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  • Dong Qing, a well-known television host at the state-run China Central Television, pictured on a CCTV poster for the year 2013. She came to the United States to give birth this year. (Screenshot/CCTV)

    Anchors for Patriotic Chinese Broadcast Come to US to Give Birth

    According to its website, China Central Television, the ubiquitous official broadcaster in China, is “the important organ for news and opinion in China.” It is... Read more

  • Four-toed 210 million year-old reptile tracks discovered on a hill in China’s Sichuan Province baffles scientists.

    Fossil Researcher Baffled by Prehistoric Footprints

    A fossil researcher says he knew the identity and location of almost all the dinosaur tracks in China, until he studied new prehistoric footprints in... Read more

  • The Tibetan singer Rongzhongerjia stands on an aircraft carrier and sings about the China dream, in a new military propaganda video made public recently. (Screenshot via

    Chinese Aircraft Carrier Gets Slick Propaganda Video

    A state-run aviation company in China has produced a “Top Gun” style music video for the Chinese military’s’ first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.  The video, commissioned... Read more

  • The angry crowd turns an ambulance on its side in Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province on April 19. Over 1,000 people besieged five chengguan officers after they assaulted an onlooker. (Weibo)

    Chinese Crowd, Furious, Besets Chengguan in Eastern City

    Nearly 1,000 outraged Chinese besieged a group of urban management officials in an eastern city on Saturday, smashing their vehicle with bricks and windows, beating... Read more

  • Uyghurs and Guards Killed in Border Shootout

    On April 18 at least 16 Chinese illegal immigrants, most or all of them Uyghurs, got involved in a deadly shootout with Vietnamese border police... Read more

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    South China Shoe Factory Strike Swells

    A strike that has stretched to over two weeks at a south China athletic shoe factory complex has swelled to 60,000 disgruntled workers and over... Read more

  • This picture taken on November 28, 2012 shows a pregnant woman talking on a mobile phone outside a water birth room at Antai Hospital in Beijing. (Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s Babies At Risk from Soot, Smog

    China’s smoke-belching coal plants and heavy traffic may be signs of a bustling economy but health experts fear the country’s dirty air is hurting its... Read more

  • A chemical plant on fire after an explosion at 10 a.m. in Rugao City of Jiangsu Province on April 16. At least 5 people were killed. (Screenshot/

    Chemical Plant Explosion in China Kills at Least Five

    The explosion of a chemical plant and subsequent fire killed at least five people in the city of Rugao, in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province, on... Read more

  • Citizens carry bottled water out of a supermarket in Lanzhou, northwest China's Gansu Province, on April 11, 2014, after tap water in a Lanzhou was found to contain excessive levels of the toxic chemical benzene. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

    Polluted Drinking Water Panics Chinese City

    Four days after a cancer-causing chemical was discovered in the drinking water of the northwestern Chinese city of Lanzhou, local officials on Monday said that... Read more

  • A screenshot from CCTV showing the haul of guns from a recent bust in China that captured 15,000 guns and 120,000 knives. (Screenshot/

    China Reports Large Gun Bust

    Ordinary citizens in China do not have ready access to firearms. So it was considered front-page news recently when police announced that they had broken... Read more

  • Students protesters walk out from the parliament building after they ended an occupy protest over a contentious trade pact with China, in Taipei on April 10. (SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images)

    Taiwan Students Exit Parliament, Vowing Battle Not Over

    Taiwan’s student protesters peacefully vacated the parliament building, called the Legislative Yuan, Thursday evening, after occupying it for 24 days in protest against the Taiwanese... Read more

  • The collapsed residential building in Fenghua city, Zhejiang Province, April 4. One died and six were seriously injured in a case that has cast a harsh light on the whole industry. (ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)

    China’s Apartments Built ‘Fast Food Style’ Starting to Crumble

    An apartment block that was built in the 1990s suddenly collapsed on April 4 in Zhejiang Province, on China’s coast, burying seven people, one of... Read more

  • Workers protest in front of the local government reception building against evil forces, after 300 people pretending to be police smashed a construction site and injured more than 70 workers on April 7 in Lanzhou of Gansu Province. (Screenshot/JCRB.COM)

    ‘Fake Cops’ in China Smash a Construction Site

    On April 7, around 300 individuals dressed as police officers began attacking workers at the construction site of a large commercial building in Lanzhou City... Read more

  • Central, Hong Kong: Business hub or central business district of Hong Kong located on the north shore of Hong Kong Island. Government headquarters, Consulate Generals of many countries, and multinational financial services corporations have headquarters at Central. (Epoch Times)

    Hong Kong’s Economy Grows at Snail’s Pace Since 1997

    Hong Kong—The governments of China and Hong Kong don’t seem to want to mention the situation of Hong Kong’s sluggish economic growth, and even Hong... Read more

  • Student protest leader Chen Wei-ting (R) speaks during a protest against a contentious trade agreement with China inside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on April 7, 2014. Taiwanese protesters said they would leave on April 10. (Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images)

    Taiwan Protesters End Occupation of Parliament

    Taiwan student leaders announced Monday that they would put an end to their occupation of the Legislative Yuan, the country’s parliament, at 6 p.m. on... Read more

  • Residents protest against PX plant and violent crackdown in front of government building of Maoming city, Guangdong Province, April 3. (Weibo)

    Chinese Police Arrest 44 as Chemical Plant Protests Intensify

    Police in a southern Chinese city sentenced 18 protesters to criminal detention and gave administrative penalties to 26, for “disturbing social order in crowds,” “causing... Read more

  • The cover of the Antarctic thriller, “Thirst,” by Australian author L.A. Larkin. A condensed version of the book was removed from Reader’s Digest due to pressure from China. (Courtesy of L.A. Larkin)

    Chinese Censors Twist Arm of Reader’s Digest

    Australian thriller novelist L.A. (Louisa) Larkin was working on her next novel on March 24, when the phone rang. On the line was a senior... Read more

  • Lawyers and citizens protest outside a detention center that detained four rights lawyers in Jiansanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, on March 28, urging the police to allow visits for detained rights lawyers. (Zhang Lei)

    Official Claims on Arrests Brings Chinese Lawyer’s Retort

    Chinese authorities made their first official statement on the detention of four lawyers in the northern province of Heilongjiang recently. It quickly met with the... Read more

  • Chang An-lo, a pro-China activist also known as the 'White Wolf', gestures as he speaks during a demonstration to support the government and a controversial Taiwan-China trade pact in Taipei on April 1, 2014. (Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images)

    A Ruffian From China Menaces Taiwanese Students

    A known criminal who goes by the name of “White Wolf” attempted to crash the party of Taiwanese students currently occupying the country’s legislature, but... Read more

  • Beijing's PM 2.5 Under Microscope (Screenshot from

    Beijing’s PM 2.5 Pollution Under the Microscope: Ugly, Diverse (Photos)

    How does Beijing’s notorious PM 2.5 pollution look under the microscope? A Chinese blogger calling himself “Zhang Chao” on Sina Weibo conducted an experiment: When... Read more