Chinese Regime

  • Petitioners stomp and tear up articles relating to the CCP. (Wu Xiaoqiao/Epoch Times)

    On the Eve of Qing Ming Festival, Hong Kong Residents Destroy CCP Paraphernalia

    HONG KONG – On the eve of Qing Ming Festival, civil organizations, included among them the Southern Democratic Alliance, gathered to pay homage to those... Read more

  • Chinese military delegates arrive for the Chinese Communist Party Congress, October 21, 2007 in Beijing, China. Recently The Epoch Times reported that the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court accepted a civilian's lawsuit against a current standing member of the regime's Political Bureau. (Andrew Wong/Getty Images)

    Laws are Changeable in the Hands of the Communist Party

    On Dec. 31, Gao Zhisheng, one of the best attorneys in China, published a letter he had sent to the National People’s Congress and Wu... Read more

  • The funeral chapel of the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery (The Epoch Times)

    Huge Crowds Gather outside Babaoshan for Zhao’s Memorial; Foreign Reporters Beaten

    The memorial service for the former Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Zhao Ziyang is being held at this moment in Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery. According to... Read more

  • The Civil Hero Monument at Tiananmen Square on Jan. 17. (Getty Images)

    Zhao Ziyang’s Passing Puts CCP on ‘Red Alert’

    After the passing on Jan. 17 of Zhao Ziyang, the former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Tiananmen Square has been placed under tight... Read more

  • (File photo) A doctor goes through a set of chest x-ray scans with a patient at a hospital in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, 14 May 2003. In mid August, school students in Hunan Province were subjected to a chest examination and X-rays after some students contracted tuberculosis despite being vaccinated.  (/AFP/Getty Images)

    Students Contract Tuberculosis from Immunization in Hunan, China

    Concerns have been raised in Longhui county, Hunan province after some children were diagnosed with tuberculosis after being vaccinated against the disease. Parents say that... Read more

  • Director of China’s education system and Jiang Zemin’s favored subordinate in the “Shanghai Faction,” Chen Zhili. Editor’s Note: Shanghai Faction refers to the group of officials in the central Communist government who were originally local officials from Shanghai. [Archive Photo]

    Chen Zhili Under Fire for ‘Commercialization of Education’

    Under the leadership of Chen Zhili, the educational system is a disorganized mess which is drawing widespread criticism from angry citizens for the last three... Read more

  • It’s no secret in China that Chinese policemen, judges, and doctors work together to steal organs from corpses of dead criminals.

    Illegal Organ Business Booms

    On July 17, 2004, the Scientific and Technology Museum of Taiwan held an exhibition of human anatomy. At the exhibition, all the human bodies and... Read more

  • A Chinese worker paints ceramic "Smurfs" for export at a factory in Dehua, Fujian Province, China, on Dec. 4, 2014. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

    The High Cost of China’s Laogai

    With his teeth cracked and hands bleeding, Wan Guifu struggled to split one more watermelon seed with his teeth. For him working outside in the... Read more

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