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9 Tips for Running When It’s Hot and Sunny


Running under a scorching hot sun or at a high humid place is not pleasant to say the least. The workout always ends with wet...

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    Calisthenics in a Time Crunch

    When you are looking for an efficient and effective way to work out, go to calisthenics. Calisthenics don’t require any equipment, so you learn to... Read more

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    Eating Yogurt Lowers Blood Pressure

    Eating yogurt at least five times a week can lower the risk of developing high blood pressure by almost a quarter. Data from studies involving... Read more

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    Cravings for High-Calorie Foods May Be Switched Off in the Brain by New Supplement

    Eating a type of powdered food supplement, based on a molecule produced by bacteria in the gut, reduces cravings for high-calorie foods such as chocolate,... Read more

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    Yoga: 4 Styles to Try

    If you live in or near any metropolitan area, you can probably chose from more than a dozen different styles of yoga. Here are four... Read more

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    15 Recipes – How to Pack the Perfect Vegan Picnic

    What makes for a good picnic? A nice, warm day, good friends and a green space, of course. But as for food, there are certain... Read more

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    Evidence Links Low Iron Levels to Restless Legs Syndrome

    If you have restless legs syndrome, commonly known as the heebie-jeebies, you could have low iron reserves. It’s a complex area, with many other factors involved,... Read more

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    Inactivity Reduces Your Muscle Strength up to a Third in Just Two Weeks

    A study from the University of Copenhagen shows that wearing an immobilizing knee brace for just two weeks caused men in their 20s to lose... Read more

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    7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate (No. 5 is Best)

    Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the... Read more

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    This Is Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

    We all have the notion that eating fish would be the better option over bacon when it comes to health. And the truth is, it... Read more

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    Coconut-Chia Ice Cream

    Easy recipes for chia pudding abound, but how about creamy, dreamy ice cream? Make a delicious dessert that fits into a healthy lifestyle using this... Read more

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    How Sauerkraut Is Leading a Food Revolution

    With suspicion surrounding staples such as eggs and the humble potato, along with the reconsideration of fats as not so bad, and the belated demonisation... Read more

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    Matcha – Even More Powerful Than Regular Green Tea?

    Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It has all sorts of health benefits, such as weight loss and improved heart... Read more

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    Animal Exercises for Children

    We started life crawling, bending, and twisting, which means primal movements are very natural for children and also a super effective way to keep their... Read more

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    Rawberry Starbars Recipe

    By Tess Challis, Healing the Body One of my favorite ways to make guilt-free desserts is to use all raw, living food ingredients. Yet another... Read more

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    19 Vegan Recipes for the 4th of July

    Ask most people what they believe constitutes ‘American Food’ and they’ll almost invariably answer: hamburgers, hotdogs and fries. All of which actually have European origins,... Read more

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    A Juice That Makes You Happy

    Are you prone to feeling down or suffer from depression? The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a diet with high intakes of fruits... Read more

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