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Hong Kong’s Leader Calls on Voters to Oust the Opposition

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying answers questions during a press conference in Hong Kong on Oct. 16, 2014. (Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)
Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying answers questions during a press conference in Hong Kong on Oct. 16, 2014. (Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)

Hong Kong’s chief executive Leung Chun-ying has a knack for angering his constituents. At a recent investment conference, he encouraged voters to “punish” the opposition...

  • Zhao Liping, a former deputy chairman of the Inner Mongolia Regional Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. (Screen shot)

    Former High-Level Chinese Official Is Arrested for Gruesome Murder

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    Reuters Websites Shut Down in China

    Web users in China can no longer access news websites of Reuters as of Friday. The international news agency noted that mainland China users started... Read more

  • A screenshot from the Ice Bucket Challenge video of Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao in August 2014 shows him submerged in ice water. Chen admitted in early March 2015 that the bucket was halfway filled with hot water before he got in. (Youtube)

    Chinese ‘Philanthropist’ Admits to Faking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Last August, Chinese millionaire and self-styled philanthropist Chen Guangbiao posted a video of himself taking a charitable stunt to extreme levels, drawing skepticism about the... Read more

  • In this Feb. 24, 2015, file photo, Ellen Pao, right, leaves the Civic Center Courthouse along with her attorney, Therese Lawless, left, during a lunch break in her trial in San Francisco. Plaintiff Pao testified Monday, March 9, 2015, that female employees were treated disrespectfully at the firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and some were not even invited, when the company held a series of events. Pao also told the jury at the civil trial that she complained to management about the atmosphere at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers after learning a female colleague had complained about alleged sexual harassment. The investigator hired by the firm to investigate Pao's complaint concluded there was no gender discrimination at the firm. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

    Chinese, Americans Watch Ellen Pao’s Discrimination Case for Different Reasons

    People in China and America alike are watching Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination case against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins in California. But they’re watching for... Read more

  • Liu Zhenya, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China. Liu recently came clean about how much he made per month, in an attempt to show he was not corrupt. (AP Photo/ Francisco Seco)

    Chinese State-Owned Execs Reveal Salaries to Ward Off Investigators

    The Communist Party’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign appears to have Chinese state-owned company executives spooked: a range of officials that head up multibillion dollar behemoths have... Read more

  • A chef slices Peking duck for diners at the Quanjude restaurant in Beijing on July 24, 2014. Chinese local officials frequently dine in restaurants with the expectation that public funding will cover their expenses. (Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images)

    Why Having Chinese Bigwigs at Your Hotel Might Be Bad for Business

    Ms. Shi Yuying ran a hotel in central China for over a decade until it went bankrupt in 2008. Business was bad, but not in... Read more

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    Ridiculous Ways China is Dealing With a Gerbil Plague

    Forget rats. Chinese authorities in western China’s Xinjiang Province have an infestation of over one billion great gerbils on their hands, and no method they’ve... Read more

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    The ‘Trickle-Down’ Effect of Corruption in China’s Medical Industry

    Going to the hospital in China is often a distressing affair. Despite efforts by government regulators, ordinary Chinese have been paying ever greater sums for... Read more

  • Leung Chai-yan, 23, daughter of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying poses on the red carpet during the 2015 amfAR Hong Kong gala at Shaw Studios in Hong Kong on Mar. 14, 2015. (Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

    Hong Kong Leader CY Leung’s Daughter Claims Domestic Abuse, Threatens Walkout

    Leung Chai-yan, the daughter of Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying, says her mother abused her on social media, allegations the Chief Executive denies. In a... Read more

  • A photograph on Sina News, a Chinese website, shows people in the city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, scrambling to salvage the boxes of substandard and counterfeit foodstuffs being destroyed and discarded by local authorities on March 11. Some came back for several helpings. (Screenshot/Epoch Times)

    Locals Make Grab for Confiscated Fakes Slated for Destruction in China

    The level of counterfeiting in China is widely known—it’s enormous. In a recent episode in eastern China, authorities tried to destroy over 30 tonnes of... Read more

  • A man carries out a demonstration of a manipulated bill counter. (Screenshot/Epoch Times)

    Cash Counting Machine in China Is Designed to Steal Money

    Depositing and withdrawing money at banks in China has now become a treacherous undertaking, given that the machines relied upon to count the bills can... Read more

  • A Chinese seafood seller at a market in Hefei, Anhui Province, on Dec. 23, 2010. A Chinese scientist has shed light on the abuses of antibiotics in China’s aquaculture industry. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s Antibiotic Problem Comes Under the Spotlight

    Zhong Nanshan, a pro-regime academician at the China Academy of Engineering, prefers small fish. “When I see those particularly huge fish, I don’t eat them,”... Read more

  • Immigration Minister Christopher Alexander chats with other guests at Taiwan night at the Fairmont Chauteau Laurier hotel in Ottawa on Wednesday night. (Matthew Little/Epoch Times)

    Shared Values and Soft Power

    OTTAWA—Taiwan Night 2015 is soft power at its finest, a night of food and drink in solidarity with an island democracy some fear to call... Read more

  • Former Hong Kong legislator Martin Lee waits to give his testimony before Parliament’s foreign affairs committee on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. (Matthew Little/Epoch Times)

    China’s ‘Clumsy’ Diplomacy Gives Hong Kong Democracy Advocates a Boost: Canadian MP

    OTTAWA—An “insulting” and “heavy-handed” letter from the Chinese embassy gave Hong Kong democracy advocates unexpected publicity at Parliament’s foreign affairs subcommittee Tuesday. The low-profile hearing... Read more

  • A television screen on a subway train in Shanghai on June 26, 2012. A Chinese TV host criticized the falsification of program ratings in mainland China at the National People’s Congress meeting on March 8, 2015. (Peter Parks/AFP/GettyImages)

    Chinese TV Anchor Rails Against State-Run Media

    Speaking at the Chinese government’s National People’s Congress, a Chinese television host and Congress deputy questioned and criticized state-run TV programs about the factuality of... Read more

  • A group of young Chinese children swim in Beijing on Sept. 22, 2012. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang indicated on March 5 that China may reform its controversial one-child policy. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    Is China Going to Abandon the One-Child Policy?

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang appears to have softened the official tone over China’s notorious one-child policy, which forbids most families from giving birth to more... Read more

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