The Surprising Health Risks of Flying


Forget plane crashes—statistically, you’re far more likely to suffer a car crash, or even win the lottery—but planes can have serious effects on your health...

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    Alaska Travel Guide

    Fоr many, going tо Alaska іѕ а lifelong dream. It hаѕ bееn ѕаіd thаt thе untamed beauty оf Alaska саn stay wіth уоu forever. Etched... Read more

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    Things to Do in the Sunshine State of Florida

    Florida is the Sunshine State of America. It’s always sunny in this part of the United States because of the region’s subtropical climate. You won’t... Read more

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    8 Quirky Places to Visit Around the World

    Planet Earth is an incredibly beautiful and intriguing place, but it is also full of quirky little gems and here we are going to outline... Read more

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    World’s Most Breathtaking Ski Resorts

    From towering peaks and stunning alpine scenery to charming villages, skiing and snowboarding can offer some of the most breathtaking vistas around. Here are some of... Read more

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    Swedish Lapland – Europe’s Last Wilderness

    When you think of Lapland you probably think of cosy log cabins, eager huskies and reindeers driving sleighs through the snow, but Europe’s last wilderness... Read more

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    5 Gorgeous Adventure Travel Scenic Drives in America

    In the United States adventure travel scenic drives are found near just about every beautiful outdoor destinations.  Many drive these roads for their scenic beauty... Read more

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    Top Tourist Attractions in Amazonas

    The top tourist attractions in Amazonas are deeply rooted in the fact that 98 percent of the state is covered by the Amazon Rainforest. And... Read more

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    Top 5 Destinations to Visit in South America

    South America is one of the most unique and intriguing destinations in the world. A continent so rich with diverse cultures and heritages, you’ll never... Read more

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    Outdoor Adventure in Greenland

    Original article on “Oh my god!” I repeatedly say out loud, even though there was nobody around to hear me. Standing at a view... Read more

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    10 Unforgettable Experiences Around the Riviera Maya, Mexico

    Are you ready for some fun? You can’t beat the Riviera Maya as a fun holiday destination. It is one of the most visited places... Read more

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    Patagonia – ‘The Big Three’

    Patagonia: an unforgiving, sometimes grim, yet achingly handsome corner of the globe. So why visit this chunky blade of mountains and bleak desolation that slices... Read more

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    Top Reasons to Visit York

    If you haven’t yet explored the entirety of England, then these top reasons to visit York might just help you complete your journey. York is... Read more

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    Top Tourist Attractions in Yemen

    Many people visit Yemen to see its top tourist attractions every year. Situated at the South-bend of the Arabian Peninsula in South West Asia, Yemen is a... Read more

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    Running a Marathon in the Canadian Arctic

    “Polar bear” someone yelled.  I whipped my head towards the window of the rickety school bus where I was sitting with thirty other adventurers on... Read more

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    Volunteering in Dhikurpokhari, Nepal

    Original article on Our group, the Pokhara 31 we call ourselves, start off piled into two rickety buses bouncing around the dusty roads of... Read more

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    The Best Countries for Backpacking

    While you have a long standing passion for travel, your budget precludes you from living like a rockstar while on the road. Until you have... Read more

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