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  • The Consummate Traveler: Beware of Hotel Renovations

    About a week ago, I was almost knocked off of my feet by a terribly noxious smell of some sort as I stepped off of... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: The Adventures of Traveling Low Glycemic

    The other day I was speaking with a colleague of mine, who expressed disbelief as to how quickly the pounds have packed on since taking... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Airplanes and Sleeping Pills

    Timing is everything, so the old saying goes. This is especially true when it comes to traveling. It’s critical to make sure you get to... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: The Gift of Travel Memories

    I know that trying to find the right gift, no matter what time of year or occasion, can sometimes be a huge challenge. We all... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Fitness on the Road

    Keeping active while on the road is a big challenge. This is especially so for those of us who travel for business and are stuck... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Tips for New Business Travelers

    Ah, to be young again. On my recent flight back home, I was made to reminisce about my early days of travel when I was... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Privacy versus Convenience

    On my last international flight two weeks ago, three of my colleagues were bubbling over with excitement when we met at the gate. They could... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Wardrobe and Safety

    Does what you wear affect your safety while traveling abroad? That depends on where you are going, what you are wearing, and how well you... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Easy Packing for a Change of Season

    We are right in the middle of winter here in New Jersey. In fact, the snow does not seem to want to stop! With that... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Knowing Your Embassy’s Services

    In my 16 years of business travel, I have only registered my travel information with a U.S. Embassy once. However, that one experience was not... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Altitude Awareness

    I am headed to Bogota, Colombia, in a few weeks for a business trip. It is a very lush location right at the foothills of... Read more

  • The Jefferson Memorial building in Washington, D.C., during the cherry blossom festival. (Shutterstock*)

    Winter Woes? The Perfect Time to Plan Your Getaway

    It’s no secret that this season’s weather extremes have left us all a bit winter-weary. What better way to lift the spirits than to start... Read more

  • A file photo of a cruise ship. (Shutterstock*)

    The Consummate Traveler–Are Cruises Right for You?

    I was recently trading stories with someone about vacationing on cruise ships. What I’ve observed is that most people fall into one of two camps—either... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Making an Annual Travel Plan

    Returning to our daily routines after a long holiday break is always tough. However, there is always something that I look forward to each January... Read more

  • Delta Air Lines tickets

    Delta Airlines Will Honor Wrong Super-Low Fares

    Delta Airlines said that it would honor some super-low fares that it had mistakenly published on its website the day after Christmas, but was reverting... Read more

  • Money-changing kiosks and store fronts can be more convenient than banks, but almost always charge a higher fee. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

    The Consummate Traveler: The Price of Money

    Remember the days of carrying bulky travelers’ checks in your wallet to handle your foreign currency transactions? I do. When I first began working internationally... Read more

  • The Consummate Traveler: Woes of the Overbooked Flight

    I recently had dinner with some international colleagues who had flown in from Rome to New York. During dinner we heard their travel tales of... Read more

  • Flying etiquette may elude even frequent flyers. Here's a flight attendant's look at what you should and should not do on an airplane, just in time for your holiday travel. (Shutterstock*)

    10 Things That Annoy Flight Attendants and How to Keep Your Flight Attendant Happy

    Now that the holiday season is upon us, many will be flying to visit friends and family—and cabin crew (like myself) will feel the strain... Read more

  • Street art in Venice, Italy. (Tara MacIsaac/Epoch Times)

    7 Cool Photos of Graffiti Street Art in Europe

    Without specifically looking for street art, I came across these several pieces over the course of a few months traveling in parts of Europe. They... Read more

  • Exercising common sense before embarking on a road trip this holiday season can help avoid major traffic back-ups and car break-downs. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    The Consummate Traveler: Holiday Road Trip Reminders

    It finally feels like the Holiday season to me. Just today, the first snowflakes fell in my neighborhood, and my colleagues began to write Happy... Read more

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