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Murky History of Mass Milk Production Pours Over to Today: Raw Milk Revolution?

Right: A baby drinking milk in the 1920s, at a time when pasteurization had already become popular but its pitfalls were still widely discussed. (Shutterstock*) Left: A file photo of a dairy farm. (Shutterstock*) Background: Milk (Thinkstock)

The vast majority of milk consumed in the world today is pasteurized, even though it is less nutritious after pasteurization and it’s harder to digest. So...

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    Any Diet Works, if You Stick to It

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    4 Reasons to Hop on the Treadmill This Fall

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    What Are Pomegranates Good For?

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    Why Many People Who Start an Exercise Program Do Not Lose Weight

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    7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Workout

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    What to Look for in Green Tea

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    Oh, Poor Me, No Junk Food in my Childhood!

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    10 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

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    Fit Tip: Don’t Neglect Your Quads

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    Healing the Body With Whole Food Eating

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    This Is Your Brain on Fish

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    Tom Hanks, Diabetes and YoYo Dieting

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    Salt Overload – It’s Time to Get Tough on the Food Industry

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    Too Busy to Exercise? Get Fit in 3 Minutes a Week

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    7 Horrible Food Ingredients You Should Absolutely Never Eat

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