World Pasta Day: The Best Pasta You’ve Never Had


From a small artisan producer near Pisa, in the western part of Tuscany, comes this noteworthy, traditionally made pasta you’ve probably never heard of. The...

  • God of Winds Temple - Tulum (Shutterstock*)

    What Does Mexico Have to Offer the Traveler?

    Ancient, colonial, modern Mexico is so vast it encompasses several climates, beaches to die for and ruins galore. In Tulum, in the state of Quintana... Read more

  • The author and friends back together on the water (Jonathan Ma)

    A Salmon-Fishing Trip Renews Old Bonds

    The life cycle of salmon follows a predictable pattern, one that includes a phase when the adult fish instinctively return to the waters from which... Read more

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    3 Off-the-Beaten-Path Places to Explore in Egypt

    With imposing Pharaonic temples, austere pyramids and fascinating sand-covered tombs, a visit to the magical land of Egypt truly brings out your adventurous side. As... Read more

  • Christoph Gerigk/Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation

    Discovering the Lost City of Heracleion

    Article originally published at For centuries, the city of Heracleion has been shrouded in myth and thought to be a legend. The city, visited... Read more

  • Tafraout (Shutterstock*)

    Health and Safety Tips for Hiking and Trekking in Morocco

    Originally published on With five distinct mountain ranges, trekking in Morocco is a year-round activity. From the rugged Rif mountains in the north to... Read more

  • Morocco Jewish sights (dlisbona)

    Visiting Ancient Jewish Locations in Morocco

    Originally published on Morocco was once home to the largest population of Jews in the Arab world, a figure topping 300,000 inhabitants. Today the... Read more

  • Water drain on Dhamma Ya Zi Ka Pagoda (James Clark, Nomadic Notes)

    The Temples of Bagan – Myanmar

    After visiting the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon I was wondering if anything could top that in Myanmar? It didn’t take long to find out,... Read more

  • Old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia (Shutterstock*)

    A Day in Dubrovnik

    I only had a brief amount of time to visit Croatia so I opted not to visit any islands on this trip. I didn’t want... Read more

  • The caiman (Tomasz Lisowski, Adventurous Travels)

    How to Get to the Amazon Jungle

    After spending all day canoeing down the rivers and streams of The Brazilian Amazon rainforest, piranha fishing and getting caught in the torrential rain (click... Read more

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    4 Easy Tips for Filling out Immigration Arrival Forms Correctly

    Original article on When you go to enter a country it is common for you to have to fill out a little form in... Read more

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    Adventure in the Amazon, Brazil

    If you are searching for a relaxing, quiet vacation with five-star hotels, swimming pools and great comfort, then definitely don’t go to the Amazon. Although... Read more

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    Italian City Matera Was Chosen Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2019

    ROME—A victory for the South of Italy: the coronation of Matera to become Europe’s capital city of culture in 2019. A victory, seen as a... Read more

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    5 Activities Perfect for a Luxury Tunisian Break

    The northernmost country in the great continent of Africa is a popular spot for travellers and those who yearn for a luxury break in an... Read more

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    5 Recommendations for a Luxury Tour of Japan

    If you’re a traveller with a sense of adventure then the Far East is a part of the world you absolutely must see. Japan is... Read more

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    How to Cope With Poisonous Snakes While Traveling

    To warn about poisonous snakes or not to warn that is the question? When I do my write ups for destinations I have visited, I... Read more

  • A couple by Tower Bridge, River Thames, London (Shutterstock*)

    London for Free

    With a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in the world anyone going to London for a visit should be looking at... Read more

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