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‘Wild Card': Jason Statham Happens in Vegas

Jason Statham stars as Nick Wild in “Wild Card,” an updated version of 1986’s “Heat.” (Lionsgate)
Jason Statham stars as Nick Wild in “Wild Card,” an updated version of 1986’s “Heat.” (Lionsgate)

It is not exactly a critic’s dream come true, but it rises to one of our frequent challenges. We often lament studios’ remaking of classic...

  • Niccolò Paganini (David Garrett) rises to fame with some supernatural intervention in “The Devil’s Violinist.” (Freestyle Releasing)

    Film Review: ‘The Devil’s Violinist’

    Niccolò Paganini was the Robert Johnson of classical music. His ferocious technique and unparalleled popular success were seriously considered the fruits of a Faustian bargain... Read more

  • Pilots Lou Lenart, Gideon Lichtman, and Modi Alon in “Above And Beyond,” which documents the formation of the Israeli Air Force. (International Film Circuit)

    Film Review: ‘Above and Beyond’

    Twice they answered the call to protect democracy, prevailing against the odds each time. In 1948, a number of former American World War II military... Read more

  • Greta Gerwig and Al Pacino in “The Humbling.” (Millennium Entertainment/Alchemy)

    Film Review: ‘The Humbling,’ Don’t Call It a Comeback

    With a name like Pegeen Mike Stapleford, it is not surprising that this grown daughter might still want to get back at her parents. Taking... Read more

  • A scene from the documentary “Night Will Fall,” which revisits Alfred Hitchcock’s work on a film about Nazi concentration camps. (RatPac Documentary Films)

    Film Review: ‘Night Will Fall,’ Documenting the Concentration Camps

    It was a case of one legendary director replacing another. Billy Wilder was in and Alfred Hitchcock was out, but the project was not a... Read more

  • Eddie Baroo, Matt Nable, and Ewan McGregor as jailbirds in “Son of a Gun.” (A24/SOAG Holdings Pty Ltd)

    Film Review: ‘Son of a Gun,’ Get out of Jail and Get Rich

    There is a long cinematic tradition of gangsters and gunmen who were short of stature, but long on presence. Scottish Ewan McGregor follows in the... Read more

  • Jennifer Aniston as a lawyer with chronic pain in “Cake.” (Cinelou)

    Film Review: Aniston’s the Icing on Unsweetened, Unfulfilling ‘Cake’

    Of all the misleading titles, “Cake” takes the… Yeah. It’s a chronic-pain movie. Why “Cake?” Because Claire’s (Jennifer Aniston) life is no cakewalk. There’s no... Read more

  • In “Black Sea,” Jude Law (C) stars as Robinson, a rogue submarine captain going after sunken treasure in the depths of the Black Sea. (Alex Bailey/Focus Features)

    Film Review: ‘Black Sea,’ an Updated Pirate’s Tale of Sorts

    It should have been a routine, but highly profitable salvage job. Thanks to Russian military adventurism in Georgia and Crimea, Ukraine, the whole rights and... Read more

  • Hiro and Baymax share a hug in 'Big Hero 6.' (Walt Disney Studios)

    Film Review: ‘Big Hero 6′

    We live in a golden age for animated movies, with the endless possibilities that come from the ability to manifest our imaginations through computer pixels,... Read more

  • Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in 'A Most Violent Year.' (Icon)

    Film Review: ‘A Most Violent Year’

    The embryonic stages of J.C. Chandor’s career have given us a director methodical in his approach to weaving tales of fallible men, drowning as the... Read more

  • A scene from “Gangs of Wasseypur,” a tale of revenge spanning three generations. (Cinelicious Pics)

    Film Review: ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’

    For three criminal clans in India’s coal country, life is defined by family and their vendettas. The two are not mutually exclusive in Anurag Kashyap’s... Read more

  • Chris Hemsworth stars as furloughed convict Nicholas Hathaway, who is tasked with tracking a cybercriminal in “Blackhat.” (Frank Connor/Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures)

    Film Review: ‘Blackhat’

    A hacking movie where the Chinese are the victims? That’s ironic, given the outrageous extent of Chinese hacktivity into American interests that’s recently come to... Read more

  • Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac play a couple trying to defend their family business in “A Most Violent Year,” set in 1981 New York. (AP Photo/A24, Atsushi Nishijima)

    In ‘A Most Violent Year,’ the Capitalist as Gangster

    In his exciting first three films, writer-director J.C. Chandor, the son of a Merrill Lynch investment banker, has proven to be a canny, clear-eyed studier... Read more

  • Mark Wahlberg as English professor Jim Bennett in "The Gambler." (Paramount Pictures)

    Film Review: ‘The Gambler,’ Wahlberg Gambles With His Acting Range

    Some casting decisions should never happen. Shaq as Tinkerbell. Hmm. Actually that might be fantastic, scratch that. But any role where Mark Wahlberg gets to... Read more

  • Friedrich Schiller (Florian Stetter), Charlotte (Henriette Confurius), and Caroline (Hannah Herzsprung) in “Beloved Sisters.” (Courtesy of Music Box Films)

    Film Review: ‘Beloved Sisters,’ Two Sisters, in Love With the Same Man

    It is a love letter to love letters. Without the benefit of email and cellphones, Friedrich Schiller maintained ardent relationships with both von Lengefeld sisters,... Read more

  • A scene from "Ode To My Father," the story of a family trying to survive North Korean communist campaigns. (CJ Entertainment)

    Film Review: ‘Ode to My Father,’ Family Saga as National History

    Yoon Duk-soo twice found himself trying to outrun a rampaging communist army, but he was never a secret commando. He was an average Korean who... Read more

  • Hannah Hoekstra in “App,” in which a piece of malware in smartphones drive their users to despair. (Courtesy of RAM Releasing)

    Film Review: ‘App,’ Smartphones Gone Wild

    If you work for Sony, you probably don’t need a Dutch genre filmmaker to tell you how scary the Internet can be just now. However,... Read more

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