.  Her Persian cuisine is worlds away from the minimalist school of... Read more

  • La Chambery Tart at EXKI. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times)

    Fast-Casual EXKi Offers Fresh Options

    Among the multitude of upscale fast food eateries in New York city, EXKi can be easy to miss. But once you enter, you will feel... Read more

  • Gone fishin': executive chef Pecko Zantilaveevan and co-owner Julian Niccolini in the Pool Room. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    The Four Seasons: Practical Jokes, Service Without Peer, and Sublime Flavors

    Where else could you dine in a public landmark space that Jackie Onassis called her “cathedral”? Or see formally dressed couples chat over a mountain... Read more

  • Jioufen Tea House in Taiwan. (Manos Angelakis)

    Jioufen’s Tea House: A Step Back in Time

    I walked into Jioufen Tea House and, all of a sudden, centuries seemed to peel back—I had entered China of the Sung Dynasty.  Perhaps I... Read more

  • Flan of foie gras. (Manos Angelakis)

    Els Tallers: A Small Gem in Catalonia

    Spain’s Catalonia has a very high concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants, perhaps more than any other location on Earth. Even small, local restaurants create delicious food... Read more

  • Diners enjoy an evening at fabrick. (Samira Bouaou/ Epoch Times)

    A Playful Touch at David Burke’s fabrick

    At David Burke’s fabrick, which opened this spring, the dishes pop off the plate, sometimes in an architectural fashion, and sometimes in ways that recall... Read more

  • Patina de piris, pears sautéed in wine, under a creamy custard. (Susan James)

    Zum Domstein: A Lavish German Feast From Ancient Rome

    The favorite words of that original foodie, Marcus Gravius Apicius, about A.D. 30 were “in cibum est” (“The food is ready.”). Apicius, whose name has... Read more

  • Maison Kayser's new location on the Upper East Side. (Courtesy of Maison Kayser)

    Maison Kayser Opens New Location

    The newest and fifth location of Maison Kayser opened last week on the Upper East Side. Featuring 120 seats and an extended coffee bar, it... Read more

  • Shutterstock*

    7 Best Ice Cream Places in New York City

    Ice cream is hands down in my top three favorite foods. It’s no secret that I eat it for dinner as my entree at least... Read more

  • Galouti, or lamb patties. (Maike Paul)

    Awadh: Fit for Kings

    At first glance, Awadh does not reveal itself entirely. It is a small and chic bilevel cozy place with a small bar by the entrance,... Read more

  • Bustan's dining room. In the back is also an inviting garden. (Courtesy of Bustan)

    Bustan’s Eclectic New Israeli Cuisine

    When I first heard about Bustan (“garden” in Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew), I thought it was a new addition to Al Bustan, the Lebanese restaurant... Read more