The 5 Coolest Places You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Waterfall at the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica via Shutterstock*
Waterfall at the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica via Shutterstock*

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and international travel all the more common, it can be hard to find new destinations that aren’t totally packed...

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    Best Time to Visit Mauritania

    In choosing the best time to visit Mauritania, there are always several factors to consider – climate, festivals, peak seasons and budget. Since the country... Read more

  • View of famous Schloss Belvedere via Shutterstock*

    Exploring the Capitals of Central Europe

    While Western Europe has been overdone by travelers in previous decades, they are starting to discover the wonders of the continent’s heartland, as Central Europe... Read more

  • Stonehenge, England via Shutterstock*

    Top Tips for a UK Tour

    Take a Coach Tour A coach tour of the UK is a unique way of getting around the regions that make up the United Kingdom... Read more

  • Baobab trees in Madagascar via Shutterstock*

    5 Awesome Destinations for 2015

    With February almost over, remote workers everywhere are starting to get a little stir-crazy from bearing down in one spot … after all, isn’t travel... Read more

  • Horseback riders via Shutterstock*

    3 Stunning Horse Riding Locations

    In the UK, as winter begins to surrender to spring, the National Hunt is galloping towards its first major event of the year, The Cheltenham... Read more

  • The Hampi temple complex, home to the Virupaksha Temple as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city, is an important religious centre. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Barbara Angelakis)

    Ancient Treasures of Karnataka, India

    The Golden Chariot train trip through the Indian state of Karnataka is not only the most comfortable way to go—it’s the only way. Well, that’s... Read more

  • Passenger traveler woman in airport via Shutterstock*

    The Consummate Traveler – Keeping Your Home Safe While on the Road

    I am currently in Europe on a business trip and received a call this weekend that would rattle any homeowner. The property manager of my... Read more

  • Young couple traveling by kayak via Shutterstock*

    Sea Kayak Island Hopping

    Imagine you and your friends on a beach under the stars! Sporades is a beautiful Aegean region, full of lush vegetation, sandy beaches and secluded... Read more

  • Bay at Corfu via Shutterstock*

    Experiences You’ll Want to Discover on the Island of Corfu

    At the edge of the northwestern frontier of Greece, Corfu is probably the imperial jewel in the Ionian crown. Lush with greenery and olive trees... Read more

  • Path through a tall bamboo forrest on the Road to Hana on Maui via Shutterstock*

    Get off the Beaten Path in Maui

    When traveling to Maui, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the many recreation and leisure options you can choose from. From the ocean to the... Read more

  • low aerial view of trunk bay, US Virgin Islands via Shutterstock*

    Dive Right in! The Water’s Always Warm in the Virgin Islands

    I recently flipped through the pages of an underwater photography book and thought about how vibrant and alive the images were despite being stuck in... Read more

  • Statford central street via Shutterstock*

    Taking a Trip Around Historic Britain

    For any visitor to Great Britain interested in exploring the rich historic past of the island the problem they will face is an embarrassment of... Read more

  • Mazatlán’s white sandy beaches and tropical climate make it a popular tourist destination. (Barbara Angelakis)

    Mazatlán’s Split Personality

    On an unusually brisk November morning before first light, I found myself barreling down the New Jersey Turnpike heading south to Newark Airport for my... Read more

  • Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel, stands on an artificial island off Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Its shape is designed to mimic the sail of a ship. The building on the right is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. These are just two unique buildings in a city renowned for its unique buildings. (Joi Ito/Wikipedia)

    Dubai: Civility Amidst Surging Growth

    Before I visited Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, I asked Arabic-speaking friends to give me a lesson or two in their language. They assured... Read more

  • Gobekli Tepe carvings on a monolith (Wade Shepard, Vagabond Journey)

    Göbekli Tepe: the Rise of Agriculture, the Fall of the Nomad

    Original article on The human was born a traveling animal. For over 100,000 years we walked across the great Savannas, made way through the... Read more

  • Murphys Beach Molokai via Shutterstock*

    4 of the Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii

    If there ever was an Eden on Earth it would be Hawaii with her cluster of pristine islands offering the richest hues of blue, the... Read more

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