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Retired Chinese General Guo Boxiong Sentenced to Life in Prison

Former Central Military Commission vice chair General Guo Boxiong in Beijing on March 9, 2012. Guo was sentenced to life in prison by a Chinese military court on July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
Former Central Military Commission vice chair General Guo Boxiong in Beijing on March 9, 2012. Guo was sentenced to life in prison by a Chinese military court on July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Guo Boxiong, once the highest-ranked military official in China, was sentenced to life in prison on July 25 on charges of corruption. It’s certain, however,...

  • Liang Xiaojun. (Epoch Times)

    Upholding Justice in China—an Interview With Human Rights Lawyer Liang Xiaojun

    Director of a law firm in Beijing. Graduate of the prominent China University of Political Science and Law. Son of a wealthy Chinese Communist Party... Read more

  • ICAC Commissioner Simon Peh Yun-lu announced on Juky 11, 2016 that the removal of Li from the acting appointment was solely based on the fact that her performance was not up to the standard required, while refusing to disclose any further details. (Kiri Choi/Epoch Times)

    Turmoil in Hong Kong ICAC: Leung Camp Shoots Itself In The Foot

    The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong’s anti-corruption watchdog, has recently become embroiled in a furore over the controversial resignation of two senior staff... Read more

  • The Chinese regime's Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission held a national level meeting on promoting judicial reform in Changchun, a city in the northeastern province of Jilin, from July 18 to July 19. (Sina)

    Near Anniversary of Falun Gong’s Persecution, Chinese Regime’s Security Agency Discusses Righting Wrongs

    News analysis With its history of violence against the Chinese people, any talk of correcting past miscarriages by the Chinese Communist Party should be taken... Read more

  • Chinese Politburo Standing Committee member Wang Qishan attends the opening session of the National People's Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People on March 5, 2014 in Beijing, China. Wang recently suggested that bigger targets in the anti-corruption campaign are coming. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

    New Communist Party Discipline Regulations Brings Impetus to Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Drive

    News Analysis Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign appears stuck in the doldrums in recent months—middling and junior Party cadres continue to be... Read more

  • A Chinese H-6K bomber above Scarborough Shoal. (Sina Weibo)

    China Closes Off Part of Disputed Sea for War Games

    Chinese authorities have declared a no-sail zone in a section of the disputed South China Sea on July 18, just days after an international tribunal... Read more

  • Actresses perform in the dance musical 'Peony Pavilion' on November 27, 2008 in Chengdu of Sichcuan Province, China. The musical was jointly produced by the Battlefront Culture Troupe of the Political Department of Chinese People's Liberation Army Nanjing Military Region and Beijing's Dadu Sunshine Ensemble. (China Photos/Getty Images)

    Scores of Military Dancers Abused by Former Chinese Leader and His Party Elite, Says Insider

    For decades, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has employed large numbers of performers in what are known as “cultural arts units.” As communist troops brought... Read more

  • Du Daozheng of Yanhuang Chunqiu in an undated photograph. (via Baidu)

    Long-Time Oasis of Reason in Chinese Media, Yanhuang Chunqiu, Shuts Down After Attempted State Takeover

    Yanhuang Chunqiu, the reformist publication formed in 1991 following the Tiananmen Square protests, was one of its kind. Not only did it carry articles supporting... Read more

  • A Vietnamese coast guard officer photographs a Chinese coast guard vessel in disputed waters in the South China Sea on May 14, 2014. (Hoang Dinh Nam/AFP/Getty Images)

    China Blocks Philippines Fishing Boat, Reasserting Its Claims to South China Sea

    China continues to exercise its historical claim to the the disputed South China Sea by preventing Filipino fishermen from entering the region, though the Permanent... Read more

  • Deng Xiaoping's son (L) Deng Pufang talks to general Tian Xiusi at Great Hall of the People on Nov. 8, 2012. Tian has recently been placed under investigation for violation of Party discipline. (Goh Chai Hin/AFP/Getty Images)

    Former Top Chinese Air Force Official, Linked to Disgraced Elite Cadres, is Purged

    Tian Xiusi, the former political chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s airforce, enjoyed a series of connections to elite political figures that allowed his career... Read more

  • In this file photo, A China Coast Guard ship (top) and a Philippine supply boat engage in a stand off as the Philippine boat attempts to reach the Second Thomas Shoal, a remote South China Sea a reef claimed by both countries, on March 29, 2014. (Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images)

    After Ruling on Maritime Dispute, Beijing Tries to Curry Favor With Philippines

    While the Chinese regime hasn’t spared any criticism of the U.N. tribunal’s July 12 ruling that denied its controversial claim to much of the South... Read more

  • Chinese dredgers work on the construction of artificial islands on and around Michief Reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea on May 2. The U.S. Navy recently sent a warship to patrol near the Chinese regime’s man-made islands. (U.S. Navy)

    China’s Game of Deception Takes a Blow in South China Sea

    The foundation of the Chinese regime’s legal case and strategy for exploiting the South China Sea rested on a supposed historical ownership—and on July 12,... Read more

  • Filipino protesters display placards during a rally against China's claim to areas of the South China Sea, at the Chinese consulate in Manila on June 12, 2014. (Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images)

    How China Tried, and Failed, to Influence The Hague on the South China Sea Dispute

    The protracted legal battle in the South China Sea dispute, initiated by the Philippines and to be decided July 12 by an international court in... Read more

  • Wen Lisan in an interview with Chinese media. (Credit)

    Millions of Chinese Language Textbooks Recalled After Editor is Attacked for Pro-Western Views

    Chinese authorities have ordered the recall of millions of Chinese elementary and middle school textbooks, in order to purge from them what have recently been... Read more

  • Chinese navy sailors search for targets onboard the missile destroyer Hefei during a military exercise in the waters near south China's Hainan Island and Paracel Islands on July 8, 2016. (Zha Chunming/Xinhua via AP)

    Chinese Navy Holds Live-Fire Drills in South China Sea

    BEIJING—Chinese warships, fighter jets and submarines held live-fire war games in the South China Sea, state media reported Saturday, just days ahead of an international... Read more

  • Chinese "little blue men" maritime militia in South China Sea. A member of the Malaysian Navy at a communication exchange with a Chinese Coast Guard ship in the South China Sea, near Kuantan, Malaysia, on March 15, 2014. (Rahman Roslan/Getty Images)

    Arbitration on SE Asian Maritime Dispute Muddles China’s Propaganda Facade

    News Analysis When it comes to the hotly-disputed waters of the South China Sea, Beijing has never been one to make any concessions on its... Read more

  • Zhou Yongkang, formerly the Chinese Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee member in charge of security, sits in a courtroom at the First Intermediate People's Court of Tianjin in Tianjin, China, on June 11, 2015. Zhou was sentenced to life in prison. (CCTV via AP)

    Fortune Teller of Former Security Czar Jailed for Corruption

    A man that Chinese state media claim was the fortune teller and trusted confidante of purged Chinese security chief Zhou Yongkang was recently found guilty... Read more

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