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From the Subway Token to the Bagel: New York City in 101 Objects

Draft wheel (the only to survive New York City's Civil War Draft Riots), 1863. (New York Historical Society)
Draft wheel (the only to survive New York City's Civil War Draft Riots), 1863. (New York Historical Society)

NEW YORK—In 2011 British Museum director Neil MacGregor completed an ambitious book and radio series that sought to describe 2 million years of humanity though...

  • “Did You Ever Kill Anybody Father?” 1883, by Francis Montague (Frank) Holl. Oil on canvas.
Private Collection. (Courtesy Art Renewal Center)

    ‘Did You Ever Kill Anybody Father?’ Art in a Time of Revolution

    In the first decades of the 1800s, revolutions spread across Europe inspired by the American and French revolutions that came before them.  The world of... Read more

  • Art Everywhere

    Art Everywhere, but in Times Square, Smothered by Ads

    NEW YORK—The outdoor art show that co-opted billboards and bus shelters all across the United Kingdom last year has expanded to the United States.  From... Read more

  • The War diary of Josef Klejna is displayed in the exhibition 'The Front Line' at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art. This exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. (Matej Divizna/Getty Images)

    World War I: The War that Inspired Innovative Art

    In the summer of 1914, with the war in Europe just two weeks old, Henry James knew that something had been lost forever. “Black and... Read more

  • "Dust to Dust," a series of masks by Sandra Griffin David. (Sandra Griffin David)

    ‘Dust to Dust,’ the Art of Love

    “Throw it away, get rid of it. It’s flammable,” I can hear him saying to me. “Oh no,” I would reply, “someday I’ll make an... Read more

  • Poet Justin Woo, associate producer of Poetic People Power, recites a poem during its 2012 show. (Leah Rae Photography)

    Poets Slam Loss of NYC’s Creative Habitats

    NEW YORK—Anger, grief, and nostalgia flowed forth over the microphone at Theater 80 on St. Mark’s Place on the sweltering evening of July 23.  Seven... Read more

  • Visitors view the artwork at the opening of the Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truth, Compassion, Tolerance) International Exhibition at Toronto City Hall on July 21, 2014. (Maria Matyiku/Epoch Times)

    International Chinese Art Exhibition Opens in Toronto

    The Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truth, Compassion, Tolerance) International Exhibition opened at Toronto City Hall on July 21 with a warm welcome from city... Read more

  • Artist Fiona Lowry (L) stands in front of her portrait of Penelope Seidler (L) after winning the Archibald Prize for portraiture at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney on July 18, 2014. The painting was one of 884 entries including 54 finalists vying for the prestigious $75,000 award. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

    Fiona Lowry Wins Archibald for Portrait of Penny Seidler

    SYDNEY—Fiona Lowry has won the $75,000 (US$70,200) Archibald Prize with her portrait of Penelope Seidler. The winner of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious art award, was... Read more

  • Suhanya Raffel, Director of Collections at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, speaking at the the gallery on the announcement of the finalists for the 2014 Archibald Prize. (Shar Adams/Epoch Times)

    The 2014 Archibald Prize: Painting Is Alive and Well

    The large number of entrants and finalists for this years 2014 Archibald Prize is a nod to the staying power of painting, says the Art... Read more

  • “Leviathan” by Todd Gordon. Oil on canvas. (Courtesy of George Billis Gallery)

    Cityscape Painters Explore Bridges as Metaphors for NYC

    NEW YORK—The five boroughs of New York City are crisscrossed by a whopping 789 bridges, the undersides of which often mesmerize painters, judging by this... Read more

  • The samurai is the focus of a major exhibition on display at Melbourne’s NGV. Utagawa Yoshitsuya, The death of Kusunoki Masatsura (19th century) colour woodblock (triptych). (Courtesy of National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne)

    Samurai Are on Show at the NGV – and They’re Not Just Warriors

    A new exhibition has opened at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) on the figure of the Japanese samurai. Bushido: Way of the Samurai explores... Read more

  • “The Flogging of Punchinello,” circa 1800, by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    The Tiepolos, Tongue-In-Cheek: Caricatures Shown at Met Museum

    NEW YORK—The name Tiepolo calls to mind triumphant ceiling frescoes filled with floating, tumbling bodies of heavenly beings. But besides a capacity for artistic achievements... Read more

  • A selection from the New-York Historical Society permanent collection, hung Salon Style. (Christine Lin/Epoch Times)

    Old Favorites: Salon Style and Madeline at the New-York Historical Society

    NEW YORK—July brings a bad-news-good-news moment from the New-York Historical Society. The city’s oldest museum has been reshuffling its art in preparation for the renovation... Read more

  • A young Chinese woman from Hong Kong who said the The Art of Zhen Shan Ren Exhibition told "A very sad story". She is holding an origami lotus frequently given by Falun Dafa practitioners. The woman stands beside a picture of the Buddha statue by Kunlun Zhang and in front of Noble Task by Dong Xiqiang where a woman sews a banner before a parade. (Epoch Times)

    Chinese Classical Art in Ancient English Countryside

    The unique oil and Chinese paintings of The Art of Zhen Shan Ren International Exhibition were on public view in an ancient church on the... Read more

  • “Phoenix” by Satoshi Kamiya, Japan; at the Surface to Structure origami exhibit at Cooper Union, NYC, June 19, 2014. (Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)

    Mind-Bending, Mathematic Origami: You Didn’t Know Paper Could Do This (+Photos)

    NEW YORK—If you, as an adult, still pride yourself for remembering how to fold an origami crane or a samurai hat, here’s an exhibit that... Read more

  • “At Water’s Edge,” oil on canvas, 40 by 60 inches. (Courtesy of Daniel Gerhartz)

    Advice From Renowned Painter Daniel Gerhartz: Squint Down, Keep it Simple (+Photos)

    KEWASKUM, Wisc.—Taped to Daniel Gerhartz’s easel is a sticky note saying “squint down.”  The note reminds him to squint his eyes in order to simplify... Read more

  • "P.J. Clarke's Bar Scene" by Stephen Gardner. Gouache. (Courtesy of Society of Illustrators)

    Illustrators Capture NYC’s Grunge, Grandeur: From Pub Paintings to Digital 3-D Landmarks (+Photos)

    NEW YORK—The organization that makes sure New York keeps its character is turning 50 next year, and the celebrations are beginning early. The Landmarks Preservation... Read more