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Film Review: Juzo Itami’s ‘Tampopo’

(Itami Productions)
(Itami Productions)

We call any old instant noodles ramen here in the West, but in Japan there are very definite rules as to what constitutes ramen and...

  • Amy Adams as Louise Banks in Denis Villeneuve's 'Arrival' (Jan Thijs/Paramount Pictures)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘Arrival’

    “Independence Day: Resurgence” aside, we’re experiencing something of a boom in science fiction cinema. There’s the matinee blockbuster fun of “Star Wars” and “Trek,” and... Read more

  • Sasha Lane in 'American Honey' (Universal)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘American Honey’

    We’re introduced to our dreamscape-wandering Star as she dumpster dives with her siblings for out-of-date food, which we learn is to sate her step father,... Read more

  • Jupiter and Europa, one of his moons, in Terrence Malick's documentary 'Voyage of Time: Life's Journey' (Wild Bunch)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey’

    On the verge of becoming a parody of himself after the naval gazing indulgence of “Knight of Cups” and “To The Wonder,” it appears that... Read more

  • Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart in 'Bleed For This' (Icon)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘Bleed For This’

    Stylistically and narratively, a boxing movie needs to do something special during the early rounds in order to avoid a standing count and audience apathy... Read more

  • Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo in 'A United Kingdom' (Pathe)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘A United Kingdom’

    With diversity at the forefront of this year’s London Film Festival, Amma Belle Asante’s sweeping historical romance seems the perfect choice for opening night film... Read more

  • (Jose Haro/© [2015] Apaches Entertainment S.L., A Monster Calls A.I.E., Peliculas La Trini S.L.U., and Telecinco Cinema S.A.U.)

    2016 BFI London Film Festival Review: ‘A Monster Calls’

    The opening credits tell you everything you need to know about Juan Antonio Bayona’s fantastic family parable: calligraphic writing is etched onto parchment, water colours... Read more

  • (Production I.G.)

    Film Review: ‘Miss Hokusai’

    O-ei Hokusai is a proper young lady, but she can draw dragons and courtesans just as well as any man. She is her father’s daughter,... Read more

  • (Toho Company)

    Film Review: ‘Shin Godzilla’

    Godzilla/Gojira was born out of nuclear anxiety in the post-Hiroshima 1950s, so a reboot makes perfect sense for the angsty post-Fukushima teens. Apparently enough time... Read more

  • (L–R) Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson in “Edge of Seventeen” Murray Close/STX Productions, LLC).

    Movie Review: ‘The Edge of Seventeen,’ a Late-Millennial High School Instant Classic

    1h 42min | Comedy, Drama | 18 November 2016 (USA) In the 1995 comedy “Clueless,” Alicia Silverstone’s breakout character was a blond, mega-popular high school... Read more

  • (Francisco Productions)

    Film Review: ‘The Lennon Report’

    WABC’s “Eyewitness News” pioneered the use of so-called “Happy Talk” banter, but the legendary Roger Grimsby gave it an acerbic edge suitable for gritty 1970s New... Read more

  • A scene from "Denial." (BBC Films)

    Film Review: ‘Denial’

    Thanks to New York State’s wise libel tourism laws, reviewers of this film can refer to “historian” David Irving as a holocaust denier secure in... Read more

  • Urna, in "Two Horses of Genghis Kahn." (Atrix Films)

    Film Review: ‘The Two Horses of Genghis Khan’

    Under Communism, the jealous Communist regimes, Soviet and Chinese, vilified Mongolia’s national hero, Genghis Khan, who was in fact quite progressive, even by contemporary standards. During the... Read more

  • Shide Nyima plays a Tibetan shepherd in "Tharlo," who loses his innocence when he meets the Chinese culture in the big city. (Tsemdo/Icarus Films)

    Film Review: Pema Tseden’s ‘Tharlo’

    For centuries, the sight of a shepherd with a pony tail has been common place in Tibet. However, things have changed in the nation, just... Read more

  • (Superfine Films)

    Film Review: Gans’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

    Disney dearly hopes you will not see this French adaptation of the fairy tale definitively penned by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, because just about any... Read more

  • (L–R) German refugee Max (August Diehl ) and Scots battalion leader Percy (Matthew Rhys) are working together to achieve different goals during World War II. (Nord-Ouest Productions)

    Film Review: ‘Come What May’

    During the attempted mass migration of 1940 often dubbed “The French Exodus,” it was easy to tell the refugees from the aggressors. Generally, the former... Read more

  • (Janus Films)

    Film Review: Kieslowski’s ‘Dekalog’

    It predates Netflix binging, appointment television, and “TV too good for TV.” Arguably, the nearest precedent for Krzysztof Kieslowski’s ten-part mini-series broadly inspired by the... Read more

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