Zimbabwe: Culture, Natural Beauty, and Man-Made Wonders

Zimbabwe 2016 Elephants2

Rhodesia, named after British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes and once dubbed “The Jewel of Africa,” is no more. In its place is Zimbabwe, a land-locked...

  • sierra-negra-7

    Paradise Found on Isabela Island

    When the speedboat reached the port of Isabela Island, the largest of the Galapagos Islands off Ecuador, an inner peace came over me. As the... Read more

  • Serenity in Retiro Park. (Mitchell Jordan

    The Many Faces of Madrid

    Unlike some cities, the Spanish capital of Madrid doesn’t smack you over the head with what it has to offer. This is not to say... Read more

  • A view of Dual Mountains and Alta Lake at Whistler in the summer. (Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane)

    Whistler: A Recreation Destination for Every Season

    Suddenly, the hulking mountain looked like a lair for mythical winged creatures. The misty blue islands seemed to be floating freely in the placid grey waters... Read more

  • Ocean view of McBryde Gardens.(Beverly Mann)

    A True Taste of Hawaii: Savouring Kauai’s South Shore

    Dolphins and whales arched through the air in crystal turquoise waters, as cascading waterfalls draped along dense forestry in the surrounding cavernous mountain ranges. That... Read more

  • Mother Nature is a brilliant creator overall, but from time to time she gets particularly creative. Here are 10 of Earth's most unusual features. (AOL Screenshot)

    10 of Earth’s Strangest Places (Video)

    Mother Nature is a brilliant creator overall, but from time to time she gets particularly creative. Here are 10 of Earth’s most unusual features.…... Read more

  • Ottawa Fairmont Chateau Laurier with Parliament Hill(Barbara Angelakis)

    Ottawa: A Garden of Delights

    In May I travelled from New York City to Ottawa for the annual Tulip Festival, and to my delight I found that Ottawa itself was... Read more

  • USF-Benjamin CHasteen_20160525_1664

    Top 12 Rides at Universal Orlando You Don’t Want to Miss

    In the past, Universal Orlando had a hard time competing with Disney’s king of all mice, but that’s been changing. Universal has really pushed the boundaries of... Read more

  • Les Saintes (Susan James)

    Gorgeous Guadeloupe: The Caribbean’s Magical Isle

    It’s easy to find the island of Guadeloupe on a map. In the middle of the Lesser Antilles—a chain of tiny islands that arc across... Read more

  • The Sydney Outback Experience cruise on the Hawkesbury River. (Courtesy of Sydney Outback)

    A Day in the Sydney Outback

    As Australia continues on its reconciliation journey, with May 27-June 3 marking National Reconciliation Week 2016, I felt encouraged to seek a more personal experience... Read more

  • A biker on the path in Ruisui, Taiwan. (courtesy of Republic of China Tourism Bureau)

    Cycling: One of the Best Ways to Experience Rural Taiwan

    Taiwan has lush subtropical forests, pristine beaches, and crisp mountain air—all accessible by over 2,000 miles of designated biking paths. Combining the popularity of the... Read more

  • Grand Canyon View (Courtesy of Grand Canyon)

    Arizona Adventures: Grand Canyon and Tombstone

    My husband and I recently visited two places in Arizona that were on both our bucket lists. Our first stop in the Grand Canyon State... Read more

  • Perugia(Susan James).

    On Italy’s Road of Saints

    No one knows exactly how old the Italian city of Perugia is. Built on a mountaintop about 4,000 years ago by an ancient tribe called... Read more

  • The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway provides a stellar view of the Coachella Valley. (SMG Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism)

    Palm Springs vs Borrego Springs

    There are distinct differences between the California desert communities of Palm Springs and Borrego Springs, but they both offer a bonanza for the visitor seeking... Read more

  • Sainte Pierre, with Mount Pelée looming in the background. Sainte Pierre was Martinique’s capital city until it was wiped out after Mount Pelée erupted in 1902, killing around 30,000 people. (Photo by Luc Olivier)

    Martinique: A Rustic Caribbean Beauty

    Ah, the French. They have a knack for great food and wine, and a few hundred years ago they managed to secure a handful of... Read more

  • Colisseum

    Returning to Rome

    Several lifetimes are not enough to explore Rome. Ruins are still being excavated, restored, and preserved for the next millennium. On my most recent of... Read more

  • Istranca Mountains along the coastline of the magnificent Marmara Sea. (Mohammed Reza Amirinia)

    The Many Charms of Turkish Thrace

    Some of the most fought-over areas in the old Roman world can be found in Thrace, a region in southeast Europe whose historical boundaries have... Read more

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