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Space Tourism Needs an ‘Orbital Megabus’ to Truly Lift Off

Out of this world. (Shutterstock*)
Out of this world. (Shutterstock*)

Britain has joined the race to become a leading hub of commercial space flight, announcing eight potential sites for a potential “spaceport” within the UK...

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The Consummate Traveler – Luggage Lifesavers

One of the worst things that can happen while en route to your destination is to have your luggage fall apart. Perhaps it is a zipper or handle that breaks, or a wheel that falls off. I personally have had …... Read More

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    Private Butler or Presidential Residence? Luxury Hotels Welcome Wealthiest Travelers (Video)

    As the gap between the wealthiest travelers and everyone else has widened, so has the way people are experiencing vacation. The wealthy are looking for... Read more

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    I recently took a few days off from work and treated myself to a mini getaway at a very nice New York City hotel near... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Safety First

    Recently I read a news report that six people were injured from severe turbulence on a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to Orlando twenty minutes... Read more

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    Sleep is a very important task that we all need to do well so we can function in our daily lives. Traveling can really make... Read more

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    Of course it is terrible when you get hurt at home, but I think it is even more unfortunate if you get hurt when traveling... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Beware of Hotel Renovations

    About a week ago, I was almost knocked off of my feet by a terribly noxious smell of some sort as I stepped off of... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: The Adventures of Traveling Low Glycemic

    The other day I was speaking with a colleague of mine, who expressed disbelief as to how quickly the pounds have packed on since taking... Read more

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    Timing is everything, so the old saying goes. This is especially true when it comes to traveling. It’s critical to make sure you get to... Read more

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    I know that trying to find the right gift, no matter what time of year or occasion, can sometimes be a huge challenge. We all... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Fitness on the Road

    Keeping active while on the road is a big challenge. This is especially so for those of us who travel for business and are stuck... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Tips for New Business Travelers

    Ah, to be young again. On my recent flight back home, I was made to reminisce about my early days of travel when I was... Read more

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    On my last international flight two weeks ago, three of my colleagues were bubbling over with excitement when we met at the gate. They could... Read more

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    Does what you wear affect your safety while traveling abroad? That depends on where you are going, what you are wearing, and how well you... Read more

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    We are right in the middle of winter here in New Jersey. In fact, the snow does not seem to want to stop! With that... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Knowing Your Embassy’s Services

    In my 16 years of business travel, I have only registered my travel information with a U.S. Embassy once. However, that one experience was not... Read more

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