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  • AOL, childhood obesity

    Childhood Obesity Epidemic: 4-Years-Old and 101 Pounds (Video)

    Stacie has trouble saying “no” to her son four-year-old son, Jaylen, who, due to incessantly begging for food, now weighs more than twice the recommended... Read more

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    3 Reasons to Eat Some Chocolate Right Now

      Do you like chocolate? If so, I have some good news for you! Get yourself a little piece of good, dark chocolate, and check... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    Protein Powder Primer: Whey or No Whey?

    I have many clients who tell me they want to cut back on meat but they are worried about getting enough protein every day.  I... Read more

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    Do Elimination Diets Work? (Video)

    People are nixing various foods from their diets, often without consulting a doctor. Is there actually any medical evidence behind it? Stroke And Heart Disease... Read more

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    Is Your Cinnamon For Real?

    Do you love cinnamon? Most people do, and regardless of cultural background, cinnamon likely conjures up some delicious memories: warm apple pie, strudel, chai, horchata,... Read more

  • Gloria Gaynor performs after receiving the lifetime achievement award for music at the 2011 Goldene Kamera Awards at Berlin's Axel Springer Verlag publishing house on February 5, 2010. (Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images)

    What to Know About Blood Sugar Blues

    The 1980s song “I Will Survive” is still a hit today because it tells the story about growing strong, remembering our innate power, and finding... Read more

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    Vitamin D Deficiency Contributes to Poor Mobility Among Severely Obese People

    Among severely obese people, vitamin D may make the difference between an active and a more sedentary lifestyle, according to a new study published in... Read more

  • Body+Circle

    Warming up the Right Way

    Warming up your body before any kind of workout is important, but many people still don’t do it. Maybe they feel that the five or... Read more

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    Chlorella Protects Against Toxic Effects of Heavy Metal Cadmium

    By David Gutierrez, contributing writer to Natural News The algae-based superfood chlorella can help protect the body from toxic exposure to the heavy metal cadmium,... Read more

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    Vitamin Supplements for Kids: What are we Really Treating?

    Australian parents spend $40 million each year on vitamin supplements for their children. It’s a big number; much smaller is the number of children who... Read more

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    Shocking Truth: Obesity Now Threatens to Overtake Hunger as Global Health Concern Number One

    In 1950, the number of starving individuals on Earth was estimated to be around 700 million. At the time, obesity affected approximately 100 million people... Read more

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    Health Check: Do Bigger Portion Sizes Make You Eat More?

    Faced with a portion of food twice as big as what you normally consume will lead you to eat about a third more food than... Read more

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    7 Things You Need to Know About Fermented Foods

    Recently, fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi have been making news, even though they are, in fact, anything but new – fermented foods have been... Read more

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    Top 10 Most Unhealthy, Cancer-Causing Foods – Never Eat These Again!

    By Jonathan Benson, contributing writer to Natural News The statement “everything causes cancer” has become a popular hyperbole, and one that some people use as... Read more

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    Be Sure to Work Out This Week

    Finding time to work out can be challenging. That’s because there’s no such a thing as finding time—we need to make time. Still, making time... Read more

  • Drink, refresh, and enjoy life more. (peredniankina/

    Easy Health Tip: Drink More

    “Drink six to seven cups of water, pure vegetable, green, and fruit juices; and green or herbal tea every day. If you simply must have... Read more

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    Are Schools Creating The Obesity Epidemic? (Video)

    With childhood obesity rates rising, schools should play a central role in healthy eating. Instead, low nutrition standards & poor food options are doing the... Read more

  • Personal trainer Angela Jackson works with a client at Elysium Fitness, April 4. In contrast to the elegance of the mahogany woodwork, the industrial-looking, polished steel Free Motion equipment is imposing enough to make you appreciate the skill of the trainers who know what movements on what equipment will most effectively train the muscles you need to strengthen. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Personal Trainers to Match Your Workout Style

    Tucked into the second floor of a ’20s-era landmark building on the Upper West Side, Elysium Fitness is the kind of gym you’d normally hear... Read more

  • Orthopedic massage can help athletes recover from injury. (Jupiterimages/

    Massage for Injuries and Chronic Pain

    Massage has been used for millennia to relieve pain and help heal injuries but has not played a large role in conventional medical treatments. The... Read more

  • (Shutterstock*)

    9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

    Testosterone, a hormone produced primarily by the testicles, is often associated with the epitome of “manhood” (although women have testosterone, too). Indeed, it does play... Read more