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  • Paccheri al Tonno: artisanal pasta, yellowfin tuna, saffron, green asparagus, and bread crumbs. (Courtesy of Dopo East)

    ‘Magic and Pasta’ at Dopo East

    Recently at Dopo East on the Upper East Side, I had an off-the-menu pasta dish that I can still taste. It was marvelous. It made... Read more

  • overview

    Pergola: An Oasis in a Dining Desert

    Nature has found a home at Pergola. The spire-shaped little topiaries at the entrance are a telltale sign of what’s inside. Inside, the most eye-catching... Read more

  • orean barbecue, with an assortment of side dishes, or banchan. (Epoch Times)

    Madangsui’s Korean BBQ a Home Run

    Madangsui, a Koreatown spot on 35th Street, is especially well known for its Korean barbecue, where an incredible variety of meat is grilled directly at... Read more

  • The renovation at Dylan Prime pays homage to its origins. Rustic and industrial, it features reclaimed elements from the Dietz lantern manufacturing company. (Courtesy of Dylan Prime)

    Rustic and Industrial, Dylan Prime Offers Eclectic Finds

    Tucked away on a quiet street in Tribeca, Dylan Prime recently reopened in the same building that was once home to the Dietz lantern manufacturing... Read more

  • Chef and owner AJ Black, in front of El Tesoro. (Dan Bracaglia)

    Il Tesoro: Chef AJ Black Masters the Art of Food

    Il Tesoro is just that: a treasure, and worth seeking out. Chef and owner AJ Black serves Italian cuisine on the Upper East Side that’s... Read more

  • Naya Rolls from Naya Express. (Courtesy of NAYA Restaurants)

    At Naya Express, the Vegetables Don’t Lie

    The tomatoes at Lebanese fast food spot Naya Express taste like tomatoes. The arugula tastes deliciously bitter, and the finely chopped flat leaf parsley, generously... Read more

  • Drizzling chimichurri sauce on the skirt steak. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    At Buenos Aires, Beef Is King

    If you’re vegetarian, look elsewhere. Buenos Aires is a total carnivore’s paradise. For meat-lovers, this authentic Argentine spot on the Lower East Side, might be... Read more

  • Cauliflower pizza. (Daniel Krieger)

    Stella 34 Trattoria: A Neapolitan Trattoria With Panache

    If it wasn’t for the looming sight of the Empire State building through the expansive glass windows, you’d think the Mediterranean Sea was just outside. ... Read more

  • The veggie burger. (Courtesy of Salud)

    Salud Serves a Fresh Spin on the Basics

    Salud features vibrant takes on Mexican and American standards featuring organic ingredients, produce by the bushel, and a smattering of meat.  Given the owners’ Mexican... Read more

  • Owner Chuck Perley. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Le Pescadeux, Where Fish Duets and Personality Unite

    First things first. Le Pescadeux is a made-up word and doesn’t mean anything. But get on board. It’s a delicious journey. The captain of the... Read more

  • The festive shuba salad. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Korchma Taras Bulba: Hello Ukraine, Goodbye Winter Blues

    Even as spring’s official date zooms by, promises of warmth and daffodils seem very far away. Every cold-weather culture has its own way of dealing... Read more

  • The bacon “World Tour” monster sandwich, made with 10 different kinds of Bacon. (Rob Counts/Epoch Times)

    A Bacon Fest of Epic Proportions at Zeppelin Hall

    Bacon is magical. Everyone loves it. My 91-year-old grandmother, who eats it every morning, claims it is the reason for her old age. My father... Read more

  • Baker Laura Forer shows off her confections. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Delicacies From Down Under at Waltzing Matilda

    Some pastries of different ilk—cronuts, macarons, cupcakes—get their moment in the sun, but a really intriguing dessert that we recently encountered is the pavlova. Laura... Read more

  • Rows of abacus panels add both a contemporary and ancient touch to Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen. (Courtesy of Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen)

    Dining at Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen

    Authentic regional flavors in a modern setting: that’s what you’ll find at Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen on 14th St. There are the more typical Thai... Read more

  • Artisanal production of prosciutto at Principe started in 1945. The particular microclimatic conditions in San Daniele are key in its aging. (Courtesy of Principe)

    Osteria del Principe: A Slice of La Dolce Vita

    Every beloved restaurant has its own formula for pleasing customers. At Osteria del Principe, the equation is one part good old-fashioned Italian warmth, one part... Read more

  • Grilled branzino. (Courtesy of Paul Johnson)

    A Touch of Sweetness, Abboccato Italian Kitchen

    Just as its name says, “pleasing to the mouth” or “a touch of sweetness,” there is definitely a touch of sweetness to Abboccato Italian Kitchen... Read more

  • The Greensquare Tavern in Midtown Manhattan, New York, Feb. 24. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Greensquare Tavern Has a Holistic Touch

    There are plenty of chefs in New York making impressive use of seasonal ingredients, but not many can also claim to know the particular health... Read more

  • Caricatures of Samuel Jackson, Lucy Liu, and Gary Sinise. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Dine With the Stars at Sardi’s

    It’s not every day I eat lunch with the eyes of Samuel Jackson, Lucy Liu, and Gary Sinise fixed upon me—all at the same time... Read more

  • New York strip steak, with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. (Edward Dai/Epoch Times)

    At Moran’s, the Hearth Beckons

    A perfect getaway from the weather’s whims, the crackle and warmth of Moran’s fire draws a sigh of contentment from patrons.  Throughout the beautiful, dark-wood-paneled... Read more

  • Frog legs in a Pernod sauce. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Unpretentious French, Frogs and All

    Scarcity is the mother of invention, non?  French cuisine, at its heart, is about peasant food, from the old stewing hen going into the cooking... Read more